Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snow here, snow there....

I'm back from my skiing holiday and now back in Vienna, but we got quite a lot of snow here too so it feels like I'm still in Styria, haha :D

We only spent three days skiing, I actually only went snowboarding on the first day and then decided to stick to my skis since my parents are skiing too and I didn't want to be the only one sitting on the ground all the time. I love both, so I like the variation anyway and I'm super happy that I have both types of equipment, but what i prefer about skiing is the fact that it feels more challenging for me. Snowboarding, for some reason, does not exhaust me near as much as skiing, when I just do it normally. I should probably start learning some tricks or something, then this would change I guess - but I'm far too much of a scaredy cat :'D

Actually decent weather on day 2! What luck!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'd rather never grow up...

...if it meant I'd have to stop playing games!

Lately I've been having some more free time than usual, since I didn't have to go to the university very often this month, and the work for my thesis is also finished now, so I spent a lot of time gaming ♥ So this is going to bee an entry dedicated to one of my biggest hobbies and my favorite games of all time! (see below...)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Addicted to Glitter!

Lately I have been kinda addicted to everything sparkling and glittering!  (ノ・∀・)ノ
(So yeah, in case you're wondering, this is gonna be about make up and stuff ^^)

I bought a bunch of different glitter "pigments" at Claire's lately, because they were quite cheap and I decided I wanted to give them a try as glitter eyeshadow pigments. I'm really bad when it comes to using pigments, so I was kinda skeptical if I would manage this time, but as it turns out, these cheapo glitter powder works out really nicely with Essence's pigment base!

In this particular case, I wanted to try a "glitter eyeliner look". So I simply layered the glitter on top of my gel eyeliner. The result looks fantastic imo!
I'm not on very good terms with my DSLR at the moment, I find it extremely difficult to take proper pictures - close ups especially. So for the time being, I hope you can live with these slightly blurry pictures -_-

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lucky 7 ♥

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I celebrated our 7th anniversary!

It's actually a bit hard for me to believe that it's such a long time already. Time seems to be passing by so fast! I feel kinda old when I think that I was 14 when I met him for the first time, and 15 when we started "dating" :'D Almost 1/3 of my life we've been together, and even though we spent the last 6 months more than 1.000km apart, there was no sign of the "Seven Year Itch". I think there could have been no harder test for us than this long time separation, so I think chances are pretty good that we will endure other hardships in the future :)

Picture My Day #13 (German&English)

Picture My Day - this time organized by Chriz - is a recurring online event where participants take photos of what they do for a whole day and share them with others.

My day wasn't very exciting, and to be honest quite often I just forgot to take a photo of something, so I ended up with much less photos than I could have :'D Also, I only used my cell phone cam so the quality is not the best, sorry for that! But anyway, if you're interested to catch a glimpse at my day, look ahead :)

Ich denke mittlerweile kennen die meisten Blogger den "Picture My Day" Day, bei dem es darum geht einen ganzen Tag lang Fotos zu machen und diesen Einblick in den Alltag mit anderen zu teilen. Diesmal wurde das ganze veranstaltet von Chriz, und auch wenn mein Tag nicht sonderlich aufregend war, kamen doch ein paar Bilder zusammen. Leider nur mit meiner Handykamera, aber immerhin. Und von hier an lasse ich einfach mal Bilder sprechen :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Madame Butterfly

Hello everyone!

I am finally able to show you some pictures from the little "photo shoots" I had a few days ago!
Since my friend Mimi is studying to become a make up artist, she needed a few models for her portfolio, and she asked me if I wanted to model for her too! Of course I was very excited and happy about it! She needed an idea for the topic "theater make up" and was already thinking about doing something Geisha-like, and I immediately thought of Madame Butterfly, thinking we could somehow incorporate my butterfly tattoo in the pictures.

The make up itself took maybe 1 1/1 hours to put on, then we spent another eternity with my hair which, as usual, refused to be styled in any way XD But in the end, we got some quite decent photos.

