Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Retrospective

Just a few hours left of 2012 and I am super nervous because I finally decided to go that ball I was invited to. So I might as well use the remaining time till I'll get read to write a few words about 2012 (with a few photos taken mostly from my Instagram, because I realized I did not in fact take a lot of photos with my DSLR for some reason o.O).

I will use the same questions as I did the previous years, and answer them in English. I know that some of you might be disappointed that I switched to writing in English mostly, this is probably the biggest change about my blog this year (apart from the new design). I am sorry, but this is the language of my heart and thoughts, and as long as I feel more comfortable expressing my feelings in English I probably won't switch back to German. I will provide German translations on some occasions, I guess, but as for now, I just hope the majority of interested people will not mind too much and see it as an opportunity instead of a hindrance :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

So this was Christmas

Christmas went by super fast, didn't it? I realized that a lot pf the photos I took show my family members that I don't want to post on the internet without their consent, but just looking at them brings all the happiness from these certain moments during the last days right back to me :)

I arrived in Austria on December 22nd and my boyfriend and parents came to the airport to pick me up. Unfortunately Finnair decided to leave my luggage in Turku in favor of some stupid idiot's skiing equipment or something, so I went home without it. I was really nervous, wondering if it would arrive in time - after all, Christmas presents were in there!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Picture My Day #12

Woah, I'm back in Austria for quite some time already, and I have a lot on my mind and to do - unfortunately blogging is not among these things ^^" I am sorry!

I wanted to tell you about our Christmas, but first here's the result of the 12th "Picture My Day" Day, this time organized by achisto. The 26th usually is the most boring and uneventful of the Christmas holidays for me, this year's 26th was no exception. but see for yourself.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nothing to see here, just some random instagram photos

Only two more days of work left, and on Saturday I will leave for Austria! And only 5 days till Christmas - are you looking forward to it? :)

On Monday monring we found a plastic tree in our common room in the office, it had a sign on it that said "Please decorate me!" and decorate him we did! :D I'm especially proud of that golden star on top because I made it from a garland without any wire or anything like that, hehe :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday morning Blues

I don't know what happened to me this week end, but I ended up drawing pretty much all the time. This one turned out to be pretty close to what I had in mind, and I'm especially proud of her pose and the folds on her shirt (because I didn't use any references) :3

Other than that and the pic I showed you previously, I also finally finished the Chibi-Avatar I had promised Blorg a looooong long time ago. Memo to self: never ever promise anyone to draw something for them. I never ends well XD My creativity and productivity is just like a natural disaster that always arrives at unexpected and inconvenient times. It just can't be controlled ^^"

Anyway. Hope you have a nice Monday. Just one more week to go till Christmas ^o^

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dead but still walking

 I can't play any games since about a week ago my mouse stoped working, and I planned on buying a cheap one when I'm back in Austria, so when I'm not at work I'm spending my time reading or drawing at the moment...  

Who sucks at backgrounds? I suck at backgrounds! Whooo!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Long time no see: It's a new recipe! (Baked Apple Muffins)

Hello dear readers!

This is a premier! It will be the first bilingual blogpost featuring one of my recipes :D I think it's a good vocabulary training (for me, but maybe also for you? ^^) and I want to share my recipies with as many people as I can :D So here we go, I hope you'll like it!

Die deutsche Version des Rezepts findet ihr weiter unten, für den Fall dass ihr mit der Englischen nicht viel anfangen könnt :)

The year's almost over and I didn't really have a lot of opportunities to bake, which is kinda sad. I miss it a lot, and I'm looking forward to having my own kitchen soon again ♥ Since it is Christmas time, I want to share a wintry recipe with you, that I came up with last year and prepared for dessert at our Christmas dinner. I call them "Baked Apple Muffins", because the taste is inspired by baked apples :)

Unfortunately I didn't take any proper photos, and did not prepare them again since then, but, well, they look like muffins :)

But here you can see one of them XD I really have to do them again to take better photos.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Varis' Adventures in Helsinki II

(No translation today, sorry!)

It's been roughly 10 months since my last visit, and again I arrived in Helsinki to find it covered in a thick coat of snow! :)
Since I got Friday off from work I was able to spend three whole days in Finland, many thanks go to Fhina who was so kind to let me stay at her place for the time ♥ It was so nice to finally meet her, I think we got to now each other when I started this blog, so it's been quite some time!

I took the bus to Helsinki on Thursday afternoon which was by itself already a little adventure, because I had to walk a while to the bus stop, then I wasn't sure from which side of the street the bus would leave... fortunately I met a very nice lady who helped me out (actually we were both standing on the wrong side at that point, until another person passed by and realized what we were pondering about and told us to go to the other side, haha) and we chatted a bit until the bus came.

I watched the scenery outside while the bus left Turku and headed East toward the capital, bnut by that time it was getting darker and darker. In the end I even fell asleep, even though I was not really that tired. But I woke up again before we reached the border of the city. The funny thing is that we passed by the hotel where I stayed last February with my parents! I was super excited to see a part of the city I already knew, it somehow felt like... coming home :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

The "60 Days to slimmer Legs" Challenge!

Hi everyone!

My friend Jacky asked around if anybody would be interested to do one of these fitness/workout challenges together with her, and oh yes, I was! Thus the 60 Das Legs Challenge of Jacky & Varis was born!

As the name indicates our focus will be different pilates exercises for the legs and she showed me Blogilates, where you can find a lot of useful exercises and advice on a healthy diet, weight loss and general fitness. There are also a lot of videos where the pilates exercises are shown, so I put together a short "workout playlist" on youtube that I want to do from now on!

Wooo, it's a playlist! (I hope?)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A snowy Winter Day

Hello everyone!
(Deutsche Übersetzung weiter unten)

Today, on the first Saturday in December, is International Lolita Day! It's a kind of holiday held twice a year (once in Winter, once in Summer on the first week end of June) to give fans of the fashion a convenient excuse to dress up and gather! Or at least, that's how I would describe it ^^

I found a group of girls via a facebook community who were happy to have a kind of "mini meet up" at the local Christmas market. I was really anxious to meet them, since I really did not know them before. My greatest fear when meeting people I know from the internet for the first time is that I won't recognize them when I see them! But everything worked out nicely :)

My outfit :) I was actually unsure if the boots would fit, but it was -10°C today so I didn't really have a choice. And I think they don't look that bad after all :)

Friday, November 30, 2012

❄ Shopping ❄

Gosh, can you believe it? Tomorrow is 1st Dec. already! November really passed by in what seemed like a few days to me... I feel like I should be blogging a bit more - less nagging, more daily life, maybe? :'D
So here we have a super blatant and shallow... shopping post!

I went to this mall today with a friend - I haven't been there before, only to the city center. I found so many nice things in the shops there! I wish I would have more money to spend, but I'm trying to save my money for my trip to Lapland...

Oops, that pic got a bit greenish -__-

Monday, November 26, 2012

Stockholm in 10 hours

As you may have already known, I went to a one-day trip to Stockholm last week end.
Conveniently, there is a ferry from Turku to Stockholm, and the trip takes roughly 11 hours, so it's perfect to travel over night.

As I have mentioned before, I had never in my whole life been on such a FREAKING HUGE SHIP (look at the car in comparison!!). Silja Europa is indeed really really big, it's more like a swimming hotel and shopping mall. At first I was also bit afraid because I am slightly agarophobic (i.e. I am scared of vast open spaces like the ocean) but it was dark during the trip anyway, and in the beginning we could still see a lot of lights on the isles of the archipelago.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Bloglayout! :)

Hello dear readers!

Finally, it's here, the blog layout I wanted to do for such a long time. For quite some time I wanted this kinda semi-transparent, very simple style with less bold colors (pink an purple now replaced with light pink and my favorite color blue) with an interesting background.  Thanks go to Shirisu for helping me out with coding ♥

So here's the original drawing for you to see!

