Friday, October 26, 2012

Snow ♥ and other random stuff...

Ohhh I'm so happy! It's so wunderful! It's snowing in Southern Finland already ♥

You probably know how much I love snow and how winter is my favorite season. I was indeed hoping to get to see some snow before Christmas (which, I will be spending in Austria with rather mediocre chances of seeing snow...) but I wasn't expecting to see it so early! :D

There are still leaves on trees and on the streets, yet since last night the whole city is covered in a coat of fluffy white snow. Some parts are rather icy, so driving is getting really dangerous and also the sidewalks are slippery as hell, but generally the snow is surprisingly fluffy and powdery, not at all the loska I expected when I saw the weather forecast for this week. However, it will probably melt away by the end of the week end, and on Monday we're supposed to get ~7°C again, so I'm gonna enjoy it while I can! :D

Today while I was in the lab it sowed even more, and on my way home I enjoyed the little winter wonderland, that just two days ago was still an autumn wonderland!

And this photo was taken on my way home just the other day:

Actually today was quite a wonderful day at work :D I finally managed to get one thing right that was messed up for the last two weeks and kept me from continuing my project. I think I fixed it now, but I have to make sure on Monday by testing it again. I really hope it still works and the source of the error was not my poor pipetting skills .__. (which I honestly kinda doubt because I've been doing PCR in my summer job without problems so I can't imagine that I don't pipette amounts of 100µl "wrong" when I've been pipetting 0,5µl routinely without problems...)
So wish me luck please!

What else is there to tell?
This week my dress arrived that I had bought from a girl on Dunkelsüß a while ago. I love it so much! I can really see myself going classic now. Since blue is my favorite color and I thought about ordering that dress already weeks ago, I was so happy to find it on the flea market. The girl even got a seamstress to remove the appliqués on the bust, which looks even better than the original dress imo ^o^ I plan to wear it for Christmas at latest, if there is no earlier chance!

No blouse underneath, but I just wanted to try it on quickly :'D Fits very well, if I tie the hell out of that corset lacing on the back <_<

I also must confess that I ordered Pokémon Black 2 via amazon this week. I thought about buying it here, but its ~10€ cheaper to order it online and also I'll get the German version where I at least know most names of the Pokémon XD It will probably arrive next week, I'm looking forward to it ♥

Last week end I also went to the city to shop for groceries, when I unexpectedly found a little treasure! Do you remember the blouse I mentioned in this post - the second one, where I mentioned the collar was a bit too wide for me? Well, I found that Gina Tricot had it for reduced price because of some make-up stains, so I bought it for -50% off the original price :D I might alter the collar or just try to wear it in a way that it doesn't look to funny ^^ Anyway, I'm happy with my little acquisition, I think it will look really nice in- and outside of Lolita.
The actual reason I went to TW was to get this nail polish, that I saw there last time and fell in love with, but for some reason didn't buy:

It's funny how glitter nail polish can cheer me up when I'm in a bad mood. But looking at sparkling things kinda distracts me from my depressing thoughts I guess, and in the beginning of this week I did have a lot of such thoughts :'D (My supervisor made me do something really pointless on Monday because he just wouldn't believe me... and I felt like nothing will ever work out D: Oh anyway.)

I was also in a really bad mood because I wanted to go to The 69 Eyes' concert in town but I couldn't get any tickets anymore. The only other alternative would have been to go to their concert in Helsinki on Saturday, but this would mean a 2 hour train trip there and back - and I would have to spend the night somewhere on the streets in town because there are no trains to Turku during the night =/
Well, I might have another chance to see them in December....

So anyway, Halloween approaches and I really don't have any plans or ideas what to do. I won't go to any partiy, since nobody invited me anywhere :'D #foreveralone Maybe I'll just dress up, do a crazy make up (improving my previous one maybe) and practice for next year. 

The photos in this post are from my instagram by the way! Do you use instagram too? :D

So how's the weather where you are at the moment?
Have you been shopping lately?
And what do you plan for Halloween?


Es ist kaum zu glauben aber es schneit wirklich! Und zwar schon seit gestern Nacht, so dass sich eine wirklich durchgängige, wattig-weiche Schneedecke gebildet hat. Auf den Straßen ist es zwar ziemlich eisig und auch die Gehwege sind mega rutschig, aber es ist einfach so wunderschön ♥ Ich freue mich schon richtig auf den Winter wenn der Schnee hoffentlich dauerhaft bleibt! Denn dieser wird wohl spätestens am Montag, wenn es wieder +7°C haben soll, Geschichte sein.

Der Schnee hebt meine Laune merklich, aber auch die Tatsache dass bei meiner Arbeit endlich mal was funktioniert hat erleichtert mich schon sehr. Meine Laune wird nur ein bisschen getrübt davon, dass ich dieses Wochenende schon wieder nichts vor habe und auch Halloween #foreveralone zu Hause verbringen und mich langweilen werde...

Letztes Wochenende war ich shoppen, und meine neueste Errungenschaft ist neben der zweiten hier erwähnten Bluse zum halben Preis der oben zu sehende Nagellack (beides von Gina Tricot). Außerdem kam mein Kleid an, dass ich einer Dunkelsüß-Userin aus Deutschland abgekauft habe. Ich liebe es abgöttisch ♥ Freue mich schon wenn ich mal Gelegenheit habe es zu tragen.
Außerdem habe ich mir nach langem hin und her nun doch auch Pokémon Schwarz 2 bestellt. Damit ich was zu zocken habe außer GW2, haha

Wie ist das Wetter denn bei euch so im Moment?
Habt ihr zuletzt irgendwelche tollen Errungenschaften beim Shopping machen können?
Und was plant ihr für Halloween?


  1. Freu mich für dich, dass es schneit ^_^ Bei uns kann der Schnee gerne noch etwas warten (zumindest wenn's nach mir geht ^^)

    Dein Kleid schaut hübsch aus, steht dir sicher gut :)

  2. Waaaaah! DU hast mir den JSK also bei Dunkelsüß weggeschnappt ^^
    Und so viel toller Schnee, jetzt bin ich doppelt neidisch.

    Das Wetter ist zumindest hier in Norddeutschland ziemlich plötzlich ziemlich kalt geworden, Frost haben wir jetzt nachts auch schon.
    Tatsächlich hatte ich auch beim Shopping Glück, ganz tolle Kosmetiksachen ^^ (siehe auch hier:

    1. Oha XD Dann hatte ich wohl GLück dass ich ihn noch bekommen habe :'D Ich hatte kurz überlegt den Roten auch zu nehmen, aber dann war er schon weg ^^

  3. du hörst dich schon ein wenig fröhlicher an, wenns nicht komplett gespielt ist, ich find das gut ^__^

    Ich beneide dich so um den Schnee >.< ich mag auch welchen haben ... Wobei ich momemtan noch den Herbst genießen könnte, so ne Weile ...

    Ich wünsch dir Glück, dass du am Montag wieder nen gutes Ergebnis rausbekommst. :)

  4. Das kleid und die Nägel *-* sehr hübsch!

  5. in wien regnet es grad nur :'D
    anstatt regen wär mir schnee schon lieber... kaltes, nasses wetter, aber zumindest sieht es dann schön aus . 3.

    deine neuen sachen find ich echt hübsch!
    das kleid <3


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