Friday, November 30, 2012

❄ Shopping ❄

Gosh, can you believe it? Tomorrow is 1st Dec. already! November really passed by in what seemed like a few days to me... I feel like I should be blogging a bit more - less nagging, more daily life, maybe? :'D
So here we have a super blatant and shallow... shopping post!

I went to this mall today with a friend - I haven't been there before, only to the city center. I found so many nice things in the shops there! I wish I would have more money to spend, but I'm trying to save my money for my trip to Lapland...

Oops, that pic got a bit greenish -__-
It's getting pretty cold here now, so I invested in another pair of tights - nude color in case of insanity striking me and wanting to wear a skirt or something. The black things are legwarmers. I'm probably gonna need both tomorrow, because I will go to the Christmas market on the Old Market Square here in town, and since it's "International Lolita Day" a small group of girls decided to have a small, rather spontaneous Loli meet up. I'm already looking forward to it very much!

I really, really love this "duochrome" effect, so I spontaneously decided to buy this... though I'm not entirely sure what to do with that color and if it's really "my thing". Anyway, I might as well "share" that polish with my mother, I guess she would like it a lot!

I changed the chain of the necklace, because I didn't really like the one it came with. I think it looks a lot better with a more delicate chain. I can also imagine it going well with a black satin ribbon. I'll probably wear it tomorrow! Here's a little sneak peek on what I'm intending to wear by the way.
unfortunately I don't have a matching scarf, and my coat, shoes and cardigan will probably also be rather... improvised. I still hope I'll look okay - and not freeze to death XD

We're currently having a little snowstorm here in southern Finland, and even though it's not as bad in Turku as maybe in Helsinki, it's still quite cold and I started to realize that my combat boots are really not keeping me warm enough, even if I wear two pairs of socks and especially not when waiting for the bus, almost knee deep in snow, haha! (Just kidding, it's maybe like 20cm so far)
So I bought these incredibly warm and fluffy boots...

Fluffy interior ♥

I didn't really like this kind of shoes at first, but I came to realize that they are super cosy and conventient. And these don't even look that bad when worn, so I'm really happy I found them. I just hope they'll keep me warm as they should!

I also bought some Christmas presents for friends, which I am of course not showing here because I don't want to spoil the surprise! ;D Now I really have to cut down on my expenses... tho I will probably have to buy a new computer mouse, because apparently mine broke today ;___;
Dear Santa, can I get a computer mouse now, pretty please? It's so annoying to work without one...

Next week there's the national holiday on Thursday, so I decided to take Firday off and go to Helsinki for a few days ♥ My lovely friend Fhina made it all possible by inviting me to stay with her, I am so thankful and happy and of course looking forward to it!

So what are your plans for the week end, and what's the weather like where you live?


  1. Sieht nach hübschen Sachen aus :) Vor allem die Schuhe gefallen mir. Auch die Kette ist wunderschön *-*.

  2. Der Nagellack ist ein Traum :)

  3. Die Schneeflöckchenkette ist soo süß <3
    Und der Nagellack sieht bestimmt zu nem schwarzen Outfit gut aus :)
    Und auch die Boots...alles hübsch :)
    Und dein morgiges Outfit sieht vielversprechend aus :)

  4. Yayy! You found some boots. :)
    They look really nice..I jsut got some dirt to my pink boots yesterday.. -__-

    The snowstorm has reached my place last night and it's really coming down right now. I still wanna go outside, because it's so much better than the wet and dark phase.

    Hope you'll have fun at the Christmas market. ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

  5. Den selben Lack hab ich auch schon in den Händen gehalten und wollte ihn erst mitnehmen! Der ist echt hübsch! Den Kettenanhänger finde ich auch toll! *_*


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