Thursday, February 21, 2013

Last days in Finland: Shopping and Sightseeing

Well, the end is finally near...

Tomorrow I will leave Finland for good and probably won't return for at least a year. I am spending my last days here enjoying everything as good as I can, and the more I think about it, the more things I notice that I will definitely miss, such as the super long opening hours of every store and the opportunity to shop on Sundays as well!

I showed my boyfriend around the city a little bit and we've also been to Helsinki on Monday, for some sightseeing and shopping and I have been on a little shopping spree ♥ But since I have quite some money left from my grants I felt like searching the sales for some little treasures, and I was very successful!

The pants are from Zara and were for sale (20€) and the dress is a gift from by boyfriend. We found it at H&M for 15€ :D

I love the print ♥ and it's very elegant. Doesn't make me look like a walking sausage despite being very tight XD 

I bought these two items at Morticia in Helsinki. The pants had their price reduced to 20€ (from a horrendous 70€! What a deal!). The dress I bought for full price though. But I fell in love with it and coudln't leave it there...

The print is 100% my taste and it suits very nicely (if I get a grip on myself and my eating habits again...). I hope to wear it for my graduation form University in June ♥ 

There's this really cool store called "Ninja" in Kamppi, where they have tons of accessories and jewelry, it was all sorted by color and sooo pretty! There was a lot I wanted to buy, but I ended up only buying the pearl necklace for some Classic Lolita outfit in the future or something. The studded hair band was a nother gift from my boyfriend ♥

As for the sightseeing, it was not very exciting and I didn't take any photos, mostly because I showed my boyfriend places I had already been to before and taken photos. And we had a streak of really bad luck with some of the places I wanted to show him being closed down on the day we were there or for the whole winter season altogether!
Oh well, I guess it's just another reason why we really should come back soon :)

I already started packing some of my stuff yesterday (thank the heavens I brought some of my stuff to Austria during the Christmas holidays already and left it there!), mainly just throwing clothes in the biggest of my three suitcases. I somehow feel it's easier to pack now, because I don't have to make any choices. When I think back to August, how frustrated and anxious I was... but then again, I am severely unmotivated and frustrated about packing, because I don't really feel like leaving. And I still have to clean this whole place before I can return the key of course. Motivation? Not so much.

Tomorrow is gonna be an incredibly stressful day, so I better get everything done as much as possible today nonetheless. I will have to do the laundry, finish packing and have one last meeting with my supervisor (nor at all inconveniently scheduled to the day I leave -__-). But our flight is in the afternoon, so I hope it will all turn out nicely manageable. Our parents will picks us up from the airport and I have two days at home before I have to go to university on Monday again. 

On one hand, I'm really looking forward to going back "home" but on the other hand, I feel like I am leaving "home" and a place I really, really love, despite all the difficulties I had here... Well, anyway - see you soon!


  1. Did you use make-up or something? Your face looks really pale...

    1. Just my usual foundation and powder. I guess the light/snow and cell phone camera contributed to me looking that pale :)

  2. Schönes Foto oben :) Und die sachen sehen toll aus!

  3. wow, der hammer wie schnell die zeit verflogen ist. kann mich noch gut an deinen ersten finnland post erinnern XD

    & tolle sachen hast du da ershoppt *_* die perlenkette ist wunderschön und passt total zu lolita! und das kleid mit den totenköpfen ist einfach nur traumhaft! :D

    ihr beide seid so ein süßes pärchen *_____* *knuddel* ^^

  4. OMG DAS KLEID!!! <3

    Und das Foddo von euch beiden fand ich schon auf Facebook zuckersüß. #^^#

  5. das Kleid *__* (hihi, wie alle Mädels das Kleid begaffen :D)

  6. Das Bild ist sooo süß <3
    Und tolle Sachen hast du ershoppt,würd sie auch alle nehmen ^^
    Vor allem das Kleid ist toll und das schwarze Kleid...aber du siehst doch in gar nichts aus wie eine Pellwurst, so dünn wie du bist ^^
    Viel Spaß beim Packen :)

  7. das kleid mit den totenköpfen *_* awesome!

  8. (auch wenn es so langsam nervt, aber......) OMG!!! WAS FÜR NEN GEILES KLEID!! O__O

  9. Haha, ich dachte mir schon dass das Kleid Gefallen finden wird :D

  10. Wirklich alles, was du gekauft hast, is wunderschön! Das Kleid passt absolut zu dir! und dann solche Schnäppchen!
    Ich mag deine Augenbrauen auf dem Bild. Dass sie etwas "dominanter" sind als sonst, steht dir gut. (ich weiß, ich bin krankhafter Augenbrauenfetischist <.<)

  11. Ich fand das Bild so toll, als ich es auf Instagram gesehen habe und mir gefällt es noch immer.
    Ich glaube, ich hätte die gleiche (nicht vorhandene) Motivation, zu packen. Mir geht's bei einer Woche Urlaub schon so ^^

    Trotzdem freue ich mich, wenn du wieder da bist. Dann gibt es eine reelle Chance, dass wir uns wieder treffen ;)

  12. That's such a good picture of you and your boyfriend :)

    I love everything that you purchased! The halter dress is especially pretty. It looks like a flattering cut ^^


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