Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'd rather never grow up...

...if it meant I'd have to stop playing games!

Lately I've been having some more free time than usual, since I didn't have to go to the university very often this month, and the work for my thesis is also finished now, so I spent a lot of time gaming ♥ So this is going to bee an entry dedicated to one of my biggest hobbies and my favorite games of all time! (see below...)

I sometimes feel guilt about spending so much time on games, but then again, I guess everybody has something like that they do to relax, be it watching TV or reading a book. It's not like I'm entirely passive and not using my brain when I play - for example I love point and click adventures and I recently started to play the "Broken Sword" series, which I know since I was a kid and tried it on my cousin's PS1 back in the last century :D I like games with a good story, like for example Skyrim, and I am that kind of person that reads every quest text in role playing games. I especially love the setting of Skyrim and I also spent a lot of time catching up on the lore of Tamriel, since I didn't play the earlier parts of the Elder Scrolls' series, and I really wanna know my stuff when The Elder Scrolls Online comes out, hehe :3 (I signed up for the beta, who else? Hope I will get in!)

I also found my Pokémon Sapphire cartridge lately, so I started playing again. I have a weird habit of restarting the older games every time I get bored with the new ones, so I found the story half finished on this one and was immediately hooked up on playing again. I was also thinking about playing through Gen V again, because I have problems memorizing all names and types of Gen IV and V. So I started thinking about what kind of team I would like to have on Black, while playing Sapphire. However, I soon noticed that my old Nintendo DS lite apparently started to bug around a bit, and it was not just the cartridge but the whole system that sometimes froze during the starting screen. Furthermore, I was constantly fearing that the battery would run low before I found the recharger that I apparently lost during my move from Finland to Austria... So after I gave it a little thought...

... I ended up buying myself a Nintendo 3DS! (and a recharger cable for my old DS lite)

So now I have for the first time in my life two compatible Nintendo handheld systems, which means I can swap Pokémon with myseeeeeelf! *insert forever alone meme here*
So first of all I spent a lot of time trading/transfering all my Pokémon from older generations over to my Black 2 cartridge. I guess I might really get hooked up on the "collecting" aspect of Pokémon again now, even though I was always kinda frustrated about all those Pokémon you can't collect in the regular game and need special events/tickets etc. to get them. I didn't have a suitable WiFi internet connection, so I missed on a lot of chances to get such Pokémon. But even with that there are already TONS of legendaries I've collected so far, though there's still like 1/3 missing!

Binders full of women Boxes full of Pokémon! 

Short review:

I really like the new Nintendo handheld and the 3D is kinda cool, though I'm usually no big fan of it I like the fact that its intensity can be regulated and even entirely switched off. The screen has a better resolution of course, which is very apparent when playing Nintendo DS games on it, because the image on the upper screen appears slightly blurred. Also I found that the position of the d-pad is slightly uncomfortable because it's below the 3D pad. Of course it's also possible to play with that one instead, but in games that do not feature 3D movement I prefer the regular d-pad.

Overall, I like the new system a lot and I'm super excited for the new Pokémon games to released next October! My boyfriend and Mimi were thinking about buying the game too, and especially my boyfriend, who hasn't played since Gen I seems to be getting more and more enthusiastic about it :3 I'd really love to have friends close by to play and trade with!

Here's my little "collection" ^^
Of course there's a bunch of games missing, such as a Pokémon Ranger game I have still somewhere at my parent's place, and the older cartridges for Game Boy and Game Boy color of which I have all but Gold.

When I started to play Pokémon I was maybe 9 years old or something. I still remember that I got Blue for Christmas and my cousin, who's 7 years older than me got Red :) But we didn't have a link cable so we couldn't really play together or trade. But he helped me a lot back then, when the internet wasn't really available as a source of information to me and I sometimes ran into problems because - let's face it, I was only 9 and kinda stupid, and the game wasn't really bug free either ^^ 

After that, my cousin lost interest in the game and sooner or later left me his cartridge. I got the Silver edition after release and found new friends to play and swap with - my two neighbors, who were just as enthusiastic about the Pokémon games as I was! So from then on we always decided on which new edition to buy together - they would buy one, and I would buy the other, so we could trade the missing Pokémon with each other. We had so much fun back then - it really was an important part of our childhood. I remember how we once had a sleep over at my place on a Monday night, just so we could see that special event on Mt. Moon where Clefairy dance and you can get a Moonstone :D

Sooner or later, my friends' interest in Pokémon dwindled and I was left feeling alone. I spent a lot of time online on forums, even trying out various kinds of netbattle. I never had the persistence to spend so much time on breeding and training to get the perfect Pokémon for tournaments or the duel tower, so online battling seemed to be the perfect solution. But soon I lost interest in that too, because after all, what I found most interesting and fun about the games was usually the story, exploring all places, discovering secrets and collecting rare Pokémon.

When I met my boyfriend 7 years ago, I was worried at first that he would think I am childish for liking such a thing. After all, he's more than 4 years older than me and I was so insecure at that time. But it turned out he didn't mind at all and while he wasn't so interested in the topic he had played the old Gen I games himself :) And now I am super happy that he is considering playing the new games!

