Monday, June 24, 2013

Monthly Random: June

Since my last "random" post seemed to be of interest to you, I think I'm gonna make a habit out of this :) Also, it's a perfect occasion to post all those pictures that accumulate yet aren't really enough to write an own blog entry about. June's almost over, so here's my picture-heavy "Monthly Random" for June!

Went "flood watching" at the Donauinsel...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Festival Diary: Nova Rock 2013

Hey guys! :D

Nope, I'm not dead! I've just been busy with our upcoming move and last week end I went to the Nova Rock Festival! I tweeted a little bit about it and posted some pics on my instagram too, but now I finally have time for a proper blog entry about it.

After we had some rather unpleasant experiences at our last festival, we decided that we won't be camping this time, instead we went back and forth by car each day. The festival is near Nickelsdorf, and you can go there form Vienna by car on a highway, so it's only about 30min travel time. We checked the line up first and except for Rammstein we didn't care so much for the headliners, so we were able to leave before the last acts and avoid the traffic jam around the parking lot on the other two days.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Passion for Sweets

Hello everyone - how was your week end?
Mine was super busy but a lot of fun! On Saturday I went to the Open Campus day of the university I wanna do my PhD at (but this is still a faaaar far away future), and was able to get a tour to one of the labs... I really wanna work there one day, it's my greatest dream, so I'll work hard and hopefully get in their programme in two years!

For today I tried to organize a "Mini-Meet.up" for the Lolita community, because I wanted to go to an exhibition about pastries (sounds kinda ridiculous, but as you might know I am really into baking so I'm interested in that kind of thing) and didn't want to go alone. In the end, due to short notice and another event on the previous evening, we were only 3 girls but it was a lot of fun anyway! 

Me & my friend the Punschkrapfen, haha! I looked it up, but there isn't even an English word for this pastry :D

Friday, June 7, 2013

End of an era & new beginning

Five years ago, I had my high school final exams. A little bit more than three years ago, shortly before I started this blog, I had my interview that got me into this university. And today I had my final exams AND I PASSED!

That means I am now "Bachelor of Science in Engineering" and I even graduated with highest distinction (grade <1.2) aaaand I'm sorry if I sound super annoying but I am just SO FREAKING HAPPY!
And honestly, I'm kinda proud of myself. It's the first thing I really "achieved" after my high school graduation and I am getting more and more confident that this is just the right thing for me to do!

So right now, I am just super relieved and don't really know what to do because I have so much I could do, but nothing I have to do!

Le epic photoshop from a friend of mine, hahaha ♥

Finally, I can also look forward to the upcoming weeks and tasks and be happy about it - next week end my boyfriend and I will go to Nova Rock festival where I'll see my favorite band HIM and other bands I love like Rammstein, KoRn and The 69 Eyes! We will start to renovate our flat and hopefully move in be the end of July or mid of August. And in autumn I will start to study Medical Molceular Biology at the University of Vienna (at least that's the plan).

On another note - I don't know if you've heard about it if you're not from central Europe but Austria among other countries have been affected be severe floods lately. My home town was affected to, as it's directly next to the Danube. This was no surprise as we get floods quite frequently and our houses are built in a safe way, but still it was rather severe and even higher than in 2002. The water went down again yesterday and today, but it seems like the river carried much more mud with it this time, so everything is now soaked and dirty. So I'll probably have to help them out with cleaning up the garden this week end. (Just so you get an idea, this is about as high as it was 2 days ago, the peak was even higher...)
Other than that - I have sooo many plans right now, I am just super happy that I have some free time to do what I want! I will hopefully also get to blog much more often now! By the way, are some of you still interested in Science stuff? Because I've been thinking about blogging about topics that I find interesting once in while again, if you would like to read that?

Anway! I'll be off again, so much to do, I don't even know where I want to start, haha!

Thanks to all those people who cheered me up during all that studying and worrying ^__^v I owe you!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lolita Tea Party at Café Süssi & Classic Lolita Outfit

Happy belated International Lolita Day!
I can hardly believe that it's been half a year already that I posted about this and kinda went to my first little meet up with other Lolitas BUT before I digress and start to be all depressive about how much I miss Finland, let me tell you about our local (Viennese) meet up on last Saturday!

A group of Lolitas came together and meet at Café Süssi here in Vienna, which is a "Salon du thé Francais", in other words, a very pretty, old-school and French-themed café. Even the menu was mostly in French! In the end, we were 18 or 19 people, I don't really remember, but it was very crammed in that little room, but also very cozy and nice :) It was a perfect location for a Lolita meet up! Initially, I wanted to wear Sweet Lolita, because the meet up was meant to celebrate Macaron Day, but when I saw the location I decided to go with a more Classic styled outfit that I've had in mind for a while now. It's very simple though, too bad you can't really see any details, not that there were very many.
But with many of the girls wearing Classic outfits, it felt like traveling back in time, sitting there in the café, sipping our tea and eating sweets :) (Too bad they didn't have any macarons in the end ;_;)

My outfit of the day with my beloved Bodyline dress :3
With the ribbon attached to the chest it doesn't look so "empty" anymore...