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Review: Dueba DM-23 Kira Kira Violet Lens

It's review tiiii~me!
This time in English, so more people will understand it :) Hope my German-speaking readers don't mind. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section!

First, I want to thank the lovely for providing me with a sponsored pair of lenses to review Arigatou!
A while ago, they posted on their twitter that they are looking for " blogger with good traffic to do a review". I thought "Weeeell.... might as well give it a try!" though I didn't have high expectations XD I thought they meant something like 500+ readers. Also, a few hours later they posted on facebook that they are grateful for the numerous responses but will pick only blogs with really good traffic. So I didn't expect anything anymore, actually XD
Just the more surprised I was to find an answer to my E-Mail - with an offering to pick a pair of lenses for free! Yeeeey! So actually I have to thank you, my lovely readers and visitors, for making this possible for me ^^" I wanted these for a long time, so I'm really super happy right now.

I won't make you wait any longer. Check out my review to get an impression how the lenses look like and my experience with ! You can click on some of the pictures to see them in high-res (best to right click -> open in new window or tab).

Diameter: 14,5mm
Water Content: 38-42%
Power available from 0.00 to -10.00
Life Span: 1 year
Price: 19,50$ for one pair (two lenses)

Colors available: see here

The lenses arrived in the usual, sealed bottles. Along with them, I got a purple container, which was really a nice surprise, because I didn't expect it :) I actually already had a lens container prepared, but I ended up using that one because it's purple, just like the lenses themselves :D

I chose them, because I always wanted violet lenses and this model had such a nice-looking transition form purple to clear that I figured it will probably blend in best with my natural eye color.

I was surprised to find the bottles labeled with instead of the manufacturer's name.
I have to add that I was always very skeptical about circle lenses and their safety. Call me paranoid, but I have only one eyesight and for my age I'm already really shortsighted, so I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat there.
This is why I chose lenses from Dueba - they are based in South Korea and their products are approved by the Korean FDA. However, Dueba manufactures lenses also for re-branding, so their lenses come under various different labels and names. Personally, I was a bit irritated at first (paranoia, I know...), because there was no sign of the manufacturer whatsoever on the bottles, but well. I'm gonna talk a bit about eye safety and contact lens care later on, so maybe you'll understand my concerns.
Also, I have to mention that it was super hard to open the bottles XD The metal sealing of the second bottle even broke when I tried to rip it off, so my boyfriend had to get his Leatherman to finally open it XD

When I put them on, I was very surprised by the high comfort. They are approx. 0,5mm larger in diameter than my normal, optical contact lenses that I wear to correct my short sightedness, and I was told before that it's harder to get them in, even if it's just a small difference in diameter.
Well, I got them in in no time, just like my regular ones *lol* So for me it doesn't make any difference :'D
I wore them for almost 8 hours and had no problems at all. No itching, no scratching, no tearing, nothing. I'm inclined to say they provide even more comfort than my regular lenses, haha XD

Of course I took some pictures so you may see the effect of the lenses:

Please ignore my horrible skin and tired look XD

Please ignore my horrible make-up and asymmetrical eye brows XD I was in such a hurry that morning that I totally messed it up D: (Also I realized I had a large, darker patch of too much foundation near my left eyebrow when looking at the photos - why didn't anyone tell me the whole day ?! FUUUUUUU! XD)

I'm updating this Post with new and better photos whenever I have the chance! Removed the previous one because I looked so horrible :'D These are slightly edited, but only my skin and not the eyes!

Update: More photos, taken with Instagram ^^

They look really good in sunlight ♥

And they give you the perfect doll-look for Lolita!

As a matter of fact, the lenses look really different at night time / in artificial light. In daylight, my pupils get rather small and you see much of the natural blue color of my eyes. But later in the evening I took a photo in my room with flash:

9 hours later, the make-up looked even shittier XD

The purple showed much more imo, since my pupils were larger (don't ask me why on that pic one is smaller than the other though XD) ! However, from afar and in worse light I looked slightly drugged because the lenses somehow made my pupils look super large or something XD Kinda weird, but now you see how they look under different lightning conditions.

Alright, so let me sum up!





