Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween ♥

It's October 31st, and the feast of feasts for all those who love the eerie and horrid has arrived.
Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you a happy Halloween 2012 and may those who cross your path be trembling with fear at your sight, if this is what you desire!

I was a little bit frustrated the last days because I thought I wouldn't have a chance to dress up for Halloween this year. Turns out I'm sitting here in my plushy The Nightmare before Christmas bathrobe with my hair wet from being washed, and wearing no fancy make-up that I could present to you - well I guess, overall the looks of me right now might indeed be a bit scary? - BUT I will be most probably attending a Halloween party on Friday evening.

As November 1st is no public holiday here I will have to go to work tomorrow, and afterwards I will attend a Finnish cooking course! I'm very much looking forward to it, and I hope I'll have the chance to take some photos to show them here. Then on Friday, after work, I'll head home and try to replicate my skull look for a suitable appearance for this occasion.

For this purpose I went to a costume shop today and asked for white make-up. I was surprised and happy to find out that they were selling Grimas make-up, which is known for its high durability and amazing effects. I remember I heard somewhere that some of the ingredients are not very good for your skin, but I'm not planning to wear it too often anyway. As I bought the cake make-up in pure white I am not intending to include it in my daily make-up routine. I'm not THAT pale, after all.

I'm curious about how it will work out. The coverage is said to be excellent, I'm just a bit worried about the application. I have to find me a make-up sponge or something like that somewhere...

So, if you are sitting at home alone right now like me, and are terribly bored, and don't have any good horror movies to watch, you might wanna read a Creepypasta or two. I love these kind of stories that rely mostly on your imagination. I'm usually not scared while reading those, however, the things I depict while reading will linger in my mind for hours after reading and give me chills. I just happen to have a very vivid imagination and therefore enjoy this format of horror stories a lot.

If you're more in for the OMGWTF-kind of experience, check out The SCP Foundation. It bares any description, just.... brows through it, read some articles and you'll see. Among them are some rather random  such as this one ♥, weird or even funny articles, however from time to time you just stumble upon something rather odd and creepy, and then there is things like THIS. Enjoy :)

Alternatively, freak out your geeky side with's 8 Creepiest Glitches in popular video games and another 6 more of them.

You could also prepare yourself for an upcoming zombie apocalypse by facing the amazingly gruesome zombification skills of adorable Arina or enjoy the artistic work of Zeitzeugin who has some wicked watercolor skills.

Or you could gather ideas for potential Halloween costumes for next year on my friend BloodyJule's blog or on Lilith's Dark Tower. But be careful with your choice, because as shows us, we can apparently tell a lot about people from their Halloween costume! 

In terms of Halloween decoration, I bet Dunkelelb's Halloween party is a real blast (I mean, look at that stuff. It's crazy. Creepy. And just awesome.) and cannot be topped by much, don't you think?

So how about you? How do you spend or did you spend Halloween, what did you dress up as this year and do you already have plans for next year?
I hope you enjoy the night and don't let the zombies bite you ♥

Friday, October 26, 2012

Snow ♥ and other random stuff...

Ohhh I'm so happy! It's so wunderful! It's snowing in Southern Finland already ♥

You probably know how much I love snow and how winter is my favorite season. I was indeed hoping to get to see some snow before Christmas (which, I will be spending in Austria with rather mediocre chances of seeing snow...) but I wasn't expecting to see it so early! :D

There are still leaves on trees and on the streets, yet since last night the whole city is covered in a coat of fluffy white snow. Some parts are rather icy, so driving is getting really dangerous and also the sidewalks are slippery as hell, but generally the snow is surprisingly fluffy and powdery, not at all the loska I expected when I saw the weather forecast for this week. However, it will probably melt away by the end of the week end, and on Monday we're supposed to get ~7°C again, so I'm gonna enjoy it while I can! :D

Today while I was in the lab it sowed even more, and on my way home I enjoyed the little winter wonderland, that just two days ago was still an autumn wonderland!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


(Deutsche Übersetzung weiter unten)
If you follow me on twitter, you might have already noticed it.
Who am I kidding, I think anybody has noticed it.

I fear I'm becoming a - well, let's just say that in the past few weeks and days, I've been bitching so much that it starts to scare me. I'm so quickly annoyed by the smallest things that I want to thrash something around. I want to smash things that don't work as they should into tiny little pieces and then trample on these pieces until I'm tired. I want to hurt people who say stupid things. And I'm hearing a lot of stupid things and experiencing a lot of things not working lately.

I'm really tired of this myself already, I don't want to be like that. But I just can't help this feeling of pure anger rising up inside me so often these days. Usually I just literally bite my tongue, or I ignore whoever talked to me, or subtly plug in my earphones or look the other way in order to avoid having to react. But this is no real solution, is it?

