Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Online Shopping Ordeal

Since I'm down with the cold I don't really have anything exciting to write about, nor do I have any pictures to show, nevertheless I wanted to write an update about what's currently happening in my life.

If you're following me on my twitter you're probably already sick of my ranting about how much I hate online shopping. Well, in fact I don't actually 'hate' it per se, I'm just that kind of person who always has really really bad luck when it comes to online shopping.

Some of you might remember the troubles I had with my first Bodyline order, where the customs office taxed the package wrong because DHL was too incompetent to write the amount of postage I payed somewhere on the package or bill. I ended up paying 63€ tax for a 70€ order (including postage). I guess you can imagine my frustration.

With my second BL order I was a bit more lucky, except for the fact that I got the bill from the Finnish customs and didn't understand a word of it, not even after translating it with the help of a friend. People at the post office didn't know anything about it either and then I also got two separate bills which confused me even more, especially since I didn't know which bank account number to pay to (there were like two or three on these papers). I ended up paying the right amount after I got a third invoice where the whole amount and correct bank account number were stated a few weeks later.

So after Christmas I decided to transfer some of my money to paypal to do some online shopping once in a while...
Part one: The Wig Conspiracy

The first thing I did with that money was participating in an Indiegogo Campaign by an online wig store. The deal was if you pay a certain amount for the crowd funding you get to choose one free wig per month for six months. The price was really good, in the end I would save about 50% and also the shipping costs, so I didn't hesitate for long. I've been considering bleaching my hair for a while now, but in the end I figured it's much cheaper to buy colorful and long wigs than to bleach and dye my own hair.

So, the first email where I could chose my wig came around the end of February, and I answered and got the "Your message has been received" note. That was somewhat before the Easter holidays and I was really excited about getting this wig. Except for - it didn't arrive. I read on the seller's facebook page that they had to order some stuff in and had problems with low stock so I just thought it would take some more time. After a month had passed, I got the second email to chose another wig, and after I answered that the seller replied to me, telling me she didn't receive an email with my first choice. So I re-sent her the information from the first time, waited for another reply or something, but nothing came... it's been roughly three weeks now and I'm not sure if my message got through, but if not I just really hope with my NEXT email at the end of the month I can get to order all three wigs at once, because this is getting tiresome, especially since I expected to have one of those wigs by the end of March latest....

Part Two: BB Cream Confusion

Another interesting thing happened with an ebay order of mine. I wanted to order a good BB cream for a while now, so I asked Arina for advice and she recommended an online shop that seemed very trustworthy - apparently there are a lot of fake creams of that brand being sold. So I ordered a few days later and payed with paypal. The estimated delivery time according to the seller's information would have been about two weeks. After four weeks, nothing had arrived. I started to fear that it might have been caught by the customs office and held back due to the new EU regulations about cosmetics. Then again, they would have had to send me note about it, wouldn't they?
I contacted the seller to ask them if they knew what's going on. They apologized and told me they'd send the item again if I wanted to, so I gave them my address. At that point, it turned out that the seller had sent the item to another address - my paypal address - which, at that time was still my address in Finland! I was pretty sure I had given them a correct delivery address via ebay but anyway, the item and my 12€ were lost. The contact person told me she'll talk to her manager about it and see if she can help me, but I'm not very confident about it. I haven't heard from her in two weeks. Seems like I will have to live without BB cream, since I am pretty sure that even if I order it or they send it again, customs will confiscate it due to the cosmetics regulations anyway... (of course it's also too late to get my money back via paypal :> )

Lastly: The Bodyline Disaster, Part 2

So, I ordered some stuff from BL before Easter, still from the Christmas money I had saved on my paypal account. If you know Bodyline, you know they have two different methods of shipping offered on their page: EMS and air mail. Air mails has a fixed fee and is substantially cheaper, but takes longer. Apparently, it's also not insured, but we'll get to that later. So I ordered and got an email with my tracking number.The package got to the post office on March 26 and was there till March 29, where it was "dispatched from outward office of exchange". And that was the last time it was tracked.

Rose Bouqet High Wasit Skirt. I've been wanting to buy that skirt ever since I saw the print ;___;

Merry Go Round JSK. I ordered the black colorway...

So, my last order made it from Japan to Finland in about 3 days, and was then stuck at the customs office in Helsinki. However, the tracking was updated immediately so I knew at all times where my package was. In this case, it seems like the package has vanished into thin air halfway between Japan and Austria (or probably Germany as most stuff comes in via Hamburg or Frankfurt afaik).

I'm seriously worried about this now. Conveniently, Bodyline disclaims all liability for such cases:
"don't ask us anything about air delivery.
we can't help you.
sometime your package will be stolen,broken,etc.
sadly,we can not help you.we can not refund are bad luck.
our responsibility until the package
<dispatch from tokyo exchange >
you can claim your post office.In our experience,
 they will not pay you anything and they will never answer you the reason."
Well thank you, Captain Engrish.

I wrote on the Dunkelsüß forum to ask if anybody had similar experiences. Two or three other girls seemed to have problems with their packages too, where tracking numbers stopped working or similar. One girl suggested to open a paypal claim if the package doesn't arrive, upon which another girl almost freaked out, saying that it would be shitty and unfair towards bodyline because it's not their fault... anyway, a paypal claim could help to "force" them to track down the package which they could definitely inquire at their local post office, especially if the package is insured. And then another girl pointed out something very important: as a mater of fact, paypal's terms and conditions state that you ALWAYS have to use insured mail if you offer payment via paypal. This is really interesting, because I remember a discussion on a Kleiderkreisel forum where a person accidentally sent a packaged uninsured and ran into problems because the buyer claimed it was lost.

