Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ceci n'est pas le Printemps

Easter holidays have passed and I am back to university - and while we're already in the middle of the "summer semester" spring has barely begun to show its traces in my parents' garden. I don't really mind though. I don't mind the cold and not even the snow that's still falling, even in Vienna.

I still took the freedom to wear something "sping" themed last week end when my family gathered at my parents' place for the holidays. I decided to wear my rose-print Lolita dress for the first time!

 While my mum finds that, I quote, "that headdress is too much", I kinda like it. I took that pearl necklace with me and only spontaneously decided to wear it on my head and not around my neck. On the other hand, the outfit lacks accessories. I really don't have anything blue, even though I love blue as a color I normally don't like to wear it. I also only have black shoes but I think it goes well with my black hair. My hair is a different story entirely - I'm really super frustrated about it at the moment. While I don't have any split ends the tips look really bad because the cut I got last July (!) has grown out completely and I think they're even longer (and definitely thicker) on one side than on the other :(
My bangs also have this horrible intermediate length, and I'm currently on the look out for a pair of hairdresser's scissors because after last time's disaster at the hair dresser I'm not quick to let anyone with scissors near my bangs any more.

Aaaaaanyway - overall I think the outfit turned out quite okay, I'm especially happy that the different "shades" of white and off white didn't collide near as much as I feared they would. Still, I suppose a better hairdo is in order, definitely :'D

For the Easter holidays, I made Mille-feuille, though it didn't turn out quite perfectly. As you can see, the lowest layer of dough is half-submerged in the vanilla cream, because I cast the cream in a mould (it's with gelatine) and it started to float. Anyway, for next time I know I have to cast the cream separately and then stick the dough to it afterwards. (Would you care to have the recipe?)

Being with my family was really nice, I also got to visit my grandma and we talked a little bit about my sewing plans. I'm not sure if she really believes in my enthusiasm about sewing, but the last time we were sweing something together it was a lot of fun, and this time I definitely won't let her take so much work away from me, haha!

She was also so kind to let me have my package with my BL order be sent to her place, as I strongly assume I will have to pay import taxes so I need someone who's there to take the package when it's delivered. I'm really looking forward to getting that stuff, and I sure hope I will have some opportunity to wear it soon.

Cat content!

Do you usually get any presents for Easter? In my family, usually only the kids get stuff. I remember how I got Pokémon Stadium one year, I was so excited when I found it in my "nest"! This year I didn't get any "presents" for Easter, but while I was skiing with my parents they payed for my skiing pass, which I really appreciated ♥

My brother and his fiancé where there too and as you may know they are currently living in my mum and my old flat, and currently building a house - as soon as it's finished I will move into the flat, so they invited me and my boyfriend to come and check out the place, to see what has to be renovated, and get some first ideas how we would like to furnish it. My boyfriend had never been to that flat before, so for him it was pretty exciting. While I have grown up there, I have absolutely lost my feeling for the dimension of the rooms. I moved out of that place when I was 11 and was there maybe three times since then, last time was several years ago, and I was really surprised back then because I had remembered everything so much bigger! Do you know that feeling, when you visit a place you have known as a child, and feel it's much smaller now?
On the other hand, when I visited this time, everything appeared bigger again, for reasons I don't really know, haha :'D Maybe it's because I've been living in shared flats or rooms in the student hostel so much that a whole flat just for me and my boyfriend now seems reeeeeally big! 75m² for just the two of us - I'm really looking forward to moving there!

On an unrelated note, I don't feel so well these days. I don't think it's too apparent on the pictures, but I've gained weight again lately, and I'm suspecting that the dose of my medication might be a bit to low again. I know it's also my own fault as I should also be moving more and do more sports, but then again, when I don't have time for that for a week or two, but still eat the same, I shouldn't gain 3kg just like that in such a short time :( Or is that a normal thing to happen? I mean, I'm not binge eating (anymore, anyway) or something like that. Well, it's just frustrating, and as I'm really self conscious about my weight it 's a real mood killer! So I'm really trying to cut down carbs in any form right now, hoping it will help, and in June I will have another examination where they'll check my thyroid and the hormone levels. Until then I just have to try even harder!

So, in order to let this entry end in a more positive way - at least university is more fun again at the moment, and I feel a bit more confident about my studies and future career. It won't be easy, but I think I will manage.

Now what's left to do is to hope that I can get the summer job I am hoping for, and then maybe there is a minuscule chance I can do something really amazing from September on - but I won't go into the details before I know if it's really possible. But first, I'll be happy if I get the job!