I edited them quite a bit, to enhance the overall impression, as on the originals it was mainly important to see the execution of the make up, since the portfolio will be graded. But for my personal enjoyment I edited the hell out of them 8D Here we go!

This is not the "good" side of my face XD But it turned out quite nicely ^^

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sweet times ♥ poppy seed raspberry cheese cake and sweet rolls

Hey guys!

Now that I'm living in a flat with a (more or less) well equipped, big kitchen, I was able to take up one of my biggest hobbies again - baking!

I really love baking, I love to try out new recipes, come up with entirely new ones, improvise... for me, baking is a relaxing hobby, even though it can sometimes be really stressful, especially when you want to make something as a present and then something goes wrong. But if it turns out nicely, I always feel very very proud and happy when people like the stuff I made! And of course, I want to share my recipes and baking "stories" here on my blog too.

Last week end was my step dad's birthday and I made a poppy seed raspberry cheese cake :3

My step dad loves poppy seed, and he and the rest of my family all really liked the cake, I was really relieved because I had never tried to make such a cake before, but it turned out nicely :D

Monday, March 4, 2013

Movie Time: Warm Bodies Review & Interpretation

Since I'm now living in a flat that's directly next to a shopping center and cinema, i actually have a realistic chance of really seeing all the movies I see in previews and that interest me a lot - usually it was lack of time to go to the cinema but now I live really close to one and it's rather cheap to go to there on certain days :)

One of the movies I really wanted to see was "Warm Bodies".
My boyfriend showed me a funny review of the movie on youtube a few weeks ago and I was immediately hooked up on the idea of the story and it seemed to be pretty funny.

So last Thursday I had my presentation at the university about my internship, and it went really well actually, though I was scared that somebody would start asking mean questions or something :'D To celebrate this a little, we went to see the movie. Ohh and how I had missed the pop corn ♥

Saturday, March 2, 2013

That's enough.

Okay, that's it. I'm really, really sick of this.

Lately, I've been getting more and more spam bot comments here on my blog. It started with maybe 10 or so per week, but now look what happens if I don't check every day:

These 90 spam comments accumulated over roughly two days. TWO DAYS where I haven't been constantly checking my mail and blogger for the comments, because unfortunately about 1/3 of the comments pass through the spam filter and get posted.

I really wish blogger had an option to disallow anonymous postings but allow name/URL postings. I really wish it would just automatically recognize all anonymous (nameless) comments as spam, the few people who comment on my blog anonymously without a name would be the only ones affected and would just have to use any name before posting. But there is no such option.

I will therefore deactivate the option for anonymous commenting for a while. I know that it would probably be already a lot less annoying if I deactivated the e-mail alert for new comments BUT I like this option because it tells me immediately if I got a comment on very old entries that I would otherwise maybe overlook more easily. Also, there is a lot of cyberspace and energy wasted by those fucking spam bots, and it's getting literally more and more every day, and I won't allow that to continue on my blog. I currently have ~ 600 hits per day, which is utterly ridiculous compared to my number of regular readers, posts and comments by non-spam bots (also, I get an disproportionally large amount of hits from the US and Russia). This tells me most of those hits come from spam bots. I have no idea why this happens all of a sudden, because half a year ago, I didn't get any spam comments and was super happy about it. Now it's just getting more and more, and I hope that if I deactivate it for a while, this flood of spam comments will stop and I can re-activate this after a while.

For the time being, please note that even if you don't have a blogger/google+ account, you can use your Livejournal and Wordpress Accounts to comment too. If, for some reason, these options do not suit you, feel free to contact me on my facebook page, via my twitter, formspring or the e-mail address on my contact page if there is something you want to ask or tell me.
You can also use "Open ID" and use any URL to comment! (Thanks to DarkDesire for the hint)

Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause to some of you - I will see in a few days if I can reactivate the option without a new flood of spam comments. I hope for the time being you will still enjoy reading my blog and find a way to contact me if you need to.