Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Reviewed

The year 2013 is coming to an end, and this also makes it almost a year that I've left Finland to come back to Austria. Last year around that time I was on holiday at home, enjoying two weeks off from work in Austria, but knowing I would go back to Finland after a few days.

The mere thought about it makes me very, very home sick. While my work there might not have been the most enjoyable, I miss about everything else about Finland. Especially the snow - we're having around 5 to 10°C here at the moment.

A piece of my heart really stayed in Finland when I left in Febrary 2013, but I had to move on, and now all that I can do is hope that I can return there soon!

But other things happened in 2013 as well, and that's why I decided to do the annual review again. I've been using these questions several times now, but I think they're pretty good to summarize everything. So here we go!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christma-dness or something like that

Hello my dear readers!

Christmas is over and we have survived! I hope you had a great time during the holidays? We sure did! It was very stressful but also very nice. We actually celebrated Christmas four times this year. The first time with my boyfriend's family on 22nd, then on 24th at his aunt and uncle's place like last year, on 25th we've been to my grandma and then to my parents for dinner with my step siblings, and lastly on 26th we were invited by my step aunt. Phew, sometimes it's tough to have a big Patchwork family!

Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm not dead yet!

Eeeeks it's really been a while since I last updated this blog. I just wanted to let you know that I'm not dead yet :)

Sorry for not writing anything, but I was really stressed these last days, had an exam, and some problems with my work. Due to me not feeling very well I was not very productive so I didn't get anything done and that lead to some problems... I'm not gonna talk about it in detail but it made me feel really bad. I also fell ill last week and got some kind of flu, with fever, shaking and sore throat which later led to a really nasty pressure on my chest that made it difficult to breath. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything exciting therefore, and I'm still feeling rather weak and tired most of the time, but it's getting better,

I got all Christmas presents together nontheless - I'm really proud of myself - but I didn't manage to bake any more cookies, sadly. So this is all I did this year:

I'm in absolutely no Christmas mood this year. I wish I could just stay at home the next two weeks, haha. But we'll be at my boyfriend's family's Christmas celebration on 24th and at my parents' place with my step siblings on 25th. And on a family party the day after. And probably have some other party at our place atfer that. And I got invited to a New Year's party but I don't really wanna go *sigh* This is all much too stressful for me to handle at the moment!

What are your plans for Christmas? After the holidays I'll write a more extensive blogpost, I promise :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

International Lolita Day 2013 - Winter Edition

Happy International Lolita Day! ^__^

This 'holiday' was invented to be held twice annualy, once in winter and once in summer, so that everyone can show off their beautiful summer and winter coords! Last year around this time I was in Finland and went to my first Lolita 'meet up' with three Finish girls who I didn't even know before. It was so much fun and I was glad that through Lolita fashion I could meet them. So somehow I consider this my 'Lolita anniversary' too, because it was my first time really wearing Lolita to a public meet up. All the more reason to celebrate! ^__^

A few weeks ago I realized that nobody had started planning an event and so I just spontaneously decided to organize one myself via facebook which took place on Saturday.

A group shot of (almost) all the people who attended ^__^
Gerhard was so nice to come to the meet up and take photos of us!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Last Sunday my boyfriend and me spontaneously decided to go to  the cinema and watch Frozen, the new Disney movie. I honestly wasn't very interested in seeing it at first, but we saw a review video that made me optimistic that it could actually be a rather good movie. Minor spoilers ahead.

I tried to do a frosty look reminiscent of ice and snow. I don't usually wear such colors on my eyes because I somehow think they clash with my eye color, but this time I just wanted to try it. It really annoys me that I have no really opaque, matte white eye shadow, so I always have to put on a dozen layers before it looks remotely white. In the end, it's not really distinguishable from my skin color though, and is more like a pale rosy color. Gaaah.

I tried to take a picture with my DSLR and artificial light. Worked out semi-well.
But it glitters!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Monthly Random: November

 November's passed as quickly as it came and just as the months before I feel like my life will never slow down enough to catch a breath.

It's not that I'm actually that stressed. I bet most people have more things to do than me. It's just that I can't handle anything at the moment. I am glad when I manage to get up in the morning, go to class and do some homework. But there so much more I should do, especially about the apartment .___.

A photo from today - to bad I couldn't take a proper picture of my make up. I love pearly eye shadows at the moment!
We celebrated my grandma's 85th birthday. The whole 'clan' came together - like 40 or 50 people I guess, only the closest relatives :)  My little big family really must have made an impression over the past 70 years in this area - we even have a little place named after us, haha

With Christmas coming I can't help but feel all the more guilt about my situation. Everyone is expecting me to invite them over, show them my new and shiny place. And here I am, in this mess. I just hope this will al be over soon. I envy the people who are strong enough to finish renovation and moving in a few weeks or even days.
Sorry, I am not the responsible grown up people probably expect me to be. Sometimes I wonder if I am really ready to live in this place, I think I don't deserve it. Everything could be so beautiful. But with me here, it's just messy and unfinished and it's all my fault. I hate it. I hate myself. But I can't change it right now. I'm trying though.

Not much happened this month, but at least I went out a bit and met some friends and such.
I'm just gonna share some instagram pictures this month, as I didn't really took any other interesting photos.

Monday, November 25, 2013

10 Questions Tag Game

Ohhh it's been a while since I did such a tag game, and Guddy from zeitzeugin.net tagged me to answer her 10 questions, and a few days later I also got another 10 questions from Anni - so here a my answers!
The questions were asked in German, so I'll answer them bilingually for a change :)

First, Guddy's questions!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review: GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green (Pinkyparadise)


Here's the promised review of my newest pair of circle lenses: GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green!
The days have gotten really short and daylight is scarce, but I managed to take some photos. I hope you find this review informative and the photos somewhat helpful! :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Catching Fire

So, I went to the premiere of Hunger Games 2: Catching fire just yesterday!
How about you, have you seen the movie at the premiere in your country as well or do you plan on seeing it?

I can really recommend the movie, it is very good - and that's something I very rarely say about a movie where I've read the book before!
I read all three books last autumn/winter when I was in Finland, and I was totally fascinated by the story. Back then, the first movie had already been released, so this summer I took the chance to watch it on a borrowed DVD. I never would have thought that they would manage to get the story across so well! Though I have to say, I liked the first book better than the movie. With the second movie, however, they did and even better job and I liked it much more than the first.

My 'Catching Fire' inspired look. Too bad my only matte red eye shadow has such a pink undertone :<

Saturday, November 16, 2013

November rain, being plain.

Hey there!

