Friday, March 8, 2013

Sweet times ♥ poppy seed raspberry cheese cake and sweet rolls

Hey guys!

Now that I'm living in a flat with a (more or less) well equipped, big kitchen, I was able to take up one of my biggest hobbies again - baking!

I really love baking, I love to try out new recipes, come up with entirely new ones, improvise... for me, baking is a relaxing hobby, even though it can sometimes be really stressful, especially when you want to make something as a present and then something goes wrong. But if it turns out nicely, I always feel very very proud and happy when people like the stuff I made! And of course, I want to share my recipes and baking "stories" here on my blog too.

Last week end was my step dad's birthday and I made a poppy seed raspberry cheese cake :3

My step dad loves poppy seed, and he and the rest of my family all really liked the cake, I was really relieved because I had never tried to make such a cake before, but it turned out nicely :D
I actually know two ways to make cheese cake, we have a family recipe where you bake it as a whole, and another variant, like in this example, where it is mixed with gelatin and left to cool and solidify. I prefer the "cold" variant, I feel like its much tastier and kinda "softer" but I still wanna try our family recipe too some time soon, maybe with blueberries or something.

You can find the recipe here ! If you don't speak German I can translate it for you if you'd like, just leave a message :) I just don't want to post it here because it's not mine.

I actually planned to spend less money and save for my flat's renovation which is due this summer... but I ended up buying this little baby here, because I needed it for the cake:

Well, it's an investment for the future flat too, kind of :'D And it works really really well. I especially like the blender attachment, it was very useful in making the raspberry cream and we also already made some banana milk shakes with its help. So I'm really happy that I bought it!

I also made Apfelstrudel / apple strudel lately, so I had a lot of grounded nuts left. Therefore I decided to make sweet rolls rather spontaneously yesterday.

I completely improvised the recipe because I didn't find a perfectly suitable one, and I didn't have so much ingredients left. So I ended up making these as follows:

For the dough, I mixed 400g flour, 90g butter, 180ml milk, 2 egg yolks and a package of yeast. The well-kneaded dough took about 1 1/2 hours to rise nicely (I usually put the bowl with the dough in a warm water bath and cover it with a clean kitchen towel. Works quite well!). For the filling I mixed the grounded nuts I had left, approximately 200g hazelnuts and 150g walnuts, with some sugar, a looooot of cinnamon and some milk to make a kind of paste. It was difficult to roll out the dough because we have no rolling pin, so I had to use a bottle filled with water :'D

Buuuut in the end I was able to make nice little sweet rolls! They're done quite fast, they only need ~ 15min in the oven at 180°C. I made a mixture of sugar and water for an icing, because I had thrown away the egg white from before.... next time I will probably make an egg white icing, so they don't go to waste. But this way it was quite delicious too :)

How about you?
Do you like baking? :D What's your favorite recipe? Would you care to share it maybe here? ^^


  1. Aaah der Kuchen! *-* direkt abgespeichert, ich liebe sowas! <3

    Mein Lieblingskuchen... Mmh... Death by Chocolate! Und Clafoutis aux cerises :)

    1. Von dem "Death by Chocolate" habe ich jetzt ja schon öfters gehört, ich glaub das muss ich mal suchen und ausprobieren :D Danke!

  2. wow, der kuchen sieht echt lecker aus :D ich kenne auch jemanden, der total mohnkuchenfan ist XD meins ist es zwar nicht, bin eher der schokifan XD

    & ich liebe es auch total zu backen :D am meisten macht mir das dekorieren am ende spaß :DD

    1. Das dekorieren macht mir meistens auch Spaß, gerade bei Torten. Aber irgendwann geht mir dann die Geduld aus, zB bei den Weihnachtskeksen hab ich immer so viele dass es mir dann einfach zu viel wird die alle einzeln individuell zu verzieren. Aber Spaß macht es auf jeden Fall! ^^

  3. Ich bin richtig neidisch auf den Mixxer :D
    Hab noch nen ganz alten von meiner Mutter da gibts son Pürrierteil noch nicht mit dabei :(

    Käsekuchen und Mohnkuchen sind eine meiner Lieblingskuchen also wird der bald auch gebacken ^_^ Am Mittwoch hab ich den gebacken, richtig lecker und ging total schnell *_*

    1. Ich hab sonst auch immer den von meiner Mutter verwendet, der ist älter als ich! :'D Danke für das Rezept, das sieht interessant aus, werde ich bei Gelegenheit mal probieren ^^

  4. Backen ist für mich wie Meditation ;)
    Da kann ich mich stundenlang damit beschäftigen und alle negative Stimmung oder Probleme fallen von mir ab.. Ja, ich mag Backen ;D
    Vor allem nachdem mir meine Mutter einen Mixxer geschenkt hat, davor habe ich fast alles von Hand geschlagen.. Das war dann auf Dauer doch etwas weniger meditativ ^^

    Der Kuchen sieht übrigens herrlich aus, ich liebe Mohn *-*

  5. Ich sterbe. Mohn-Topfentorte ist das allergeilste auf der Welt. *-* Ich glaub ich muss die auch bald wieder machen *_____*


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