Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snow here, snow there....

I'm back from my skiing holiday and now back in Vienna, but we got quite a lot of snow here too so it feels like I'm still in Styria, haha :D

We only spent three days skiing, I actually only went snowboarding on the first day and then decided to stick to my skis since my parents are skiing too and I didn't want to be the only one sitting on the ground all the time. I love both, so I like the variation anyway and I'm super happy that I have both types of equipment, but what i prefer about skiing is the fact that it feels more challenging for me. Snowboarding, for some reason, does not exhaust me near as much as skiing, when I just do it normally. I should probably start learning some tricks or something, then this would change I guess - but I'm far too much of a scaredy cat :'D

Actually decent weather on day 2! What luck!

The weather was really unusual for March!
We had perfect snow, and soo much of it! Powder snow everywhere, and temperatures below zero. On the second day, at long last we saw some sun and it was the perfect skiing day, but the other days it was snowy and windy. I usually only wear a sweater in March/April, but this year it really was too cold!

Sun Protection Factor: Vampire +  (was also supposed to protect me from cold wind, haha)

I actually missed my boyfriend a lot :( Usually we go snowboarding together whenever we can and it's so much more fun with him! Of course being with my parents is nice too. And they were so kind as to pay for my tickets! But overall it's just a bit weird hanging out with them so much at my age, and I'm awkward around them, not knowing what to talk about sometimes...

At least my hairbuns are fabulous and gigantic.

Buuut my mum also helped me with my application for my summer job. We worked on my letter of motivation and it turned out really good!
Today I checked back with the online application system and it seems that one of the letters of recommendation I asked for got sent too, so there's just one more missing and the application will be complete (though it would actually be enough if I only have one letter as well). I really hope I will get this job, I have one other alternative where I could apply to, but I would prefer to get this other job... it would be just perfect!
So please keep your fingers crossed for me !

Meanwhile, I've also done some online "shopping" lately.
I helped with a crowd funding project for a wig seller, so I know got a perk where I can chose one wig each month for 6 months. I already chose 2 so far, but the first didn't arrive yet due to some delay with the supplier. So now I'm waiting for two of them, I sure hope they arrive soon so I can show them to you!

Another big package I await comes from Japan and is from Bodyline. I have been thinking a lot about buying certain items that I was really really wishing for. The blouse I ordered in last autumn turned out to have rather short sleeves but otherwise fits perfectly. I thought about ordering it in a larger size, but ended up deciding that I will try to alter the sleeves to make them longer! If it doesn't work, they're still detachable and I can always wear it as short sleeved blouse :)
So I had saved up some money after Christmas and put it on my paypal for this order, and when I decided not to order a new blouse, I was thinking about spending the money on something else, and now I can only hope the package will arrive safely and will make it through the customs, lol

I also ordered some BB cream because lately, my skin has been reeeeally bad. The cold wind on the first skiing day also did its part in ruining my skin, I got a bad rash and had to go to the pharmacy. I suspect I might have some skin condition that should be diagnosed and treated or at least I would like to know how to avoid such situations that "trigger" these rashes (because sometimes I don't know what caused it). But when I mustered all my courage to call my dermatologist (who I'm on bad terms with since my last visit where she was very unfriendly...) I found out they're on vacation till after Easter -__-
However, the cream I ordered a month ago didn't arrive as of yet, so I am wondering now if it got stuck at the customs due to this new EU regulation about animal testing? Not sure about it though.... I suppose they would have to send me a message or something, they can't just keep/throw away my product.... or do they? .__.

Then I've been also having problems with my wisdom tooth again, but my dentist is on holiday too D:
So when university starts again after the Easter break and we actually have courses almost every day and lab classes, it will be super stressful to find a date for an appointment =/
Oh well, I just hope it will be better soon, because yesterday the pain was really bad - just like my mood - and I also don't feel like doing any sports when I'm like that. And I really, really should do more sports again!

"When I'm sad.... I STAY IN BED." (with my sharkies)

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet an old friend who I haven't seen since.... two years or something? And we haven't actually talked a lot since our graduation 5 years ago. I'm afraid that it will be awkward D: But we'll see... maybe it turns out nicely.
I'm also currently trying to organize a meeting of all graduates of 2008 from my school. In total, we were like 70 people, so far it seems like maybe half of them will be attending which is already a huge success I think :D

Aaaaanyway, I just wanted to give you a short update on everything :3 What have you been up to lately?


  1. glasses varis + sharks = ❤ °3°

  2. Ah määh, das ist wohl das gute, wenn man in Österreich wohnt: man kann "mal eben so" zum Skifahren. Ich will seit der 9. Klasse mal wieder Skifahren (seitdem war ich nur 1 Tag hier und 1 Tag da), aber es ist immer wie ein vollwertiger Urlaub von den Kosten her (wenn ich z.B. nach Österreich oder Norditalien oder so fahren würde) und außerdem fährt so gut wie keiner von meiner Umgebung Ski oder Snowboard...wollte wenigstens mal in die Alpinhalle hier in der Nähe, dem Freund ein wenig Skifahren beibringen...Also kurz: ich bin ein wenig neidisch :D und will auch :D

    1. Ach naja, "mal eben" ist auch relativ. Das nächstgelegene Skigebiet wäre zwar wohl von Wien so etwa 1-2 Stunden fahrt weg, aber die Karten werden von Jahr zu Jahr teurer :( Wir haben halt das Glück dass wir die Ferienwohnung haben, so dass ich fürs Quartier nicht aufkommen muss. Aber Anreise (ca 350km einfache Strecke), Verpflegung, Liftkarte... das geht dann schon auch aufs Geld. Wenn ich zu Weihnachten dieses Jahr wieder eine Saisonkarte bekomme, lohnt es sich natürlich schon eher. Aber Tageskarte ist auch ~25€ ab 12 Uhr oder an manchen Orten auch nur für 2 Stunden...
      Aber ja, ich denke es ist schon einfacher, da hast du schon recht. Die Meisten Leute leisten sich auch lieber einen "großen" Sommerurlaub als einen Winterurlaub der vllt. gleich viel kostet aber nur halb so lange dauert. Gibt da auch einfach viel mehr günstige Angebote als beim Winterurlaub...

  3. ooh wie süß die Öhrchen auf dem Helm :D

    Welche BB Cream hast du dir denn bestellt und wo? Ich bin auch am überlegen ob ich mir endlich welche kaufe, mit normalem make-up komme ich einfach nicht klar weil es nie den passenden Farbton gibt und es dann immer komisch aussieht und langsam hab ich keine Lust mehr auf rumprobieren, und die BB Creams sind ja tendenziell immer sehr hell *g*

    1. Die von Skin79 in Pink :) hier zum Beispiel gibt es die. Die soll wirklich sehr gut sein. ich hoffe sie kommt noch an XD

  4. Ich bin neidisch, ich wünsche es mir so sehr mal wieder Skifahren zu können :( hier in NRW hats zwar bis gestern immer mal wieder geschneit, aber ist ja leider nahezu alles platt und daher ungeeignet.. >_<
    Und deine Haare erinnern mich irgendwie an Sailor Moon :3'

    1. Hihi, daran musste ich auch kurz denken XDD Sollte es vielleicht echt mal probieren mit zwei Zöpfen :3

  5. Vielleicht ist das merkwürdig, aber auf dem untersten Bild siehst du irgendwie voll sympathisch aus.


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