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Review: GEO Magic Color 3tone series

 It's been a while since my last circle lenses review on my blog - so I'm happy to present you a review of GEO Magic Color 3tone lenses model CM-904 (blue) !

These lenses were kindly sponsered by First a bit of information about their shop, before I get to the actual review!
I. The Shop

Geoclouredlenses offer a large variety of circle lenses from the Korean manufacturer GEO.
GEO is a reliable Korean circle lense brand and in fact the only brand approved by the US FDA. They provide you with genuine lenses of this renowned brand. Many of the models they offer on their site are also avialable with corrective power - especially important for blind bats like me. Lastly, they offer free international shipping!

On their site, you can browse the products by color or by series name, they have a lot of resources such as reviewer videos and testimonials. Their site is well designed and I didn't run into any problems navigating it (which, as an Opera user, I just had to point out because it's not always the case). You can also find a lot of photos on their FacebookInstagram (username @geolens), Tumblr and even Pinterest. They often post make up tipps and tutorials or advice for lense care on the latter two, so it's deifnitely worth checking out!

What I found especially intriguing about their site was their detailed lens care guide which is espeically important for beginners and first time wearers. Even though I've been wearing contacts since I was 12 and don't really need that kind of advice for myself, it's good that people ho are new into the topic can easily find that kind of information directly on the site!

As for the avialability of lenses with corrective power, I was a bid dissapointed to see that a lot of models I really liked didn't have it, such as some of the GEO Xtra series. Oh gosh, I love those little printed patterns, but I guess before I get a laser surgery it can't really be helped!

The only thing I was missing about their online shop was a search tool or something that would allow me to filter lenses by the availability with corrective power. Since I have no choice but to order only leneses with corrective power, it was a bit frustrating to browse through pages of grogeous lenses only to find again and again that most of my favorites were not available with power.

On the other hand, a huge plus point goes to them offering also "small steps" of power difference even at higher powers! With the last lenses I ordered, I had to take -5.00 and -5.50 though my real prescription is -5.25 and -5.00. I really appreciate this!

Another positively noteworthy thing is the fact that they recommend to discard your lenses after 4 months if you regularly use them. This clears up the often experienced confusion of circle lenses buyers that assume that the lenses are 1 year disposable, whereas some sources state otherwise. So yes, it depends on how often you wear them and how good you can take care of them if you can wear them longer than a few months!

II. Shipping

Upon ordering, they provide you with a tracking number for your package, however it sometimes doesn't work. It really seems to depend on your country, as can also be seen from the explanation on their Delivery & Returns page. In my case, I just blame it on the Austrian postal service, because they don't seem to be very diligent when it comes to tracking stuff :'D However, my package arrived safely within 7 days (5 working days).

The glass bottles containing the lenses were neatly packed in a protective foil, and along with them came a lens container, a kind of business card and a little leaflet with instructions for lens care etc. Again, I think this is especially helpful for beginners!

Overall, I was very pleased with their shipping practice. At this point I would also like to point out that the contact has been very friendly and helpful, and their Englishw as so good that I was confused at first and thought they actually ship from the UK, haha!

III. The Lenses

In this second part of the review, let's have a closer look at the lenses themselves!
As mentioned before, the model I chose was Magic Color 3tone CM-904 as I wanted to have a pair of more natural looking lenses. I was expecting them to enhance my natural eye color and I was curious about the effect of the slightly yellowish inner border. I prefer light lenses with a smooth transition, because I have a rather light natural eye color, so I was hoping they would blend well.


Power Range: 0.00 ~ -10.00
Diameter: 14.2mm 
Base Curve Radius: 8.6 
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable


Click on the picture to check out a high res version of the photo where you can see the print quite well!

So, the print appears a bit different close up when compared to the pictures from the manufacturer, they seem a bit less greenish overall, however on that photo they also appear a bit darker than in real life. Especially the limbal ring (outer ring of the iris) is rather prominent on this photo, but not as dark when you hold the lens in your hand.

Click for close up!

So, here you see a picture of my fantastically naked face, haha. But it's easy to see that the limbal ring is not as dark as it appears at first. Interestingly, the contrast between the purplish blue at the outer ring and the semi-translucent yellowish ring in the middle change my eye color to appear a bit more greenish or turquoise. Anyway, the yellow/hazel is not visible per se and blends in perfectly with my natural eye color, especially from afar. The lenses are very subtle and the effect is pretty. However, as you can see, the enlargement effect is not very big, so if that's what you're looking for, these are probably not the best choice, having only 14.2 mm diameter.


Somehow, I didn't find the lenses very comfortable to wear - due to the print!
It wasn't that they were scratchy or anything per se, they actually felt very nice on the eyes and were easy to put in. I wore them for several hours without problems of dry eyes or itchiness etc.

