Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nothing to see here, just some random instagram photos

Only two more days of work left, and on Saturday I will leave for Austria! And only 5 days till Christmas - are you looking forward to it? :)

On Monday monring we found a plastic tree in our common room in the office, it had a sign on it that said "Please decorate me!" and decorate him we did! :D I'm especially proud of that golden star on top because I made it from a garland without any wire or anything like that, hehe :)
All that Christmas decoration is really getting me in a festive mood, but as soon as I'm back in the student hostel I'm bored and lonely again :'D

As the date of my journey home approaches, I'm slowly starting to realize that I'm actually a bit scared. I haven't been "home" for four months now, and even though I still was in touch with my mum, friends and boyfriend thanks to the internet, I am a bit scared of what might have changed while I was gone. But I am definitely looking forward to it. I am very glad I don't have to spend a lonely, sad Christmas here in Finland, where the only option would be to go to a party with lots of wasted, noisy people. Bleh.

Talking about wasted and noisy people! Funny things happened last night when our floor was having another kitchen party. So this morning I was pretty surprised to see the kitchen in a moderately tidy state but THEN I saw THIS:

7.30am in the morning, I was like: Nooo this didn't happen, no. The stupidity...

The longer I think about it, the happier I am that I'm about to get away from this place. On the other hand, I'm sad because I will definitely miss the snow! We have tons of tons of snow here at the moment! And it keeps on snowing even more :3 I really love it and I still keep up the hope that there'll be a white Christmas in Austria too!

Finnish Art.

Today at work there was a small Christmas party with cookies and glögi.

My thesis is also progressing... pretty nicely actually. I already have 30 pages, so even if the next experiments won't work out I can get enough pages by simply writing about why it didn't work. It's a win-win-situation :D I got a cell line from our partner institute so right now I'm trying to keep the little ones alive till Friday, hoping the stress of the transport didn't affect them too much and they will grow well, then I can freeze them over the Christmas holidays and start with the real work in January.

Other than that, nothing much is happening. I am bored with myself most of the time, I somehow wish I was in Helsinki because there's just so much more I could do, maybe then I'd also be more motivate dto actually do something :< I draw a lot lately and since at least some of you seem to like to see my art, here is what I was working on yesterday:

She's listening to one of my favorite songs at the moment: Unfolding Time by Broken Iris. Check them out, they are more than awesome.

There's so much I'd like to improve at! I wish I was better at poses, facial expressions, faces in general, backgrounds, atmosphere, dynamics..... well, I just have to practice more. And one day, maybe my pictures will finally start to tell a story :)

I also updated my animexx account but I can't help but dislike that page and community. It is too big and crowded. Somebody wrote me a message asking about my pictures and we talked a bit, then they asked me for my skype and I gave it to them because I thought it would be easier to chat that way - I ended up deleting them just a day later because honestly that person was just weird. First they had no information on themselves whatsoever on their profile, then they were behaving like a 13-year-old-kawaii-but-mysterious-girlie-chan with all that stupid *expression of action under asterix* writing, writing disturbing stuff about wanting to hug me and whatever. Sorry, but that was something I might have found funny when I was 13 myself, but not anymore ^^" Now it's just weird. Memo to self: don't add people on skype so easily.

Anyway. I don't really know what else to write about for now, there's nothing really happening in my life at the moment, but I guess this will drastically change next week when I'm back in Austria and meeting all my family and friends. Finally also some opportunities to dress in something nice (not stupid clean room clothes!) and wear some make up! Yey!

More photos on my instagram, more Art on my dA

I planned to post a kind of review about 2012 like I did the previous two years, and I have looked through 5.7k of google keywords (actual figure, not made up) and will share the most hilarious and weird ones with you once again. So maybe there weill be some interesting content on my blog soon ;)

Are you gonna celebrate on Dec. 31st ?
I don't really know what to do yet... we'll see...


  1. Wow, die Zeichnung ist der Wahnsinn *_*

  2. Ja, ich find die Zeichnung auch gut :) Die Klamotten sind echt gut geworden, hab ich schon viel schlechter bei vielen anderen gesehen. Die hast du echt drauf :)

    Wir werden wahrscheinlich von meinem Geburtstag (30.12 :D) direkt in Silvester reinfeiern und mal schaun, was sich so ergibt. Wahrscheinlich wieder in irgend eine Disco gehen.

