Friday, December 28, 2012

So this was Christmas

Christmas went by super fast, didn't it? I realized that a lot pf the photos I took show my family members that I don't want to post on the internet without their consent, but just looking at them brings all the happiness from these certain moments during the last days right back to me :)

I arrived in Austria on December 22nd and my boyfriend and parents came to the airport to pick me up. Unfortunately Finnair decided to leave my luggage in Turku in favor of some stupid idiot's skiing equipment or something, so I went home without it. I was really nervous, wondering if it would arrive in time - after all, Christmas presents were in there!

On the 23rd I waited for the call from the airport that they'll bring my luggage. Meanwhile I baked cookies (Vanillekipferl and a new creation of mine - I managed to figure out a working Schokokipferl recipe, though they don't look very neat the tasted very good!) and helped my parents to decorate the Christmas tree. Later that day my boyfriend came from Vienna and we spent the evening together.

In the end, the airport didn't call so we called my cousin who works there, and he checked for my luggage. It was finally delivered the same evening, I was so relieved!

We spent the 24th in my boyfriends old hometown with his family. We were invited both at his grandmother/dad's place where his aunt and here children would also be, and also his other aunt had invited us. It was a bit stressful but I was glad to see them all again and celebrate Christmas with them. After almost 7 years with my boyfriend they are my second family after all.

My outfit on the 24th 

My make up was inspired by a look Roseshock did a while ago (you can see it here).

For lunch we had Turkey. My boyfriend's crazy grandmother prepared an 8kg monster for 9 people. More than half of it was left over XD

And for dinner we went over to his aunt's place. Delicious carp and home made fries! Wow!

My boyfriend's uncle is an artist and graphic designer, and hobby cook, so my Christmas present for him was an oven mitt with a Marimekko print of a fish. I really hit the bullseye with that, he absolutely loved it! It made me so happy to see that I had picked something he liked that much!

We spent the night at my boyfriend's old place and on the next day went back to my parents for the traditional Christmas celebration with my step siblings (they always come over on the 25th because on the 24th they celebrate with their mother). We always make some funny family portraits on that occasion, and then my stepdad vanishes to light the candles on the tree, before he calls us into the living room by ringing a bell. With 22 I'm the youngest of us "children", but still we all love this little "ritual" that has not changed since any of our childhoods.

I'm actually a bit sad I didn't have a chance to make more cookies... well, next year! 

We had a really huge Christmas tree once again, so I couldn't fit it on a single photo :'D I always complain a bit that it's too colorful (I hate green Christmas ornaments) but overall I really like how the tree turns out every year. Probably next year I'll already have an own Christmas tree - I would love to decorate it in black and silver :3

I had prepared Finnish salmon soup for everyone from a recipe I had brought with me from that cooking course I had attended. I'm glad everyone liked it!

The main course was Raclette, just as I had suggested. I was hoping that it would give me a chance to keep me from stuffing myself so much but it didn't :'D Well, who can resist grilled cheese? I can't.
I had offered to make cookie bowls for dessert to serve ice cream or something like that, but my siblings voted in favor of our "old time classic" that we have every year. Well, I guess I have to make cookies bowls on another occasion.

For dessert: The same as every year! Cinnamon mousse prepared by my mum.

The outfit I wore was a revival of that Lolita outfit I wore in early December. I really liked it (despite some negative feedback on Dunkelsüß once again...) so I decided to wear it again. It's just a pity that the heart print stockings are skin colored, I wore white stockings underneath but still they come off too dark for my taste :(

I tried something different with my hair, but I'm just incapable of styling my hair properly.

I used to be the same size as my mum, but with these shoes I feel like a giant next to her :'D
And she lost so much weight while I was away ;___; Now she seems so tiny and fragile! (and I feel like a whale next to her XD)

I didn't show you any Christmas presents so far - because there actually aren't really any to show. I got some money from relatives, and some small gifts, but not really anything to show. My boyfriend gave me a new computer mouse and headset ("Because I want to hear your voice properly for those last few weeks" ♥), among some Steam games he bought on sale. My surprise gift for him was a hotel room in Saariselkä (Lappland) that I had booked for February when he'll visit me in Finland. We can go cross country skiing there and book husky sleigh rides and that kind of stuff - basically I just really hope I will have a chance to see the Northern Lights. 

I got one very special gift that I hold dear, and this is a present from my great aunt. She knitted a bolero for me, following my design, because I wished for one to match my Lolita outfits. It turned out beautifully, unfortunately I don't have any better photos than this one.

The only flaw is that the sleeves are a bit too short ;__;  Maybe I'll add some lace or something.

Well, basically that's it. On the 26th I was lazy (as you saw in the previous entry) and right now I'm staying with my boyfriend at his place in Vienna. Right now only one of this 3 roomies are here but I'm already looking forward to seeing Mimi again, who lives here too. Probably I will move here when I come back to Austria, so I am just glad I feel so much at home and am welcome here! (Random fact: my boyfriends roomie calls me Cookie because I'm apparently so famous for my baking hobby, haha!)

The next days will be super busy, tomorrow we will celebrate my mother's birthday, on Sunday we will go and have pizza as far as I remember, on the 31st I'm gonna meet some old school friends and in the evening... I'm probably going to a ball!
I couldn't believe it when I got invited, but a friend of ours has an extra ticket so I could go. But I'm not entirely sure if I want to. My boyfriend will most probably be working that night so I'd be more or less alone there. It's a really big ball that requires proper looks and etiquette... On the other hand I'd love to dress up in a ball robe, it's been a while after all. And the ball is held at the Hofburg. This is like a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for a little peasant girl like me, haha!
I really don't know what I should do. What do you think?

So anyway, I'm not entirely sure how to plan these next few days, when to get my ball robe, where to be and meet who when and basically it's just all very confusing. But I'm happy. Really, really happy. Being back makes me realized how incredibly lucky I am to have such a wonderful and caring family and friends. On the other hand.... I cannot deny that I do miss Finland. When I leave the house and don't even put on a proper jacket because it's so warm, it feels strange. Hearing people around me talk German still irritates me a little bit. Though my life in Turku is super boring and lame and every day is more or less the same, I know already that I will miss it a lot when I finally move back in February. But maybe this realization will also help me to enjoy my remaining time in Finland to its fullest.

In the end, I am just left to realize that I had and will always have so much more than just one "home".

How was your Christmas?


  1. Ich schreib nie Kommentare. Schon gar nicht Kommentare mit Komplimenten, weil ich mir da immer so falsch und übertrieben vorkomme. Aber Outfit und Make Up am 24. sind echt hübsch. Gefällt mir verdammt gut, du erinnerst mich an die coole große Schwester von Schneewittchen.

  2. Auf dem ersten Bild von dir, also mit der weißen Bluse, da siehst du richtig richtig hübsch aus!

  3. mir gefällt dein Outfit :) Und du solltest, denke ic, auf den Ball gehen, sonst denkst du dir am Ende immer: wär ich nur hin.
    Wenn es dir nicht gefällt, naja, Pech gehabt. Aber du musst dich dann nicht fragen, was du eventuell verpasst hättest ^^

  4. Wow. Der baum ist ja riesig und bildhübsch geschmückt. Dein outfit ist auch superhübsch!!! :)

  5. Süsse, ich wünsche Dir einen guten Rutsch ins 2013. Fühl´ Dich gedrückt! :)


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