Saturday, November 3, 2012

Skeletongirl 2.0

(Deutsche Übersetzung weiter unten!)
Hello everyone!

As I told you before, I was attending a Halloween party yesterday evening and as promised I'll show you some pictures of my improved "Skull look"!
I think I did a much, much better job, but it was good that I had practiced it before. I wanted to be a Skeleton for Halloween, so I got skeleton-print gloves from H&M and also wore skeleton print tights. They're of a rather cheap quality, so they didn't really look very good and the position of the knees etc. was kinda off. I would really love to get skeleton tights or leggings with a high-quality print!

I don't have any pics of my outfit anyway, because I was in a hurry before I left :'D

Did I ever mention that I'm a huge fan of Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy/Rico the Zombie? :D

I started painting my face with Grimas cake make-up as a base and it was horrible. I was absolutely unable to handle the make-up, it would always look terribly blotchy and when I tried to apply a second layer I partially removed the first etc. It was really, really bad. I was so frustrated I took off everything and started anew. By that time my friend called my and told me she wouldn't be able to make it in time to our rendez vous point, so we decided to meet an hour later. BEST idea ever! With the additional hour I had a was able to do everything really thoroughly all over again. I put a lot of effort into the details this time, especially the teeth look much, much better now.

When I was finished with the face I had enough time left to do my cleavage too, which improved the look a lot. It was really hard to paint there, and I was reminded of the story of Frida Kahlo who, after her terrible accident, panted her plaster corset all over.

It was not that easy to draw the bones there, and as you can see it's a bit messy. But it was fun and it turned out much better than I expected :D

It was so much fun to go out on the streets looking like this. There was a girl on the bus who was really shocked when she saw me :3 However, most people were smiling at me, nobody was staring or being rude or anything.

The party itself was a lot of fun too. When I arrived there I only knew the host and my friend who was there with me, but at least we weren't the only ones dressed up! I also met a guy I knew from this one class that we attend, we had just been assigned a group work together that very day, and when I saw him at the party he didn't recognize me at first because of the make-up XD

I got a lot of compliments that evening ♥ I was really proud of my work! And I heard some of the funniest pick-up lines XD

"If I were a guy, I'd totally want to have sex with you!" (by a girl who excused herself previously that her English is rather bad when she's sober and she'll come back to talk to us when she's drunk)
"I wonder how far down that paint goes!" (pointing at my "ribcage")

And then there was one guy who said "I wonder what it looks like when you wash that off." to which I replied "I don't know, I never tried" because I thought he meant what it looks like when the paint gets all blurred and I always use tissue with make-up remover so I can get rid of the paint really easily. He looked at me really shocked and then corrected himself "No, I mean, what YOU look like underneath that!" XD We then had a lot of nice conversations, one guy was super interested in Austrian history and said he was very happy to meet someone from there. Everyone was really, really nice to us ♥

We stayed till around 1am when the others decided to take taxis to the city center and go to a bar, whereas my friend and me decided to walk home. For me it was only a ~15min walk, still, after I had one very bad experience while walking home in the dark I'm always a bit scared.

"Is it ironic that I'm scared of walking home alone in the dark?"

But there was nobody on the streets except for me, and I guess if anybody had met me I would have scared them away immediately! I felt so safe and good I thought about wearing that look more often, haha!
All in all the evening was a lot of fun, and I hope I can go to a Halloween party next year too ♥

Did you attend a Halloween party this year? Did you dress up, if yes, as what?


Gestern war ich auf einer Halloween-Party, und da die Einladung recht unvermutet kam entschloss ich mich für ein "einfaches" Kostüm - ich habe mich weitgehend normal angezogen, mit Skelletprint-Strümpfen und Handschuhen, und mein Gesicht und Dekolleté einfach mit Make-up "verwandelt".
Es hat viel Spaß gemacht - auch wenn mich das Grimas Cake Make-Up zunächst echt in den Wahnsinn getrieben hat, da ich keinen richtigen Make-Up Schwamm habe - und ich denke es sieht um einiges besser aus als mein erster Versuch. Vor allem bei den Zähnen habe ich die Form verändert damit es auf meinem Gesicht besser zur Geltung kommt (ist ja nicht so leicht einen dünnen Totenschädel zu schminken auf eher runden Wangen). Die Party selbst war toll, ich habe für mein "Kunstwerk" auch einige Komplimente bekommen und war natürlich sehr stolz. Ich wünschte ich hätte bessere Fotos, aber ich war ein wenig im Stress bevor ich gegangen bin und hatte keine Zeit mich mit den Einstellungen der DSLR zu spielen.... aber ich hoffe euch gefällt der Look auch anhand von dem was ihr auf den Fotos hier sehen könnt ;D

Wie war euer Halloween so? Habt ihr gefeiert, euch verkleidet?


  1. skelettdekoltee *Q*# *sabber*

  2. Das sieht richtig gut aus!

    ich habe Halloween vorgefeiert und zwar auf einem Zombiewalk. Es war sehr sehr blutig :D

  3. Das sieht wirklich richtig geil aus und mich freuts seeehr zu hören, dass du mal die Chance hattest unter (NETTE!) Leute zu kommen. <3 Besonders toll kommts natürlich auch, weil du schwarze Haare hast. Und die Pick-Up Lines sind ja wirklich originell! :D
    Die Fotos sind btw völlig ausreichend, scheiß auf die Einstellungen, man erkennt alles und man erkennts GUT. Beim zweiten Bild mag ich so gerne, dass man das Make Up so super gut erkennt und baaww, es sieht echt super aus maan. Und das erste Bild is einfach der Wahnsinn weil deine Haare purrrfect liegen und mit der Kapuze siehts besonders geil aus.

    Ok, jetzt fällt mir nix mehr ein xD Aber cool zu hören, dass du n schönes Halloween hattest, an mir gings leider dieses Jahr völlig vorbei. ;/

  4. Sieht richtig gut aus <3
    Und schön, dass die Party Spaß gemacht hat... XD Parties sind manchmal schon was tolles ^^
    Meinen Look hast du ja schon gesehen :)

  5. Oh Heaven! Das sieht toll aus - und... angsteinflößend. Aber ich denke, das war beabsichtigt ;D

  6. richtig cool geworden, besonders das skelett dekolltée gefällt mir sehr!

  7. sieht richtig toll aus, man merkt gar nicht, dass du probleme mit dem makeup hattest.

  8. das sieht so genial aus! vor allem weil du es bis zum Dekolleté erweitert hast! <3

  9. Das sieht einfach nur richtig geil aus! Hast du wirklich klasse hinbekommen.

  10. Ich find's total geil, gerade das Brustbein/die Rippen... richtig gruselig :D

    Meins war nur halb so schön, ich hatte auch Probleme mit der weißen Schminke :/

    Freut mich, dass du Spaß hattest, ich glaub, du hast es dir auch mal verdient ;)



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