I figured instead of wondering what I could write about I should probably just start to write about what comes to my mind more often. I really like to think of this place as my diary, so why not write down what I do, even if it's probably not the most exciting thing :)

Today I met a group of friends from my high school time. I've been a bit self conscious about meeting with this group of girls for a while because I always kinda felt 'the odd one out' in a group of 'normal' people. Talk about 'grown-up stuff' like marriage (two them - they're all at my age - are engaged now) and who dated who and what happened to whom made me feel awkward because I couldn't contribute to such topics. I just generally felt like I didn't have much to talk about with them after we left school. But with time, this just... changed. Maybe I just grew up a little bit? I just realize now that even though we lead different lives we can still be friends and meet and have fun. And there are topics all of us are interested in and like to talk about :)
Do you have that kind of group of friends, that you've known for a very long time and still stick around, even though you maybe changed a lot and don't really have much in common anymore?
I am just glad it works out well again and I don't feel out of place and awkward around them anymore! I hope it will stay like this. As I have a hard time making new friends because I'm incredibly socially awkward, I am really trying to treasure the friends I have more!

I gladly took the excuse to war some make up again! Too bad my favorite lashes for such looks broke last time I tried to clean them, but I think this autumn-panda-smokey-eye-thingie works out okay without them as well.

 I just always realize how uneven my make up looks when I look at the photos, but never in the mirror. Stupid asymmetrical face D:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Monthly Random: Oct+Sep / some make up, circle lenses and sharks!

Hello there!

I thought since it's been a while that I've posted any kind of update on my daily life, I'm just gonna do a kind of 'monthly random' blogpost and throw in all kinds of stuff from the last months! Most pictures are taken from my instagram, btw :)

So, I haven't really done anything exciting lately, mostly there was university and my internship keeping me busy. I didn't have a lot of time to wear make up or anything, but I tried out my new circle lenses from PinkyParadise.com. I ordered them before the Innocent World Tea Party but because I ordered the wrong prescription I didn't get the right ones in time :'D Anyhow, I think they wouldn't have matched the outfit that well anyway!

The lenses are EOS Candy Blue

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shatter me with hope - Halloween Look 2013

Good evening, spooky spirits and restless souls out there ♥

How is your Halloween?

Despite not going to any party tonight, I really wanted to dress up and do this make up look. I actually had the idea last year while I was in Finland. Rose Shock got a pair of sclera lenses which she used for some of her Halloween looks last year and that really inspired me somehow. So I thought about looks that would require you to have black eyes, despite not having sclera lenses myself ^^" Last year, I did a skeleton look when I went to a party. This year, I'm going to spend Halloween alone at home, but that didn't stop me from doing my make up and dressing up, just in case little kids might come by and expect some sweets or something, haha!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A different kind of outfit post: Character customization in Pokémon X&Y

I've announced this over on my facebook page and some people seemed to like the idea - so here it finally is! An outfit post, not about real outfits though, but about the clothes I collected in the new Pokémon games :) I've done something similar before, way back in the time when I was still playing World of Warcraft ^^

Character customization is something I really enjoy a lot, so I was looking forward to this feature of the games very much. To me it's fun to create a character in a game that really represents myself, or maybe an aspect of my personality in RPGs. And in the new Pokémon games not only can you change your looks, it's also possible to collect a huge variety of clothes in different styles - from sporty to cute to elegant!

So imagine you were living in the Pokémon world in Kalos, and you'd turn on TV to find a series of commercials presenting the newest fashion trends for female trainers in the region....

Saturday, October 26, 2013

New glasses! firmoo.com review

Finally I found some time to write this entry that's been so long overdue.

I've posted about it on my instagram and twitter already - a while ago, I got new glasses!
The peculiar thing about them is that this time, I didn't just go to the optometrist to get them, instead, and for the first time in my life, I ordered them online! Firmoo.com was so kind to sponsor me on that matter, so I am going to review the pair of glasses I got to choose for free!

This is a sponsored review. Nontheless you will find my own and honest opinion here.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Not quite dead (yet)


Yes, yes I'm still alive, more or less!

I'm having a rather busy time lately, with the new semester, my new job, and some work that's still left from my internship. And of course the renovation. To be quite honest, I am not sure how to handle all this at the moment, and for a while I've been thinking about quitting with blogging in general.
On one hand, it's still fund to post and see some response and sometimes even discussion in the comments, it's fun to write and take pictures. But on the other hand, it kinda stresses me out. To think "Oh, I should post about this" or "I still have to take pictures of that because I wanted to make an entry" all the time, that's just not very pleasant if you're out from 07:00am till 06:00pm and when you get home you just wanna eat and sleep before the new day starts. And of course, as a 'lazy student' I also have some homework to do, study for exams etc.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

From Lolita to Love Metal: 50th Candy Day Frankfurt (in Vienna) and HIM concert

After the Innocent World Tea Party last Saturday, the week end was only half over, so what about the rest of it? Well, here's the story - from full frills to fangirling in less than 12h !

Well, among the many international visitors for the Tea Party were also some of the Candy Day Frankfurt circle members. Candy Day is a recurring meet up, just like our 'Gothic Lolita Treffen', GLT, in Vienna. So it happened that the 50th Candy Day meet up would take place on the Sunday after the Tea Party, at Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna. I didn't hesitate for long and decided to go, after all, I like to take every chance I get to wear Lolita in my free time :)

We met around 11:30 in front of the castle - I was almost late because I had problems finding a parking spot. I know it's madness to go to such a place by car but I had promised to give some people a ride, and I didn't want to go by public transport alone all dressed up! Yumi Fujihara, the designer from Innocent World, joined us for a short while before we split up in smaller groups, some going to do a castle tour, others going to visit the Gloriette or strolling in the park.

Group photo with Miss Fujihara! Click to enlarge ^_^
Photographer: Michael Erbe (MeFotografie)

In retrospect, I should probably have gone for fake lashes that day because I look a bit tired. But it was windy and my eyes were tearing all the time...
Photographer: Michael Erbe (MeFotografie)  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First European Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna

Well hello there!
After a very busy and exciting week end I finally found the time to write a few words about Saturday's big event: the Innocent World Tea Party!

For the first time, and Innocent World Tea Party was organized in Europe, and thanks to the big effort of the team who organized everything it was a truly wonderful event. Never in my life have I seen so many beautifully dressed people gathered in one spot. So many lovely outfits, so many friendly people - for one day, Vienna was the center of the European Lolita community, and it felt great to be able to be a part of that!
The venue chosen was Hotel Stefanie in the 2nd district of Vienna. It's a very beautiful, imperial looking kind of hotel that provided just enough space to fit all those frills for one day :) We also had the pleasure to have Miss Yumi Fujihara, the designer of Innocent World, as a star guest. You can find a lot of photos of the Tea Party here on Lolita Fashion Austria's facebook. So many beautiful people! I still can't believe I was there somwhere too XD Unfortunately, I didn't take any good photos myself, but I got permission from Michael Erbe (MeFotografie)  to use some of the photos he took, thanks for that! The other photos were taken by Andreas Zuckerhut. Thanks!