However, the print (!) was actually getting into my field of vision most of the time >_<
I don't know how this is possible, because when looking at my eyes in a mirror it seemed normal, but sometimes the lenses would move slightly, and then the yellowish part of the print (inner ring) would move into my field of vision which left a corner of it uncomfortably blurry.

I didn't experience this with my other pair of circle lenses, which had a narrower print. I suppose this also has to do with the fact that the diameter is only 14.2mm. Larger lenses with such a large print might have less influence there, but with these lenses, this can become a bit uncomfortable.

During wearing I noticed that this occurred at an on-off basis, so from time to time I was just fine, at others, especially my left eye was blurry. In the end, it's something you get used to, and it won't be a problem when you are just out with friends. Nobody will notice either, because the print is very light an sheer, so the moving of the lens is barely noticeable - nothing compared to other lenses which have a very sharp inner border, which can make it really creepy looking when you have light eyes and wear darker lenses. However, I wouldn't wear these if I for example went to the cinema or knew that I had to drive.


Despite for the little issue with the blurred vision, I really like the lenses. They have a very natural look and if you have light colored eyes, the effect is great without being too obvious, so it's great for more casual looks. I personally like the fact that from afar, they make my eyes appear a little bit greenish towards the middle. The general look when worn is a pretty, lively color and a slightly darker limbal ring, so the "circle" effect is given too. If you want a more dramatic change of eye color or look, you should chose a model with a larger diameter and darker limbal ring. There are many pretty models with black limbal rings which give a gorgeous "doll eye effect"!





Since I can't really give "half points" here I'll just leave it at 4 stars out of 5 overall, because the overall impression of the lenses is really good, except for the problem with the blurred vision. But I suppose it depends on the individual person if that problem occurs at all, so if you like the design you should definitely give it a try. The enlargement is not very big, but as these lenses are more natural on purpose (which is also the main reason I wanted to try them) I don't see this as a great flaw.

If you like the design but are looking for a different color, Geocolouredlenses offer this model in different versions, so check them out! I bet the green one would look really cool on light colored eyes :)

So, as a final conclusion, I can definitely recommend Geocolouredlenses and their shop! The service was excellent, the shipping was fast and they offer a large variety of different circle lenses, so I bet everyone will find something they like! 

I would like to thank for the sponsorship! v^_^v

For further information on the topic of circle lenses, you can also check out my risk assessment that contains some information about how to take care of your eyes when you wear circle lenses frequently! Thanks for reading!


  1. der Shop klingt wirklich sehr gut vom Service her. Und ich finde die Linsen so genau richtig, so riesige Alien-Augen sehen manchmal auch komisch aus.

    Stehen dir jedenfalls sehr gut, auf den ersten Blick sieht man auch nicht, dass du Linsen trägst, es sieht nur erstmal sehr nach Puppe aus, aber nicht auf eine krasse, unnatürliche Art -sehr hübsch :)

    Hm, ich hatte mit normalen Effektlinsen auch die Erfahrung, dass ich z.B. im Augenwinkel einen grünen Schleier hatte... Allerdings hat mich das auch nicht so sehr gestört, wenn man nicht drauf achtet, nimmt man es nach einiger Zeit nicht mehr wahr.
    Ach, vielleicht wird es für mich auch mal Zeit, mir etwas natürlichere Linsen anzuschaffen, vor denen der Rest der Bevölkerung keine Angst haben muss xD

    Danke für dein Kommi, ich bin soo froh mit der Wohnung fertig zu sein :D
    Aber meine Beine finde ich schon zu dünn, wie Storchenbeine, da fehlen Muskeln ^^;

  2. Ich hab mir das jetzt nicht durchgelesen, weil ich kein Intresse an Circle Lenses hab, aber du siehst so verdammt gut aus auf den Bildern, das muss ich jetzt loswerden! DU HÜBSCHES DING, DU!

  3. Die Linsen stehen dir echt super, die kommen auch gar nicht unnatürlich rüber oder so!
    Und das lustige ist: mit den Linsen hast du genau meine Augenfarbe xD hab auch so einen gelben Kreis um die Pupille.

    Danke, dass du die Review so ausführlich gemacht hast und auch soviel vom Shop erzählt hast, vielleicht werd ich mir da auch mal welche bestellen.

  4. Ich finde die Linsen super und der Shop sieht auch echt gut aus. Dir passt es einfach so gut :)

  5. Replies
    1. Nah, das ist nur so ein Clip-in Haarteil :)

  6. Auf den Fotos, wo du komplett (und) zurechtgemacht zu sehen bist, siehst du aus wie eine Mangafigur, find ich. :D


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