Saturday, December 1, 2012

A snowy Winter Day

Hello everyone!
(Deutsche Übersetzung weiter unten)

Today, on the first Saturday in December, is International Lolita Day! It's a kind of holiday held twice a year (once in Winter, once in Summer on the first week end of June) to give fans of the fashion a convenient excuse to dress up and gather! Or at least, that's how I would describe it ^^

I found a group of girls via a facebook community who were happy to have a kind of "mini meet up" at the local Christmas market. I was really anxious to meet them, since I really did not know them before. My greatest fear when meeting people I know from the internet for the first time is that I won't recognize them when I see them! But everything worked out nicely :)

My outfit :) I was actually unsure if the boots would fit, but it was -10°C today so I didn't really have a choice. And I think they don't look that bad after all :)

I was unsure about my outfit and make up for a while, especially since I don't have a proper winter coat and no elegant scarf or something. And then i got this huge fever blister this week D: (you can't see it in the photos because I was able to shop it away) It looks a little bit like I gut punched in the face... but other than that, I was surprisingly happy with how my make up turned out. I still feel like these "make your eyes appear larger!" effects don't work on my eye shape somehow, so i decided my eyes are probably big enough already XD

 We went to a café because everyone was freezing. It's called the "book café" and I had never been there before, but the atmosphere was so nice and sweet I'll definitely go there again! We then walked across the market for a while and checked out the products sold. I didn't take many pictures because there were so many people and I don't want to take/post photos where strangers are seen... after all, they won't even know what happens to their picture etc. Also, the light was kinda tricky. Though the weather was really nice actually, the sun wouldn't really show, so we had this kind of bluish twilight all the time. It was really nice though, I just love this kind of weather and I am just so happy to be here at this time of the year ♥

We later went to a museum called "Ett Hem" which is Swedish and means something like "A Home". The museum is a reconstruction of a 19th century manor that belonged to a rich couple who were collectors. Upon their death their house was supposed to become a museum, but it had to be torn down in the 50ies due to instability. Some of the rooms where then reconstructed with the original furniture and art in a different but smaller house. Here is some more information about the museum. If you are anywhere near Turku you should definitely check that place out! I really loved the atmosphere of that place and I could imagine very well to live in such a place, haha! Also, there was this special Christmas theme to the exhibition, so they had a Christmas tree in the biggest room and Christmas food in the dining room etc. I really got into a festive mood!

Unfortunately it's not allowed to take photos inside...but we took some pictures in the entrance room of the museum after the tour - the first photo of this entry was taken there :)
After that, we went to some small art fair, but I was already getting a bit tired so I went home soon afterwards.

It was a great day and I am thankful I was able to meet such nice people!

On a side note:
I am participating in a competition on facebook. I usually don't even try to get in a like-based competition, since I usually don't stand a chance, but I'd really appreciate it if you could spare a second of your time and give my pic on Lockshop's page a little "Like". I just don't wanna give up hope yet ^^"

~ ~

Heute war "International Lolita Day", daher habe ich mich relativ spontan mit einer Gruppe Mädels aus der Gegend auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt getroffen.
Es ist wirklich schon recht kalt hier im Moment, wir haben -10°C und es liegt ziemlich viel Schnee auf den Wegen und Straßen. Daher hab ich versucht mein Lolita Outfit so warm wie möglich zu gestalten :'D

Nach einer Stärkung im "Buch-Café" besuchten wir ein wunderschönes kleines Museum: "Ett Hem" ist eine Rekonstruktion eines Anwesens aus der Zeit um das 19. Jahrhundert. Die reichen Eheleute die dort lebten waren begeisterte Sammler, die Möbel und Kunstwerke sind mittlerweile nicht mehr im Originalgebäude ausgestellt, doch die Einrichtung ist dem Original nachempfunden. Ich liebe das "Flair" dieser Zeit und wäre am liebsten gleich dort eingezogen, haha!

Jedenfalls war es ein wirklich toller Tag und ich habe mich gefreut so nette Leute kennenzulernen!

Notiz am Rande:
Auch wenn ich solche Like-Wettbewerbe nicht wirklich mag, nehme ich gerade an einem WB von Lockshop teil. Auf ihrer facebook Seite kann man für mich voten durch "liken" meines Fotos. Es würde mich sehr freuen wenn ich mir eine Minute eurer Zeit schenkt und das tut, wenn euch meine Fotos gefallen! Danke ♥


  1. Glad you had a great day! ^__^

    I think you look super adorable! Your outfit is really cute, the shoes go very well with it and your makeup makes your eyes look huge! I really love the embroidery on your blouse. :)

    Oh no! I had no idea about that kind of wig-modeling contest, would have been perfect, but I never win in these kind of things either. I think people who have enormous amount of friends or fans usually win them..but I noticed I can't enter anymore, deadline was eyesterday.. :(
    Will go and vote for you, would be great if you won it! You have such cute facial feautures, that it's completely possible. ♥

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Ohh I bet if you had entered you had very good chances!
      I don't think mine are too good :'D But there's not only the lake based competition, they'll also pick a winner of the contest themselves as far as I understood. So maybe if they like my photos I still have a chance XD
      Thank you so much ;__; I actually don't really like my face, but I think it's purely psychological and I'm actually not as *chrm* ugly as I sometimes feel. So I'm really happy when people say I have a cute face, thanks! ♥

  2. süß sahst du aus :) die stiefel passen auch gut, finde ich ^_^
    es sieht so schön bei dir aus *-* so viel schneeee <3

  3. Ich find die Stiefel total süß zu dem Outfit, gute Entscheidung =)

  4. Ich find, dass die Stiefel passen :)
    Und das Make-up sieht super toll aus, richtig schöne Püppchenaugen :)

  5. das erste Bild, richtig süß :D
    Tolles Make-Up und ich drück dir die Daumen für den Wettbewerb :)

  6. Ein famoses Outfit, du sahst superb aus! Viel Erfolg beim Wettbewerb.

  7. Hübsch wie immer und zu den Augen sag ich jetzt gar nichts mehr, sonst wird es kitschig. ;)


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