Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Lolita stuff: Big Bodyline Review

So after quite some ordeal and fearful waiting, my Bodyline order finally arrived safely last week! This time, the imminent disaster was apparently just a tracking error, and I even had to pay only 10€ tax (not 65€ like the last time -_-)

Since I've been trying to google for reviews of certain items before and rarely found any detailed ones, I decided to make one on my own this time, to hopefully help future buyers to make their decisions! So in this blogpost, I'm gonna review the items L144, L416 and L514 with tons of pictures :) I hope it's useful to somebody! 

L514 Rose Bouquet High Waist Skirt (Link)

I'll be starting off with my "dream skirt" - I've been wanting to order this for quite some time now because I absolutely fell in love with the beautiful print!

What caught my eye right away was the white lace print at the border. Also, I just love flower prints, and roses are my favorite flowers, so it's perfect for me. The print is sharp and very detailed and the colors match the pictures on their website very well.

But not just the printed lace, also the one used for decoration is very pretty.

This skirt has a shirring in the back and corset boning - 4 in the front and one on the side opposed to the zipper. It fits my waist perfectly (60cm) without having to pull the shirring all the way.

The shirring from the inside. It's very well-sewn and looks sturdy from what I can tell and everything fits comfortably.

Shirring from the outside - I like the lace they used here!  

Unfortunately, there was a little damage on one of the loops used for the lacing of the corset part. It seems like it was ripped out, and it was that way already when I got it. As the rubber bands support the high waist part very well, it is not necessary to close to lacing very tightly to achieve a corset-like look, so I hope the damage won't get worse over time.

On the top part of the skirt the lace-lines of the fabric do not meet symmetrically where the corset boning is sewn in, but it's not very noticeable (unless you have OCD I guess...).

The zipper is very sturdy, but I had difficulties closing it near the seam of the lower and upper part. I miss a hook at the upper end of the zipper, it always makes closing them much easier... I will probably sew one in to support the zipper and facilitate closing it!

The bow you can see on the photos of their website is - as I had hoped - detachable. I don't really like bows at the belly area, so I'm happy to have a matching hairbow or decoration for a handbag etc.

Lastly: a worn picture! Please note that the lacing in the back was not closed as I was not able to close it by myself because my hair got in the way :'D But you can see that it gives a very nice shape around the waist! The length is perfect for me - I'm 1.6m and it ends well below my knees without making me look stumpy, haha!

All in all, I'd rate this item a 5/5! It's nicely sewn together, they used quite good quality materials and it looks just like the picture on their website. Altogether a great skirt! The same printed fabric was used for this dress. I really like the design, especially the V-shaped cut of the neckline, but it has no shirring, and I guess it wouldn't fit me around the bust, waist and shoulders. But if you like the print and prefer OPs over skirts, this is a nice alternative!

L461 Cutsew (Link)

I ordered this item to have an alternative to blouses on warmer days and to wear to more casual styles. I was a little bit disappointed when I unpacked it...

I suppose it's easy to spot why. That one lace near the bust is offwhite instead of white :( It's so obvious it almost looks yellow!

Apparently they've just picked the wrong type of lace, because the one at the bottom is the same, but true white. Other than that, the lace is rather cute - especially the little heart-shapes, though the mix of shiny polyester (?) and cotton (?) is a bit off-setting under the light of a camera flash (at least for me). But this difference is barely noticeable under real light conditions.

I'm really sad about the mismatching lace, because it's very obvious if the item is worn alone. Under a JSK it's no problem of course, but I wanted to wear it like that too. Maybe I'll try to cut it off without damaging the cutsew, or do you know of any way to bleach it white without harming the fabric of the cutsew? :(
I 'll also probably remove the smaller bows around the neckline:

I seriously despise that kind of material (I don't know what it's called) and I actually don't even know why. I just think that it's kinda ugly, and it's also not the same shade of pink as the fabric. I would have preferred satin ribbons instead... But I was planning on removing them from the beginning anyway, because I think it's a bit "too much".