Extra bonus points for those who can find & name the song referenced in this picture.... hehehehe

The design itself was no tremendous amount of work (since I don't know how to code I just used a template), however I put a lot of effort into the drawing, so I hope you like it!
There's of course still room for improvement, for example I really wish I had buttons to make following this blog easier, but I have no idea how to make something like that :'D But maybe I'll figure it out somehow.
I'm also not entirely sure if I like this alignment to the right. Actually the text is more centered now, so while reading it doesn't really make a difference I guess... but it looks a bit weird if you scroll to the very bottom where the side bar has already ended etc.
Let me know what you think! Should I put the body in the middle and cover up a part of the pic or should I leave it like this?
I also updated my pages with current info etc.
I am still thinking I should add an imprint page, but I really can't bear the thought of my real name being presented publicly here on this blog... .__. It's a dilemma...

Well anyway. Let me know in the comments if you like the new layout!
Also, please let me know if it looks weird with your screen's resolution!


Hallo meine lieben Leser!
Wie ihr sicherlich schon bemerkt habt gib es auf Dunkelbunt&Bittersüß nun ein neues Layout!
Ich bin noch unsicher ob mir die "Rechtsbündigkeit" gefällt, oder ob ich nicht doch lieber einen Teil des Hintergrundbildes verdecke und den Body in der Mitte belasse. Was meint ihr dazu?

Außerdem interessier mich eure Meinung zum Thema Impressum. Soweit ich weiß müsste ich ja eigentlich meinen Namen + Adresse (wobei manche Quellen wiederum behaupten Postleitzahl und Ort reichen und es muss nicht die volle Adresse sein?) angeben, aber der Gedanke dass mein Realname hier steht geht mir einfach gewaltig gegen den Strich =/ Ich muss mir noch überlegen wie ich das am Besten löse, im Moment ist das ein echtes Dilemma das mir Kopfzerbrechen bereitet...

Nun, wenigstens ist mal das Layout soweit fertig, und ich hoffe es gefällt euch! Lasst es mich wissen wenn das Ganze bei eurer Auflösung seltsam aussieht oder so!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jouluaika /// Christmas Season

For some of you this might come off as a kind of surprise, but it's just a caouple of weeks till Christmas! :)
I love Christmas season, all the kitsch and glitter and happiness and peace that comes with it, the darkness of the winter nights, and the bright lights of Christmas decorations.

It is one of the reasons Winter is my favorite season, because it is by far my most favorite holiday of the year (Well, with birthdays out of the game, there is not so much left, actually.), primarily because for me, it's all about family and being close to your loved ones. I know that I am very, very lucky to have such lovely friends and family members who always support me, and Christmas is the time of the year to celebrate that uinity and these deep bonds.

That being said, I am also supper happy that I can go home for Christmas.
Despite already having made up with the thought of staying in Turku over the Christmas break, when my parents announced they would buy me a ticket for a trip home, I was unbelievably relieved and happy. I am so glad I will see them again, and not just spend 14 days of boredom and loneliness in Turku (because I'm socially awkward and a loner and a loser, so what else should I do during my holidays? :'D) !

Why am I telling you all about this?
Well, as you might know, Turku is something like the "Christmas Capital" of Finland, despite Santa Clause's office being situated in Rovaniemi, Turku is the capital of Christmas itself as a holiday. It is here that on every 24th of December the Christmas truce is called. And also last week end, there was an event in the city to celebrate the beginning of "jouluaika", the Christmas season. There was a parade with a marching band and dancing Christmas elves or something (I more or less missed it because I was late, actually) and then, during a festive speech the season was welcomed.

I took some pictures during the speech, but they're actually not that good. But it was also during this event that the lights for Christmas decoration were lit, and I got some photos of that at least :)

It was not so easy to take good photos during the event, so I came back a while later when there were less people on the streets and it got a bit darker :)

The speech was actually pretty funny to listen to, because I did in fact understand some single words, such as "joulu" and "aika" (obviously) but also "sydän" which is one of the first Finnish words I learned years ago, because I used it as a nickname for my boyfriend :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bad Project

Today was the absolutely worst day of my internship so far.
But on the other hand, when I reconsider the past weeks I find that every day was slightly worse than the last. Well, mostly, that is.

If you want to know how I feel, just let me tell you that when I discovered this video a while ago, I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry, because I can so damn well relate to that.

With a whole lab based on Finnish language it's really not so funny sometimes to find your way around. With no basis to work on because previous documentation in the project was more or less terrible ("Can't read your lab journal because it's in Thai Finnish. What's in this box?!") and no clue what I'm actually doing because every time I think I found something my supervisor tells me that I've been doing it wrong all the time, I'm getting frustrated to a point where I can barely manage to get up in the morning.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stuffed and happy

Last week I went to a Finnish cooking course organized by the local Erasmus student network. We went to the neighboring building of our school, where there's also a school for cooks, where the event took place. I have never seen such a huge kitchen before (despite having worked at a restaurant as a waitress once, haha! But it was a rather small restaurant)! Fifteen people were taking part in the course, and despite the description is was rather an "eating course" than a "cooking course" ;D And of course I took some photos too, though they're only taken with my cellphone. I still hope the food looks at least half as good as it was on these photos :3

We helped to prepare several of the dishes, though most of the food had already been prepared in advance before we even went there, by some cooking students. Their teacher gave us an introduction to Finnish cuisine and we also got a bunch of recipes to take home.

Rosolli preparation :D

My friend and me were preparing Rosolli, a kind of salad where the main ingredients are potatoes, carrots, apples, and beetroot. Yes, freaking beetroot! I think I told you before how much I loathe that stuff, to the point where I feel really really sick when I just smell it D: Therefore I asked my friend to cut the beetroot, while I cut the onion to make up for it, haha. The person who organised the event then came to us and talked to us a little bit, and I mentioned how much I actually dislike beetroot, I promised to try the salad in the end though.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Skeletongirl 2.0

(Deutsche Übersetzung weiter unten!)
Hello everyone!

As I told you before, I was attending a Halloween party yesterday evening and as promised I'll show you some pictures of my improved "Skull look"!
I think I did a much, much better job, but it was good that I had practiced it before. I wanted to be a Skeleton for Halloween, so I got skeleton-print gloves from H&M and also wore skeleton print tights. They're of a rather cheap quality, so they didn't really look very good and the position of the knees etc. was kinda off. I would really love to get skeleton tights or leggings with a high-quality print!

I don't have any pics of my outfit anyway, because I was in a hurry before I left :'D

Did I ever mention that I'm a huge fan of Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy/Rico the Zombie? :D

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween ♥

It's October 31st, and the feast of feasts for all those who love the eerie and horrid has arrived.
Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you a happy Halloween 2012 and may those who cross your path be trembling with fear at your sight, if this is what you desire!

I was a little bit frustrated the last days because I thought I wouldn't have a chance to dress up for Halloween this year. Turns out I'm sitting here in my plushy The Nightmare before Christmas bathrobe with my hair wet from being washed, and wearing no fancy make-up that I could present to you - well I guess, overall the looks of me right now might indeed be a bit scary? - BUT I will be most probably attending a Halloween party on Friday evening.

As November 1st is no public holiday here I will have to go to work tomorrow, and afterwards I will attend a Finnish cooking course! I'm very much looking forward to it, and I hope I'll have the chance to take some photos to show them here. Then on Friday, after work, I'll head home and try to replicate my skull look for a suitable appearance for this occasion.

For this purpose I went to a costume shop today and asked for white make-up. I was surprised and happy to find out that they were selling Grimas make-up, which is known for its high durability and amazing effects. I remember I heard somewhere that some of the ingredients are not very good for your skin, but I'm not planning to wear it too often anyway. As I bought the cake make-up in pure white I am not intending to include it in my daily make-up routine. I'm not THAT pale, after all.

