Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn in Turku

And now to something completely different!
This week end, I was really motivated to go out and do something! ^^ Since I was sick the last two week ends and the weather was bad most of the time, I was super happy that on Sunday it was actually pretty decent!

A friend and I had agreed to go to the forest to look for mushrooms on that day after I did my presentation in Finnish class (which went pretty well actually ^_^v) where I talked about jokamiehenoikeus (I can hardly believe I'm able to spell and pronounce that word correctly .__. but according to the teacher I did it correctly XD). It literally translates to "every man's right" and expresses the freedom to roam, so it means that in Finland's forests there are no restricted areas, you can go wherever you want to go and it's also allowed to collect mushrooms, berries and whatever you find there. Our teacher told us that when we take a certain bus line from the city center till the final stop, we will end up very close to the forest, so we decided to go there.

Of course we were not expecting to really find something, especially not something edible XD I guess it's also difficult to find them so close to settlements, where there are probably a lot of people wandering around and collecting mushrooms. But anyway, I took some pictures, we had a walk - and on our way back, we decided to buy some mushrooms from Lidl and have mushrooms for dinner anyway XD

Amanita muscaria - fly agaric - FliegenpilzYes, I will bother you with Latin names again, because I just LOVE to try to find out what exactly it was that I found in the forests! If you know better than what I write down here, please don't hesitate to let me know, since I want to learn more! ^_^

Our trip was really crazy actually... we met at 2pm in the city center, and first had to find out which bus to take because the one our teacher told us wouldn't go on Sundays. So when we found out, we missed that bus by approximately half a minute because we shad to search for the right stop XD We then had to wait quite some time till the next bus came, and the trip took us to the very outskirts of the city, where there was really more or less.... nothing. Except for some houses, but only very few. At first we were a bit scared that we might get lost.
"Deciding to look for mushrooms... while having incredibly bad sense of orientation, being in a country where you don't speak the language and actually not even knowing anything about mushrooms - What kind of stupid idea was that?!" we said XD But it turned out okay, we picked a rather small part of forest where we wouldn't get lost so easily and everything went well ^__^
Except for the bus from the city center to my friend's flat, which we also missed by half a minute XD But anway. It was fun, the weather was nice, and it was nice to be outside in the woods for some time :D I really enjoyed it!

I think it's Campanula rotundifolia - harebell - rundblättrige Glockenblume

Entoloma sericeum, maybe? "Silky pinkgill" is refered to as "Rötling" in German.

This could be Russula paludosa (germ. Apfeltäubling) though the cap looks maybe a bit too curved.

Entoloma sericellum - "Cream Pinkgill" I think? - Zu Deutsch: Milchweißer Zärtling *lol*

Next week end I think I will visit the local "bird park" here in Turku with a friend. I hope the weather will be nice!

What did you do last week end? ^^


  1. wenn du schon den klassischen satz verwendest:
    es heißt ... and now for something completely different.

    1. Ehm... wer sagt denn dass ich diesen Satz zitieren wollte? o_O Wenn es so wie ich es geschrieben hab grammatikalisch irgendwie falsch sein sollte tut es mir leid, aber ich dachte nicht daran eine Monty Python Referenz zu verwenden sondern wollte damit einfach einen Themenwechsel einleiten - auf meinen letzten Blogpost bezogen.

  2. Gnah Trollalarm x.x

    Aber mal davon ab: Ich waer auch gern mit in den Wald gekommen! Das sieht so traumhaft aus... Haha aber von Pilzen hab ich keine Ahnung ;)

  3. Diese moosbewachsenen Hügel sind ja toll! <3 Sowas erinnert mich irgendwie immer an Hobbingen :D (auch wenn's da Gras ist und kein Moos, aber hey).

    1. Haha, stimmt! Daran muss ich auch immer denken ^__^ Und es ist so ein wahnsinns gefühl da drüber zu gehen.... so richtig watte-weich. Dabei konnte man an einigen Stellen erkennen dass da unter dem ganzen Moos ein großer Felsbrocken ist. Trotzdem ist man teilweise regelrecht eingesunken beim auftreten X3

  4. Soo schön unberührte Natur und so :)
    Auch wenn ich ünerhaupt keine Pilze mag, keine Ahnung davon habe außer dass man keine Fliegenpilze essen darf xD) und eine noch schlechtere Orientierung habe als ein Pilz - ich wär auch gerne mit meiner Cam mitgekommen XD

  5. Ich liebe dieses Bild nach der rundblättrigen Glockenblume oO
    Darf ichs mir speichern und als neuen Hintergrund nehmen? :>

    Der Wald ist schön *__* da wäre ich auch verdammt gern dabei gewesen! Bin gespannt auf den "bird park" :3

    1. Ja klar, sehr gerne :D Freut mich dass es dir so gut gefällt! ^^
      Der Vogelpark hier ist recht klein, aber sie werden dort wohl gefüttert oder so, weswegen immer viele Vögel dort sind, angeblich :D Wenn nicht nächstes Wochenende werde ich auch jedenfall spätestens im Winter mal dort vorbeischauen ^^


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