I had the great honor (and am still very much surprised, to be honest) that I was chosen to be a model for the fashion show. I was very excited before the event as I had never modeled before, and when I went there around 11:00 for the rehearsal (still in casual clothes and without make up yet) I still thought that I had just gotten picked by some kind of mistake :'D But as soon as I got to see my outfit for the first time and we practiced the choreography, I relaxed a little bit. Everyone was really nice too so I enjoyed being part of the fashion show very much!

IW chose the clothes we got to wear in accordance to the photos we had sent in and I think they put a lot of effort into it. I was wondering what I'd get to wear and was hoping for a flower print or something more Gothic themed, mainly because I'm not too fond of wearing ivory, beige and brown because I think it doesn't suit me. How surprised I was when I got the notice that I would get to wear the "King of Spades and Queen of Hearts" Set! What made me especially happy were the compliments I got after the show, Several people told me that the outfit suited me very well and that it looked like it was 'made for me' - that really left me speechless, I was so happy!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hop on the Pokémon Hype Train with me!

Well, as some of you might already know, Pokémon fans all around the world are impatiently awaiting Saturday, 13th October, when the new Pokémon games X and Y will be released. I haven't really talked about this before except for tweeting about how hyped I am for the games and constantly annoying my boyfriend in real life :'D WATCH OUT FOR SOME MINOR X & Y SPOILERS AHEAD!

But finally, on Saturday, he and I will get the new games, and when I get home from the Tea Party, I will probably play all night, haha!

But as with all Pokémon games so far, there will come a time when the 'hype' has subsided and the games get less and less interesting. With the previous games, Black and White, this point was reached fairly soon for me, as the end game content wasn't too appealing to me. Black and White 2 was a bit better, and from the moment I got my 3DS and was able to trade between my games, I was starting to get hooked up on collecting Pokémon on my Black cartridge once again.

Now as it seems from the so far leaked information, we won't get that many new Pokémon, but in the end, counting the mega evolutions in, and all the other changes they made to the game, the content provided is quite decent. Knowing myself I will probably obsess about the character customization, and I also like some of the features they added, like taking photos of your character at certain places, and the new methods for training.

But the questions is - what will come after that? I have some theories and ideas of my own - well, you might actually call it wishful thinking, so if there's something I can wish for Christmas already, I would say it's some new game being announced for 2014! And here are my best guesses.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Picture my Day #14

Yesterday was another 'Picture my Day' day. It's a recurring online event where participants take photos of what they do for a whole day and share them with others. I previously participated in PmD N° 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 and 7. (Wow, so many times already! I couldn't believe it myself just now XD)
This time it was hosted by Regenbogenzebra, and of course I took part again and took some photos to show you! :D

My day starts below the cut! :D

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Status Quo: Life's a mess

In my previous post I mentioned some difficulties that arose on my birthday.
Of course they concern our apartment renovation. Considering that we started in June and wanted to have all this finished by September, we pretty much failed. But it's not entirely our fault either.

Since we had really ugly and old doors in the apartment, we ordered new ones around the mid of July, with the promise that they'd be delivered in 2-4 weeks. We really hurried to finish the floors in the office room and tile the kitchen and hall way, because for the doors to be installed, the floor needs to be there before of course. As for the tiles, we had to wait for the doors for doing the "skirting board", the narrow line of tiles on the wall just above the floor, because we didn't know how much gap we needed to leave for the door frames. So we waited and waited. And there were problems with the supplier, then the carpenter was on vacation... and finally, last week, he called and announced that he is ready to come and install the doors.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Birthday stuff

Hello everyone!

First I'd like to thank all the sweet people who congratulated me on my birthday via twitter and facebook and so on, it really made my day! :) Because other than that, this year's Sep 24th stepped in row with the previous 7, which were all rather crappy and not very 'happy' birthdays. But I'm gonna post a separate entry on this, because this time I want to focus on the happy aspects, haha!

I actually wanted to celebrate my birthday with a big house warming party, but the apartment really isn't in a state where this could work out. But maybe on the week end after the Tea Party or at the end of October - a combined Halloween - Birthday- House Warming Party would be pretty cool, wouldn't it ? :D
Instead we went to my parents' place where my stepdad cooked for us and my step siblings were there too. My mum had made a cake - traditionally, like every ear, a chocolate cake. It was truly an awful sight with that many candles on, haha! I didn't even manage to blow them out all at once, and I am horrified of seeing even more candles next year! XD Wish I could be forever 16 or something like that.

I got some IKEA vouchers, just as I had wished for, and together with an old one I got several years ago before I moved out, I finally bought that make-up table I was wishing for!

The shelf is from IKEA as well. I think they both fit okay, though the room is really small, it's manageable. The mirror isn't mounted yet, because I have some very special plans with it, hehe.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tea Party Talk & Birthday Wishes

Hello everybody :D

Today's been my last 'real' day at work and I feel very relieved that I have at least one final week of holidays before university officially starts. One week to get all the moving done, unpack, clean etc. and then we can have a fresh start into the new semester! It also means I also decided that I should update more often, even if it's just a short entry, so here's a little talk about the next upcoming events!

By now you've probably already read on my blog about the upcoming Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna. To those of you who have absolutely no idea what this event could be, a quick explanation: it's a special Lolita-fashion meet up, usually hosted at a more fancy venue, where you have to pay for a ticket, but in return get to see for example a fashion show, have a raffle, and special VIP guests. In this case Yumi Fujiwara, the designer of the Lolita brand Innocent World will be the special guest.

Since I haven't been a Lolita for a very long time, I have to admit I do not own any clothes by IW. However, I really like their style, mostly the floral designs (I'm such a sucker for flowers, haha). One of my favorite prints is Violets inside Mansions. In general I find their prints every elegant and creative. They also have a stained glass print called Westminster. Their Royal Library series is inspired the Austrian National Library in Vienna. I think it's really cool that their first Tea Party outside of Japan will be held in Austria now!

While the brand's theme is more classic, my personal Lolita wardrobe doesn't really have much to offer in that area. I decided to try a crossover of Sweet, Gothic and Classic, and I hope it will turn out well :) I ordered some stuff from ebay and etsy and now I just hope everything will arrive in time and then I can throw it all together to check if it looks good enough, haha! I bought these items kinda as birthday gifts for myself. I've been spending a lot (really a LOT) of money on my apartment, especially the kitchen, and it's still not over yet, there are some more bills to pay, so I didn't dare spend a lot of money, but these are things that are, I think, within the boundaries of what I can spend. My wishlist is endless this year, I think I've never had so many wishes for my birthday, and I was never so sure that none of them will be fulfilled unless I buy it myself :'D Too bad I can't afford it all, but at least I wanted to have these small items, I'll show you as soon as they're here!