I'm curious about how it will work out. The coverage is said to be excellent, I'm just a bit worried about the application. I have to find me a make-up sponge or something like that somewhere...

So, if you are sitting at home alone right now like me, and are terribly bored, and don't have any good horror movies to watch, you might wanna read a Creepypasta or two. I love these kind of stories that rely mostly on your imagination. I'm usually not scared while reading those, however, the things I depict while reading will linger in my mind for hours after reading and give me chills. I just happen to have a very vivid imagination and therefore enjoy this format of horror stories a lot.

If you're more in for the OMGWTF-kind of experience, check out The SCP Foundation. It bares any description, just.... brows through it, read some articles and you'll see. Among them are some rather random  such as this one ♥, weird or even funny articles, however from time to time you just stumble upon something rather odd and creepy, and then there is things like THIS. Enjoy :)

Alternatively, freak out your geeky side with's 8 Creepiest Glitches in popular video games and another 6 more of them.

You could also prepare yourself for an upcoming zombie apocalypse by facing the amazingly gruesome zombification skills of adorable Arina or enjoy the artistic work of Zeitzeugin who has some wicked watercolor skills.

Or you could gather ideas for potential Halloween costumes for next year on my friend BloodyJule's blog or on Lilith's Dark Tower. But be careful with your choice, because as shows us, we can apparently tell a lot about people from their Halloween costume! 

In terms of Halloween decoration, I bet Dunkelelb's Halloween party is a real blast (I mean, look at that stuff. It's crazy. Creepy. And just awesome.) and cannot be topped by much, don't you think?

So how about you? How do you spend or did you spend Halloween, what did you dress up as this year and do you already have plans for next year?
I hope you enjoy the night and don't let the zombies bite you ♥

Friday, October 26, 2012

Snow ♥ and other random stuff...

Ohhh I'm so happy! It's so wunderful! It's snowing in Southern Finland already ♥

You probably know how much I love snow and how winter is my favorite season. I was indeed hoping to get to see some snow before Christmas (which, I will be spending in Austria with rather mediocre chances of seeing snow...) but I wasn't expecting to see it so early! :D

There are still leaves on trees and on the streets, yet since last night the whole city is covered in a coat of fluffy white snow. Some parts are rather icy, so driving is getting really dangerous and also the sidewalks are slippery as hell, but generally the snow is surprisingly fluffy and powdery, not at all the loska I expected when I saw the weather forecast for this week. However, it will probably melt away by the end of the week end, and on Monday we're supposed to get ~7°C again, so I'm gonna enjoy it while I can! :D

Today while I was in the lab it sowed even more, and on my way home I enjoyed the little winter wonderland, that just two days ago was still an autumn wonderland!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


(Deutsche Übersetzung weiter unten)
If you follow me on twitter, you might have already noticed it.
Who am I kidding, I think anybody has noticed it.

I fear I'm becoming a - well, let's just say that in the past few weeks and days, I've been bitching so much that it starts to scare me. I'm so quickly annoyed by the smallest things that I want to thrash something around. I want to smash things that don't work as they should into tiny little pieces and then trample on these pieces until I'm tired. I want to hurt people who say stupid things. And I'm hearing a lot of stupid things and experiencing a lot of things not working lately.

I'm really tired of this myself already, I don't want to be like that. But I just can't help this feeling of pure anger rising up inside me so often these days. Usually I just literally bite my tongue, or I ignore whoever talked to me, or subtly plug in my earphones or look the other way in order to avoid having to react. But this is no real solution, is it?

Just some random pics I took on my way to and from work so there's at least something nice in this post - Turku, 07:30am 

Why is it that I can't cope with these totally mundane things anymore?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tiny, random Update

(Deutsche Version des Posts weiter unten!)
Well, long time no see, or something ^^"

I didn't intend to wait so long before I post again. After all, this is meant to be like diary about my internship and my life here in Finland. But last week was just horrible (at work) and everything that could go wrong followed Murphy's law and did.
I was super frustrated, got a not-so-nice mail from my supervisor which dragged me down even more and then even more things didn't work... I wrote a loooong rant about my work on Thursday, but decided not to post it. On Friday I talked to my internal supervisor via skype and also somone else already offered their help in the case that my situation will stay this way. I am not very happy with my internship right now, especially since I will not really benefit from the topic I have to deal with here if I really go into medical molecular biology after my bachelor, but there's nothing I can do about it now.
I ill have to endure this, as little as I enjoy it, and try to make the best out of it. I will keep the text I wrote as a reminder tho, and hopefully in a few weeks time I can laugh about it all.

Today I went to do some sight-seeing in Turku again, because a colleague from my studies (her internship is in Uppsala) was visting us and we decided to show her around. I used the opportunity to wear some make-up, yey! I really like this pic, but it doesn't do the color of the eye shadow any justice, so here's another one!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ruska Aika, Musta Aika - Kuro Lolita in Autumn ♥

Finally we got some really good weather here! ^____^v
I had asked a friend if she wanted to a little photo shoot when the weather is fine on the week end, because I wanted some nice pics of my new clothes in an autumnal setting. She agreed to come over on Sunday so after I did her make-up (because I wanted to do a portrait shooting of her too) and dressed up we went outside with my DSLR.

Right next to the building where I live is a small cemetery with a park. When I look out of the window I can see the treetops of birches gleaming golden in the sun (if it decides to show itself for once, that is XD) over there, and on my way to and from work I pass the park by bus every day. It's a really beautiful setting with few buildings in the background, so this was my first choice when thinking about locations for the shooting.

It took us some time to figure out the ideal spot for the photos, but these are the best that we ended up with!
My very first Kuro Lolita coord. What do you think about it?

My legs .__. Are these the same legs I had this summer? Did I lose some wight without noticing? (I guess the angle is just flattering, but still :D *happy*)

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Package from Home: äiti on paras!

Can you believe it? I'm living in Finland for 1 month already! I certainly can't really believe it myself. It both feels like I've been living here for just a few days and at the same time it feels like an eternity away that I spent the summer in Vienna and at my parents' place.

It's been raining a lot this week, yesterday it was so bad that tiny rivers formed on the streets and when I finished work I was left with the terrible choice between waiting for the bus in the rain or walking home in the rain, both not so attractive.
Actually I wanted to go to the post office, but it was just raining too heavily. My mother had sent me a package for my birthday, and I had no idea what was in there but I didn't want it to become drenched :'D
(Let's just hope we will get just as much snow in winter as we get rain at the moment, haha :D)

So I waited for today!
And this was what was in the package:

Two pairs of tights with pattern! You can't really see it here but one has stars and the other a leopard print :3
And an original Sacher Cake ♥

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn in Turku

And now to something completely different!
This week end, I was really motivated to go out and do something! ^^ Since I was sick the last two week ends and the weather was bad most of the time, I was super happy that on Sunday it was actually pretty decent!

A friend and I had agreed to go to the forest to look for mushrooms on that day after I did my presentation in Finnish class (which went pretty well actually ^_^v) where I talked about jokamiehenoikeus (I can hardly believe I'm able to spell and pronounce that word correctly .__. but according to the teacher I did it correctly XD). It literally translates to "every man's right" and expresses the freedom to roam, so it means that in Finland's forests there are no restricted areas, you can go wherever you want to go and it's also allowed to collect mushrooms, berries and whatever you find there. Our teacher told us that when we take a certain bus line from the city center till the final stop, we will end up very close to the forest, so we decided to go there.

Of course we were not expecting to really find something, especially not something edible XD I guess it's also difficult to find them so close to settlements, where there are probably a lot of people wandering around and collecting mushrooms. But anyway, I took some pictures, we had a walk - and on our way back, we decided to buy some mushrooms from Lidl and have mushrooms for dinner anyway XD

Amanita muscaria - fly agaric - FliegenpilzYes, I will bother you with Latin names again, because I just LOVE to try to find out what exactly it was that I found in the forests! If you know better than what I write down here, please don't hesitate to let me know, since I want to learn more! ^_^

Monday, October 1, 2012

Animal Testing...

