Saturday, January 26, 2013

Money makes the world go round

A few days ago I payed my rent for the last time, which made me realize how much money of my grants I have still left. For quite a long while I had more money than when I first came to Finland, due to our deposit from the old flat being paid back etc. Now I booked a trip to Lapland for me and my boyfriend which is going to be rather expensive, but I think it will really be worth it, and am looking forward to it!

I haven't been shopping since I bought myself a pair of warm boots in December, but I don't really feel the 'need' to buy something. I am mostly sitting around at home, not going out or anything, and don't feel like wearing nice clothes. 
There are, however, somethings I'd really really love to have and I think I might buy them when I'm back in Austria :) Of course I will save most of it, since I will have to spend a lot of money on renovating my flat this summer, but I will probably order some stuff at Bodyline and maybe another wig - I'd love to have something colorful like blue or pink/purple! I was shortly thinking about ordering this dress after I immediately fell in love with the print when they showed it around the end of last year, but considering the price I am not satisfied with the type of velvet they used.... but maybe if I find it somewhere used one day I might buy it :)

Bodyline skirt I'd like to buy - I fell in love with that print a while ago and I'd really like to have the black version!

Okay, enough chit-chat about Lolita.
I already got my schedule for the next semester, and the good news is: I have only very few classes, actually I only have to go to Krems for half of March, April and half of May. That's it. The even better news is that we have only two exams and one lab! Of course there's also the Bachelor examination in June, but since I went to watch last year's exams I am quite confident that it won't be that difficult. So I am really looking forward to the next semester already. It's gonna be a huge difference to this semester.

According to our schedule / study programme plan we are suppose to work 30 h / week, but I think most people have to work 40. Well, on one hand, I think it's okay, since you are supposed to get good data, learn new things, you can work on your thesis while at work instead of at home etc. However, my current situation requires me to do nothing but wait. I come to work at 8am and leave at 4pm and in between I have maybe 15 minutes where I have actually got something to do. The reason for this is that I wanted to start my experiments with cell culture now, but the cells that I got from a partner university were somehow damaged during the transport, so now they're growing excruciatingly slow. So now all I can do is sit around and wait and wait and wait...

To think that you could spend those hours with something fun instead having to sit at work just because you have to.... My thesis is more or less finished, all that's missing is the data from the experiments I can't start yet, and I already re-calculated all of my old data to double check, I used the time to work on assignments for that one class I have to attend additionally - I just don't have anything to do anymore.

From my experience of all the jobs I had so far, I really have to say this is by far the worst kind of thing that could happen: having nothing to do. I like to keep myself occupied. It's okay if I don't like what I'm doing, but I don't like to do nothing and just stand around idling. But for all my other jobs, at least I got payed. Be it only as little as 200€ for 5 weeks, but it was something at least...

Well, I'm not gonna demand a payment since I got money from grants, but still it is kinda frustrating to see how students are used to work in projects that result in publications without ever getting anything in return (well, maybe their name is mentioned on the paper. In my case, there probably won't be a paper, and if, I suppose my contribution will be regarded as too little to be worth mentioning). This really pisses me off, especially when I look at my colleague, who is sometimes working 50 h / week just to get her experiments don because our supervisor demands so much from her - because he wants to write a paper about her results, so of course he is very interested that she obtains a lot of good data....

Well, I'm just looking forward to the next semester.
I hope I can go snowboarding sometime in March, and I want to go out, have fun with my friends and enjoy my last semester as a Bachelor student! Only two more weeks to go - which is on one hand good but on the other a bit scary, since it means if I don't get the cells to grow so I can work with them, I'm gonna have a baaad time. Well, I'm in Finland till the end of February, so I could come in a few times to work overtime, but I just really hope I won't have to :'D

Anyways. I have to do an assignment for our class, so I better get going now before I lose all motivation again D:
See you soon!


  1. Ich finde, was Shoppen angeht, ist die Sache mit dem "Brauchen" immer sehr dehnbar ^^°

  2. 50 Stunden pro Woche ohne Bezahlung ist echt krass. Ist in der Archaelogie bei Ausgrabungen aber auch nicht anders, nur dass du da sogar manchmal noch draufzahlen kannst fuer Verpflegung, Reise etc... Wer etabliert solche Systeme, frage ich mich!

    Und schoen, wenn das letzte Semester entspannt wird. Kannst echt stolz auf dich sein, den Bachelor durchgezogen zu haben (bisher, aber da mach ich mir keine Sorgen ^^).
    Ich persoenlich hab jetzt schon den zweiten Studiengang abgebrochen und seh mich mittlerweile nach Ausbildungsstellen um. Das doofe ist, man haengt total in der Luft und weiss nicht, ob, wann, wo und was man kriegt... seufz.

    Oh man ich wollte letztens shoppen gehen, da ich meine eigenen Klamotten irgendwie momentan alle scheisse finde und mich in nix wohl fuehle.
    Ich streif also durch die typischen H&Ms und New Yorkers und wie sie alle heissen und hab NICHTS gefunden, es war so frustrierend.
    Muss echt an mir gelegen haben :D


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