I've had tons of ideas on Lolita coords lately, and I hope for many meet ups and occasions in Winter where I'll be able to wear some of it. I just think autumn/winter is much better for Lolita fashion than summer, if I think about our last meet up and how hot it was... ugh.

Another amazing thing happened to me a while ago, I think I mentioned it before! When they announced the model contest for the Tea Party I wasn't too confident when I sent my application. I just thought I'd give it a try and  see what happens. And surprise, they liked my photos enough to chose me as one of the models for the fashion show!
Now I am super excited and nervous about it, I don't know what I'll get to wear yet but I don't really mind, I just hope it's no babydoll dress, because they make me look huge, haha. Other than that, even if it's a print or something I'd not normally wear by myself, for the fashions how I'd be very excited to try something new too.

Since I'll have to re-dress myself 2 times during the event, I decided that I'll probably wear a wig. Or actually two wigs. This will make it easier to change the style of my hair to fit the dress. I just hope I have time (and money) to go to the hair dresser before so I can get my hair layered and thinned. It has reached past my waist by now and is so fluffy and voluminous it's not easy to pack it all under a wig cap!

Will any of my readers be at the tea party too, I wonder?
If so, I'd love to meet you!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sponsored review: 1001 extensions + Rainbow hair dye! (ENG/GER)

Woah, what the hell is going on, where do these new GFC followers come from when all I do is post nothing or only shady cell phone photos of my apartment renovation? :'D Anyway - welcome everyone, after a long time I finally have time (and some pics) for a longer entry!

A while ago, I was approached by 1001extensions.de and asked if I would like to review their products. 1001 extensions sells Remy extensions (human hair), and offered me to send me a product of my choice. I gave it a thought, and came to the conclusion that, since my own hair is quite long already, and is also ridiculously thick because I didn't cut it in over a year, I wouldn't really need the extensions to make my hair appear longer or thicker. However, I came up with another idea, and proposed to my contact that I would get blonde extensions instead, and dye them in different colors!

Now that I solved the mystery of the last few photos showing me with colorful strands of hair, I finally had time to write the review and tell the story behind those pics :) The review is bilingual, as the shop is German - but I think if you are interested in ordering, you can find your way around even if you don't speak German.

Heute gibt es seit langem mal wieder einen biligualen Blogpost, weil ich ein Angebot von 1001extensions.de bekommen habe, ihren Shop bzw ihre Produkte zu reviewen :) Falls ihr euch gefragt habt, ob ich wirklich meine Haare teilweise gebleicht und bunt gefärbt habe, wie man es auf Fotos zuletzt sehen konnte - die Antwort lautet natürlich nein, denn es wäre mir viel zu viel Arbeit ein paar Strähnen so oft zu bleichen dass ich sie zB Türkis färben kann. Stattdessen habe ich 1001 extensions gefragt, ob ich weißblonde Extensions zum Färben verwenden kann, und das Review darüber schreiben!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Status Quo: Reconstruction - harder than it seems.

Huh, I haven't been updating on this topic for a while now, mainly because I was too tired from work during the week and to busy with the renovation on the week ends... We finally managed to get the bigger rooms to an acceptable state so we could do some cleaning. My boyfriend's dad helped out a lot and together the two of them did all the electrical wiring for our new kitchen. We still have to paint kitchen and hallway now, but other than that, we're done with painting.

I look so ridiculously happy there. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Monthly Random: August

Hello there, visitors of my neglected little blog!
It's really bugging me a lot that I don't get to write anything more often, but at the moment, my whole life is totally crazy and very, very exhausting. But it's time for another "Monthy Random" as August is coming to an end and while I have no big stories to tell I can at least throw in some random pictures taken in the last weeks.

I only wore make up 4 or 5 times this month :'D I feel really bored with my face because of that D:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My brother's wedding and other stuff ~

Wohooo finally something that remotely resembles an interesting entry on my blog, hahaha!

So this week end was my brother's wedding - the civil wedding was last week end, and this week end they got married in a church. The bride's family is rather religious, so despite my brother being atheist he agreed to the ceremony. The wedding was rather big with about 150 people and of course the party was great :3 The bride was so beautiful, I wish I could show you pictures of her! Her dress was in an empire-style waist line with a long train, it was offwhite and had two layers, the top layer made of lace and little gemstones. It sounds super kitschy but it was really, really beautiful. I don't think that I would wear such a dress personally but it suited her very well, and I liked it a lot :3 My brother, the groom, looked very handsome as well - with a gray suit and off white waistcoat and tie. Before the wedding he was joking around that he wants to wear a red suit, but the bride wasn't too happy with that idea so he gave in to her wishes, haha!

Unfortunately I have no photos of my outfit :< But I wore a pink floral summer dress with pink high heels, hehe

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No time to waste

Good news! Finally my laptop came back repaired and could write more form now on!

Could - if it weren't for my internship that started this week.
I am super busy there and it's rather exhausting. Today I worked for 10h, so I'm dead tired and already in bed (so glad my laptop is back!). Also it's currently super inconvenient to commute to my work place, as parking spots in Vienna are scarce and train tickets ridiculously expensive (also, there's repair work done on the train tracks till the end of the month so the schedules are all messed up. Still not as bad as in Mainz, though ^^"). I really have to consider taking the train despite the car being the cheaper option (ridiculous but true), as I can't be sure I'll find a parking spot near my work place. But it kinda hurts to pay so much to get to my unpaid work place ;____;

Anyway, I will try to write a proper entry this week end!
I have some stories to tell about our apartment (my poor boyfriend has to do most of the work that's left now that I'm working in Vienna), last Saturday was my brother's civil wedding, the churchly ceremony will be held on Friday. Tomorrow is a public holiday in Austria but I'll work to get Friday off instead. And on the week end we will have to paint the remaining walls and do some furniture shopping for our apartment. So the next days and probably weeks won't be any less busy than the time before, probably even more stressful. But maybe it will get better and I won't have to work 10h/day every day.

Uhhh I really wish I had some funny or cool picture to add here, but I just felt like dropping a few lines so that the blog won't be so empty :'D But I haven't sorted out and edited the photos from the wedding yet, and my instagram pics are better used in a 'Monthly Random' post, so here's a pic that describes rather accurately what I do every day when I get home from work:

Have a nice week and hopefully a less stressful time!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

18th Lolita Meet Up in Vienna & Helnwein Exhibition at Albertina

Hello everyone!