This topic has really been bothering me for the last few days, to point where I almost feel haunted. The discussion about animal testing arises here and there, and wherever I see it I see people mention more or less the same points. After I read  an article on Austrian newspaper dealing with a newly proposed law to harmonize animal testing in the whole EU - well rather after I read the comments underneath, I started to wonder what people actually think about the average scientist. Then, a wild picture appeared on the wall of some page I liked on facebook, and I read the comments below, some of which made me feel really, really sick. To a point where I started to question my devotion to science, because I am slowly starting to consider letting humanity kill off each other and wasting away due to diseases a pretty positive outcome for this world.
This is why I decided to write something about it.

I understand - and I want you to understand - that this is a sensitive topic and I do not expect anyone to understand my point or even relate to it. I only wish to list some points that some people often seem to forget in such discussions, and I hope that after reading this, you will be able to make up your own mind about the topic.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Little Autumnal Shopping Tour ♥

Autumn has more than already arrived here, and though we still have ~15°C on some days, on others we don't have more than 5°C, especially in the morning when I have to go to work.

So I decided to go on a small shopping trip to the city center, and look out for some new, autumnal clothes. Not that I didn't bring any warm clothes with me when I came here, but it's nice to have some more variation in your wardrobe, isn't it? Okay, I have to admit, primary incentive to go shopping was my desire for a chiffon blouse. I'm not somebody who follows every trend that arises, but this is a particular one that I came to like :D

So I ended up with this stuff...

As you can see, I was not too successful in my quest for warm clothes. But that shirt is quite long so I can wear it underneath another shirt, and the black hat is super warm! The white one I rather bought for style reasons :'D And stylish socks with a leopard pattern with skulls! I really love socks with patterns X3

So, about the chiffon blouse that I bought...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm a hairetic

(Deutsche Version des Textes weiter unten!)

I want to address a "hairy" topic today - after all the seriousness of last weeks' blogposts, let's go back to the superficial stuff!
I wanted to blog about this topic for a while know, since - as some of you might know - my hair and its care are rather important to me, and I'm really proud and happy that I was able to grow it so long. This is a rather personal (though not that kind of personal, rather in a personal-hygiene-kind-of-way) topic and I got some rather contradicting feedback on the matter so far, so now I'm really interested in YOUR opinion ^^

How often do you wash your hair?

I was really thinking about this, since my hair is quite long by now and it costs quite some time to take proper care of it. The strands near my neck keep entangling themselves so quickly I could brush my hair every 15 minutes. Washing it takes some time too, and drying it takes what feels like forever XD However, overall I am quite happy with the health of my hair and the fact that it is still (though slowly) growing. But anyway, I always try to find the best way to treat my hair well, so of course the question above is also of importance to me.

Now on to a little quiz game. Just guess, how long has it been, since I washed my hair (on that photo)?

blond roots of doom inc.

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's sad but it's true...

Haha, why the hell do I constantly have this song on my mind, although it's not even about a woman turning 22 but in her late twenties? Still it feels kinda depressing because the song is so sad *sigh*

Well anyway, I think nothing in the world could have improved this day for me, and I think I'm back to my old routine of disliking (I will refrain from using the word "hate" in this context, it just sounds too harsh) my birthday(s).

Anyhow, today was just a normal day after all, I went to work, and on my way home I considered dressing up in my new clothes just for fun, but with me not even wearing contacts right now because I have to wear my glasses for work, I don't really feel like putting on make-up and styling myself etc. So I'm just sitting around, watching Bleach, maybe playing some GW2 later.... a really lonely birthday, but I just decided to neglect the fact that some people consider this to be a special day or something. For me, it's just another regular Monday. So it's nothing out of the ordinary.

It's actually a little bit crazy, because I feel like people expect me to be all-happy, partying and what-not, but I really don't feel like living up to anyone's expectations :'D So... the only thing that made this day special somehow, is the numerous wishes for a Happy Birthday I got via facebook and also twitter.
Don't get me wrong - I thank you very much for that, and it makes me happy to see that others are thinking of me :) So yeah, this kinda made my day, because everything else was just... plainly ordinary.

Maybe I should show you some of the stuff that I "gave myself as a birthday gift". I got some money from my family at my farewell party. Most of them didn't give it to me with the comment to use it for Finland. Most people literally told me to "buy something nice for myself that makes me happy". So, I really did that, and bought some things that I had been lusting after for a while now, hehe ♥ I also earned some money with my summer job in July, though it's not much, and so I didn't have a bad conscious for spending some of it, for once.

Anyway, here's some pictures.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 3: What the hell is happening?

(German translation - this post haz it! Just scroll down ;D )

Long time no see, eh?
I really don't feel like blogging so much at the moment, I don't know why.
I wish I had interesting stuff to tell you about, but right now I spend Monday to Friday at work and since last week end I'm actually ill, so I really don't fell like going out and doing anything, i just want to lie in bad, read, or watch anime, and mostly just sleep, sleep, sleep.
It got better over the course of the week, but got worse again on Friday, so I didn't even go to a ballgame I was invited to, because a friend was playing there. I feel really bad about not going but then again, if I can't even sit or stand for more than 20min without getting a headache, I really don't want to go out.

Basic everyday look = now the same as basic "off to bed" look.

I think I'm also a bit demotivated to go out because I feel that I look really bad at the moment ^^" (well I'm sick for some time now, so....)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


(German translation farther below!)

So... I promised to tell you about the project I'm working on during my stay here in Finland. Well, the thing is, I'm not actually very happy about the whole situation right now, but let's start from the beginning.

When this internship position was offered to me/us, we were told it would be a project in the area of tissue engineering and cell culturing. I was very excited about that topic, as I was thinking about doing a Master with focus on tissue engineering. I just thought it would be the perfect chance to find out if it's really what I want to do. I already had some opportunities to work in other fields of molecular biology or biotech or whatever you'd call all that in general: protein chemistry and analytics/genetics, so I was looking forward to working with some "living stuff".

But as it turns out, this project really isn't what we were told it would be. I'm still not sure how much I can tell because a part of it is confidential, but I was unable so far to find out which one, and also I'm not too keen on getting too many google search hits concerning that topic, but I'll give you the short story.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tracon & the Finnish World Cosplay Summit Preliminaries

So, as of you may already know from my constant ranting on twitter on Saturday, I attended Tracon in the city of Tampere!

Tracon is a rather large Roleplaying & Anime/Manga convention here in Finland, well, large compared to Austrian conventions at least :'D It said somewhere that around 7.000 people attend the convention, so that would make it about the size of Aninite.

I was there for one day only, and it was.... well.... kinda.... well let's just say I have mixed feelings about that day and what happened there :'D

Friday, September 7, 2012

Turku - Of good and bad surprises

Hello everybody!

So, as promised today I'm gonna talk a little bit about Turku, the city I'll be living in for the next ~6 months. I just realized I should really, really write down everything as soon as possible, or I'll forget about most of the more interesting stuff! .___.

Turku happens to be the 5th largest city of Finland, but don't tell anyone from Turku, because apparently they don't like to hear that, haha :D Actually, if you counted Espoo and Vantaa to Helsinki (which you can't cause they are cities on their own, but anyway XD) it would be the 3rd largest!

