Monday, December 10, 2012

Varis' Adventures in Helsinki II

(No translation today, sorry!)

It's been roughly 10 months since my last visit, and again I arrived in Helsinki to find it covered in a thick coat of snow! :)
Since I got Friday off from work I was able to spend three whole days in Finland, many thanks go to Fhina who was so kind to let me stay at her place for the time ♥ It was so nice to finally meet her, I think we got to now each other when I started this blog, so it's been quite some time!

I took the bus to Helsinki on Thursday afternoon which was by itself already a little adventure, because I had to walk a while to the bus stop, then I wasn't sure from which side of the street the bus would leave... fortunately I met a very nice lady who helped me out (actually we were both standing on the wrong side at that point, until another person passed by and realized what we were pondering about and told us to go to the other side, haha) and we chatted a bit until the bus came.

I watched the scenery outside while the bus left Turku and headed East toward the capital, bnut by that time it was getting darker and darker. In the end I even fell asleep, even though I was not really that tired. But I woke up again before we reached the border of the city. The funny thing is that we passed by the hotel where I stayed last February with my parents! I was super excited to see a part of the city I already knew, it somehow felt like... coming home :)
Fhina picked me up from Kamppi, which has a huge underground bus station. Pretty cool I think!
She lives in a student flat with three other girls, everyone was really nice and I was happy that I could stay there ♥ We spent the evening chatting and watching a movie. I have to say, it's literally months since I've slept so good, that bed of mine is really not very good, though I usually don't mind hard mattresses, Fhina's bed was like sleeping on a fluffy cloud, haha!

Fhina's Hedgie and my Sharkie meet! Haha
On Friday I went to the city center in the afternoon to meet Roseshock. We had both wanted to watch the new Twilight movie, but neither of us had anyone to accompany us, so we decided to meet and watch it together! :D I'm always super nervous when it comes to meeting new people that I only know from the internet - so I was literally shaking on my way to our meeting point XD But I quickly relaxed. It was fund doing window shopping together, making stupid jokes and slowly finding out about things we have in common and both like :D (though Roseshock still most probably thinks I am insane because I like winter and Finland so much, haha XD)

It was wonderful to meet her - and after the movie also her best friend - in real life, and I had a fantastic time and a lot of fun ♥ I'm happy I had this chance, and I hope we'll meet again while I'm still here ;__;

The movie itself was... pretty cool, actually. I liked it :) I do prefer the books though, simply because the actors don't match how I depicted them in my imagination while reading. But of all the four movies, I think this is actually the best. I heard they're already considering a reboot of the franchise, so maybe the next cast will meet my "taste" better? Who knows, haha!

On Saturday I only had two plans - first, I wanted to go to kauppahalli, the Old Market Hall, to buy some "edible souvenirs" to bring back home for Christmas. :) I wanted to buy Reindeer meat for my boyfriend's family, but they didn't have any, except for one shop which I somehow didn't like so I didn't want to buy from them :< But I found nice gifts to take home with me and I hope people will like it.

1234567mio layers of clothes to keep me warm on the way

So, next stop on my plan was Sea Life! It's a marine zoo in Helsinki, and I wanted to go there in February already, but we didn't have enough time. It was actually already quite late by the time I was finished with shopping gifts, and then I even got lost because despite writing down the number of the tram I had to take... I somehow wrote down a completely wrong number XD Then, instead of just turning around after I noticed it, I tried to find the way from there on, which worked somehow, but involved a huuuuuge detour. However, I had a little unexpected tour through the city which was also kinda nice. And in the end I arrived in time before they closed anyway.

The entrance fee is a bit expensive (around 12€ for students) considering I was through the whole zoo after roughly one hour. When I compare it to "Haus des Meeres" in Vienna, Sea Life doesn't really offer anything I hadn't already seen, and was actually a bit of a disappointment. I love marine animals, so I enjoyed my time, but for 12€ I would not got there again, I guess.

Omnomnom piranha

Check that out. The piranhas have their own Christmas tree! :D

Why, hello there!