Last Saturday we had a Lolita meet up in Vienna - it was my first big meet up to attend and I was really excited! I planed my outfit ages before the actual date, and it was really difficult to find something nice to wear because of the heat. Currently, we're having a heat wave in Austria with up to 38°C, not a single cloud in the sky and no soothing wind or summer thunder storms. On Saturday the heat wave was more or less at its peak, and the idea of going to the city in full frills was not very appealing to me... but on the other hand, I had been looking forward to the meet up for a long time already, so I just tried... not to die, haha.

(If you're not interested in the outfit blabla skip to the group photo to read about the actual meet up & exhibition!)

Photographer: Andreas Zuckerhut

Friday, August 2, 2013

Status Quo: Destruction contd. and a lot of dust.


So, my laptop is still not working, and as a result I cannot really write regularly - I also have to admit that I don't have any time to read any blogs at the moment, write or answer comments, but just so you know what I'm occupied with anyway, here's another little update about our ongoing apartment renovation for you!

The last weeks have been full of very exhausting and boring work, and after the initial tearing down of most stuff, the detail work left to be done took an disproportionally larger amount of time - much more than we expected, actually...

Plans for our new kitchen :3

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monthly Random: July

Wow! I can't believe the month's already over!

Wasn't it just yesterday that I went to my graduation ceremony? Didn't we just move out from our apartment in Vienna a few days ago? Where the hell has all the time gone?!

Time for another monthly random, this time there's quite a bunch of pictures in queue, since I didn't really have time to write any blogpost... but more interesting stuff is coming up, I promise ;D

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4th J-Fashion Meet Up in Vienna

Hello guys!

Last week end, I actually did something else than tearing down wall papers or smashing old floor tiles - I went to another J-fashion meet up! Last time I wore Lolita, but this time we had really hot weather and a picnic - so I decided to wear a simple, Gyaru-inspired summer look.

Photographer: greencat ( facebookdeviantart )

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Plain and simple.

Hey guys!

I am really really lazy with updating, but the good news is my laptop has finally been sent to be repaired so I will hopefully have my own computer back in a few weeks, which will be very helpful of course. Right now my photos are spread out on my phone, my parents' computer and my boyfriend's as well as my hard drive, and I am just trying my best to keep all the data backed up on the latter so I don't lose anything...
Anyway, as there's not much I could tell you about my current life because apart from the renovation nothing exciting is happening, I can show you a OOTD from last week!

So, when I'm not covered in dust and working heavy machines, I enjoy the perfect summer weather we're currently having - I say perfect because it mostly stays below 25°C which is the optimum temperature for me to operate. I mean, feel at ease, haha. I am looking forward to living at our new apartment, I hope I'll be able to post some more outfit photos then :3

I bought these sandals a while ago, as I came to understand how practical it is to have flat summer shoes that are open but still okay for driving! I really love them and I'm wearing them quite often lately.

I am also greatly enjoying the fact that I have "permanent make up" now, and don't have to put on anything before I leave the house and still can look okay. I mean, I still don't have very beautiful eyebrows or thick lashes but it's better than the alien look I had before :'D

By the way, I applied to "MyStyleHit"'s blogger VIP program, but they rejected me... I guess it's the blog design and some of the content and the fact that I don't blog about what I wear frequently enough that disqualified me, but I thought I could give it a try anyway... oh well, it's still a pretty cool page and smaller than Lookbook or something like that, so it's a good platform even without the VIP program.

So, anyhow. Enough of the vanity stuff for now! While I sit here, dreaming about the new apartment and all the nice things I'll be able to do once I live there, tell me about your favorite outfits and shoes for summer! What's the weather like at your place?
Here it's still getting quite cold at night, which is good when you want a good night's sleep... but bad when you stay out late and forget something warm to put on ^^

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Status Quo: Destruction

Sometimes you have to tear something down before you can build it up again.
Sometimes you need a fresh, clean and new start.

Our apartment is such a case.
The building is from the 70ies. My mum bought the place in the 80ies I grew up there for the first 10 years of my life. And I've really come to despise some things in this apartment, for example - well actually, anything in the color brown, for starters. You might remember how much I hate that color....

So this time, I'm gonna show you some photos from the work in progress...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alien in disguise

Hey guys! Since I currently don't have much time or stuff to blog about, I'll just try to write more but shorter entries to keep this blog alive :D So today's topic.... hair color!

Most of you probably know that black is not my natural hair color.
In fact, I am blond, which means I have to dye my roots every 5-6 weeks or I look like I am going bald. My natural hair color is the typical "ash blond", this kind of blond that looks just super plain - and in my case, also very different depending on the light! In daylight, my roots are almost invisible, but sometimes they look more brunette or even reddish. But my roots aren't even what bothers me most about my natural hair color, it's my eyebrows and lashes that are so light blond that they are almost invisible! It looks really stupid with black dyed hair, so I usually have to wear at least mascara and "draw on" my eyebrows before I go out, unless I want to look like a sick alien.

So, when my friend Mimi, who is a hairdresser in training, offered to help my with dying my hair so she can practice, she also mentioned that she can dye lashes and eyebrows, and very quickly I decided to give it a try! I chose black for the lashes and dark brown for the eyebrows, but as my eyebrows are naturally very light they ended up almost black anyway :'D But I am very happy with the results!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hearts, skulls and roses - Graduation 2013

Last Thursday my graduation ceremony took place.
During the ceremony, we had to vow an oath and got our diplomas / Bachelor certificates. It's a very formal event, but everyone participating as speaker or moderator did a great job to make it a memorable and not too "stiff" occasion :)

At first I was actually scared that I would get scolded because of my dress. I bought it in Helsinki months before the ceremony, and I thought it should be okay. But back in Austria we soon found out that the official "dress code" for the event was "dark and elegant"... I was a bit shocked when I read this, due to my dress of choice being white... and having a print with skulls which could, on second thought, offend people or something like that. There was some discussion about too short and too bright dresses - a friend of mine has a body like a super model with incredibvly long legs so that almost every dress would be considered "too short" on her! - and in the end, I think they made too much of a fuss about this whole thing. Of course everyone knew that it's a formal event and they should dress appropriately. However, everyone put a bit of their personal style to it. Some girls dressed in simple black mini dresses and ballerinas. some just wore sandals. To me, this is rather "informal" too but it's just a matter of taste, isn't it?

In the end, nobody got scolded for their outfit, and people even told me that my dress is actually very beautiful and the skulls not too noticeable anyway :)

Super overexposed! XD I'm reflective... like a glacier or something, lol

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One step closer...

