Thursday, May 30, 2013

And in your dreams, you see me falling

Hello again! ^_^v  

Yesterday I took another break from studying... My head is so full I feel like I can't memorize anything anymore, I have no idea how I am supposed to remember 150 pages for Medical Biotechnology alone, haha!  Anyway, we decided to go to the cinema and watch Oblivion - I wanted to see the movie because I like these kind of movie where there are twists, and I like post-apocalyptic settings, so despite our deep dislike for Mr. Cruise who plays the main role, I convinced my boyfriend to go and watch it with me!

I was so happy to go out I out a totally unnecessary effort in doing my make-up and dressing up. But it felt so good and was a lot of fun! Sometimes, I just want to look a bit like a princess... the look is a bit Gyaru-inspired, though I do that eye-enlarging effect pretty often...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Huge review + photos!

Hello my dear readers!

As those of you who follow me on twitter or are facebook friends of mine already know, I'm currently super busy studying for my final exam. It was postponed by a few days, so I'm glad I have some extra time now, but still, it's very stressful so I don't have a lot to blog about.

But a while ago I ordered from DressLink. Enticed by the review of lovely Arina about this China-based online store, I quickly decided to give it a try and order some clothes for summer. As mentioned before, I was specifically looking for something that I could wear to my brother's wedding in August, so I was mainly looking for dresses that would fit the occasion. So I took the opportunity to make a study break and write this review about my order!

Before I start the detailed review, a few words about DressLink. Their online shop is really huge but easy to navigate. They offer various different shipment methods, and a good guide on how to find the best one for your country and needs.
The prices are ridiculously cheap, there's no arguing about that, and the shipping costs are not too high either. If you sign up, you get a 20% discount voucher that you can use for your next order! The stuff I ordered was roughly USD 80,- but with the voucher I only payed $ 65,- plus $ 25,- for shipping with FedEx. At the checkout, you can choose a shipping method, and for some reason FedEx shipping was cheaper than China mail, so I chose that.

I placed my order on 18th May, and it was packed and sent on 23rd. Tracking with FedEx worked just fine, DressLink even sends you an E-Mail a kind of tracking widget so you don't need to check the FedEx site, you only have to look at the mail. The package arrived today, 28th May, and I had to pay roughly € 13,- import tax, so in contrast to DHL, they didn't mess up anything at the customs :)

Now to the products I ordered! (Warning, picture heavy!)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Stuff: Shopping, Robots and Make up

The date of my final exam is approaching, and while I still don't know yet if I'm actually entitled to take the exam at all, I found that I really haven't blogged much this month so far. So I decided to put together a bunch of pics I've taken lately, and combine them into this "random" post, because by themselves they're not really worth an own entry. Enjoy!

I think this was the first time that I did a decent job on a "cat eye" eyeliner shape...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Encourage Diversity

I'll start in German because I reference a German article, but I'll provide you with a translation/summary of what this is about below! To those who understand both, I recommend reading the English version of my rant because imo it's just much better worded :'D

Via Dunkelsüß wurde ich Aufmerksam auf einen Artikel einer österreichischen Jugendfeminismus-Plattform (oder irgendsowas):

MonA-Net ist ein Online-Netzwerk, das vor allem Mädchen und junge Frauen in ganz Österreich anspricht und ihnen die Möglichkeit gibt sich hier zielgruppengerecht zu informieren.

So trocken und sachlich sich das für dich auch anhören mag, hier geht es um DICH !!!

...vorrausgesetzt du passt in das enge Schema dass diese Personen, die die Seite gestalten, offenbar von der jungen Damenwelt hat.

Der Artikel um den es geht behandelt das Thema Lolita-Mode und wurde im Online-Magazin Teil der Seite veröffentlicht. Dort ist die Rede von "Puppen-ähnlichen Kostüme", "Mädi-Look", "Kult" und "Doppelleben".
Abschließend ist man der Meinung "Ob diese fragwürdige Moderichtung auch bei uns Einzug hält ist fraglich." [sic]

Zusammenfassend kann man also sagen dass ich als Lolita ein einer nicht vorhandenen Minderheit/Subkultur angehörendes, dumm-naives, verlogenes, aufmerksamkeitsgeiles Püppchen bin.

It's a WIP, thus the unfinished parts but it suits the topic so I wanted to show it!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The everlasting problem of a girl...

...who has "nothing to wear" despite a bursting wardrobe!

I'm super busy with studying at the moment, so it's kinda silent around here. But I just don't really do anything exciting or worth writing about, but I promise you as soon as my exams are over (beginning of June) I will try to write more again!

There are some pretty big events coming up and I am already now planning my outfits, haha!
First of all, my graduation ceremony will be in July, and I'm planning to wear that white and black print dress I bought in Helsinki for that purpose - even though we have the order to dress "dark and elegant". Seriously, I don't give a f*ck about their order, I think the dress is absolutely appropriate, about a meter longer than what some girls wear to such occasions, and the only thing someone might argue about is the print, but I am pretty sure most people won't even notice or take a closer look. But I think it suits my "personal style" really well without being too much over the top, and I feel very comfortable wearing it! I just have to watch my weight a bit more carefully, as I am still 4kg above my "perfect weight" and the dress is rather small ;___;
As for the hair and make up, I think some kind of pin up style could be nice. Definitely red lips, and I'd love to wear my hair in curls although I know what a difficulty that is. But I'll see :'D

Then there's my brother's wedding coming up in August!
I'm super excited already, mainly because I don't really know the bride's family all that well and though I am perfectly sure they are gonna be very relaxed about the dress code I don't really know what to wear. I'd love to buy something new for the occasion, something elegant yet fit for summer, but I really can't decide on a certain style!

Arina posted a review about a shop called and after I read through it I ended up browsing the whole 80+ pages of the "dresses" section of the shop, looking for something fit for the occasion XD

I came up with some ideas, maybe you'd like to help me with a decision? :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ghosts of the Past & Fear of the Future

Last week I attended my long-since planned high school reunion!

Though I am jsut about to finish my Bachelor's degree, I actually graduated already 5 years ago! Looking back, it feels like an eternity. Most of the people I've met and befriended since then are younger than me, some just about to graduate or not even that, and sometimes this really makes me feel veeery old :'D

Before the meet up, I was super nervous. I organized the whole thing with the help of some former class representatives via facebook, and about 35 people agreed to come. While I do keep in touch with some of my former class mates from time to time, most of the people I hadn't seen during these 5 years at all.
I was unsure how they would treat me. Back in my school days, I was a kind of outsider and while I did have some friends, most people more or less ignored me. Since I use facebook under a fake name and wasn't "popular" during my school time, I was really wondering if everybody of these people even knew who I was :'D

This is a 1:1000 difference to what I looked when I graduated! I don't think I'll ever show you those old photos... too embarrassing ^^"