Worn it looks really cute - even though at first I thought it will be too big on me. I usually like it better if my clothing fits more tight because otherwise I feel like it makes me look much larger, but this cutsew actually has a nice shape, I really like the ruffles at the bottom and the shape of the sleeves!
In the end, it's a nice item, but I was just unlucky and got one with an error. 3/5 I'd say, because it's a shame they picked the wrong lace, but other than that, it's cute.

L144 Merry-go-round JSK (Link)

Now this was a rather spontaneous choice when I placed my order - Initially, I only wanted to buy the skirt and a pair of white shoes, and then I looked for other stuff to buy along with it and save some shipping costs etc and make it worth the effort. So I stumbled upon this JSK!

From what I've read that dress was first released in 2010, and re-released since then quite a bunch of times. I guess I was lucky that when I placed my order it was there again, and even in the black colorway - perfect for a Bittersweet Style! Another reason why I did pick this dress in the end was the price. For roughly 30€ I thought it's a great deal, especially after I had seen some owner pictures and read a good review. Lastly, I was happy to find out that they had a size "S" for this dress! Even though it has a shirring in the back, the smaller bust and waist measurement are perfect because I just don't like it if a dress is too loose on me (like the one on the model...) or I have to close the shirring all the way.

These kind of Merry-go-round prints have been popular for quite some time already, and while this is probably the cheapest you can get, the print design is actually pretty cute. The colors are well chosen and match, and the pony-print is also well placed on the waist ties (not severed heads XD). However, of course for such a price, it can be expected that the quality of the print is a bit flawed.

Close up the dark color seems to have bled a little bit. I hope it doesn't do this while washing ._. 

Here the lilac/purple of the ponies mane and hooves as well as the yellow from the stars is "blurry". 

The borders of all the printed details are actually purple. 

But this is really not an issue unless you look at the print very, veeeeery closely. I bet you probably didn't notice from the first picture either :) Another issue seems to be the lace. Compared to the first item in this review, there's really a huge difference.

This is where the ends of the lace meet, it's at the left vertical seam of the dress and makes a strange dent inwards because there's too much fabric.

The lace at the straps is rather shabby too, but I guess if I cut off the loose threads and lints it will be okay.

Interestingly, the lace used for the bodice is much more beautiful!

 I like it that they took care to place the fabric in a way that the stripes are horizontally on the top part of the bodice!  

Also, the ribbons at the straps are made from satin, yay! I thought about cutting them off but it turns out I actually like them the way they are - for now. If I cut them off I'd probably add a safety pin to put them back again if I feel like it. Overall, I think the design is rather balanced the way it is.

This dress too comes with a detachable bow. Again, I'm glad the bow isn't fixed because I'd rather have a bow in my hair than in front of my belly, especially with a dress that has a rather high waist line such as this one.

The bow is cute and again they took care to place the stripes of the fabric in a convenient way. I'm not sure about the small pink satin bows though, I'll probably take them off. Interestingly, one of the types of lace used for the bow is really pretty, and the other a bit shabby again. But overall, it looks okay, except for some loose threads and leftover fabric that can easily be cut off.

Lastly, a worn picture:

Gosh, my hair is so pretty today XD

So, this looks a bit awkward shape-wise, because it makes this kind of bulge on one side but not on the other - I guess it's because I wore my self-sewn petticoat that doesn't have a very regular shape, and I'm also standing a bit "crooked" on that photo. In general, I think the dress could probably fit both cupcake and (smaller) A-line petticoats without looking too awkward. As you can see, the length is quite alright as well on me. The bodice fits nicely too - again, I didn't tighten the lacing in the back and only bound the waist ties, so the fit could be even more perfect, but even like this it's actually quite okay (especially considering that the blouse has waist ties on its own that probably make a bit of a bulge underneath the dress near the waist). For this, I can give a 4.5/5. It's worth the money, but you really don't get more than what you pay for. Still, it's a nice design, and I hope I have a lot of opportunities to wear it in the future!

I also ordered a pair of shoes, which I'm not gonna review in detail yet because I'd rather assess their comfort when I've worn them out :)

In the end, I'm overall quite happy with the items I ordered, especially since all the flaws I found can be fixed one way or the other. I hope the review and pictures are helpful for others who plan on ordering these items! Thanks for reading!