...to an independent life!

Last week end my boyfriend and my got the keys for our flat ♥
Long story short, I grew up in that place, but we moved to a house when I was 11. Ever since then it was rented out, first to an acquaintance, then to my cousin, and lastly to my (step)brother who lived there with his girlfriend/fiancé for the last 6 years. And now it will be ours!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monthly Random: June

Since my last "random" post seemed to be of interest to you, I think I'm gonna make a habit out of this :) Also, it's a perfect occasion to post all those pictures that accumulate yet aren't really enough to write an own blog entry about. June's almost over, so here's my picture-heavy "Monthly Random" for June!

Went "flood watching" at the Donauinsel...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Festival Diary: Nova Rock 2013

Hey guys! :D

Nope, I'm not dead! I've just been busy with our upcoming move and last week end I went to the Nova Rock Festival! I tweeted a little bit about it and posted some pics on my instagram too, but now I finally have time for a proper blog entry about it.

After we had some rather unpleasant experiences at our last festival, we decided that we won't be camping this time, instead we went back and forth by car each day. The festival is near Nickelsdorf, and you can go there form Vienna by car on a highway, so it's only about 30min travel time. We checked the line up first and except for Rammstein we didn't care so much for the headliners, so we were able to leave before the last acts and avoid the traffic jam around the parking lot on the other two days.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Passion for Sweets

Hello everyone - how was your week end?
Mine was super busy but a lot of fun! On Saturday I went to the Open Campus day of the university I wanna do my PhD at (but this is still a faaaar far away future), and was able to get a tour to one of the labs... I really wanna work there one day, it's my greatest dream, so I'll work hard and hopefully get in their programme in two years!

For today I tried to organize a "Mini-Meet.up" for the Lolita community, because I wanted to go to an exhibition about pastries (sounds kinda ridiculous, but as you might know I am really into baking so I'm interested in that kind of thing) and didn't want to go alone. In the end, due to short notice and another event on the previous evening, we were only 3 girls but it was a lot of fun anyway! 

Me & my friend the Punschkrapfen, haha! I looked it up, but there isn't even an English word for this pastry :D

Friday, June 7, 2013

End of an era & new beginning

Five years ago, I had my high school final exams. A little bit more than three years ago, shortly before I started this blog, I had my interview that got me into this university. And today I had my final exams AND I PASSED!

That means I am now "Bachelor of Science in Engineering" and I even graduated with highest distinction (grade <1.2) aaaand I'm sorry if I sound super annoying but I am just SO FREAKING HAPPY!
And honestly, I'm kinda proud of myself. It's the first thing I really "achieved" after my high school graduation and I am getting more and more confident that this is just the right thing for me to do!

So right now, I am just super relieved and don't really know what to do because I have so much I could do, but nothing I have to do!

Le epic photoshop from a friend of mine, hahaha ♥

Finally, I can also look forward to the upcoming weeks and tasks and be happy about it - next week end my boyfriend and I will go to Nova Rock festival where I'll see my favorite band HIM and other bands I love like Rammstein, KoRn and The 69 Eyes! We will start to renovate our flat and hopefully move in be the end of July or mid of August. And in autumn I will start to study Medical Molceular Biology at the University of Vienna (at least that's the plan).

On another note - I don't know if you've heard about it if you're not from central Europe but Austria among other countries have been affected be severe floods lately. My home town was affected to, as it's directly next to the Danube. This was no surprise as we get floods quite frequently and our houses are built in a safe way, but still it was rather severe and even higher than in 2002. The water went down again yesterday and today, but it seems like the river carried much more mud with it this time, so everything is now soaked and dirty. So I'll probably have to help them out with cleaning up the garden this week end. (Just so you get an idea, this is about as high as it was 2 days ago, the peak was even higher...)
Other than that - I have sooo many plans right now, I am just super happy that I have some free time to do what I want! I will hopefully also get to blog much more often now! By the way, are some of you still interested in Science stuff? Because I've been thinking about blogging about topics that I find interesting once in while again, if you would like to read that?

Anway! I'll be off again, so much to do, I don't even know where I want to start, haha!

Thanks to all those people who cheered me up during all that studying and worrying ^__^v I owe you!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lolita Tea Party at Café Süssi & Classic Lolita Outfit

Happy belated International Lolita Day!
I can hardly believe that it's been half a year already that I posted about this and kinda went to my first little meet up with other Lolitas BUT before I digress and start to be all depressive about how much I miss Finland, let me tell you about our local (Viennese) meet up on last Saturday!

A group of Lolitas came together and meet at Café Süssi here in Vienna, which is a "Salon du thé Francais", in other words, a very pretty, old-school and French-themed café. Even the menu was mostly in French! In the end, we were 18 or 19 people, I don't really remember, but it was very crammed in that little room, but also very cozy and nice :) It was a perfect location for a Lolita meet up! Initially, I wanted to wear Sweet Lolita, because the meet up was meant to celebrate Macaron Day, but when I saw the location I decided to go with a more Classic styled outfit that I've had in mind for a while now. It's very simple though, too bad you can't really see any details, not that there were very many.
But with many of the girls wearing Classic outfits, it felt like traveling back in time, sitting there in the café, sipping our tea and eating sweets :) (Too bad they didn't have any macarons in the end ;_;)

My outfit of the day with my beloved Bodyline dress :3
With the ribbon attached to the chest it doesn't look so "empty" anymore...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

And in your dreams, you see me falling

Hello again! ^_^v  

Yesterday I took another break from studying... My head is so full I feel like I can't memorize anything anymore, I have no idea how I am supposed to remember 150 pages for Medical Biotechnology alone, haha!  Anyway, we decided to go to the cinema and watch Oblivion - I wanted to see the movie because I like these kind of movie where there are twists, and I like post-apocalyptic settings, so despite our deep dislike for Mr. Cruise who plays the main role, I convinced my boyfriend to go and watch it with me!

I was so happy to go out I out a totally unnecessary effort in doing my make-up and dressing up. But it felt so good and was a lot of fun! Sometimes, I just want to look a bit like a princess... the look is a bit Gyaru-inspired, though I do that eye-enlarging effect pretty often...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Huge DressLink.com review + photos!

Hello my dear readers!

As those of you who follow me on twitter or are facebook friends of mine already know, I'm currently super busy studying for my final exam. It was postponed by a few days, so I'm glad I have some extra time now, but still, it's very stressful so I don't have a lot to blog about.

But a while ago I ordered from DressLink. Enticed by the review of lovely Arina about this China-based online store, I quickly decided to give it a try and order some clothes for summer. As mentioned before, I was specifically looking for something that I could wear to my brother's wedding in August, so I was mainly looking for dresses that would fit the occasion. So I took the opportunity to make a study break and write this review about my order!