What are your plans for the summer?
And has spring already arrived where you live?


  1. Deine Haare sehn doch wunderschön aus, ich weiß nicht, was du willst :P

    Ich hab nichts zu Ostern bekommen. Das erste Jahr :( Sonst hab ich wenigstens ein Osterhäschen gekriegt, aber wir haben ja jetzt "jüngere" in der Familie, die beschenkt werden^^

    1. Ach, ich finde die Spitzen sehen ziemlich ausgefranst aus :( Hab zwar kein Spliss aber der Schnitt ist eben nur noch tot XD
      Ich hab früher immer nen Lindt Hasen bekommen von der einen oder anderen Person, aber mittlerweile auch nicht mehr.... dabei liebe ich die so sehr ;__; Die einzige Schoko die mir "pur" schmeckt XD

  2. Das gleiche Kleid ist heute auch endlich bei mir angekommen <3
    Ich find deine Kombination aus Schleife, Bluse und Perlen sehr hübsch als Haarschmuck (und deine Haare sehen toll aus)!

    Ich bekomme tatsächlich noch Geschenke zu Ostern *g* Aber eher von meiner Verwandschaft, von meinen Eltern gibts meistens leckere Schokolade.

    Auf den Frühling warten wir hier im Hamburg leider immer noch, aber immerhin hatten wir die letzten Tage meistens schon wieder Plusgrade...

    1. Dankeschön! Yeey ich liebe dieses Kleid so sehr! :D Auch in rot, Blumenpirnts sind einfach total meins X3
      Bei uns bahnt sich nun offenbar auch doch noch langsam der Frühling an... naja abwarten, ich traue dem noch nicht so ganz XD

  3. Naja, bei uns kommt der Frühling so langsam - heute draußen in in der Sonne war's ganz angenehm. Deine Haare sehen zwar gut aus auf Fotos, aber ich kenn das Gefühl, wenn die eigentliche Frisur rausgewachsen ist. Ich hoff, du findest einen guten Frisör!
    Ich habe nichts zu Ostern bekommen, naja außer einen kleinen Schokokücken. Wobei ich meine Family noch nicht gesehen habe, vielleicht bekomm ich ja noch ein Schokohäschen oder so :) Nichts teures auf jeden Fall.
    75 qm für 2 ist echt viel und angenehm :) ich freu mich auch schon aufs Umziehen <3
    Und eigentlich ist es nicht normal so viel zuzunehmen...da kann es echt sein, dass bei der Dosis was nicht stimmt.
    Und das ist schön, dass es in der Uni läuft. Ein wenig Zuversicht würd mir auch gut tun...>_<

    1. Ich hatte ja auch schon so viele Durchhänger in den letzten 3 Jahren, Kopf hoch, es kommt ein Fach dass dich total interessiert und dann merkst du wieder wie sehr du es magst :) Ich hab die Motivation jetzt auch nur weil die Abschlussprüfung endlich in greifbarer Nähe ist XD

  4. Dein Outfit sieht toll aus! (^v^) Ja, der Frühling lässt lange auf sich warten... leider.

  5. Du Huebsche du ♥ das Kleid bzw das ganze Outfit steht dir super gut! :)

    Zu Ostern bekamen mein Freund und ich von meiner Mama ein kleines Osternest mit viel Naschkram - so viel hatte ich ehrlich gesagt gar nicht erwartet xD

    Und ja - der Fruehling ist schon da! :) gestern konnte ich sogar im TShirt raus bzw Auto fahren, ohne zu frieren ^^ und die Fruehlingsblumen lassen sich auch schon blicken ;)
    Aber Plaene fuer den Sommer selbst habe ich noch nicht... ausser viele Familienausfluege machen und sowas :)

    1. Bei uns ist leider keine Sonne, sonst ginge das sicher auch schon! Aber für die Zwischenzeit muss eben noch die Lederjacke herhalten... sind aber für mich ja nur ein paar Meter von der Garage ins Haus habe bzw zur Uni, aber mir ist im Moment ja auch immernoch ständig viel zu warm XD

  6. Du hats so schönes langes Haar! Vorallem liebe ich solche großen (aber auch kleine) Schleifen im Haar *_* So cute

    1. Ach, danke dir! Aber ich glaube echt ich sollte mal die Spitzen schneiden lassen, einfach damit es wieder hübscher aussieht :< Naja mal sehen wann und ob ich meine Friseurangst überwinden kann XD


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