Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Accidents happen (in the bath)

Well if you follow my twitter you probably already now of my adventure last night - if not, let me tell you a little story that starts like all good stories should begin: "Ollut suihkussa..." - She was in the shower...

Haha, just kidding ;) Anyway, it's not really interesting, I just want to write down what happened for the sake of "diary-keeping", but it's probably not really interesting to you ^^"
Well but it's true, I was in the shower washing my hair, when I suddenly slipped. I never realized how extremely slippery the floor in my shower/bathroom is, but now I can't help but think how lucky I am that it had not happened before already!
Everything happened much faster than I could realize, and since I have a walk-in-like shower, I slithered through half of my tiny bathroom before I landed with my full weight on my tailbone - and hit the back of my head on the ceramic-tiled wall.

The pain was incredible. For a few minutes I just lay there on the floor, crying, because it hurt so much I couldn't move. The first reflex would be to curl up, but that would have just hurt even more! The first few seconds I though "Omg I'm gonna die here!", then followed "Fuck I can't move my legs, what if I can never walk again?!"  - I was really, really freaked out. But when the pain in my back subsided and I got up, I realized that I hit my head even more badly. I had to sit back down again, and for a moment my sight went black, my head was spinning and a loud ringing started in my head. If that wasn't enough already, I started to feel really, really sick.

Now I once before had a severe concussion, but I was only a small kid, so I don't remember much from it. But I know the symptoms, because I also learned about them in my Anatomy class. When you hit your head really hard, the brain stem, which is the connecting part between brain and spine, will bash against the hole in your skull where the nerves leave the head and enter the spine, so to say. The brain stem is where a lot of evolutionary very old reflexes, such as the gauge reflex, sit, so this is why people throw up when they have a bad concussion.

I could prevent myself from throwing up, but that's maybe also because I hadn't eaten for 6 hours before it happened. And I suddenly started to panic. I was wondering, if I pass out, will anybody find me? I tried to call my mum, but she didn't pick up, and panicked even more. But all I could manage, sitting on the floor, still wet, shaking, was to look up the number of the ambulance here in Finland (for the love of everything, I couldn't remember it in that situation).

I tried to lie down in bed but I felt really sick and had a headache... and when I texted my boyfriend about what had happened he suggested I turn my computer back on and go to Teamspeak so I'm not "alone". Even though it was already midnight, I did it, because in fact, I was too scared to go to sleep but I also didn't really know what to do, since on one hand I didn't throw up so it can't be a bad concussion, but I felt really bad, so it could be a mild one.

While I was talking to my boyfriend and another good friend via Teamspeak, I realized in just how bad a state I was actually in. I was shaking and stuttering a bit, and my headache continually got worse. I messaged my tutor and friend for advice, and she provided me with some numbers of health care centers to call, but since it was already so late at night, nobody picked up. In the very end, I called 112 and they sent an ambulance.

The two medics that came were really nice, and after checking my vitals etc. they decided to take me to one of the health care centers, since I was living alone and if my symptoms get worse over night nobody would be there to take care of me. So they took me to Turku University Hospital.

And then it got really weird. Everyone was really nice, but it was of course problematic that I didn't speak Finnish. They discussed in Finnish with the medics, and all I understood were single words like "päänsärky" and numbers. In the end, they printed out a form with my name, let me sit down on a bed and the medics went back on their business. I was waiting - unsure whether I would spend the whole night like that, while the nurses and doctor just went and came and talked and went again. I was completely unsure about what was going on, I just caught a few words now and then, and from time to time they were talking about me. I kept texting my friend who was a bit worried about me, and she joked "They're probably discussing who will have to talk English to you, hehe". Well, I actually think she was right, since quite often "English only" fell during these conversations XD

In the end, finally a doctor came. He asked me about my symptoms again, and first checked my spine with those little reflex-hammer-thingies. It was really uncomfortable, because I seriously hate it when somebody touches my spine, I don't know why, I'm just really sensitive there ._. He then started to test my reflexes at elbows and knees, which almost made me laugh. I had never had that done to me before so somehow, it seemed really funny to me. Apparently everything was in order, so he tried to explain to me that I seem to have no cerebral damage and if in the next 6 hours my symptoms don't go worse I should be okay. He gave me a prescription for painkillers and said I can go home by taxi, because there is a discount on transportation or students in this case. Of course it was bit of an inconvenience that I live alone, so nobody can check if I'm okay during the night, but he said I can go home without a problem, and gave me a note for work, so I can stay at home for the rest of the week.

