Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cinderella's New Year's Eve

Happy New Year everyone!
Did you have a great time yesterday, were you out partying or did you celebrate with close friends in private? However you spend the last day of the old year, I hope you had a great time! I certainly did!

As I already mentioned I got invited to "Le Grand Bal" (The Great Ball) which is a ball on new year's eve held every year at the Hofburg in Vienna and previously called "Kaiserball" (Emperor's Ball). The Hofburg is one of the most impressive, beautiful buildings along the Ringstraße (which is definitely worth a long walk if you ever come to Vienna!), particularly the "Neue Burg", the newest part of the castle. I was incredibly excited to go there and very very nervous, after all it is a very fancy and posh event, which even some celebrities and political figures attend. I really felt like Cinderella, a peasant girl invited to a royal ball, haha!

I apologize for the bad photo quality, but I only had my cell phone with me... And it was hard enough to cram that in my mini handbag already XD

My mother was somewhat nervous too, as I realized when I went to my parents' place to gather all my stuff I needed for the ball. She gave me tons of advice, "Don't wear your hair open, wear an updo!", "You must take an elegant coat with you!", "I think red lips are too much!" etc.
It was actually a bit tiring, haha. She made me even more nervous, but of course she only meant to help me. In the end I refused to take her heavy fake fur coat and borrowed only a cape and handbag, but I did follow her advice and came up with an idea for an updo that I was able to do on my own, since I wouldn't have anyone to help me with my hair before I left.

I got a beautiful black necklace from a friend for Christmas and decided to wear it around my hairbun. What do you think? :3 

No red lips but lots of black-silver eyeshadow and false lashes! I'm still a bit furious that I forgot my Sleek palette with the best matte black eyeshadow in the world in Turku =/ 

Okay, that photo is really crappy but I don't think there'll be any other pictures of me in my dress unless I ever get my hands on the few pics that friends of mine took there. But just for reference, it's this one.

I was a bit desperate to find company for the ball since I didn't want to hang around alone while my friends who got me the ticket would dance (they débuted, which means that they participated in the opening ceremony of the ball with the first dance). In the end I found a company and two other friends were also able to come, so we were in a group of four.

Best pocket watch EVER (my company's). 

Sorry it's so blurry :(  

The setting was really beautiful. 

The great hall with the dance floor. And orchestra played the whole night. I didn't dance because I don't really remember how to do it (it's been years since I've been to a ball) but I participated in the midnight quadrille :) 

At midnight, we went outside. The area around the entrance was separated from the rest of the Heldenplatz, so it was very spacious and nice. Behind the barrier, people who attended the "Silvesterpfad" (annual, very popular street event in Vienna on new year's eve) were gathered and watching a broadcast from the main stage of the event in front of the town hall (you can see the illuminated building in the background of the photo below). It was so funny to be on the other side of that barrier, with people dressed in ball robes and smokings, and the "normal" people on the other side. As if we were royals and they were just plebs, lol.

The countdown was shown on a screen, and at midnight there was a great firework. We had a perfect view from our spot, and since I really hate the sound of explosions and fireworks, I enjoyed that I was able to watch them from so far away. (And I was impressed that my camera was actually able to take some more or less decent photos of the firework.)

After that we danced the quadrille, it's a special type of dance that involves a lot of marching, bowing, greeting etc. It's a lot of fun, though the instructions were really confusing sometimes. The couple opposite of us were equally confused, but we all enjoyed it. It really made me want to dance again some time in the future. Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to take a dancing course one day.

We stayed around the great hall for a while and entertained ourselves by watching the people passing by. I love to check out other women's dresses and style during such events, and I saw so many pretty robes that day! But I think I did fairly well on my own too, I was definitely not underdressed or something. My mom's worries were in vain.

We stayed till 4am, till the end of the event. I was already pretty tired by then and my feet hurt like hell. I was not wearing any special shoes, but they were just normal pumps so they were rather loose and after more than 6 hours my toes hurt a lot and my heels slipped out of the shoes all the time. Together with my friend who got me the ticket I went home to my boyfriend's place. We tried to find a taxi but even after 10 minutes of walking, no free one was in sight, so in the end we took the subway. My boyfriend came to meet us halfway and brought me a more comfortable pair of shoes, otherwise I couldn't have walked any further XD

Not very princess-like XD

In the end, I can say it was an amazing night, though not so different from other balls I attended so far. But of course, the ambiance is amazing and really contributed to this "princess-for-one-night" feeling. I enjoyed it a lot and it was definitely a memorable night!

Not very princess-like either, hahaha

I hope you too had a great New Years Eve and your year 2013 had a great start!


  1. wow, du sahst wirklich toll aus, das Kleid passt auch toll zu dir! Und mir gefällt die Idee mit der Kette im Haar.

    Wir waren tanzen, aber nicht ganz so "princess-like" im Goth-Club :D
    Auf einem richtigen Ball könnte ich auch gar nicht tanzen, ich hatte nie einen Tanzkurs :-/

  2. Hey! Siehst wunderhübsch aus!

  3. whoooooaaa du hast aber mal voll pompös ins neue Jahr gefeiert :3 richtig toll schaust du aus :)

  4. Sehr, sehr hübsches, schlichtes Kleid!
    Deine Frisur ist die auch besonders gelungen. Erst recht, wenn man bedenkt, dass du das alleine hinfriemeln musstest! Vebirgt sich unter der Haarpracht etwa ein Donut?^^
    Das letzte Bild is so kuhl! :D

    1. Kein richtiger Donut, sondern ein "Ring" aus einer Socke mit abgeschnittener Spitze die ich zusammengerollt habe, haha :'D Funktioniert aber echt super! Mit nem Donut würde mein Haarknödel einfach noch riesiger werden XD

  5. Woah! :D
    I'm so jealous, I've never attended any kind of events like this. I wish I could own a lot of beautiful gowns, but then I would have to have some place to wear them too. :P

    You look so beatiful, jsut like a princess. ♥
    You did great job with the hair and I love the necklace!

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

  6. Auf den Post hatte ich mich schon gefreut! *_*
    Ich bin so wahnsinnig neidisch, ich würde unheimlich gerne auch mal auf einen richtigen Ball. Blöd nur, dass ich kein bisschen tanzen kann und auch nichts gescheites zum anziehen hätte ^__^""

    Auch wenn die Bilder etwas verschwommen sind: Du sahst toll aus! Ich würde gerne noch viel mehr Bilder von dem Abend sehen x3

    1. Ach, ich kann auch (nicht mehr) tanzen. Da muss der Tanzpartner schon sehr gut führen damit ich es halbwegs kann :'D Aber es war auch so spaßig ^^
      Ich hoffe ich bekomme noch die anderen Bilder die gemacht wurden, dann kann ich die vielleicht auch noch hochladen und zeigen ^_^

  7. Das letzte Bild ist ja mal göttlich :D

    Woher kenn ich die Küche/Vorraum denn? ^^

    Varis feiert groß, prächtig und wunderschön ins neue Jahr :D (bzw hat)

  8. Du siehst so hübsch aus! Deine Frisur ist auch echt gelungen! *_*

  9. Ach, du siehst toll aus! *__* Ich war noch nie auf einem richtigen Ball (vom Abiball mal abgesehen, der aber nicht so glamourös war... :D), aber ich kann mir vorstellen, dass man sich da so "princess-like" fühlt. Das würde ich auch mal gerne machen, auch wenn ich nicht tanzen kann und vor allem kein passendes Kleid habe...^^


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