Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stuffed and happy

Last week I went to a Finnish cooking course organized by the local Erasmus student network. We went to the neighboring building of our school, where there's also a school for cooks, where the event took place. I have never seen such a huge kitchen before (despite having worked at a restaurant as a waitress once, haha! But it was a rather small restaurant)! Fifteen people were taking part in the course, and despite the description is was rather an "eating course" than a "cooking course" ;D And of course I took some photos too, though they're only taken with my cellphone. I still hope the food looks at least half as good as it was on these photos :3

We helped to prepare several of the dishes, though most of the food had already been prepared in advance before we even went there, by some cooking students. Their teacher gave us an introduction to Finnish cuisine and we also got a bunch of recipes to take home.

Rosolli preparation :D

My friend and me were preparing Rosolli, a kind of salad where the main ingredients are potatoes, carrots, apples, and beetroot. Yes, freaking beetroot! I think I told you before how much I loathe that stuff, to the point where I feel really really sick when I just smell it D: Therefore I asked my friend to cut the beetroot, while I cut the onion to make up for it, haha. The person who organised the event then came to us and talked to us a little bit, and I mentioned how much I actually dislike beetroot, I promised to try the salad in the end though.

Another group was preparing Blinis. I had tried them for the first time just this February when I was in Helsinki! So yummy, but unfortunately super heavy :'D 

The prepared smoked salmon completely fresh. ♥

How should I put it... I actually really liked Rosolli!
It was served with whipped cream with a bit of beetroot "juice" added, which made it pink. And it tasted really good. Though I still don't like the beetroot itself that much (I was lucky I didn't have many pieces in my serving of the salad, haha) I liked the salad as a whole and I even took some of the leftovers home with me.

...of which there were LOTS of. 

And this was just the first course! 

The whipped cream forms a heart shape XD

I stuffed myself with the first course so much that I was barely able to get up for the second, haha!
But I really wanted to try everything that I didn't know already, so I went on eating. I just couldn't resist.

Oh how I wish our cafeteria food was a bit more like this ♥

This was indeed the first really good meal I had since I left Austria. So far, I've only been eating in out school's cafeteria, where the food is okay-ish but really nothing special, and sometimes it's actually rather bad. So I was really super happy to finally have the chance to taste Finnish food like it is supposed to be, not in the upscaled, mass-produced cafeteria-version, haha!

Okay, this picture looks a bit sad, but I was already so full that I decided to take really small servings only. The thing on the right as a cabbage roll similar to those we have in Austria, but with some sweet syrup on top. I could die for those. The mushroom stew you see in the middle was like heaven on my tongue. And I also had some reindeer with lingonberry jam. Good stuff.

I even had desert...

Fruit quark, with apricots in this case. And after that, whipped lingonberry porridge with milk, though I didn't like that one as much. For me, lingonberry is something I'd rather have with a savory dish, so I guess with any other kind of berry I would have liked it more. 

In the end, I was totally stuffed and felt slightly sick from eating too much, but I was more than happy that I had this great opportunity to taste some traditional Finnish food. And the course was really cheap too, so my friend and I were joking that we'd sign up for the second course too, haha XD

Actually I've been living on sweets far too much the last days. I don't want to cook for myself so in the evenings I eat fast and cold dishes like salads. But usually I end up hungry and sooner or later start to stuff myself with some cookies or chocolate. I usually don't eat chocolate.... only when I feel really, really bad -_- So I guess this describes my overall situation at the moment quite well....
I'm trying to change that now, though. No sweets, for as long as possible, to get rid of this stupid craving. Eating more healthy food to fill myself. Because my stomach really can't handle this otherwise. But let me stop complaining here, maybe I'll tell you some more about what's going on in another entry soon.

Would you like to try some of the stuff seen here?
I was actually planning to suggest to my mum to have some of these dishes for our traditional Christmas dinner with my siblings on the 25th ♥ Can't wait to go home for Christmas, really!


  1. Das erinnert mich an meine Schule, da haben wir auch in der Großküche so Zeug gekocht :D
    Sieht lecker aus!
    Ich hoffe dir gehts ein wenig besser, auf Twitter bist du ja nicht gerade so gut drauf in letzter Zeit :| <3

  2. Ohm NOM NOM NOM *__* warum kann ich nicht in Bilder reinfliegen?!
    Aber die finnische Küche hat ziemlich russische Einflüsse, hmm? Den Salat mit roter Beete kenne ich auch so ähnlich, der ist lecker..ich muss den auch mal machen :) und Blinis natürlich (wobei Blinis ziemlich falsch ist, Blini ist schon die Mehrzahl ) xD und solche Dillkartoffeln (mit viiiel Knoblauch?) macht meine Ma auch immer....und wenn ich zu dem ganzen noch Lachs und Garnelen sehe......ohmm nom nom nom *sabber*
    Und ich weiß ganz genau, wie du das mit dem Cafete-Essen meinst, das ist nicht so das wahre xD

    1. Ja, im Osten ist die Küche eher russich beeinflusst, im Westen ehe gon Schweden :)
      Oha, dass Blini schon die Mehrzahl ist wusste ich nich, auf Englisch haben sie auch ständig "Blinis" gesagt XD werds ausbessen wenn ich wieder am Pc bin :)

  3. Oh gawd, das sieht so lecker aus!
    Würdest du deine Rezepte vielleicht mit uns teilen? Ich probiere immer wieder gerne Neues aus und das Essen sieht einfach richtig gut und lecker aus.
    Aber schön, dass ihr auch sowas tut und nicht nur an der Uni sitzt sondern auch mehr von den (Ess-)Kultur des Landes erfahrt :)
    Wünsche dir weiterhin viel Spaß dort


    1. Klar, kann ich machen! Muss sie nur mal alle abtippen :D Allerdings hab ich bei einigen nur die Zutaten und keine richtige Anleitung v.v Aber ich will auf jeden Fall einiges davon zu Hause auch nachkochen, dann werde ich die Rezepte testen und dann ja sehen ob das Ergebnis so schmeckt wie bei dem Event, haha :D


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