So anway, Turku is quite a nice city as far as I can tell, though smaller than Helsinki they still have everything you need. The town center is a kauppatori, a market place, where there are market stands every day. This is also the central bus station. Bus is the only mean of public transport in the city, but the buses go very frequently, there are a lot of stations all over town and so getting from A to B is working out quite well!
After I walked through town with my tutor and friend on Sunday, I actually had quite a good idea about the city layout and important points of interest. Fun fact: i have a really good sense of orientation - IF the sun is shining (because I seem to use it subconsciously to determine directions). If there is no sun, you could spin me around a few times and I couldn't tell where I came from afterwards :'D Well, at least that's true for new environments, like the city. So when there was some sun on the first day, I was actually quite happy because I could get a pretty good idea about what is where etc :D
I like Turku, especially the town center with the market square, though some corners of the city seem a little bit reminiscent of "Eastern bloc". A colleague from my school who also does her internship in Turku fell ill and had to go to the hospital and sty there over night, and we came to visit her... I was actually a little bit shocked by the sight of the room. Not that it was shabby or dirty, just... completely empty, except for her bed, a chair and, oddly enough, a flat screen TV. In Austrian hospitals you have drawers and shelves and usually the rooms have at least a tiny table and one or two chairs. (We also made fun of the situation to cheer her up a little bit, because they doctors at the hospital would we refuse to undertake a gastroscopy despite her heavy stomach ache, because they said she has to do a blood test for all kinds of diseases first. We were then joking around that we were all considered contaminated because we come from the "South" and we're probably infested with tons of parasites and diseases, haha XD This has developed into some kind of running gag by now ^^) 

I was also kinda shocked when I first saw the Aurajoki. I thought, well, even the Danube's water is clearer than that! o_O A little google research revealed that the reason for the turbid, apparently dirty water is mainly the area around the spring of the river, which is rich in clay, so a lot of particles flow within the river. But also, a lot of nutrients from fertilizing the fields around the river reach the river bed and pollute the water.... Wikipedia says that 95% of Turku's tap water (which is the water I drink....) comes from the river, but I can't really believe that. I think I would notice if I couldn't see through my bottle with water anymore XD 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Still alive

Sorry, no German translation of this post.... I'm too tired to think in German right now x__x

Yep, I'm still alive an breathing Finnish air!

The fligth was okay, especially from Vienna to Helsinki, as the seat next to me as free so the man and I sitting in that row basically were flying Business class :D
The connection flight to Turku was.... well.... weird, to say the least. The plane was super small and it was a model with propellers o_O I was sitting at the very front right next to the exit row. I was second row, but the first row was actually facing the back side of the the plane, so a girl who had her seat there was facing me *lol* And when I got off the plane I saw that they don't store the luggage in the "belly" of the plane but instead there's a kind of room between the passenger cabin and the pilot's cabin, where all the luggage was stored. But well, the flight ltook only 25 minutes (shortest flight I ever took!) and Turku Airport is rather small, so no wonder they had only a small plane.

Friday, August 31, 2012


Normalität? Was ist das?
Meine letzten paar Tage hier in Österreich waren/sind es jedenfalls definitiv nicht.

Ich hetze nur von einer Sache zur nächsten, bin super übermüdet weil ich kaum schlafen kann und bekomme spontane Heulattacken wenn ich an meine Abreise denke. Gerade ist mein Zimmer noch total vollgeräumt mit Krimskrams den ich Morgen aussortieren muss und entscheiden muss was ich mitnehme, ob ich es unterbringe und wenn nicht, wo ich es sonst verstaue. Irgendwie will ich gar nicht in mein Zimmer und ins Bett, denn wenn ich Morgen aufwache sehe ich nur die ganze Arbeit die noch vor mir liegt x__x Heute schaffe ich das aber nicht mehr, bin seit Morgens auf den Beinen und war nur unterwegs....

Monday, August 27, 2012

AniNite 2012 - Pummeluff's Revenge!

Nein, der Titel macht natürlich absolut keinen Sinn, und das soll er auch nicht ^^

Samstag waren mein Freund und ich auf der AniNite - der größten Anime-Manga und Japan-Convention in Österreich! Sie findet alljährlich in der TU Wien statt, und ich muss sagen, trotz der Kritik an der Location fand ich es eeeeigentlich gar nicht so schlecht dort. Allerdings waren wir auch nicht lange und viel Drinnen unterwegs, da es einfach fürchterlichst heiß war ^^"

Vor Ort trafen wir eine Gruppe von Freunden von denen einige sogar im Cosplay unterwegs waren :D Ein paar nahmen an einem Quiz-Pannel teil, wo es darum ging die richtigen Animes zu BGM (Background Music) und Screenshots zu erraten. Es war stellenweise wirklich verdammt schwer, allein schon weil sooo viel vorkam das ich gar nicht kannte .___. Zwei davon habe ich jedoch doch erkannt, ha! ^_^
("Pummeluff's Revenge" kommt übrigens daher dass mein Freund und ich ständig irgendwelche dummen Animenamen erfanden wenn wir nicht wussten wo die Szene oder die Musik her ist XD)

Ich hatte vergessen zu frühstücken und so kam es mir total gelegen dass das Grüppchen sich danach erstmal zum nahegelegenen Schnitzelhaus begab um Essen einzukaufen. Dann saßen wir und aßen erstmal, als ein älteres Pärchen kam und im gebrochenen Deutsch meinen Freund fragte wo es denn hier "zum Markt" ginge. Er beschrieb ihnen also den Weg und deutete und zeigte, dann begannen sie plötzlich zu fragen, welcher Religion wir angehörten. Mein Freund meinte er sei o.B. und dann deuteten sie auch auf mich - "Jüdisch, Christ, Islam?!" Dafuq? XD Sah ich so religiös aus in meinem Aufzug? Hahaha ^^

Wer braucht schon Macarons wenn man eine Schnitzelsemmel haben kann? XD

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's fluffy ♥

Gestern war ich mit der lieben Vani zum ersten Mal seit ich-weiß-nicht-wie-vielen-Jahren im Tiergarten Schönbrunn :D Ich kann mich echt kaum noch daran erinnern wann ich zum letzten Mal dort war, aber ist muss wirklich schon locker 10 Jahre her sein ^^" Und wie erwartet war in meiner Erinnerung alles viel, viel größer und weitläufiger XD Als Kind hat es mich total fertig gemacht diese ganzen "wahnsinnig weiten Strecken" zu Fuß zu gehen, doch Vani und ich sind glaub ich 3 Mal oder so quer durch den Park gelatscht.

An einem Ende angekommen....
"Uh, gleich ist Elefantenfütterung!"
*hinlatsch und Elefantenfütterung beiwohn*
"Los, lass uns ein Eis essen gehen!"
*wieder ans andere Ende vom Tierpark latsch*
"Gibts hier eigentlich keine Krokodile?"
"Doch, im Tropenhaus am anderen Ende"
*wieder quer durch den Park latsch*
usw. hahaha ^^

Aber es war die Rumwanderei wirklich wert, ich glaube wir haben wirklich alles gesehen, viel Spaß gehabt und auch ein paar tolle Fotos gemacht - ich allerdings eher weniger, denn es war so furchtbar heiß x____x Irgendwie hatte ich kaum Lust mich mit der Kamera auseinanderzusetzen....

Hier trotzdem ein paar Fotos die einigermaßen gelungen sind :3

Roter Panda ♥ Eines der absolut süßesten Wesen überhaupt, die sind einfach so unfassbar niedlich dass man sie am liebsten durchwegs knuddeln möchte!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mein ganz persönlicher Wohn(alb)traum: Die Chaos-WG

Ich hatte ja schon vor längerer Zeit von unserer strapaziösen Wohnungssuche vor 3 Jahren erzählt, und bin dabei bis zu dem Punkt gekommen, wo wir im Oktober 2009 endlich unsere WG bezogen.
Heute möchte ich weiter erzählen, wie es mir in diesen 3 Jahren so ergangen ist und wie es jetzt für mich weiter geht. Und ich möchte etwas tun was ich bisher noch nieeeee getan habe - nämlich einige wenige Fotos von unserer Wohnung zeigen :'D 

Sunday, August 19, 2012


In letzter Zeit ist es sehr still hier auf dem Blog, was vor Allem daran liegt dass ich die meiste meiner freien Zeit bei meinen Eltern im Garten verbringe. Seit ich hier bin hab ich noch nicht einmal den Laptop ausgepackt um zu bloggen oder zu zocken, und es geht mir im Moment auch gar nicht ab. Ich genieße einfach die letzten beiden Wochen die ich noch hier bin, verbringe Zeit mit meinem Freund und meiner Familie und in der Natur, habe vermutlich mehr Sonne abbekommen als die letzten 4 Jahre zusammen und fange schon jetzt irgendwie ein bisschen an, das alles zu vermissen, obwohl ich noch da bin.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Digital 3D - unnötige Abzocke oder toller Fortschritt?