Soooo I don't really know what to think or do currently. I am of course hoping that the package will turn up soon, or that it will actually be delivered in the next weeks, and the tracking number simply wasn't updated. This would be the best case... If the package doesn't arrive, I'll probably contact BL within two weeks and ask them to inquire about the package, and if they refuse to do so, open a paypal claim.... I'd really rather have my stuff, but if there's no other chance I'd be super mad if I couldn't get my money back.
The questions is - is it insured, in which case they'd have to refund the money or send it again, or is it not insured, in which case they'd be violating the terms and conditions?

Oh, and last but not least I am expecting another package which I don't wanna tell you any details about yet, but the tracking number they sent me doesn't seem to work either. I really don't care as long as it arrives safely, but still, all that waiting and insecurity is maddening.

This is so, so frustrating that I can barely believe how other people keep ordering stuff online all the time and never actually run into problems o_O Also, I don't understand how the post system can be so messed up. I mean, of course it's a lot of logistics involved, all that tracking and transport. But really, how can something be just "lost" and never turn up again? They should know on what plane or ship it was, and unless the plane crashes or someone throws a container over board, stuff shouldn't simply vanish, right?
Well, I guess it's far more complicated than that, but still it's annoying that you can't trust your mail to arrive safely and basically have to use insured mailing all the time if you really want to make sure something arrives. I wouldn't mind if Austrian customs wouldn't also put taxes on the shipping costs, which means that every extra Euro I pay for shipping can mean I might cross the limit where I only have to pay taxes and have to pay customs fee as well.

At the same time, I am still waiting for feedback on my thesis, which, as we found out just a few days ago, is not due by the middle of May but already in two weeks! Thank the heavens I already sent it in before Easter and haven't heard back since then, it would have been such a convenience if I actually had a decent amount of time to correct that stuff before I have to print and bind it -__-

Okay, as you can see, I'm really mad about these things, and I just really hope my stuff will arrive some time soon. I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope that everything turns out fine.


  1. määh, das ist ja super ärgerlich -.- Ich bin bei Auslandskäufen auch immer kritisch... Hab vor Weihnachten in England bestellt und auch das Paket kam und kam und kam nicht... wurde per Airmail versendet, also gab es keine Trackingnummer.. ich hatte mir schon Sorgen gemacht, bis es endlich DOCH kam. War wohl wegen Weihnachten verzögert... Also ja, ich hab da auch ein ungutes Gefühl.

    Kann aber auch in Deutschland passieren, letztens kam ein Ebaypäckchen nicht an, der Verkäufer war aber so nett, mir nochmal was zu senden, sogar doppelt, als Entschädigung ^_^ Gut, dabei ging's auch nur um einen 4€ Betrag oder so..
    Amazon hat es auch einmal geschafft, etwas als geliefert zu markieren, was nie ankam. Hab aber auch hier sofort und ohne Probleme Ersatz bekommen.
    Du siehst, andere haben auch Probleme beim Online-Shoppen ^^; Ich drück dir die Daumen, dass es doch noch ankommt :)

  2. Übel, übel, übel x__x mehr fällt mir dazu nicht ein.
    Abgesehen davon, dass ich letztens ja Ewigkeiten um mein blödes Paket von Sheinside kämpfen musste (Saftladen, die kriegen keinen Cent mehr von mir xDD), hatte ich erst einmal Probleme mit einem JSK von Den hatte ich irgendwie Anfang August bestellt und bekam ihn erst Anfang Dezember. Das war der Knaller schlecht hin. Sonst blieb ich glücklicherweise immer verschont von solchen Desastern.
    Ich drück dir SO fest die Daumen, dass deine Pakete doch noch unbeschadet ankommen >__<
    Ich warte aktuell auch noch auf einiges an Zeugs (16 Pakete, what the hell!?), eines lässt schon Ewigkeiten auf sich warten und die Trackingnummer wird auch seit Wochen nicht mehr aktualisiert *seufz*
    Keine Ahnung was da manchmal schief läuft - ich kann deine Wut wirklich verstehen. Ich frage mich auch wie es passieren kann, dass bei der Post irgendwie manchmal ganze Lieferungen im Nirvana verschwinden. Wie ist sowas möglich?

  3. Jetzt hab ich voll den Horror davor, irgendwas online zu bestellen. o_O

  4. Uff, das ist krass.
    Ich bestelle zwar jetzt nicht so viel, aber ab und an schon was, das ein oder andere Mal habe ich schon im Ausland bestellt. Ging aber alles gut :)
    Wenn im Übrigen keine Rechnung außen am Päckchen war, kannst du den Beleg selber ausdrucken (z.B. Paypal-Beleg) und zum Zoll bringen, dann berechnen sie davon den Zoll. Wenn die es nämlich nicht wissen, googeln die einfach und dann musst du teilw. utopische Beträge zahlen. Nur so als Tipp :)
    Und mit den Adressen muss man aufpassen. Ich hatte auch schon Sachen, die bei meiner Mutter angekommen sind, weil es bei Paypal stand...ich überprüf das immer, bei jedem Kauf.
    Und ich hoffe, dass dein BL-Päckchen noch ankommt und dass der Zoll einfach vergessen hat, das Tracking zu aktualisieren ^^


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