Just some random pics I took on my way to and from work so there's at least something nice in this post - Turku, 07:30am 

Why is it that I can't cope with these totally mundane things anymore?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tiny, random Update

(Deutsche Version des Posts weiter unten!)
Well, long time no see, or something ^^"

I didn't intend to wait so long before I post again. After all, this is meant to be like diary about my internship and my life here in Finland. But last week was just horrible (at work) and everything that could go wrong followed Murphy's law and did.
I was super frustrated, got a not-so-nice mail from my supervisor which dragged me down even more and then even more things didn't work... I wrote a loooong rant about my work on Thursday, but decided not to post it. On Friday I talked to my internal supervisor via skype and also somone else already offered their help in the case that my situation will stay this way. I am not very happy with my internship right now, especially since I will not really benefit from the topic I have to deal with here if I really go into medical molecular biology after my bachelor, but there's nothing I can do about it now.
I ill have to endure this, as little as I enjoy it, and try to make the best out of it. I will keep the text I wrote as a reminder tho, and hopefully in a few weeks time I can laugh about it all.

Today I went to do some sight-seeing in Turku again, because a colleague from my studies (her internship is in Uppsala) was visting us and we decided to show her around. I used the opportunity to wear some make-up, yey! I really like this pic, but it doesn't do the color of the eye shadow any justice, so here's another one!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ruska Aika, Musta Aika - Kuro Lolita in Autumn ♥

Finally we got some really good weather here! ^____^v
I had asked a friend if she wanted to a little photo shoot when the weather is fine on the week end, because I wanted some nice pics of my new clothes in an autumnal setting. She agreed to come over on Sunday so after I did her make-up (because I wanted to do a portrait shooting of her too) and dressed up we went outside with my DSLR.

Right next to the building where I live is a small cemetery with a park. When I look out of the window I can see the treetops of birches gleaming golden in the sun (if it decides to show itself for once, that is XD) over there, and on my way to and from work I pass the park by bus every day. It's a really beautiful setting with few buildings in the background, so this was my first choice when thinking about locations for the shooting.

It took us some time to figure out the ideal spot for the photos, but these are the best that we ended up with!
My very first Kuro Lolita coord. What do you think about it?

My legs .__. Are these the same legs I had this summer? Did I lose some wight without noticing? (I guess the angle is just flattering, but still :D *happy*)

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Package from Home: äiti on paras!

Can you believe it? I'm living in Finland for 1 month already! I certainly can't really believe it myself. It both feels like I've been living here for just a few days and at the same time it feels like an eternity away that I spent the summer in Vienna and at my parents' place.

It's been raining a lot this week, yesterday it was so bad that tiny rivers formed on the streets and when I finished work I was left with the terrible choice between waiting for the bus in the rain or walking home in the rain, both not so attractive.
Actually I wanted to go to the post office, but it was just raining too heavily. My mother had sent me a package for my birthday, and I had no idea what was in there but I didn't want it to become drenched :'D
(Let's just hope we will get just as much snow in winter as we get rain at the moment, haha :D)

So I waited for today!
And this was what was in the package:

Two pairs of tights with pattern! You can't really see it here but one has stars and the other a leopard print :3
And an original Sacher Cake ♥

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn in Turku

And now to something completely different!
This week end, I was really motivated to go out and do something! ^^ Since I was sick the last two week ends and the weather was bad most of the time, I was super happy that on Sunday it was actually pretty decent!

A friend and I had agreed to go to the forest to look for mushrooms on that day after I did my presentation in Finnish class (which went pretty well actually ^_^v) where I talked about jokamiehenoikeus (I can hardly believe I'm able to spell and pronounce that word correctly .__. but according to the teacher I did it correctly XD). It literally translates to "every man's right" and expresses the freedom to roam, so it means that in Finland's forests there are no restricted areas, you can go wherever you want to go and it's also allowed to collect mushrooms, berries and whatever you find there. Our teacher told us that when we take a certain bus line from the city center till the final stop, we will end up very close to the forest, so we decided to go there.

Of course we were not expecting to really find something, especially not something edible XD I guess it's also difficult to find them so close to settlements, where there are probably a lot of people wandering around and collecting mushrooms. But anyway, I took some pictures, we had a walk - and on our way back, we decided to buy some mushrooms from Lidl and have mushrooms for dinner anyway XD

Amanita muscaria - fly agaric - FliegenpilzYes, I will bother you with Latin names again, because I just LOVE to try to find out what exactly it was that I found in the forests! If you know better than what I write down here, please don't hesitate to let me know, since I want to learn more! ^_^

Monday, October 1, 2012

Animal Testing...

This topic has really been bothering me for the last few days, to point where I almost feel haunted. The discussion about animal testing arises here and there, and wherever I see it I see people mention more or less the same points. After I read  an article on Austrian newspaper dealing with a newly proposed law to harmonize animal testing in the whole EU - well rather after I read the comments underneath, I started to wonder what people actually think about the average scientist. Then, a wild picture appeared on the wall of some page I liked on facebook, and I read the comments below, some of which made me feel really, really sick. To a point where I started to question my devotion to science, because I am slowly starting to consider letting humanity kill off each other and wasting away due to diseases a pretty positive outcome for this world.
This is why I decided to write something about it.

I understand - and I want you to understand - that this is a sensitive topic and I do not expect anyone to understand my point or even relate to it. I only wish to list some points that some people often seem to forget in such discussions, and I hope that after reading this, you will be able to make up your own mind about the topic.