Ich komme gerade aus dem Kino - Prometheus in 3D stand auf dem Plan, und nach dem Film, als wir im Auto saßen, kam mal wieder die Diskussion auf, ob digitales 3D überhaupt sinnvoll ist und was denn nun so toll daran sein soll. Mit uns im Kino waren zwei Freunde, die davor noch nie einen Digital 3D Film gesehen hatten, und sich so ihr erstes Urteil gebildet haben.

Einer von beiden meinte, er hätte Kopfschmerzen bekommen, und der andere er hätte beim Schauen das Gefühl gehabt "zu schielen" und es wäre auch eher unangenehm gewesen.

Aber das wohl stärkste Argument brachte mein Freund vor (und ich teile seine Ansicht):
"Schon nach 3 Minuten hatte ich vollkommen vergessen, dass der Film überhaupt 3D war."
Und das ist irgendwie der Knackpunkt. Was soll diese ganze tolle Technologie, für die wir ja immerhin extra draufzahlen beim Kinoticket bzw für die Brille, wenn man nach einiger Zeit sowieso völlig im Filmgeschehen versinkt und die tolle Tiefe gar nicht mehr wahrnimmt?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY: Budget Lolita Accessoires

Die letzten Tage war ich absolut im Nähfieber! Ich habe sogar davon geträumt, dass ich mir tolle Sachen nähe, haha ^^"
Für den Anfang waren es allerdings nur ein paar Kleinigkeiten, die ich mir für mein weißes Lolita-Kleid genäht habe, damit ich ein paar schöne, passende Accessoires habe ^__^ Das ganze hat mich nicht mehr als 10€ gekostet, wobei ich von dem Stoff noch etwa 0,5x1m übrig habe und von der kleinen Spitze sogar noch die ganze Rolle (weil man die nicht meterweise kaufen konnte).

Für die interessierten habe ich mir also gedacht, verfasse ich hier eine kurze Anleitung was ich gemacht habe ^^

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wort zum Tittentag

Wer heute auf Twitter unterwegs war wurde eventuell vom Anblick diverser Brüste überrascht, erfreut oder sogar irritiert. Anlass war der "Boobsday", eine Aktion, die schlichtweg dazu da ist, um, nunja..... Brüsten zu huldigen.

Ich habe die Aktion schon letztes Jahr verfolgt und mich diesmal sogar auch getraut mitzumachen. Und auch dieses Jahr habe ich mit Staunen den Flamewar beobachtet, der sich rund um diese Aktion entwickelt.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Picture my Day #11

Endlich komme ich nun auch dazu, von Samstag zu berichten, denn da fand der 11. Picture my day Day statt (Ich liebe diese Wortwiederholung XD)

Diesmal freundlicherweise organisiert von Haascore, fand ja zeitleich das Bloggertreffen in Köln statt - ich wäre wirklich gerne dabei gewesen aber hatte leider weder Zeit noch Geld für den ja doch etwas weiteren Tripp. Aber ich hoffe dass es vielleicht nächstes Jahr wieder etwas in der Art gibt :3

So, nun lass ich aber mal Bilder sprechen  ^^

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Finally got some ink under my skin! ♥
Endlich, endlich, endlich! Ich kann es kaum glauben aber ich habe nun mein erstes Tattoo, das Motiv das ich mir schon seit Jahren wünsche!

Beauty - Symmetry - Perfection - Fragility - Transience - Life - Death - Rebirth

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A night with the Dark Knight

Wer mir auf Instagram, Twitter oder facebook folgt weiß es vermutlich schon - aber hier will ich nochmal ausführlich darüber berichten und Fotos in groß zeigen, harhar.
In der Nacht von Dienstag auf Mittwoch habe ich also meinen ersten "Kino-Marathon" hinter mich gebracht: Zusammen mit Mimi, ihrem Freund und einigen Freunden von ihr saß ich 8 Stunden im Kino um mir das Batman-Triple-Feature anzusehen, welches um Mitternacht natürlich dann in der Premiere von "The Dark Knight Rises".

Ich muss an dieser Stelle sagen - auch wenn ich ganz und gar kein toller Experte bin, was Comics und Superhelden betrifft, so war Batman für mich schon immer mein "Lieblingsheld". Und zwar weil er im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen keine "wirkliche" Superkraft hat, sondern durch Intelligenz, Disziplin und technische Unterstützung zu dem wurde was er ist. Schon als Kind hat er mich fasziniert, auch sein düsteres Auftreten und seine Moral, auch wenn ich damals nur die Zeichentrickserie (ich glaub die lief damals auf Pro7) kannte. Später kamen dann die Batman-Filme der 90er dazu, an die ich mich allerdings wirklich nicht mehr im Detail erinnern kann.... nach dem Triple Feature habe ich jedoch beschlossen dass ich sie unbedingt wieder mal sehen will! Und waaaaaahhh ich will auch unbedingt die Serie von damals nochmal sehen ;__; Ich war damals so jung, ich kann mich kaum noch erinnern....

Nun.... passend zum Abendprogramm war ich natürlich auch geschminkt. Ich bin früher von der Arbeit gegangen damit ich noch genug Zeit hatte mich ein wenig hübsch zu machen, haha :D Ich hatte keine konkrete Idee was ich machen sollte, und  Enny schlug dann eine Gelb-Schwarz Kombi wie im Batman-Logo vor, und das hab ich auch umgesetzt. Wie gut dass ich mir erst am Sonntag einen knalligen, gelben Lidschatten von Mimi ertauscht hatte :3

Leider verschwommen aber die einzig gute Aufnahme vom ganzen Gesicht.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mini-Bloggertreffen: Schminkzeug, Nom, Rüschen, seltsame Menschen und die geballte Ladung Awesomeness!

Der Titel sagt ja eigentlich schon alles was es über dieses Wochenende zu sagen gibt :D
Es war einfach nur toll und hatte wahnsinnig viel Spaß!
Denn am Sonntag fand (in kleinem Kreise und leider ohne Frances Ligeia :(  Hoffe wir sehen uns ein ander Mal!!) unser Bloggerpicknick statt :3 Zuerst hatte ich noch Vani vom Meidlinger Bahnhof abgeholt und zu mir nach Hause verschleppt wo ich mich vollkommen übertrieben lange aufrüschte - denn ich wollte ja meinen länger gehegten Plan endlich umsetzen und mal Lolita "öffentlich" tragen :3
Und obwohl wir ja beide "socially awkward" sind, haha, haben wir uns super verstanden XD Wobei ich nicht daran gezweifelt hatte, aber ich weiß ja wie das ist wenn man komplett neue Leute trifft, die man zuvor nur über das Internet kennengelernt hat.

Da es am Vormittag geregnet hatte, trafen wir uns bei Mimi zu Hause, und mit Jule und Jessy waren wir schlussendlich zu fünft, und chillten in Mimis Zimmer in der WG, quatschten, bewunderten ihren superniedlichen Kater ♥ und.... 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rant of the day: Böse Pharmakonzerne!