It was sooo difficult to take nice photos, I am just not experienced enough with my camera, I'm sorry :( Most of the photos turned out blurry or I messed up with the focus. I still need to practice a lot, especially when the lighting situation is difficult!

But! They had sharks ♥ So for a while I just sat happily watching them swim around :)

 Sharkin' around!

Dunda... Dundah.... Dundahdunahdundahdundah DAHDAHDAHDAH!

And actually they had this one thing that was actually really cool. It's called "Jelly disco" or something like that. They have big tanks with Jellyfish in them, that get illuminated with differently colored light. These creatures are truly fascinating, watching them move could keep me busy for hours.

Click for a better view!

Anyhow, after one hour I had seen pretty much everything, and I was getting a bit tired and hungry, so I decided to go home. Of course I couldn't resist looking for sharks in the shop of the zoo. I wanted to buy nearly everything, haha!

This is a giant, super fluffy, remotely shark-shaped pillow. WITH TEETH! LOOK AT THESE TEETH! Ferocious!

Oh hai!

An entire army!

We spent a lazy evening at Fhina's place, watching German TV via Internet. I seriously didn't watch any TV since I left Austria, I didn't really miss it, but from time to tome it's just nice to have some easy entertainment like that.

On Sunday we overslept terribly, haha, for some reason we had difficulties falling asleep and were lying awake for hours so we didn't wake up before 2pm or something. I decided to pack my stuff immediately and take it to Kamppi and put it in a locker there, so we would have more time to spend before I had to leave. After some trouble to get one of those damn lockers to work (they cost 5€ rent .__. that actually hurt a bit... and also I had to change a 20€ bill into 1€coins to pay, so I was walking around with a ton of cash the rest of the day XD), we left for Ofelia market.

We arrived just in time to watch the performance of a group of belly dancers. The music was more modern and not the typical Arabic-styled kind of music, it was pretty cool. The girls wore a lot of flowers and other hair accessories and all had this typical "Sugar skull" make up. The show was really amazing. The girl dancing in the front kept eye contact with me most of the time, it was truly hypnotizing and very beautiful. I am sorry I don't have any better photos!
This really made me want to dance again. Maybe when I'm back in Austria I have a chance to join a dance group somewhere.

Ofelia market itself was really interesting, but I ended up buying not a single thing, though I saw a few things I really liked. But I spend so much money that week end simply on food, cinema, transport, the gitfs etc. that I just didn't want to spend anymore...

Do you recognize this place? It's Kappeli, where my parents invited me to a fancy dinner in February ♥

We walked across Esplanadi towards the Dome to the Christmas market there. It was really nice and had a cozy feeling to it. I haven't been to a Christmas market in years (except for the one in Turku two weeks ago of course) and it really filled me with Christmas spirit. And Brastwurst. (I ate dinner there, haha)

In the end, I was really, really sad to leave. On the bus back to Turku I could neither sleep nor think properly. I had so much fun that week end and I was so happy, that I was really devastated to leave this all to go back to my stupid work here in Turku. I wish I could go back to Helsinki...

Well, it's barely two more weeks till I leave for Austria, so there's a ray of hope. However, already this first day at work today almost drove me crazy. It hurts me so much that I cannot really enjoy my time here because of this damned job, because after all it was my wish to come here for such a long time. I'm just glad I have some days left in February to enjoy my time in Finland before I ultimately leave for Austria.

So how did you spend your week end?
Are you in a holiday spirit already?


  1. Du erlebst so viel tolles und das hast du auch verdient! Außerdem find ich dich richtig richtig mutig. Abgesehen von dem Trip nach Finnland überhaupt, bewundere ich dich dafür, dass du dich mal eben so mit Leuten aus dem Internet triffst! Ich brauch da (wenn das mal passiert, was selten ist) eeeeeeewig lange mentale Vorbereitung und selbst dann mach ich mir noch in die Hose :D

    Ich fand den Film eigentlich richtig schlecht. Seit New Moon gings, meiner Meinung nach, nur noch bergab...

