Saturday, January 19, 2013

Meanwhile, 1700km from here

While copying photos from my phone to my computer I realized I totally neglected the second week of my holiday at home in Austria and didn't even talk about my return to Finland here on my blog.
Well, yeah, obviously I am already back in Turku again, since the 5th. In case somebody was confused :)
I was too lazy to write up a diary entry blog post about it all before, but here it is now, just so that I don't forget it or anything.

Strangely, while at home I was encountering so many things (and people, of course) I had missed while I was in Finland, but also, I somehow felt... like an alien. Now I am back in Finland I feel totally bored most of the time, mainly because I don't have so many friends, but also because... well, there's simply not much to do in this town, compared to Vienna :'D

I was busy almost every day while I was in Vienna, and it was a nice feeling. But unfortunately it also made time pass by really quickly...

I really have a love-hate-relationship with Vienna.
For exampleI visited the Gustav Klimt exhibition at Castle Belvedere with my boyfriend!
I wanted to go there since January 2012 when they announced the "Klimt year" since it's an anniversary of his birth year. Klimt's pictures somehow have a nostalgic value for me. My grandmother had a poster of "The Kiss" above her bed, and as a child, I found it very fascinating and intriguing. I once asked her about the picture and she told me the artist's name, and even though I did not particularly like the art, it somehow captivated me.

Castle Belvedere - it's so beautiful, I really have to come back in spring some time!

Later, I learned about his other pictures, and personally I like "Judith" much more, because it has such a strong... aura. But my absolutely favorite artwork of Klimt ist "Medicine", though most people probably only know Hygeia, who is actually only a small excerpt of the whole work. Unfortunately, the original got burned, so there is only a black-and-white copy of it left. But even this looks just incredible.



During the exhibition, I noticed that I didn't really know a lot about his earlier work. Klimt was really a fantastic painter, his works looking so realistic that at times you would feel like looking straight into a real person's eyes. Not a photo, not a painting, a real person! What a crazy feeling!

As his later works got more and more expressionism-ish, I am less and less intrigued, but this is because I have a general dislike for expressionism, but I like his Art Noveau paintings a lot. I was happy that I has a chance to see these great works of art during my stay in Austria, since I already knew the exhibition would be over when I return in February.

I also went to the cinema twice, to see The Hobbit and Wreck-it-Ralph. I really liked both movies, and I wish I could go to the cinema more often, but it's just really expensive here. So I guess I'll just wait till I'm back in Austria to see more movies!

The greatest thing about my "holiday" in Austria was probably living with my boyfriend again. Naturally, I missed him like crazy so I was just happy to be near him again. But also I really like the new flat he has moved in to, not only because his room is much bigger and nicer than the one we lived in before but also because his flat mates are wonderful :) One of them is my friend Mimi
I am already looking forward to living together with them X3 And the best part: since one other flat mate has to move out soon, somebody new will move in.... who happens to be my boyfriend's and my friend, who lived with us before, haha :D So three out of 4 people of our old flat will be living there soon! I bet it's gonna be a lot of fun :)

The best thing about being at home was definitely the food.
Not that Finnish food is not good or anything, I really appreciate the inexpensive lunch I get here, which is often quite good even. No, it's rather that of course, some things are just different here. Some things are crazily expensive and I don't want to spend so much money on food. And most of the time, I don't feel like cooking or preparing a nice dinner for myself, simply because I am alone and don't want to make the effort. 
I lost 2kg during my time in Finnland, and during two weeks in Austria I guess I gained 3 or 4, haha :'D
But I guess it's okay, with Christmas and my mother's birthday, celebrating and eating so much... I'd still like to get rid of that extra weight again though, but due to my little "accident" I can't continue the 60-days-leg-challenge because my back still hurts so much that I can barely move sometimes :( I hope the pain will go away soon so I can continue Pilates, it's a lot of fun and I really felt like it had an effect!

We had -24°C yesterday.

As for the time being, I distract myself by playing video games. While I was sick I played through Assassin's Creed in roughly three days, and now I'm at Assassin's Creed 2. It's a great game with so many things to discover that I really won't get bored with it so soon, I guess. So maybe it can distract me from my loneliness for another three weeks, until I've finished my internship my boyfriend comes to visit :)

Blabla over! See you again soon, hopefully with something more interesting to tell, haha!


  1. Meine Schwester und ich mögen Klimt auch total!
    Sie hat sich einiges aus der Porzellan-Reihe gekauft oder zum Geburtstag/Weihnachten schenken lassen und is ganz stolz :D

    1. Das find ich ja cool :D Ich hätte so gerne ein Poster von der "Meidzin" aber es gibt nur Hygeia alleine :<

  2. Ich weiß, dieser Kommentar ist total zusammenhangslos und soll eigentlich auch eher für den ganzen Blog gelten - ich finde es so schön, wie du schreibst! ^__^ Danke für die inspirierenden und auch unterhaltsamen Momente beim Bloglesen! :)

    1. Das ist ein schönes Kompliment, vielen Dank ♥ Umso schöner wenn man Spaß am schreiben hat, wenn es auch Leute gibt die es gerne lesen :D

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