Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lucky 7 ♥

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I celebrated our 7th anniversary!

It's actually a bit hard for me to believe that it's such a long time already. Time seems to be passing by so fast! I feel kinda old when I think that I was 14 when I met him for the first time, and 15 when we started "dating" :'D Almost 1/3 of my life we've been together, and even though we spent the last 6 months more than 1.000km apart, there was no sign of the "Seven Year Itch". I think there could have been no harder test for us than this long time separation, so I think chances are pretty good that we will endure other hardships in the future :)

We didn't give each other such big presents, I actually felt a bit bad at first because all I had for him was this little ACEO card depicting myself as a crazy shark lady :'D But he was so happy when I gave it to him, he really liked it... so I was happy too :D

We went to the "Haus des Meeres", an aqua zoo in Vienna that day. We both love to go there and have been thinking about buying an annual pass! It's not even that expensive and it allows you to participate in "back stage" tours which sounds really interesting. My boyfriend found out when the shark feeding would take place, so we went there in time to stand in the front row in front of the big aquarium, where we waited for the animals to be fed :3

There is a giant sea turtle living at Haus des Meeres, who has been given to them to take care after she grew too big for her former owners :D She lives in that big aquarium too. During the feeding, they have to distract her so she doesn't steal the others' food. Unfortunately I don't have any good pics from the feeding because the aquarium has these bent walls that makes it difficult to take photos :( On the one above you can actually see a moray - it's that neon green long thing there, and it's over 2m long! And soo cute! You don't really get to see it unless it's feeding time :)

They have black- and whitetip sharks, which do not look very different except for their name-giving fin tips. However, the blacktip sharks have to swim all the time in order to breathe, because they can't breath actively and need to stay in motion to get enough water through their gills. Therefore it wasn't easy to take a photo of them, but the whitetip shark was relaxing on the bottom of the aquarium after the feeding so I was able to take photos ♥


We went on to see the other aquariums after the feeding. Every time I'm there I am absolutely amazed by the plethora of beautiful animals that inhabit the sea!

This sting ray (I think it's a bluespotted stingray, I don't remember though...) was just swimming around in his aquarium when suddenly he swam to that spot and started to move strangely... as if he was digging? Just seconds later another sting ray emerged from the sands XD Were they playing hide and seek? :D
Also, I noticed for the first time that, when on the ground, they use the little fins near their stinger like little feet to "walk" around on the sand! It's so incredibly cute! XD

This little baby bamboo shark was like "Oh hai!" when I wanted to take a picture of him and his stingray friend! He looks so cute! (*u*) That was the moment I decided that one day, I need an aquarium with bamboo sharks as pets X3

I have no clue what this is, but I suppose it's this fellow's little cousin or something :'D

Fluorescent polyps ♥

This little fella is called a "well builder". It literally builds "wells" in the ground by digging under a rock and transporting gravel, sand and shells to the surface in its mouth, spitting it out when he resurfaces. The sight is pretty comical, since he looks very determined, haha!

Look at them turtles chilling in the "sun" XD
They also have two separate areas that are more like tropical greenhouses with lots of birds and other animals. They used to have fruit bats, but we didn't see them this time, so I suppose they had to give them away or something...

Aren't its feathers gorgeous? At that point I kinda regretted not taking my DSLR with me to take a better photo. I wish I could make my hair look like that - black but shimmering in blue, purple and green! 

My boyfriend doesn't really like snakes and spiders, so we didn't spend much time near them, but I found this heart shaped pattern on the back of this reticulated python ♥ I love how their scales shimmer in all colors of the rainbow! This is why I actually like the "normal" ones better than the albino pythons, I just think they are prettier. But I like them all anyway :3

After our visit to the Haus des Meeres we went to eat at Vapiano where I had paste for the first time - I usually always eat pizza there, but the pasta's really good too :3 I just love Italian food and I think they do a pretty good job there. And I like it how they prepare everything out in the open so you can watch them. It's very inspirational if you want to try to cook the same stuff at home, haha :D