    1. Da ich ja schon recht früh begann mir meinen "engen" Freundeskreis mit Personen aus dem Internet aufzubauen, wollte ich mich schon immer mal mit Leuten treffen die ich persönlich noch nicht kannte... früher hat meine Mutter das natürlich nicht erlaubt ^^ Böse alte Männer usw. überall, ist doch klar. Das erste Mal als ich das gemacht hab war es auch richtig extrem, da bin ich 8 Stunden alleine in die Schweiz gefahren zu Internetfreunden. Da das aber so gut lief, und bisher eigentlich all meine Begegnungen mit Internetbekanntschaften im RL super gut verlaufen sind, bin ich da sehr optimistisch eingestellt :D Trotzdem bin ich immer mega nervös vor solchen Treffen, weil man ja doch nicht so recht weiß ob man sich mit der Person dann auch so gut versteht...

      Ach, ich hatte an den Film keine Erwartungen, also wurde ich auch nicht enttäuscht. :D

  2. Da gebe ich @TKindchen über mir recht. Auch ich bin super nervös wenn ich Leute aus dem Internet treffe und muss mich erst Wochen vorher mit dem Gedanken anfreunden. So eben auch, als ich TKindchen auf dem HURTS Konzert traf. Man war ich nervös ;_; Aber ich finds mega das du Roseshock getroffen hast *_* Ich folge ihrem Blog und finde es immer toll und auch ein bisschen merkwürdig, wenn sich mehrer Personen, deren Blogs ich folge, auf einem Foto befinden :D Und wann treffen wir uns?? xD Komm mal nach Frankfurt!

    1. :D Daran musst ich auch denken!

    2. Frankfurt ist ja gar nicht mal soo weit weg wenn ich wieder in Ö bin :D Da gibts auch billige Flüge ^^ Ich möchte ohnehin unbedingt mal so eine kleine "Deutschland-Tour" machen, war ja noch nie so richtig in Deutschland (bis auf ne Woche Camping in der Pfalz, hahaha) :D Wenn ich in der Gegend bin würde ich dich super gerne mal treffen! Dafür nehm ich die Nervosität ja auch irgendwie immer gerne in Kauf ^^

  3. Coole Sache, Helsinki scheint einfach soooo toll zu sein :) und es ist in der Tat immer cool, sich mit Bloggern zu treffen :)
    Und ich finde die Fotos ausm Sea Life ziemlich toll x3 der Tannenbaum bei der Piranhas roockt <3 :D

    1. Noch besser wäre es nur gewesen wenn er auch geschmückt wäre XD

  4. ich find's toll, dass du so viel unternimmst *________*

    im sealife war ich dieses jahr auch. allerdings in oberhausen. muss dir recht geben, die preise dort sind einfach total überteuert, und ich hatte nach einer stunde so gut wie alles gesehen ;_; die bilder von den meeresbewohnern sind einfach nur awesome! <3

    1. Ja, da finde ich unser Haus des Meeres echt besser. Da gibt's sogar einen Tropengarten mit diversen Tieren, und insgesamt ist es dennoch billiger wenn ich mich recht erinnere. :D

  5. Das erinnert mich an einen Besuch in einem ähnlichen Park, hieß auch Sea Life oder so ähnlich, in Norddeutschland vor zwölf Jahren. Fand ich auch nicht sooo aufregend, aber ganz lustig wegen dieser unfreiwilligen Fisch-Komik. Omnomnom. :)

    1. Ich mag Wasserlebewesen ja sehr gerne, daher wollte ich da unbedingt hin! Gerade tropische Fische, die sind so schön bunt ♥ Ich seh ihnen einfach gerne beim rumschwimmen zu :D Aber sehr action reich ist das wirklich nicht ^^"
      Sea Life ist glaub ich so eine Art "Kette" oder so, gibt afaik mehrere allein in Deutschland :)

  6. ich kann mir lebhaft vorstellen, wie du vor dem
    aquarium gestanden und begeisterst die melodie
    des weißen hais nachge-dun-t hast ^^

    hätt'ich ja auch gemacht...


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