Monday, March 18, 2013

Addicted to Glitter!

Lately I have been kinda addicted to everything sparkling and glittering!  (ノ・∀・)ノ
(So yeah, in case you're wondering, this is gonna be about make up and stuff ^^)

I bought a bunch of different glitter "pigments" at Claire's lately, because they were quite cheap and I decided I wanted to give them a try as glitter eyeshadow pigments. I'm really bad when it comes to using pigments, so I was kinda skeptical if I would manage this time, but as it turns out, these cheapo glitter powder works out really nicely with Essence's pigment base!

In this particular case, I wanted to try a "glitter eyeliner look". So I simply layered the glitter on top of my gel eyeliner. The result looks fantastic imo!
I'm not on very good terms with my DSLR at the moment, I find it extremely difficult to take proper pictures - close ups especially. So for the time being, I hope you can live with these slightly blurry pictures -_-

Just for completion a crappy cell phone pic with eyes open.

I am completely in love with these! Here is what the product looks like:

I bought these because spring and summer are coming and I felt like "FLASHY NEON ALL THE WAAAAY!" but there were also packages with various shades of purple, petrol etc. for less flashy looks.

They aren't even that sheer when used alone, however it really depends on the angle if you see them at all. Here you can see the turquoise and pink ones appearing to be pretty well covering, however from a slightly different angle, like with the yellow pigment, less particles reflect the light and some are not really seen.

For the look above I used the "white" glitter because it actually sparkles in pink and blue so I thought it fits the eye shadow quite well :)

And just because this blog post doesn't have near enough GLITTER yet, here's some nail polish I wore lately:

Please excuse the abominable tip wear. Taken a few days after I put it on.

I also wore galaxy nails again lately - this time they turned out so much better than the last time I tried to do them :) I really like that look and I promised my mum to that nail design for her too, so I can practice some more, hehe.

I really want to do more looks with glitter in the near future! What do you think about it, do you like glitter?

On an unrelated note: God dammit I need a different lens for my camera or a remote release because taking pictures of my eyes is impossible, my arms are too short D:


  1. Ich find, es ist dir voll gelungen! Und die Farbkombi - der Hammer! :)

  2. deinen "Glitter-Eyeliner" find ich der hammer, richtig tolles AMU, steht dir :)

  3. Sieht gut aus mit dem Glitzer! Sowas wollte ich mir auch mal holen..wusste aber nicht, wir ich damit umgehe..klappt aber ganz gut...muss wohl auch zu Claires xD

  4. Ich liebe Glitzerzeug!
    Dein AMU sieht super aus :)

  5. Oh my gosh, your eye makeup is absolutely gorgeous! You look soooo pretty <3333
    I love glitter makeup and glitter nails; I'm five years old inside x)

    The galaxy nails also look very pretty! I also can't help but think that it takes forever to remove because of the chunky glitters >_<

    1. Aww, thanks a lot ♥
      Haha, removing the glitter was okay actually :D A pain as usual, but I just removed as much as I could without too much scrubbing and then drowned a cotton pad in nail polish remover and pressed it on each nail for 15-30 seconds, after that I was able to wipe away the remaining large glitter particles quite well ^^

  6. sieht wirklich hübsch aus *_* ich hab immer Angst, dass sowas eine riesen Schweinerei gibt ;)

    1. Erstaunlicherweise bröseln die Glitterpigmente kaum!
      Ich hab zuerst die Base mit einem Eyelinerpinsel aufgetragen und dann den noch "feuchten" Pinsel in den Glitter getunkt. Die Abgabe vom Pinsel aufs Auge war dann auch eigentlich sehr gut, und so wurde weder was verschewendet noch eingesaut :D Ich bin sehr zufrieden! ^^

  7. also AMU´s hast du voll drauf :3

    ich meide so Glitzerdinger momentan, ich kann damit irgendwie nicht so recht umgehen und versuch dann mit paketklebeband den Glitzer von den Wangen zu kleben :D

  8. Glitzer. Ich liebe Glitzer!!

    Sieht wirklich super aus ;)

  9. Wow, sehr schönes AMU (: Hätte voll nicht gedacht, dass man mit dem Lidschatten mehr als irgendwas Quitschbuntes machen könnte^^
    Hab schon wesentlich abgetrageneren Nagellack gesehen ;D

  10. so viel schönes glitzer <3 und ein AMU ist so wunderschön :D gefällt mir richtig richtig gut :D


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