Heute muss ich mal einen kleinen Rant an dieser Stelle verfassen, denn vor ein paar Tagen habe ich auf facebook in der Gruppe "Science Dump" , welche sonst eigentlich immer wieder für ganz nette Themen oder schöne Bilder gut ist - dieses Bild entdeckt:

Und mein erster und eigentlich einziger Gedanke dazu war:
Nein. Einfach nur: NEIN.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Junk Day #4 ♥

Samstag war "Junk Day" !
Das ist eine von der Zeichnerin Seena ins Leben gerufene Aktion, die alle paar Wochen stattfindet. Dabei geht es darum an einem Tag so viele Bilder wie möglich zu zeichnen, wobei diese allerdings komplett ausgearbeitet sein müssen, aber eben auch zu Übungszwecken ein wenig "junkig" sein dürfen. Hier gibt es noch mehr Info dazu!

Diesmal fand der Jung Day schon zum 4. Mal statt, ich hatte die letzten Male leider nie Zeit, doch nun hatte ich endlich mal eine Gelegenheit :D 
Ich bin aber leider nicht sehr weit gekommen ^^" Das lag vor Allem daran dass ich, als ich mit dem ersten Bild fertig war, keine Idee für ein zweites hatte, bzw meine Ideen sich nicht so wie ich wollte umsetzen ließen.
Um das ganze überhaupt zu schaffen (normalerweise bekomm ich nichtmal ein einziges Bild am Stück fertig XD) hab ich mich mal am KaKAO-Karten Format versucht, und muss sagen dass mir dieses kleine Format schon ziemlich liegt, da ich das Bild viel besser ausfüllen kann, jedoch ist es im Gegenzug eine herausforderung auch wirklich alles auf der kleinen Fläche unterzubringen >_<
So oder so - es hat Spaß gemacht, war eine "Herausforderung" und ich denke ich habe auch ganz gut etwas gelernt dabei :3

Ist mir so gar nicht aufgefallen, aber jetzt beim Scan finde ich sie guckt unfassbar doof D:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Old & New

Auf twitter/via Instagram konnte man ja zuletzt verfolgen, wie ich Anfang der Ferien mein Zimmer im Haus meiner Eltern rigoros ausgemustert habe und wirklich haufenweise Krempel weggeworfen habe. "Haufenweise" im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Um das ganze etwas exakter zu quantifizieren: es waren bis dato 3 übervolle 60L Müllsäcke und ein halber, der noch rumsteht da ich noch nicht komplett mit allen Laden durch bin :'D

Und weil ich ja einen Blogpost darüber angekündigt habe, hier kommt dieser nun :) (da ich im Moment vollauf mit meinem Praktikum beschäftigt bin und echt nichts weiß was ich sonst hier "spannendes" berichten könnte XD)
Also, wer einen kleinen Blick auf meine "Vergangenheit" werfen möchte, bevor ich sie, äh, in die Tonne getreten habe XDD, lese weiter. Wer dazu eine schön melancholische musikalische Untermalung möchte, die in Tönen sehr schön beschreibt was ich dabei empfunden habe, als ich so durch physischen Relikte meiner Pubertät gewühlt habe, dem sei dieses Lied ans Herz gelegt:

Woods of Ypres - Alternate Ending

Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Mein Baby war beim Friseur..."

"...und jetzt mag ich sie nicht mehr!"
Das sangen schon die Ärzte, und so ziemlich das musste sich mein Freund gedacht haben als ich heute Mittag vom Friseur kam und so aussah:

Joa... an meinem Blick kann man ungefähr erkennen wie begeistert ich selbst von dem Ergebnis war.

Ich ging zum Friseur und wollte einen schrägen Pony. Eine "Scene-Frisur" im Grunde. Ein stark abgestufter Pony, der zur Seite gekämmt getragen wird, und ich wollte dass er recht kurz beginnt, vielleicht eine kurze Strähne die die "Ecke" beim Scheitel abdeckt, denn ich hab ziemliche Geheimratsecken.

Ich finde die Firsur ist absolut schrecklich geworden. Es ist überhaupt nicht das was ich wollte. Es ist sogar ziemlich das, was ich absolut NICHT wollte. Ich habe lange mit meinem Freund diskutiert, der Ponys grundsätzlich scheiße findet, ihm Bilder gezeigt von so schrägen Scene-Ponies, die ja wirklich sehr asymmetrisch sind, und er fand es schließlich ganz okay. Bloß keinen geraden, bloß nicht, denn die verabscheut er total. Außerdem hab ich, wenn mir danach wäre, ja auch noch meinen Clip-In Pony.

So, und was kommt dabei heraus? Dieser Scheißdreck!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Home sweet home & work, work!

Die gute Nachricht zu allererst....


Besser gesagt.... ein Zimmer :'D Konkret, ein Einzelzimmer mit eigenem Bad in einem Studentenwohnheim in Finnland, wo ich von September bis Februar wohnen werde.

Hier so! :D Also nicht genau bei der Markierung, sondern am Eck dieses Parks den man hier sieht.

Das Zimmer hat ca 19m² und die Küche teile ich mir mit einigen anderen Leuten, aber das ist schon okay, immerhin hab ich mein eigenes Bad :3
 Ich freue mich so ♥ Bis vor Kurzem überwog ja das Gefühl oder die Angst, dass irgendwie alles schief gehen wird . Jetzt aber bin ich zuversichtlich, dass die ganze Planung sich auszahlen wird und alles gut wird! Nun hoffe ich noch darauf, dass ich Erasmus bewilligt bekomme und auch das Stipendium für das ich mich beworben habe.

Ich bin allgemein viel posiviert gestimmt was mein Auslandssemester angeht.
Im Moment mache ich ja (seit Montag) ein Laborpraktikum in einem ganz anderen Bereich als mein Praktikum im September, es ist auch eigentlich etwas das mich ursprünglich nicht soo sehr interessiert hat, aber mein Studium hat nun doch mein Interesse dafür geweckt, und bei der Arbeit im Labor merke ich nun, wie viel ich eigentlich schon kann und weiß o_O Schon krass was man in 4 Semestern alles lernt!

Außerdem sind die Leute im Labor alle super nett. Ich könnte mir sogar vorstellen für immer dort zu arbeiten, allein wegen der netten Menschen. Kein Vergleich zum Zickenterror in unseren Laboren an der FH... und das obwohl da auch recht viele "junge Leute" sind, daran liegts also auch nicht!
Das einzige was mich wiederum sehr deutlich bestätigt, dass die Zellkultur doch eher was für mich ist, ist die Tatsache dass ich mit verdammt vielen gefährlichen und kanzeorgenen Substanzten arbeite. Irgendwie ist mir dabei einfach noch immer nicht geheuer, und ich würde lieber nicht jeden Tag in einem Labor stehen wo ich it diversen Gitfstoffen hantiere...

So oder so bin ich im Moment ziemlich glücklich. Ich fühle mich bestärkt, dass dieser Bildungsweg doch der richtige für mich war, und dass es eine gute Entscheidung war von der Hauptuni auf die FH zu wechseln. Dieses Wissen und all die Praxiserfahrung die ich in der Zeit gesammelt hätte, hätte ich an der Uni nie erworben. Den Bachelor in dieser Zeit, in der ich ihn jetzte mache, hätte ich sicher nicht geschafft. Und dass die FH-Ausbildung in der Praxis bei dem, was ich machen will (Forschung, Arbeit in einem oder im Umfeld eines Labors) einfach viel mehr bringt, habe ich allein heute gesehen, als der Diplomand, der mit mir gleichzeitig am Montag dort begonnen hat, mich fragte ob ich ihm dies und das vielleicht erklären könnte, ihm sagen könne wie das funktioniert etc. Und ja, ich konnte es ihm erklären. Da war ich ehrlich gesagt selbst ein wenig überrascht, denn schließlich hat er (theoretisch) mindestens 2 Jahre länger studiert als ich.
Selbst mein Betreuer ist sehr erfreut darüber, dass ich mit ihm zusammenarbeite, weil ich ihm einiges an Arbeit abnehme, die er zum Teil auch gar nicht gerne macht XD Kann ich schon verstehen, wenn man es oft macht ist stundenlanges Pipettieren sicher nicht spannend, aber für mich ist es okay und ich freue mich riesig wenn ich helfen kann, und immerhin ist das echte Forschungsarbeit, allein dass ich da mithelfen darf und mir einfach so die Proben "anvertraut" werden finde ich ja schon großartig :3

Joa, ich arbeite im Moment "hart", das heißt ich komme nicht zu all den schönen Dingen die ich mir vorgenommen habe (zu bloggen). Aber das macht nichts, denn das Wochenende steht ja schon vor der Türe und da hab ich auch wieder Freizeit ^^

Ich bin schon gespannt ob mein Praktikum in Finnland ein ähnlich positives Erlebnis werden wird wie dieses. Ich hoffe es sehr!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

So I'll be on my way....