Well, my headache continued to grow worse, and I just really wanted to rest, so I was happy I would be home soon, but we then found out that this discount thingie does not work for me because I don't have a Finnish insurance card. It was about 2 am by then, and they suggested that I can stay there till 6am till the first buses go. So I stayed at the hospital, but I didn't get a room or anything, I slept in the entrance hall on a bed that was more of a stretcher, and I slept really really bad because of commotion and noise during the night. On a bed next to me slept a person who snored extremely loud, over my head was a TV that was not showing any program but some kind of information and played music in an endless loop (though not that loud, but lying underneath I could hear it anyway).... I woke up every 30 minutes and checked the clock, wondering if I can go home already. Fortunately, they had given me strong pain killers, so the pain in my back subsided. Just when I had fallen asleep around 5.30 the next thing I know is that one nurse woke me up to ask me how I feel, and since I didn't feel anything except for the pain in the back and my headache, I was sent home.

I was freezing terribly, since I had just woken up some minutes ago, but fortunately I caught a bus right away and was home within 15 minutes. There I just fell back into my own bed and slept another 7 hours.

And now I feel more or less awake. I'm still a bit dizzy, and a little sick, but maybe it's just that I'm getting hungry by now. I tailbone still hurts a lot, but I can sit for a while, so I decided to write down what happened, even if it's not very funny or insightful :'D But anyway. It was an interesting little adventure, and now I'm just glad I'm back home.

I just remembered I need to get someone to care for my cells while I'm away from work... Oh well, they probably didn't survive the freezing anyway... I'm just really glad that my thesis is more or less complete and even if I stay home this week it doesn't really matter for my work that much.

With that I will end this entry, and probably make myself some food or something.
See you!


  1. Hilfe, der ganze linke Rand ist abgeschnitten, ich kann nix mehr ganz lesen! Anscheinend hattest du so eine Art Unfall (oder was auch immer, ich sehe nur einen Bruchteil des Textes), jedenfalls gute Besserung!

  2. Ochje :( Du Arme! Das ist natürlich schön blöd im Ausland einen UNfall zu haben, vorallem mit Sprachproblemen beiderseits! Da kann ich deine Panik aufjedenfall verstehen! Wäre mir nicht anders gegangen! So ganz alleine... WÜnsche dir aufjedenfall eine gute Besserung und fühl dich von mir gedrückt :/

  3. Das war ja wirklich schlimm zu lesen. :c
    Freut mich aber, dass es dir bis jetzt soweit gut geht, hoffentlich hast du das Schlimmste überstanden.
    Gute Besserung!

  4. Oh scheiße! Du machst Sachen! Hoffentlich gehts dir bald besser <3
    Ich seh leider die Kommis auf FB nicht, komischer Weise.

  5. Ich hab auch immer Angst, dass mir irgendwas Schlimmes passiert und es ist keiner da, der mir helfen kann.
    Gute Besserung wünsch ich dir!

    1. Meine Mutter war ganz bestürzt dass sie das Handy nicht gehört hatte in der Nacht XD Aber sie meinte, sie sei wahnsinnig stolz auf mich, dass ich nicht in Panik verfallen bin :) Wobei ich sagen muss dass mir mein Freund und meine Freunde mit denen ich noch in der Nacht geredet/geschrieben hab schon sehr geholfen haben, die Fassung zu bewahren. Ich denke ich hatte so viel Adrenalin vom Schock intus, dass ich mich ganz gut zusammenreißen konnte oder so XD
      Danke! ^^

  6. Oh nein, du Arme :( Das klingt ja echt übel... ich wüsste gar nicht, was ich machen sollte, wenn mir in einem fremden Land sowas passieren würde... Das ist dann bestimmt nochmal schlimmer, als wenns daheim passiert.
    Wünsch dir eine schnelle Genesung!

  7. Oje, ich war schon froh, dass dir nichts allzu Schlimmes passiert ist, auch wenn das hier auch richtig mies ist, als du getwittert hast. Ich hoffe, dir geht´s bald besser :)

  8. heftiger schocker
    das tut mir total leid fuer dich, dass ist mega schrecklich wenn man nicht weiss, wie schlimm es ist was man grade hat.
    ich war nach weihnachten in amsterdam und hab mir da irgendwo ne salmonellenvergiftung eingefangen. erst nur n bisschen flauer magen und dann wurds halt immer schlimmer ;_; und ich hatte kein plan was abgeht weil ich eigentlich nen megastabilen magen hab und diese art von schmerz garnicht wirklich kannte.
    als ich meine mutter anrief um zu fragen, ob ich ins krankenhaus gehen soll oder so, sind sie und mein vater dann gluecklicherweise ins auto gestiegen und drei stunden gefahren um mich abzuholen :) da sie auch per ferndiagnose schnell gecheckt hatte dass es ne lebensmittelvergiftung ist und die in den allermeisten faellen nach einem tag schon viel besser ist. bin froh, dass ich mir den zusaetlichen stress durch krankenhaus nicht antun musste, so im ausland... ist der heilung glaub ich auch nicht unbedingt foerderlich :D


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