  1. gut, dass doch noch alles sicher angekommen ist :)
    Sind schöne Sachen und steht dir auch sehr gut :)

  2. Sehr schicke Sachen hast du dir da ausgesucht! ich finds auch gut, dass die Schleifen bei Bodyline meist nicht fest am Rock/Kleid sind xD

    Ich hab mal geschaut wegen der "falschen" Spitze, auf der Bodyline Seite erkennt man es nicht so gut aber ich glaube es könnte sein, dass das wirklich Absicht ist, aber ich finde es auch unpassend. Und der Link vom Merry go Round Kleid ist nicht richtig, da zeit er einfach die Kategorieübersicht an ;)

    1. Ja, das kann natürlich auch sein, auf dem Foto ist das echt nicht so klar ersichtlich... habe es jetzt einfach abgetrennt ^^ Und den Link habe ich ausgebessert, danke für den Hinweis! :D

  3. wow, das sind echt tolle sachen, die du du ershoppt hast. ich mag den lolitastil ja auch total gerne *__________*

    das zweite dress gefällt mir ganz besonders gut :D ich liebe das design und die knuffigen schleifchen *________*

  4. Das sieht alles so super aus *o* Dir steht sowas aber auch echt gut... Will seit Jahren auch mal ein Lolita Kleid, aber ich würde es wahrscheinlich nie anziehen :(

    1. Das dachte ich früher auch... auch jetzt noch manchmal! Aber ich nehme mir einfach auch "kleinere" Dinge zum Anlass wie Familienfeiern usw. Und es gibt ja auch dezente Kleider, die man zB ohne Petti auch einfach so tragen kann, ohne dass es anders als ein "normales" Sommerkleid aussehen würde ^^
      So wirklich auffällige Sachen wie den Merry-go-round JSK würd ich glaub ich einfach so auch nicht anziehen, vor Allem nicht wenn ich alleine unterwegs bin XD Viel zu feig..

  5. Ach, die sind ja doch noch angekommen, also das nächste Mal nicht stressen, einfach mal abwarten :)
    Die Bluse sieht echt nicht so toll aus, einfach von der Qualität her. Aber der Rock und das JSK sehen einfach toll aus <3 Und das, obwohl ich weder so sehr auf Blumenprints stehe noch auf Regenbogenponyskram, aber vor allem das JSK ist so süß mit den Sternen <3
    Gute wahl :)

    1. Jo, ich hoffe beim nächsten mal verraffen die das mit dem Tracking einfach nicht XD
      Das Cutsew habe ich mittlerweile umgeändert, also die Maschen und Spitze abgetrennt :) Jetzt gefällt es mir richtig gut!

  6. Waaah~ So many cute things ♥ ♥
    I think the rose skirt fits your style perfectly and ofcourse the rest too, but especially the skirt. Too bad the lace in the cutsew is weird. I have some very good quality bodyline clothing, but since it's a bit more cheap, there's a chance that they have some minor defects. I think the jsk looks really nice too, not everyone notices all the little thingies. ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Thank you! ^_^
      The skirt was really a dream peace of mine for a long time... I know people usually only have "brand" dream pieces but this print... ♥
      Bodyline is kinda hit-and-miss I'd say. Some of the stuff is really good, other stuff not so much. And you're completely right about the jsk, especially since people that look at your outfit will never look as closely for example at the print as you do it yourself when you unpack the item. I think it's just really funny how different the print and lace quality turned out to be! But in the end, I'm satisfied with what i got for my money :D

  7. Hi~
    Just to let you know the yellow lace on the Bodyline blouse may just be the way it's made. I was reading another review and they mentioned the same issue!

    1. Ohh thanks for the link! o.o well, that's weird... It never ocurred to me that they could have used that lace on purpose, I thought it might have been a a faulty batch or something, but then again, the one reviewed there is white. Hm. Very weird.
      I ended up cutting it off by the way, togetger with the small bows where I didn't like the material. It's a pity but it still looks very cute :)


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