Well, the effect is not as expected (I don't feel like the purple really shows on my eyes unless I'm "drugged", haha XD) but I do like the outcome! The enlarging effect is really nice and the lenses are very comfortable to wear.
Personally, I would recommend them if you have rather light eyes of blue or green or dark brown eyes (effect will be different, though). I think that with light brown eyes such as hazel, the purple color might come out weird. Best chose a color of this model that somehow matches your natural eye color a bit, since the colored border is not so large!

Sooo what do you think?
Personally, I am completely amazed by the effect. I love it. My eyes don't look so much purple though. More like a "different" blue. But the color blends in with my natural eye color just perfectly, don't you think?
I'm really really happy with my choice  ♥ 
I might order a green or aqua colored pair soon to check out how they look like with my natural eye color X3 

Overall, I have to say I was very happy with the service provided. The communication via E-Mail was fast and very nice.  
Also, I was very positively surprised about the fast delivery! The lenses where shipped one day after I wrote my E-Mail and arrived a week later at my parents' place. This is pretty fast, considering shipping from Malaysia was said to take up to 20 days with normal shipping. Express shipping costs a little more, so if you don't mind to probably wait a little longer you'll be happy to find out that the shipping is really not expensive! Check out the details on their homepage to get more information.

Check out for more amazing lenses and special offers (of which there are several :D Really good prices they have!)
Once more, I would like to thank them for providing me with this pair for free!

The review ends here, but lastly some words of advice from a long-term contact lens wearer.
I got my first contact lenses when I was 13, so I've been wearing contacts for 8 years now.
I will pass on to you what my ophthalmologist (not optician! ) told me, and my personal experience, and of course, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask them!

1. Before you get yourself a pair of Circle Lenses, get a check up at an ophthalmologist  (eye specialist). In contrast to an optician they have a medical education and will be able to make a thorough diagnosis of your eyes' condition. You might need a prescription and not even know it. Or you might have astigmatism without knowing.
If you wear the "wrong" contact lenses the surface of your eyes might get scarred!

2. When you get your first pair of contacts, try to put them in and wear them only for a short time. Start with half an hour. Next time, put them in for a little bit longer, maybe an hour. Double the time of wearing every day to get your eye used to wearing the contact lens and it will prevent problems with your lenses later on.

3. Your eyes need air. The contact lens prevents air from coming to the eyes' surface, so you should not wear them for prolonged periods of time. Depending on the water content, you can wear some types of contact lenses longer than others. There are, for example, special lenses which you can even wear while sleeping. However, with all other types of lenses this is absolutely not recommended (first time you fall asleep with you're lenses in for more than an hour, you'll know why. It burns like hell and they "suck" up to your eyes.)
Concerning circle lenses, wearing them for 6-8 hours is okay, but as soon as you start to feel uncomfortable, you should take them out.

4. Your contact lenses need special care. Unlike daily or monthly lenses, most circle lenses last for a year if treated correctly. Therefore you should not only get a special saline solution to store and rinse them, but also a cleaning solution. These usually dissolve protein residues on the lenses and free them from dirt such as make-up and bacteria or the like.

5. You only have two eyes - one eyesight in your lifetime. Be careful about it! Never share your lenses with another person, as infections might be the result! Never use contact lenses when you have an eye infection (also, you should not use any eye make-up when you have an eye infection) since it may be passed on to the contact lenses, so when using them again you get re-infected. You also actually should not wear them when you are sick, even if it's just a cold. And lastly, visit an ophthalmologist from time to time, if you wear circle lenses often!

I get my eyes checked every 6 months, and I'm very careful about my eyesight. I decided to try circle lenses, but only knowing that if my ophthalmologist told me my eyes got damaged by them, I would stop.
My mum already has severe problems with her eyes and might need and operation soon, so I'm super careful concerning that topic. I know not everyone has such problems or such a genetic predisposition as I might have, but I really want you all to be responsible and careful when it comes to your eyes!

 Don't put your beauty above your eyes' safety, okay? :)


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    Ein schönes Review, die Linsen stehen dir wirklich mekt schon, dass sie 14,5 haben, die machen so schöne Püppchenaugen <3 Ich würd ja zu gerne welche mit 15mm Durchmesser ausprobieren xD
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      Also mal sehen! Ich würde definitiv gerne :D
      Und danke! X3

  4. Great post. Looking to buy circle lenses and looking for reviews. You were really thorough, thanks for that!


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