Later that evening we went to the cinema to see "Oz the Great and Powerful". I like the Wizard of Oz story and I saw the old movie with Judy Garland waaaaay back when I was a little kid, and I think they did a pretty good job to tell a plausible prequel story for that :) And I liked it that they re-used some actors/voice actors from the "real world" in the world of Oz, just like in the old movie, hehe :D

So yeah, in the end it was a wonderful day and I am very glad that I am back in Austria and able to spend almost every day with the person I love most ♥ Aaaand I am already looking forward to moving to out very own flat this summer :)


  1. Oh, das sieht nach einem schönen Tag aus!
    Die Karte, die du gezeichnet hast, finde ich total süß!
    Mein Freund und ich lieben Aquarien auch so <3
    Ihr seid ein süßes Pärchen ^_^

  2. Das hört sich nach einem tollen Tag an :D ich war immer noch nicht bei Vapiano :D uns Kino würd ich auch wieder gerne :)

  3. Glückwunsch zu eurem Jahrestag (wünscht man das Anderen überhaupt oder nur sich gegenseitig :D). Wow, 7 Jahre sind nicht schlecht ;)

  4. die karte, die du gezeichnet hast, ist wunderwunderschön ^^ hab dich sofort darin erkannt :D

    das haus des meeres wär definitiv auch was für mich *_* ich liebe den maritimen bereich :D im zoo halte ich mich immer studenlang in dieser abteilung auf XD

    und wo du gerade von vapiano schreibst: ich hab heute einen gefunden XD hab auf diversen blogs gelesen, dass einer in frankfurt ist, aber ich habe nie einen gesehen XD und heute mittag hab ich ihn spontan entdeckt XD und ich bin auch der totale fan von italienischem essen :D

    den film mit dem zauberer von oz hab ich auch gesehen :D fand den film leider nicht so wirklich prickelnd... das einzige highlight war mila kunis XD und das porzellanmädchen fand ich auch toll!

  5. und herzlichen glückwunsch zum 7-jährigem :D

  6. cutest - shark pic - ever >3<

  7. Herzlichen Glückwunsch <3 Wir hatten im Februar unser fünfjähriges Jubiläum und haben uns auch einen schönen (wenn auch gemütlichen) Tag gemacht.
    Die Zeichnung ist total schön geworden.
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Wow! 7 Jahre! Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Wir feiern dieses Jahr "erst" unser 5jähriges. Bei unser 7jähriges sind wir dann wahrscheinlich schon verheiratet :p

  9. Ihr seid echt ein süßes Pärchen - meinen Glückwunsch. Ich hoffe, ich halte es mit meinem Freund auch so lange aus - und länger (momentan sind wir "erst" bei etwas über fünf Jahren).
    Die Tiere fand ich voll cool (Wassertiere sind auch die Tiere, die ich mir im örtlichen Zoo am liebsten ansehe). Aber irgendwie sah es so aus, als hätten die ganzen Schildis auf dem einen Bild Sex. xD

  10. Glückwunsch! Sieben Jahre sind eine Menge Zeit :) Und süße Zeichnung.

  11. Glückwunsch zu 7 glücklichen Jahren - das war ja hoffentlich erst der Anfang. Musste eben über die Schildkröten so feigen ;D

  12. Ich freue mich so für euch und hoffe, dass ihr noch viele weitere Jahre miteinander haben werdet :)

    Ihr seid einfach ein unglaublich süßes Paar ^^

  13. glückwunsch zum 7-jährigen c:
    und die zeichnung bild ist so süß :3 ~

  14. S-s-sieben Jahre?! O_O Woah, das ist ein Traum. .__. Leider bin ich schon 20 und erst jetzt in meiner Beziehung xD Das heißt in 7 Jahren ist wohl schon Kinderplanung im Gange, wo ihr dann schon keine Ahnung wie ewig lang zusammen seid! Ich finds mega bemerkenswert und es gibt einem Hoffnung, dass Liebe wirklich existiert und existieren kann. :)

    Auf weitere wundervolle 7 Jahre! *u* Und süße Bilder, hihi. Und die Karte ist ja mal sowas von hübsch und gelungen >_<!!


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