Sunday, April 28, 2013

J-Fashion Meet up in Vienna ♥

On Saturday there was this big J-fashion meet up in Vienna, and I was there, dressed in Lolita!
It was my second time outside in public wearing Lolita, but it was sooo much better then the first time. People around me were much friendlier and very positive about my outfit and styling. No stupid comments, except for one women who burst into laughter when I passed by, however she seemed a bit crazy overall, so I couldn't care less :)

I didn't take any photos myself except for few cell phone shots, but other people took many photos and you can find some on the Austrian Lolita Fashion facebook page, as well as on greencat's facebook. He really is a talented photographer, and when I looked at his dA account I noticed that he is also the photographer of last year's winning picture of the Aninite photography contest! It even made its way to 9gag at some point if I remember correctly. I really love his work! (and now I'm even more excited about making a cosplay myself and maybe being photographed by him again if it turns out nicely, haha :D )

Photographer: greencat (facebook/deviantart)

Photographer: greencat (facebook/deviantart)
My hair is so messy XD Damned wind! But I finally managed cut my fake bangs to look more or less decent! 

The super cute girl to my right side is Bibi. Mimi and me befriended her there as it was her first meet up of that kind as well so we hung out together!

Another photographer present was Drago from Awe Some Photography. He really put a lot of effort in his shots and gave instructions what we should do, where we should look etc. It was an interesting experience, and I think it was worth the effort! His ideas were really cool and you can have a look at the results here!

A lot of other, random people who passed by took photos of us as well. Some of them were tourists - some even asked us to take photos with them! There was this one woman who came over to ask us about the gathering and what the occasion was, and was really interested when we explained the different styles to her.

But also outside of Museumsquartier people were incredibly friendly towards me. I didn't expect it at all, since my last experience with Lolita fashion was a bit unpleasant at times (people laughing at me and yelling at me "Emo!" etc). This time, I received only compliments! One women told me on the street how much she loved my outfit and that it's a very beautiful style. And when I went to the MAC store at Westbahnhof, the employee there also complimented my make up! O:

Mimi & me at Westbahnhof drinking Bubble Tea ♥ I still remember how we went there for the first time together :3I look like a total psycho XD

Macarons! :3 Who would have guessed that there's even such a thing as International Macaron Day? There'll probably be a Viennese Lolita meet up on that day again, so I guess I have another opportunity to wear Sweet Lolita and this bracelet quite soon :3 

There were people dressed in Pastel Goth, Cult Party Kei, J-rock influenced style, one person even came in Shiro Nuri style and of course there were also Gyarus and Lolitas. I don't really know a lot about styles other than Lolita and Gyaru but I think it's really cool that there was such a big diversity among the people at the meet up!

It was great to meet some other Lolitas. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable and like and outsider, because Mimi and me didn't know anybody there. But we soon befriended Bibi and the other Lolitas were very kind and welcoming too. During and after the photo shoot we also got to talk a bit more and it was a lot of fun! But not only the Lolitas but everyone was really nice :) I am really looking forward to going to another meet up like this soon!

The outfit I chose was also influenced by the feedback I got on my suggestions on facebook. I definitely plan to wear the other outfits soon as well, especially the Blue Rose dress that I love so much ♥ And I definitely have to sew myself a new, better petticoat. The self-sewn one I have is practically dead because it's made of tulle which isn't very long lasting (I didn't know at the time). But the super poofy one I bought from ebay a while ago was too short for this dress! I think the heat and all the walking on that day also took its toll on the petti, as it looked slightly better in the morning still. I also wanted to alter my white Bodyline dress that's too big on me...

Anway! It was a lot of fun, I enjoyed meeting new people and wearing Lolita! And I think I never got so much attention and positive feedback about my appearance ever before :DD Such a great boost for my self confidence after Friday's disastrous news...

Lolita fashion is really fun. I like the aesthetics, I love the variety of the different styles, and I got a chance to make new friends that I'll gladly take!


  1. Du bist so hübsch <3 Lolita steht dir super!

  2. Du sahst absolut bezaubernd aus <3

  3. Das Outfit stand dir mega gut! Ich hab mir fast alle anderen Bilder auch durchgeschaut und ich finde, dass du eine der Hübschesten an dem Tag warst. Dein Outfit war super zusammen gestellt <3

  4. Ich finds besonders toll, dass du jetzt auch mal positive Erfahrungen sammeln konntest und die Leute nicht alle dumme Arschkrampen waren :>

  5. Du siehst sehr süß aus und dein Outfit passt toll zusammen. Steht dir sehr schön ^^ ♡

  6. wie zuckersüß du einfach aussiehst, ich kanns nur wieder und wieder sagen ♥

  7. Awaaa~ du/ihr seid einfach zuckersüß! Und ich liebe dieses JSK!! *__* (Jetzt spiel ich schon mit dem Gedanken, es mit selbst zu bestellen, obwohl ich ja nicht wirklich Lolita trage.... gnaaaah, soll ich oder nicht? >_<)

  8. muss nochmal loswerden:du schaust so zuckersüß aus *___* Und Lolita steht dir total gut

  9. wow ... you are sooooo sweety with
    this JSK ^______~

  10. Ich versteh auch immer nicht was Leute wollen wenn die einen laut auslachen o__0 ~ Da weiß man nicht wem das unangenehmer sein soll; der Person die lacht oder einem selbst. Ist mir auch mal passiert - zu doof für die Frau dass mein Vater direkt neben mir stand XD .... ahahaha

    Unglaublich schöne Bildchen hat du da <3 :,)

  11. Leute, die einen auslachen und "Emo!" rufen... ich schätze, da muss man drüberstehen.

  12. *stalk* zufällig gefundeen xD dein outfit war so hübsch am treffen^-^
    ich find auch, dass dieser greencat typ voll tolle fotos macht*-* freu mich schon auf das nächste treffen:3

    1. Heeey :D Wie cool dass du hergefunden hast XD Ja, der Fotograf ist echt total gut! Und er war auch total nett ^__^

      War ein echt schönes Treffen und ich hoffe man sieht sich bald wieder :DD

  13. Omo ;_; Lolita steht dir auch super! <3
    I feel with you... während meiner Lolita Zeit wurden wir auf Treffen auch immer angestarrt. xD Ich finde die älteren Menschen geben immer ein positives Feedback und das freut man sich immer, da sie toleranter sind als manch anderer. :´D Mach dir nichts draus bei dummen Kommentaren, die haben selbst von nichts ne Ahnung. :<

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