Kennt ihr dieses Gefühl, dass euch einfach alles nur noch ankotzt? So als wäre jeder Mensch auf diesem Planeten nur geboren worden um euch an diesem Tag in dieser einen Situation ganz fürchterlich zu nerven?
An solchen Tagen geht natürlich auch noch alles schief oder sie halten so manche negative Überraschung bereit...

Ich hab in letzter Zeit, scheint mir, nur noch solche Tage.
Wo ich das Gefühl habe, für jeden Schritt vor mache ich mindestens drei zurück.
Und darunter leidet als erstes mein Selbstbewusstsein, und das äußert sich darin dass ich mich wieder hässlich finde.

Und dann klammere ich mich an Fotos wie dieses hier wo ich mir denk "Hey.... so schlimm ist es nicht", doch dann sehe ich die 123456789 anderen Fotos und denke mir einfach nur.... meh.

Ich lächle nicht gern auf Fotos (nur weil ich das oft gefragt werde), weil ich meinen Mund nicht mag, und mein spitzes Kinn das dann so raus steht und meine Nase die schief ist. An "guten" Tagen ist mir das alles egal, denn da freu ich mich dass ich hübsche Augen hab und mag vielleicht auch meine Haare. Aber an "schlechten" Tagen sehe ich nur das schlechte.

Ich habe mal wieder meine "Sommerdepression": Irgendetwas undefinierbares, etwas nicht greifbares oder in Worte fassbares macht mich so niedergeschlagen und unglücklich, dass ich nur noch am verzweifeln bin und mich selbst und alle Menschen in meiner Umgebung in den Wahnsinn treibe.
Ich hasse den Sommer genau aus diesem Grund, weil er mir Jahr für Jahr das antut, ohne dass es einen bestimmten Grund dafür gäbe. Ich könnte raus gehen, happy sein, die Sonne genießen, oder meine Zeit drinnen verbringen und hätte auch genug um mich zu beschäftigen - stattdessen sieche ich dahin und hasse alles, und allen voran mich selbst, und weiß noch nicht einmal wieso eigentlich.

Also sorry an alle die im Moment meine miese Laune ertragen müssen, ich hoffe das gibt sich in ein paar Tagen wieder, denn eigentlich will ich die Zeit die ich noch hier bin genießen und nicht mir selbst und allen beteiligten versauern....

Ich weiß auch grad gar nichts anderes zu bloggen, obwohl ich es mir vorgenommen habe .___. Zum Beispiel hätte das hier ein Post darüber werden sollen, dass ich mit meinem Freund im Kino war und wir eigentlich eine Menge Spaß hatten. Aber dann, wieder zu Hause, und so wie gerade eben nachtschichtbedingt alleine, erscheint das alles Lichtjahre entfernt.

Habt ihr hilfreiche Tipps gegen.... sowas? .____.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ein lachendes und ein weinendes Auge

Gestern war mein letzter Tag an der Uni.

Für die nächsten 8 Monate zumindest.
Ich habe viel gelästert und viel gejammert (und auch geweint) über die Menschen, den Unterricht und  generell alles was mit meinem Leben in Krems zu tun hatte.
Aber gestern, als es hieß, von meinen Mitstudenten, Dozenten und meinem eigenen kleinen Reich, meinem Zimmer im Wohnheim, Abschied zu nehmen, wurde ich dennoch traurig.


Monday, June 25, 2012

"Sie werden überrascht sein!"

Lol-Moment des Tages:

Wir haben heute in Bioinformatik vor der schriftlichen Prüfung unsere Poster präsentiert. Es stellte sich heraus dass die meisten Leute offenbar als Design-Farbe blau bevorzugten.
Als ich dann an der Reihe war unser Poster zu präsentieren, und die Datei zu öffnen, hatte der Prof bereits ein paar Gags zu dem Thema angebracht. Und dann kam DAS:

Er: "Und für welche haben Sie sich entschieden? Doch sicherlich schwarz!"
Ich: "Nein *grins* Sie werden überrascht sein."
Er: "Schwarz?!"
Ich: "Nein! Es ist......"
Er:  "Wirklich nicht schwarz?"
Da öffnete sich die Datei mit unserem ebenfalls in Blau (Corporate Design der FH und so... dachte ich mir halt dabei v.v) gehaltenen Poster.

Irgendwie war es skurril. Ich frage mich ernsthaft wie er darauf kam bzw wieso er es so witzig fand? XD Okay, meine Haare sind schwarz, und ich trug heute ein schwarzes T-Shirt. Aber dennoch...
Manchmal finde ich es schon witzig was für einen Eindruck ich offenbar auf Leute mache ^^"

Morgen die letzte Prüfung!
Und wenn ich dann mal irgendwann weiß wann mein Praktikum beginnt kann ich auch meine Ferien einigermaßen planen XD
Das Blogger Picknick am 22. Juli steht ja schon fix auf dem Kalender :) Nähere Infos folgen noch!

On a side note:
Ich brauche wirklich dringend Ideen für einen neuen Haarschnitt. Meine Flusen nerven ziemlich, denn Schnitt ist da schon länger keiner mehr drin (wie jedes Jahr Anfang Sommer, wenn der letzte Friseurbesuch schon fast ein halbes Jahr zurück liegt) und wüsste gerne ob jemand Tipps oder Ideen hätte, was mir stehen könnte. Ich träume ja irgendwie noch immer von dem perfekten (scene-mäßiger) Pony, doch bei meiner, ja eher länglichen Gesichtsform.... I don't know .___.

Auch hab ich im Moment ja sogut wie keine Stufen im Haar, d.h. auch von hinten sind sie praktisch gerade. Ich hätte schon gerne wieder mehr Stufen, da es einfach hübscher aussieht als so eine "Matte" die einfach daliegt. Aber bei Frisuren stehen dank meiner störrischen Haare dann überall die Haarspitzen raus (z.B. wenn ich mir einfach nur einen Zopf flechte). Dann denke ich mir wieder, ich trage meine Haare eigentlich ohnehin fast immer offen, und aufwändige Frisuren wie zB eine "Haarschleife" funktionieren bei dieser Länge sowieso nicht mehr, da meine Haare einfach viel zu schwer sind. Andererseits würden "niedlichere" Firsuren wie zwei Zöpfe oder Löckchen usw. wieder total krisselig aussehen wegen der kurzen, abstehenden Haare.... fürchte ich zumindest. Ich denke man sieht wie unentschlossen ich bin. Eine Idee die ich noch hatte, wäre mir quasi "vorne" einen ziemlich durchgestuften Pony und ein paar "Fransen" die das Gesicht rahmen, schneiden zu lasen, doch hinten weitgehend ungestuft zu verbleiben, so dass ich den hinteren Teil problemlos locken, flechten, hochbinden etc. kann, aber ich dennoch einen hübschen Pony habe :X

Help me, help me, I don't know what to doooooo~

So. Jetzt muss ich mich noch ein letztes mal zum Lernen aufraffen für Morgen... und dann gibt es bald einen rieeesen Blogpost über meine "Alles-muss-raus-wegwerf-Aktion.