Before I start the detailed review, a few words about DressLink. Their online shop is really huge but easy to navigate. They offer various different shipment methods, and a good guide on how to find the best one for your country and needs.
The prices are ridiculously cheap, there's no arguing about that, and the shipping costs are not too high either. If you sign up, you get a 20% discount voucher that you can use for your next order! The stuff I ordered was roughly USD 80,- but with the voucher I only payed $ 65,- plus $ 25,- for shipping with FedEx. At the checkout, you can choose a shipping method, and for some reason FedEx shipping was cheaper than China mail, so I chose that.

I placed my order on 18th May, and it was packed and sent on 23rd. Tracking with FedEx worked just fine, DressLink even sends you an E-Mail a kind of tracking widget so you don't need to check the FedEx site, you only have to look at the mail. The package arrived today, 28th May, and I had to pay roughly € 13,- import tax, so in contrast to DHL, they didn't mess up anything at the customs :)

Now to the products I ordered! (Warning, picture heavy!)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Stuff: Shopping, Robots and Make up

The date of my final exam is approaching, and while I still don't know yet if I'm actually entitled to take the exam at all, I found that I really haven't blogged much this month so far. So I decided to put together a bunch of pics I've taken lately, and combine them into this "random" post, because by themselves they're not really worth an own entry. Enjoy!

I think this was the first time that I did a decent job on a "cat eye" eyeliner shape...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Encourage Diversity

I'll start in German because I reference a German article, but I'll provide you with a translation/summary of what this is about below! To those who understand both, I recommend reading the English version of my rant because imo it's just much better worded :'D

Via Dunkelsüß wurde ich Aufmerksam auf einen Artikel einer österreichischen Jugendfeminismus-Plattform (oder irgendsowas):

MonA-Net ist ein Online-Netzwerk, das vor allem Mädchen und junge Frauen in ganz Österreich anspricht und ihnen die Möglichkeit gibt sich hier zielgruppengerecht zu informieren.

So trocken und sachlich sich das für dich auch anhören mag, hier geht es um DICH !!!

...vorrausgesetzt du passt in das enge Schema dass diese Personen, die die Seite gestalten, offenbar von der jungen Damenwelt hat.

Der Artikel um den es geht behandelt das Thema Lolita-Mode und wurde im Online-Magazin Teil der Seite veröffentlicht. Dort ist die Rede von "Puppen-ähnlichen Kostüme", "Mädi-Look", "Kult" und "Doppelleben".
Abschließend ist man der Meinung "Ob diese fragwürdige Moderichtung auch bei uns Einzug hält ist fraglich." [sic]

Zusammenfassend kann man also sagen dass ich als Lolita ein einer nicht vorhandenen Minderheit/Subkultur angehörendes, dumm-naives, verlogenes, aufmerksamkeitsgeiles Püppchen bin.

It's a WIP, thus the unfinished parts but it suits the topic so I wanted to show it!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The everlasting problem of a girl...

...who has "nothing to wear" despite a bursting wardrobe!

I'm super busy with studying at the moment, so it's kinda silent around here. But I just don't really do anything exciting or worth writing about, but I promise you as soon as my exams are over (beginning of June) I will try to write more again!

There are some pretty big events coming up and I am already now planning my outfits, haha!
First of all, my graduation ceremony will be in July, and I'm planning to wear that white and black print dress I bought in Helsinki for that purpose - even though we have the order to dress "dark and elegant". Seriously, I don't give a f*ck about their order, I think the dress is absolutely appropriate, about a meter longer than what some girls wear to such occasions, and the only thing someone might argue about is the print, but I am pretty sure most people won't even notice or take a closer look. But I think it suits my "personal style" really well without being too much over the top, and I feel very comfortable wearing it! I just have to watch my weight a bit more carefully, as I am still 4kg above my "perfect weight" and the dress is rather small ;___;
As for the hair and make up, I think some kind of pin up style could be nice. Definitely red lips, and I'd love to wear my hair in curls although I know what a difficulty that is. But I'll see :'D

Then there's my brother's wedding coming up in August!
I'm super excited already, mainly because I don't really know the bride's family all that well and though I am perfectly sure they are gonna be very relaxed about the dress code I don't really know what to wear. I'd love to buy something new for the occasion, something elegant yet fit for summer, but I really can't decide on a certain style!

Arina posted a review about a shop called dresslink.com and after I read through it I ended up browsing the whole 80+ pages of the "dresses" section of the shop, looking for something fit for the occasion XD

I came up with some ideas, maybe you'd like to help me with a decision? :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ghosts of the Past & Fear of the Future

Last week I attended my long-since planned high school reunion!

Though I am jsut about to finish my Bachelor's degree, I actually graduated already 5 years ago! Looking back, it feels like an eternity. Most of the people I've met and befriended since then are younger than me, some just about to graduate or not even that, and sometimes this really makes me feel veeery old :'D

Before the meet up, I was super nervous. I organized the whole thing with the help of some former class representatives via facebook, and about 35 people agreed to come. While I do keep in touch with some of my former class mates from time to time, most of the people I hadn't seen during these 5 years at all.
I was unsure how they would treat me. Back in my school days, I was a kind of outsider and while I did have some friends, most people more or less ignored me. Since I use facebook under a fake name and wasn't "popular" during my school time, I was really wondering if everybody of these people even knew who I was :'D

This is a 1:1000 difference to what I looked when I graduated! I don't think I'll ever show you those old photos... too embarrassing ^^"

Sunday, April 28, 2013

J-Fashion Meet up in Vienna ♥

On Saturday there was this big J-fashion meet up in Vienna, and I was there, dressed in Lolita!
It was my second time outside in public wearing Lolita, but it was sooo much better then the first time. People around me were much friendlier and very positive about my outfit and styling. No stupid comments, except for one women who burst into laughter when I passed by, however she seemed a bit crazy overall, so I couldn't care less :)

I didn't take any photos myself except for few cell phone shots, but other people took many photos and you can find some on the Austrian Lolita Fashion facebook page, as well as on greencat's facebook. He really is a talented photographer, and when I looked at his dA account I noticed that he is also the photographer of last year's winning picture of the Aninite photography contest! It even made its way to 9gag at some point if I remember correctly. I really love his work! (and now I'm even more excited about making a cosplay myself and maybe being photographed by him again if it turns out nicely, haha :D )

Photographer: greencat (facebook/deviantart)

Friday, April 26, 2013

There are no shortcuts in life

I got really depressing news today. I got a rejection email from the research institute where I basically applied for my dream job.

