Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dead but still walking

 I can't play any games since about a week ago my mouse stoped working, and I planned on buying a cheap one when I'm back in Austria, so when I'm not at work I'm spending my time reading or drawing at the moment...  

Who sucks at backgrounds? I suck at backgrounds! Whooo!
I feel like my creativity is sheer endless at the moment, I have so many ideas what to do, but I usually can't get it done the way I have it in mind. I still somehow like that picture, though as all of my drawings it does not feel very "alive" and... I don't know, just dead. Maybe it feels different to others, but to me, my pictures just lack that "certain something" and I can't really figure out how to get it :(
However, in this case, it's no problem she looks a little dead, because she is supposed to :D And I like how her plushie bunny turned out XD

I tried this coloration technique with SAI's watercolor layer effect that I learned from watching Seena's Speedpaints. It's a lot of fun, but I guess with more practice the effect would look much better and be more noticable than it is now.

At the moment I just wish I had all day to practice drawing and get better at it, but sometimes I just can't draw a single straight line. So after all I guess it was a good choice not to aim for a job that relies on talent and creativity, since my creativity and ability is like a geyser with random eruptions that I can't control in any way. Would be a rather unreliable income source if that was my job.

Anyway. I enjoy drawing a lot at the moment, even if I'm not too happy with the outcome sometimes - I'm just glad I have something to keep me busy other than work. Only one more week to go! Actually, in 7 days time I'll be on the plane to Vienna already. I'm looking forward to Christmas ♥


  1. wegen deines daaaaaaaaw - twitter tweets *hugs'n'cuddles for you*
    zum bild kann ich mal wieder sagen: hübsch, sieht mir wie immer aber leider gar nicht ähnlich ;3 (jetzt sinds schon 2Jahre)

    halt die öhrchen steif,
    meine lieblingskrähe :D


    1. Hallo, die Ähnlichkeit ist doch wohl unbestreitbar, vor Allem die Frisur, Haarfarbe und der Kimono ;'D
      Ich geh ja schon und schäm mich .////.

  2. Also, ich mag den Hintergrund, wie auch das ganze Bild.

  3. superschönes bild :) gib mal ein bisschen ab, von deinem kreativitätsfluss, könnte es gut gebrauchen :D

  4. mir gefällt das bild total, und der hintergrund passt einfach super dazu XD ich finde deine bilder echt schön *______* ich wünsschte, ich könnte nur annähernd so gut zeichnen...


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