So, while some people might think it is childish to play such games, I simply love them!
I don't care so much about the Anime, as I completely lost interest from Season 3 or so on, but I do love the "Poket Monsters Special"/"Pokémon Adventures" Manga. It's really good, has more action in it than the anime and is overall more serious (e.g. characters and Pokémon are seriously hurt and might even die, which would never happen in the anime). The characters are based on the characters in the games, and are called by their respective "colors", such as Red, Blue and Green. I am currently reconsidering ym Cosplay plans because I found another character I like who I could dress up as easily without needing a wig: Platinum Berlitz or Lucia as she is known in the anime and games (though her character in the manga is so much better!) So now I'm on the lookout for suitable fabric and shoes for such a cosplay, as I would really like to do something that people recognize easily and that hasn't been seen quite so often before :3

So well, this is my personal Pokémon story. How about you? Do you like the games or have you played them, are you still playing?  :3


  1. Pokemon ist an mir vorbei gegangen. Mag aber auch daran liegen, dass ich in diesem Jahr 31 werde. Bei mir waren Mario und Zelda die angesagten Spiele. Nun gut das war um 1993 rum *g*. Ich habe auch immer viel C64 gespielt, dann kam später Lemmings und dann war erst mal eine große Pause. Irgendwann habe ich dann mit WoW angefangen (spiele ich auch nicht mehr) und mittlerweile spiele ich wieder oft PS3.
    Liebste Grüße und schönen Urlaub

    1. Lemminge war mein erstes PC Spiel :D Damals am PC von meinem Onkel & meiner Tante... hach, ich hab es geliebt ^^ Für Mario Spiele konnte ich mich gar nie soo begeistern, weil ich glaub ich einfach zu unfähig für Jump&Run bin XD Als ich dann allerdings etwas älter war hab ich Yoshi's Island gespielt und sehr gemocht :)
      Die Zelda Spiele sind natürlich auch Klassiker ^^ Leider haben wir im Moment keinen Fernseher und so sind Konsolenspiele zum Staub ansetzen verdammt :<

  2. Erst vor einigen Tagen fand ich bei mir ein altes GBA link cable :D

    Pokemon ist der Klassiker und ich finde es nicht kindisch, wenn jemand solche Spiele spielt. Es gibt bei Spielen immer nur ein Mindestalter ;)

    Ich selbst habe nur ein einziges Spiel (Smaragd) hab aber vor vielen Jahren Saphir gespielt, da mein Bruder noch zu klein dazu war und immer hilfe benötigte (:

  3. Pokemon ist toll :D

    Hab mit Pokemon Gelb angefangen, dann Silber, Kristall, Rubin, Feuerrot, Perl und HeartGold, aber Kristall hab ich echt am meisten Gespielt, weswegen ich die 2.Gen-Spiele auch am meisten mag.

    Schwarz und Weiß (1&2) hab ich zwar ausgesetzt, aber ich überlege auf n 3DS zu sparen und mir Ende des Jahres X oder Y zu kaufen :)

    Ne Zeitlang hab ich sogar Semiprofessionell online gespielt, mit mittelmäßigem Erfolg... Das Ding ist, dass ich halt immer nur mit Pokis spiele die mir auch sympathisch sind :D

  4. Das ist mir alles sehr sympathisch. :D
    Ich spiel Pokémon seit ich ungefähr 9 war, glaub ich. Da hab ich die gelbe Edition zu Weihnachten bekommen, zusammen mit dem Game Boy Color. Seitdem hab ich eigentlich keine Generation ausgelassen, das einzige was mir fehlt ist Feuerrot/ Blattgrün, was ich aber vor einem halben Jahr mal ausgeliehen und durchgespielt habe.

    Mein halber Freundeskreis besteht mittlerweile aus Pokémon-Spielern, deswegen gabs zu jeder neuen (DS-)Edition immer einen Tauschabend. :'D
    Außerdem gibts in meinem Zimmer eine kleine Plüschi- und Figürchenecke. ._.

  5. ich hatte auch die Rote, Silberne und Kristall-Edition und ich finde sowas gar nicht kindisch :D ich spiel auch manchmal auf dem Handy, Feuerrot finde ich auch toll <3 die anderen neuen mag ich nicht so gerne...
    Wie du das beschrieben hast mit dem Mondstein.. genau das selbe haben wir damals auch gemacht xD Und die halbe Nacht lang durch den Tunnel geirrt, weil wir zu doof waren um Blitz zu nutzen :´D Ach ich liebe Pokemon einfach :)

  6. Mit Pokemon habe ich zwar nichts am Hut, aber ich bin trotz meiner fast 43 Jahre immer noch ein Spielkind ;-)
    Den Vorzug gebe ich Spielen wie Pharaoh oder Age of Empires - ach, die AoE-LAN-Parties damals waren schon lustig, wenn man die ganze Nacht durchgezockt hat - oder Browsergames wie DSO. Und aus nostalgischen Gründen natürlich klassische Arcadegames, die damals zu meiner Kindheit in waren...

    1. Pharaoh hab ich auch gespielt und absolut geliebt! Generell diese Aufbau-Spiele, gab ja früher so viele davon :) Hab vor einiger Zeit mal versucht Pharaoh auf meinem neuen Laptop wieder zum laufen zu bekommen, aber es wollte nicht klappen - da habe ich kurzerhand den 10 Jahre alten Lappy ausgepackt und da drauf gespielt XD

  7. Ich mag zwar keine Games, aber ich fand den Post trotzdem interessant. Und ich finde, dass man auch als Erwachsener ruhig noch "kindische" Spiele spielen darf. Man kann ja nicht immer erwachsen sein.

    1. Ich denke mir auch ehrlich gesagt immer mehr dass diese "Einteilung" in kindische und "erwachsene" Hobbies sowieso dumm ist. Wenn mein Freund und ich bei Bekannten babysitten sind und ich sehe wie er sich total freut weil er mit dem Jungen Lego spielen kann denke ich mir immer, wenn man Platz, Zeit und Geld dafür hätte, warum nicht auch noch als Erwachsener mit Lego spielen und Sachen bauen, wenn es einem Spaß macht? ^^


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