Monday, February 4, 2013

60 Days of Fail....

Remember that "60 Days to slimmer legs" Pilates challenge I tried to do since the beginning of December?
Well. Turns out I failed it pretty badly.

Ever since Christmas I had trouble getting myself to do the Pilates exercises. Before that, it went really well and I did them almost every day! I even saw first effects. It felt wonderful. But then, there was Christmas, a lot of stuff to do, a lot of fun, little time and motivation to do sports with all the other stuff keeping me busy...
What's even worse: After my return to Finland, I promised myself to get it all started again. And I did, for a mere two days before I had my little accident which totally fucked up everything again. My back continued to hurt for three weeks after that, rendering me unable not only to bend down or lie on my back (as many of the exercises I chose require) but also to walk without pain, so in addition I took the bus quite frequently instead of walking my way home from work.

It was a fantastic excuse not to do anything, and I used it far longer than was legit. It was just terribly hard to get back on track and force myself to do these exercises again. Exchanging those 20-40 minutes of workout per day for 20-40 minutes additional sleep by going to bed earlier or fun by staying up longer and doing random stupid things on the internet... well, it was just too easy.

So, it's a mere week to go till the end of the challenge, and just last week I found enough motivation to continue with the training. Mainly because I started to feel completely bloated and uneasy, and my pants started to feel pretty tiny with those layers of leggings and warm clothes underneath. So I decided I really have to do something again.

The funny thing is, it's not actually as bad as I'd expect it to be. Once I got started again, I made it through quite easily. On Tuesday, I had slightly sore muscles, which got worse towards the evening, so the workout was really hard. But I did it, and it felt incredibly good to do it despite the pain. My legs were feeling like butter after that, but just good. And today my muscles were even more sore when I woke up, but during the day it got better.

I was really surprised to see how easy the exercises still are for me, despite my almost four weeks long break. I thought almost all effects would be gone by now, but turns out my muscles react pretty quickly once they're demanded again. I like that! Seems like that training really does have a long term effect.

I think this is a major advantage of Pilates exercises. A second advantage is the shape of the muscles you get. When I was rowing a few years ago, I had pretty crazy leg muscles, but they never were those "prett" kind of muscles that runners get. For example that muscle on my upper thigh on the outer side would always protrude in a rather sharp edge above my knee when in use. This is now different, and the muscles are flat and more subtle. This is exactly what I wanted, always being very self conscious about my legs and their "muscularity" compared to my rather slim upper body. So I really found an ideal exercise program to get the muscle shape I want, and this leads me to the conclusion that I will definitely carry on with this, even when the 60 days have passed!

Of course it will get difficult once my boyfriend is here and then when I'm back in Austria because it's always a bit awkward when there's somebody around "watching" you or something, but I will try to keep going anyway, because I just love the feeling these exercises give me. When you have sore muscles exactly where you want to train your legs. When you use muscles you were not even aware of having! It's really good and if you're looking for a good program to "get in shape" and not necessarily losing weight, Pilates might just be the thing for you too!

For a short while I considered joining that blogger belly off project, but I decided against it because I would feel that with my weight (which I currently don't even know since I have no balance, but I suppose its around 50 or 51 kg) people would not take me seriously. And for me, it's rather "muscles up" than "belly off" anyway. I am however trying to pay a bit closer attention to what I eat, though food at the cafeteria does not really make it easy. I also found that for me it's much more difficult to cut down on sweets than I ever thought. I believe I am currently in a state of mind where I'm rather stressed due to my job and writing my thesis, and most of all, being lonely is slowly driving me insane. I am really glad my boyfriend will come to visit me on Friday! Until then I think I won't be able to stay away from sweets for longer than maybe three days, because the craving is simply too strong. But I also think that after that it will be easier again. I will definitely try to keep down the sugar a bit, but I won't be mad at myself if I don't make it.

So, overall, it's not really 60 days of complete Fail, but it sure does bug me to know that I could see much bigger effects if I didn't have that 4 weeks break in between. But since I don't plan to stop the Pilates training anyway, I guess it doesn't matter that much :)

By the way - I tried to get some "before/after" photos, but then again I really don't feel comfortable showing pics of my naked legs here :'D soooo all I can tell you is that the workout "shaped" my muscles really nicely. Especially the calves look nicer now, and I am curious how it's gonna look like when I'm wearing heels again (which is currently impossible here due to several centimeter thick layers of ice on the sidewalks).

What kind of sport do you prefer to get in shape?
Are you currently in training or trying to lose weight? What is your plan? Tell me about it!

PS: Last week of work! Yeeeeey! I'm gonna spend my two weeks of holiday here in Finland, going to Saariselkä (Lapland) and Helsinki, maybe Tampere too - together with my boyfriend ♥ So hopefully I'll soon have looots of nice pictures to blog :3

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  1. hey, Glückwunsch erstmal zu deinem Erfolg :) gut dass du was gefunden hast, was dir als Sport gefällt.

    Mir tun manchmal auch Muskeln weh, von denen ich nicht wusste, dass ich sie hab xD das geht mir so, wenn ich am Wochenende tanzen war, jetzt zum Beispiel, die seitlichen Bauchmuskeln xD

    ich mache im Moment jeden Abend Sit Ups. Gewicht verlieren ist mir auch nicht wichtig, nur ein wenig "in Form sein"


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