    Ich hoff, Weihnachten wird für dich toll, vorallem weil du es mit deiner Familie und deinem Freund feiern kannst.

    Und ich freu mich auf die Google-Wörter, die sind immer lustig xD

  3. Ich wünsch dir schon mal eine angenehme Heimreise :)

  4. Oha, das mit der Tür ist krass..ob jemand von den wohl dafür aufkommen muss? Ich wünsche dir auch einen guten Flug, und dass zu Hause alles bestens ist :) aber wird bestimmt ;)

    Ich mag Animexx auch nicht so...zu viele komische Leute und superkomische Richtlinien..da bleib ich lieber bei dA :)

    Und das Bild ist toll ;) voll gut, wie du die Falten hinbekommst.

    Bin gespannt auf deinen Rückblick. :)

  5. Animexx ist son Sauhaufen, ehrlich... Mittlerweile such ich lieber ueber fb tolle Kuenstler und bewundere deren Bilder :D

    Dein Bild gefaellt mir uebrigens sehr gut - und ich finde, es erzaehlt durchaus eine Geschichte ;)

    Und an Silvester mach ich nichts - vllt leihen der Freund und ich uns vorher n paar Filme, machen abends Racelette und gut ist. Geht ja auch schlecht mitm Feiern, wenn man ein Raupi Lv. 1 daheim hat ;)

    Ich wuensch dir aber auf jeden Fall auvh eine gute Heimreise und besinnliche Festtage :)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Schön zu hören, dass du vorankommst. Ich musste echt lachen, als ich das Fahrrad-Schnee-Bild sah. Und ich frage mich, ob nur Englisch sprechende Leute den Ausdruck "hehe" verstehen... naja. :D

    1. Hö? Also das mit "hehe" kapier ich grade nicht ganz XD Wie kommst du auf die Frage? ^^"

    2. Ich beziehe mich auf diese Stelle im zweiten Abschnitt: "I made it from a garland without any wire or anything like that, hehe :)" Ein native speaker hätte vielleicht eher "haha" geschrieben oder so... ka.

    3. Oh. Also ehrlich gesagt lese ich das so weitaus öfter in englischen (Blog)Texten als in deutschen, aber keine Ahnung ^^" Verstehen würden sie es aber wohl schon denke ich. Hat sogar einen eigenen Eintrag bei Urban Dictionary :)

  8. At last you will be back in your hometown, and the whining and complaining will hopefully stop.
    You were always sooo much looking forward to going abroad, and as soon as you arrived, the complaints started.
    You can't always get what you want - think about it!

    1. Boo fucking hoo. You notice the irony of you complaining about me complaining? :D
      This is my blog. This is my diary. If I'm down, I write about it, and I don't care if you don't want to read it because it's my (!) blog, and you are free to get off, so please do me and yourself a favor and don't read my blog if you are so annoyed by it. kthxbye.

      PS: I've always been complaining, making fun of stuff, myself and writing about things that bother me. I already did that before I came here and I will most probably continue when I'm back. But don't worry, because you still don't have to read any of it. But from your comment I take it you don't really read what I write anyway or you would have noticed my positive and optimistic entries too.

  9. also das mit dem weihnachtsbaum ist echt eine süße idee :D das da ein zettel mit "please decorate me" draufstand *______* echt, eine süße idee! :D

    ich war mal bei animexx angemeldet, aber das war irgendwie nicht wirklich meins...

    wegen dem jahresreview: ich hab mir mal die fragen von deinem letzten jahresrückblick gemopst XD ich hoffe, das ist okay? ich hab dich auch in dem eintrag verlinkt :3

    der eintrag kommt aber erst am 27.12. online XD muss noch ein bilder hinzufügen und die antworten runtertippseln XD kannst ja dann mal auf meinen blog vorbeischauen, wenn du magst :3 würd mich freuen :D

    und ich freu mich schon auf die keywords :D sind bestimmt wieder ein paar lustige dabei XD

    1. Nur zu, gar kein problem ^^ Ich glaube ich die ja auch noch von irgendwo her (im Vorjahr, und dann einfach wieder übernommen XD)
      Ich bin schon gespannt was du schreiben wirst :D

    2. ah dankeschön :D das freut mich :D

      hab zwar die ein oder andere frage durch meine eigenen ersetzt, aber die meisten fragen stammen überwiegend aus deinem jahresreview ^^ nennen wir es die varis-kami-chan-kombination XD


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