Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lolita Tea Party at Café Süssi & Classic Lolita Outfit

Happy belated International Lolita Day!
I can hardly believe that it's been half a year already that I posted about this and kinda went to my first little meet up with other Lolitas BUT before I digress and start to be all depressive about how much I miss Finland, let me tell you about our local (Viennese) meet up on last Saturday!

A group of Lolitas came together and meet at Café Süssi here in Vienna, which is a "Salon du thé Francais", in other words, a very pretty, old-school and French-themed café. Even the menu was mostly in French! In the end, we were 18 or 19 people, I don't really remember, but it was very crammed in that little room, but also very cozy and nice :) It was a perfect location for a Lolita meet up! Initially, I wanted to wear Sweet Lolita, because the meet up was meant to celebrate Macaron Day, but when I saw the location I decided to go with a more Classic styled outfit that I've had in mind for a while now. It's very simple though, too bad you can't really see any details, not that there were very many.
But with many of the girls wearing Classic outfits, it felt like traveling back in time, sitting there in the café, sipping our tea and eating sweets :) (Too bad they didn't have any macarons in the end ;_;)

My outfit of the day with my beloved Bodyline dress :3
With the ribbon attached to the chest it doesn't look so "empty" anymore...
 I agreed to meet my friend Bibi at the train station and we went the rest of the way together. It was rainy so we had umbrellas with us, and it didn't take long before a woman came up to us while we waited for two other girls, to ask if she could take a photo, and to ask us about the fashion. It's always so nice when people show genuine interest in Lolita and don't just stare at you, I really appreciate people asking, and I guess I'll never grow tired of explaining everything they want to know :) I do my best to represent the "scene" well in such situations, after all I haven't been a Lolita myself for very long yet, but I do my best, haha!

I was surprisingly happy with my outfit, though my make up didn't turn out so well this time. I tried a more toned down eye make up for the classic look but I don't know if I'm too happy with it. I think my face just looks empty without thick false lashes D: Also, I gave my blue Circle Lenses a second chance. They make my eyes look pretty dark in natural, indirect light, but I wanted to at least do something to emphasize my eyes. 
I was also very unsure what to do about my hair, so I ended up just braiding it, because as you might know, my hair is almost unstyle-able. Due to the rain and everything my hair looked really messed up at the end of the day, but oh well. At least I got a halfway decent photo taken before it all went down the drain XD

If you want to get an impression of the café and the other Lolita's outfits, check out the pictures from the meet up on the facebook page :)

It was nearly impossible to pour the tea without spilling it XD we have to go back to Lolita bootcamp I suppose *derp* 

The sweets were incredibly. I say incredibly because I'm still not entirely sure if I liked it or if it was really too much XD

I deifnitely have to bring my own camera for the next meet up I attend, because I feel so bad for borrowing pics from others all the time D: And especially in the cozy little café my cellphone camera was just no match for what a real camera could have done. But anyway, at least I got some pics to share :)

As for the next occasion - it will definitely come around soon! I'll probably try to initiate a trip to a nearby museum where they have an exhibition about confectionery, and as I suggested it to the other girls there seemed to be a few interested. So at some point after my exam that's what I'd like to do.
Also, I was one of the lucky few how were able to grab a ticket for the Innocent World Tea Party in October! It's crazy to think that I'm gonna attend such a fancy event when I haven't even been part of this fashion for a long time... I felt a bit insecure about my style, but everyone I asked was very supportive so I don't feel bad about going anymore ^_^ I'm very much looking forward to it and I already have an outfit in mind that I want to wear :3

In the meantime, I have to study, pass my exam, renovate my flat, maybe get a last-minute internship or job for September and reach my goal of ideal weight until my brother's wedding in August. I took up a Pilates challenge again, let's see if I will really make it XD
I don't think I'll be able to write anything more before my exam next Friday, so pretty please if you're free on that day, keep your fingers crossed for me, and after that I'll be freeee~ haha!

Wish you a nice Sunday! ^_^


  1. Was war das für ein Dessert auf deinem Bild? Ist nicht genau zu erkennen.

    1. Das war so ein... Hefeteigbällchen in Schokosauce ertränkt XD Ziemlich lecker aber totaler Overkill ^^

  2. Hihi auch wenn ich so gar nicht auf solche klassichen Blümchenmuster stehe, das Outfit passt wirklich super zur Location und alles in einem sehr stimmig und ja, gefällt mir gut :)
    Hab mir auf der FB-Seite auch die anderen Bilder angeguckt..und alle sind so hübsch und das Essen erst sieht sooo köstlich aus :)
    Hach ich will auch sowas machen :D
    Aber erstmal drück ich dir die Daumen für deine Prüfung, du rockst das :)

  3. Sounds like a really cute meetup you had! ^__^
    I like your outfit, it suits you well and I like the hair as well..I'm so jealous of your thick hair. x)

    Oooh..I'm so happy for you, that you're able to attend the IW-teaparty!! Would be amazing if there were such a thing in Finland too! :D

    What are you talking about losing weight?? 0_o
    You look so petite and cute! ♡ ♡

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Haha, don't be! XD My hair is unstylable and at the moment it's also in a really bad condition (tangles very quickly and doesn't feel smooth). I was thinking about cutting it, but I still hope I can manage with some repair treatment XD

      Aw, thanks but it's because I don't feel comfortable in my normal clothes right now. All my pants are getting too tight which is always a sign for me that I have to watch more closely what I eat and do a bit more sports ^^"

  4. das Outfit ist mal wieder sooo hübsch und es steht dir wirklich du schaust einfach sooo süß damit aus *O*

  5. Das Kleid ist echt hübsch. Ich mag das Muster. Und dein Make-up sieht ebenfalls bezaubernd aus...
    Musste außerdem nach laaaaangem mal wieder nen Gruß dalassen. ;-)

  6. wie hübsch du warst *_*
    ich drück dir ganz fest die Daumen für deine Prüfung :)

  7. Pretty outfit~! Whatever that chocolate thing was it looked delicious!!

  8. dein outfit is so hübsch*-* liebe deine haare btw xD
    ich liebe das süßssi. die desserts sind awesome*-* aber sehr süß XDD


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