I am so incredibly sad and disappointed now. I know it's my own fault for getting my hopes up so high. I know I should have known better from the beginning than to expect anything positive, after all I knew there were other applicants even from my own university - one of them probably having better grades than me and a better thesis topic. Still, it hurts me so much to see my dreams for the future crumble to dust.

I was expecting to prove myself to the people there during the internship, to facilitate getting into the PhD program at that place next January. I was hoping it would help me make up for the "lost" time before I started my current study - I studied at the university of Vienna for 2 years before I found the "right" thing for me, and these years are completely wasted and lost, and as it seems now, will forever be.

Now I can't stop wondering what the reason for the rejection was.
Do I come across to unfriendly? Is it the content of my letter of motivation?
Is it my grades? Is 1.4 still not good enough, considering that I have some "bad" grades in some of the main subjects like Chemistry or Clean Room Training?
Is it my thesis topic, which, as I found out too late, even contains a word that is used in the fucking wrong context, because at that time I didn't know any better and nobody bothered to tell me until after it had been approved?
Or is it the fact that I have only worked for every single summer since I was 16, the last years all in scientific companies or institutes, to prove my motivation and polish up my CV?

I am so disappointed right now.
I got my former internships always because I knew somebody, somewhere, who was able to help me one or the other way to get into some interesting position and work there for a few weeks. I thought that by now, I'd have proven myself enough to get a position only with my own skills and experience. I was so wrong.

I wonder if I will ever find a job that way.
I'm the first in my family to go into scientific research, so I don't have any "connections". I have no doctors or scientists in my family and got my previous two jobs thanks to chance encounters and was incredibly lucky that I knew someone who knew someone who knew someone... etc.
Now my "connections" are depleted. I can go back to a place I have previously been, but what for? I really wish to get into a specific direction, and working in a completely sifferent area of research won't help me to get accepted there any more than it already does.

I really don't know what to think anymore.
I regret so many life choices I made, that I sometimes think it would have been better if I had never started to go to university at all. Maybe I would be so much better off as an office worker or if I had done an apprenticeship. I wanted to become a confectioner once. For real. People have told me it would have been a waste, but honestly - what have I proven so far other than that I know how to make use of connections? Nobody wants me solely because of my skills or wits or because I achieved this or that. People don't want me. How much will this change if I just do more and more, when at the same time I get older and older and the same grave mistakes remain like fat and ugly stains in my CV?

I feel depleted of all energy now. I am drained, I don't know how I'll manage to study for the exam in June.

Of course I'll try to find something else. It was my mistake from the beginning to apply for one job only. I told myself I wouldn't mind if I don't get it and that I could work on the flat renovation instead. But I don't feel comfortable with that actually. I wanna do something, I wanna learn and prove myself, I want to get a chance to do that. I will try to find another job, even if it's probably already far too late by now.

I just realized that I'm not afraid anymore that nobody might wanna talk to me at the class reunion next week. I don't wanna talk anyway.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Lolita stuff: Big Bodyline Review

So after quite some ordeal and fearful waiting, my Bodyline order finally arrived safely last week! This time, the imminent disaster was apparently just a tracking error, and I even had to pay only 10€ tax (not 65€ like the last time -_-)

Since I've been trying to google for reviews of certain items before and rarely found any detailed ones, I decided to make one on my own this time, to hopefully help future buyers to make their decisions! So in this blogpost, I'm gonna review the items L144, L416 and L514 with tons of pictures :) I hope it's useful to somebody! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review: GEO Magic Color 3tone series

 It's been a while since my last circle lenses review on my blog - so I'm happy to present you a review of GEO Magic Color 3tone lenses model CM-904 (blue) !

These lenses were kindly sponsered by geocolouredlenses.com. First a bit of information about their shop, before I get to the actual review!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A difficult face

I've been considering for a while now whether or not I should talk about this topic again here, but yesterday I found a video that really made me wanna write a blog post about this topic once again. Most of you might actually have already seen it, as it went kinda-viral in the past 24 hours. It's a promotional video by Dove, the company that in recent years caught public attention with its ""Natural Beauty" line of marketing, that aims to show us a more realistic image of especially women in advertisements.

Before I tell you anything more about it, I suggest you go and watch the video, and make up your mind about it:

The campaign also has its own homepage where you can see the pictures that were drawn in the process of this little "experiment", you can find it here. There is actually another, slightly longer version of the video too, which can be found here.

So, first off, I can tell you that I saw the video yesterday, a friend of mine posted it on facebook and it had a huge impact on me. Yes, I cried. Because when I listened to these women talking about themselves in such a negative way, I could hear myself. I think the video has a very beautiful, positive message, but it seems that its message does not get across in the same way to everyone, or rather that it is perceived very differently by different people. Such as the person who wrote this on their tumblr - go and read please, as there are a lot of points mentioned that I want to pick up and talk about.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Online Shopping Ordeal

Since I'm down with the cold I don't really have anything exciting to write about, nor do I have any pictures to show, nevertheless I wanted to write an update about what's currently happening in my life.

If you're following me on my twitter you're probably already sick of my ranting about how much I hate online shopping. Well, in fact I don't actually 'hate' it per se, I'm just that kind of person who always has really really bad luck when it comes to online shopping.

Some of you might remember the troubles I had with my first Bodyline order, where the customs office taxed the package wrong because DHL was too incompetent to write the amount of postage I payed somewhere on the package or bill. I ended up paying 63€ tax for a 70€ order (including postage). I guess you can imagine my frustration.

With my second BL order I was a bit more lucky, except for the fact that I got the bill from the Finnish customs and didn't understand a word of it, not even after translating it with the help of a friend. People at the post office didn't know anything about it either and then I also got two separate bills which confused me even more, especially since I didn't know which bank account number to pay to (there were like two or three on these papers). I ended up paying the right amount after I got a third invoice where the whole amount and correct bank account number were stated a few weeks later.

So after Christmas I decided to transfer some of my money to paypal to do some online shopping once in a while...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

From: Me - To: Myself

Hello everyone!
Are you enjoying your week end?

I'm having a lazy Sunday here, but at least I finally did something I wanted to do since I moved here a few weeks ago - I occupied a shelf in the bathroom previously used for storing towels and put my make up there! So now I finally have a place where I can store all my stuff and don't have to rummage through dozens of little bags and boxes in my wardrobe :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ceci n'est pas le Printemps

Easter holidays have passed and I am back to university - and while we're already in the middle of the "summer semester" spring has barely begun to show its traces in my parents' garden. I don't really mind though. I don't mind the cold and not even the snow that's still falling, even in Vienna.

I still took the freedom to wear something "sping" themed last week end when my family gathered at my parents' place for the holidays. I decided to wear my rose-print Lolita dress for the first time!