Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monthly Random: July

Wow! I can't believe the month's already over!

Wasn't it just yesterday that I went to my graduation ceremony? Didn't we just move out from our apartment in Vienna a few days ago? Where the hell has all the time gone?!

Time for another monthly random, this time there's quite a bunch of pictures in queue, since I didn't really have time to write any blogpost... but more interesting stuff is coming up, I promise ;D

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4th J-Fashion Meet Up in Vienna

Hello guys!

Last week end, I actually did something else than tearing down wall papers or smashing old floor tiles - I went to another J-fashion meet up! Last time I wore Lolita, but this time we had really hot weather and a picnic - so I decided to wear a simple, Gyaru-inspired summer look.

Photographer: greencat ( facebookdeviantart )

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Plain and simple.

Hey guys!

I am really really lazy with updating, but the good news is my laptop has finally been sent to be repaired so I will hopefully have my own computer back in a few weeks, which will be very helpful of course. Right now my photos are spread out on my phone, my parents' computer and my boyfriend's as well as my hard drive, and I am just trying my best to keep all the data backed up on the latter so I don't lose anything...
Anyway, as there's not much I could tell you about my current life because apart from the renovation nothing exciting is happening, I can show you a OOTD from last week!

So, when I'm not covered in dust and working heavy machines, I enjoy the perfect summer weather we're currently having - I say perfect because it mostly stays below 25°C which is the optimum temperature for me to operate. I mean, feel at ease, haha. I am looking forward to living at our new apartment, I hope I'll be able to post some more outfit photos then :3

I bought these sandals a while ago, as I came to understand how practical it is to have flat summer shoes that are open but still okay for driving! I really love them and I'm wearing them quite often lately.

I am also greatly enjoying the fact that I have "permanent make up" now, and don't have to put on anything before I leave the house and still can look okay. I mean, I still don't have very beautiful eyebrows or thick lashes but it's better than the alien look I had before :'D

By the way, I applied to "MyStyleHit"'s blogger VIP program, but they rejected me... I guess it's the blog design and some of the content and the fact that I don't blog about what I wear frequently enough that disqualified me, but I thought I could give it a try anyway... oh well, it's still a pretty cool page and smaller than Lookbook or something like that, so it's a good platform even without the VIP program.

So, anyhow. Enough of the vanity stuff for now! While I sit here, dreaming about the new apartment and all the nice things I'll be able to do once I live there, tell me about your favorite outfits and shoes for summer! What's the weather like at your place?
Here it's still getting quite cold at night, which is good when you want a good night's sleep... but bad when you stay out late and forget something warm to put on ^^

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Status Quo: Destruction

Sometimes you have to tear something down before you can build it up again.
Sometimes you need a fresh, clean and new start.

Our apartment is such a case.
The building is from the 70ies. My mum bought the place in the 80ies I grew up there for the first 10 years of my life. And I've really come to despise some things in this apartment, for example - well actually, anything in the color brown, for starters. You might remember how much I hate that color....

So this time, I'm gonna show you some photos from the work in progress...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alien in disguise

Hey guys! Since I currently don't have much time or stuff to blog about, I'll just try to write more but shorter entries to keep this blog alive :D So today's topic.... hair color!

Most of you probably know that black is not my natural hair color.
In fact, I am blond, which means I have to dye my roots every 5-6 weeks or I look like I am going bald. My natural hair color is the typical "ash blond", this kind of blond that looks just super plain - and in my case, also very different depending on the light! In daylight, my roots are almost invisible, but sometimes they look more brunette or even reddish. But my roots aren't even what bothers me most about my natural hair color, it's my eyebrows and lashes that are so light blond that they are almost invisible! It looks really stupid with black dyed hair, so I usually have to wear at least mascara and "draw on" my eyebrows before I go out, unless I want to look like a sick alien.

So, when my friend Mimi, who is a hairdresser in training, offered to help my with dying my hair so she can practice, she also mentioned that she can dye lashes and eyebrows, and very quickly I decided to give it a try! I chose black for the lashes and dark brown for the eyebrows, but as my eyebrows are naturally very light they ended up almost black anyway :'D But I am very happy with the results!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hearts, skulls and roses - Graduation 2013

Last Thursday my graduation ceremony took place.
During the ceremony, we had to vow an oath and got our diplomas / Bachelor certificates. It's a very formal event, but everyone participating as speaker or moderator did a great job to make it a memorable and not too "stiff" occasion :)

At first I was actually scared that I would get scolded because of my dress. I bought it in Helsinki months before the ceremony, and I thought it should be okay. But back in Austria we soon found out that the official "dress code" for the event was "dark and elegant"... I was a bit shocked when I read this, due to my dress of choice being white... and having a print with skulls which could, on second thought, offend people or something like that. There was some discussion about too short and too bright dresses - a friend of mine has a body like a super model with incredibvly long legs so that almost every dress would be considered "too short" on her! - and in the end, I think they made too much of a fuss about this whole thing. Of course everyone knew that it's a formal event and they should dress appropriately. However, everyone put a bit of their personal style to it. Some girls dressed in simple black mini dresses and ballerinas. some just wore sandals. To me, this is rather "informal" too but it's just a matter of taste, isn't it?

In the end, nobody got scolded for their outfit, and people even told me that my dress is actually very beautiful and the skulls not too noticeable anyway :)

Super overexposed! XD I'm reflective... like a glacier or something, lol

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One step closer... an independent life!

Last week end my boyfriend and my got the keys for our flat ♥
Long story short, I grew up in that place, but we moved to a house when I was 11. Ever since then it was rented out, first to an acquaintance, then to my cousin, and lastly to my (step)brother who lived there with his girlfriend/fiancé for the last 6 years. And now it will be ours!