Friday, February 1, 2013

Dining like a Viking!

Hey guys!

It's been a while since I've done something fun and wrote about it, thankfully I got a great opportunity to go out just yesterday evening. Since my two colleagues from Austria didn't get a contract for their flat for February, they left earlier and our little project group had some kind of farewell dinner at a local restaurant. "Viikinkiravintola Harald", is a viking-themed restaurant here in Turku, which has a very nice and cozy atmosphere. I wish I had taken more pictures, but since I was there with my colleagues I didn't want to stand out to much, if you understand what I mean... (btw, I heard that some restaurants in Austria want to forbid people from taking photos of their food?! hahaha)

I was really happy to have an opportunity to wear some make up again :3 I wanted to try something completely different and chose a very unusual (for me) color combination of green and gold. It's hard to see here, I'm sorry for that (I miss taking photos in daylight, bohoo), but it's the light golden shade from the Sleek Sunset palette combined with a matte green and shiny turquoise from Catrice :3 And my all-time-favorite black from the Sleek palette, of course.

So, about the food...

Some dried ruisleipä and melted butter was served for starters!

We met at the restaurant at 8pm, and I was barely hungry, though I usually eat around 5pm! Yet I ordered a three course menu, like everyone else, because the dinner would be payed for us from the project budget, hehe :3
The waitress was super nice and friendly and her English was perfect! The even had a menu card in German too, haha!

The first course was a kind of mushroom soup (I forgot what kind of mushroom it was .__.). The bread, as explained by our project leader, is a special bread that originates from the Turku region or something, it tastes very fruity and goes well with the berry mousse!

Next up I got this giant salmon steak with cooked root vegetables, a potato pancake and mushroom sauce. When I saw it I was quite shocked because it was so huge D: I almost didn't make it, but it was so delicious... I had to eat it all! But afterwards, I felt sooo stuffed!

But wait, there was more! The desert was a seabuckthorn berry sorbet on strawberry mousse and a blueberry cake, which was actually more like a muffin. It was prepared in that little bowl, and at the bottom there was a soft, fruity blueberry core ♥

I haven't felt so stuffed since our cooking course, haha! Even though the atmosphere was very viking-ish (?) we all showed our best manners while eating and drinking :D The restaurant also offers different kinds of "event meals" for groups, as far as I know, and they have their own brewery, where they make honey-seasoned beer. I didn't try it though, but maybe I'll bring some home for others to taste :)

The others met with another colleague afterwards and went to some bar or something, but I was so tired (Dumping syndrome, yeeey) I really just wanted to go home.

But anyway, it was a lot of fun :D
Today I was all alone in our little office room, because my colleagues were already on their way back to Austria early this morning. But I still have another week to go, then my boyfriend will come to Finland, we will do some sight seeing for two weeks. I can hardly believe my stay here in Finland is slowly coming to an end...

PS: Please keep your fingers crossed that my cells survive this week end! I really need them on Monday and if they die I won't be able to finish my experiments .__. 


  1. NOM... hunger v___v

    ich find in Schneewittchenfilmen sollte man dich nehmen :3 du bist voll hübsch

  2. das sieht alles seehr lecker aus und definitiv mal was anders! Sehr cool :D

    Drück deinen Zellen die Daumen ;)

  3. Das AMU sieht sooo toll an dir aus! *-*
    Und das Essen...woah! Nu moecht ich auch!

  4. Das Make-up steht dir xD sieht hübsch aus :)
    Und dieser Lachs! Hätte ich jetzt auch gerne xD

  5. wow *_____* i really like your make-up :3 the combination of gold & green fits perfectly to you <3

    and I want to have the blueberry cake *_____* it looks so delicious :3

  6. du Hübsche (:
    ich folge dir (: vielleicht magst du ja auch bei mir vorbeischauen (:


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