Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4th J-Fashion Meet Up in Vienna

Hello guys!

Last week end, I actually did something else than tearing down wall papers or smashing old floor tiles - I went to another J-fashion meet up! Last time I wore Lolita, but this time we had really hot weather and a picnic - so I decided to wear a simple, Gyaru-inspired summer look.

Photographer: greencat ( facebookdeviantart )
As you can see, I hung out with my friend Bibi again, her dress was so pretty! And I felt ridiculously huge next to her, so we took that photo above XD Also, I really had a very unphotogenic day that day. I look super derpy on more or less every picture D: 

Photographer: greencat ( facebookdeviantart )

Greencat was there and took some amazing photos again! You can check them out on his facebook page, please give him a "like" while you're there! :3

And there's also a video of the event, so you can check out all the gorgeous people while moving around and having fun!

You can see me looking derpy around 02:55 :'D

I was so glad I didn't come in Lolita, with covered shoulders and a petti. It was just too hot! There will be a Lolita meet up at the beginning of August and I am still not quite sure if I can wear what I want because I'm not sure if I can take the heat in such an outfit .__. But i definitely want to go, it's rare that I get to go out at the moment because of the apartment renovation. so I'd really love to go there.

And here I have some more, really craptastic pictures from my cell phone so you can see my make up a bit better! I wore my purple circle lenses again, and while I think that the overall outcome of the look is not very "gyaru-ish" I think the inspiration can be seen... I tried my best!
And I actually got a really nice compliment for my make up, where I was asked if am a professional make up artist or anything like that X3

I wish I could show you better photos but I don't have my camera at the place I'm currently staying at ;___;

I also wore fake nails for the first time in my life! What a weird feeling XD But my natural nails look horrible at the moment...

So, the location for the picnic was pretty nice. I haven't been at the Donaupark since I was a little kid and it's actually very nice. I went there by car and since it was Sunday I found a parking spot for free after a long search, haha! We met up at the subway station and then walked to a nice picnic spot. For the photos, we went back in small groups to the Uno City. Unfortunately there is no group shot this time, but the photographers took their time to get some great pics of smaller groups and individuals. Big thanks to them!

I made muffins and Bibi brought some pizza rolls :D

Nice picnic spot under the trees!

All in all it was a fun and entertaining day! Thanks to everyone who was there and made it such a nice event :3

It felt good to dress up and wear make up for a change, and have a day off from the renovation of our apartment. We still have a lot of work to do, I'll write an update soon I guess :) What did you do during the week end?


  1. Replies
    1. Ja, auf dem Gruppenfoto, soll ich dich verlinken? :D Ich hoffe es stört dich nicht dass ich es hochgeladen habe? ^^

    2. Nein, nicht nötig, stört mich überhaupt nicht ^__~

  2. oww du warst so hübsch *_* von dem, was ich auf den Fotos sehe war das Make-Up doch total gut?
    Aber sagt mal.. ist deine Freundin so klein, oder bist du so groß? ^^ Wobei ich hab auch ne Freundin, die ist nur 1,55 und ich bin 1,70, bei uns sieht das sicher genauso aus :D

    1. Sie ist so klein ^^ Ich bin selber nur 1.60m :D Okay, die Schuhe haben Absatz aber ihre ja auch ^^ Bibi ist 1.47m glaub ich.

  3. Ich finde dein Outfit echt super. Du sahst toll aus.

  4. Sah super aus, kannst du echt öfter tragen!

    Ich war auf nem Festival ;)

  5. hab mir grad das Video angeschaut... mennöö will auch aber bei uns gibt es sowas tolles garnicht >___<

    du sahst wieder wunderhübsch aus du kannst echt so vieles tragen :3

  6. Warum überseh' ich eigentlich immer, dass sowas ist? xD

    1. Ohh sorry, hätte ich gewusst dass du es nicht mitbekommen hast hätte ich dir bescheid gesagt D: Aber die Treffen werden meist auf der facebookseite vorangekündigt! Vielleicht sieht man sich beim nächsten mal ^^

  7. Du warst wirklich hübsch, hab´ dich auch um deine wenigen Schichten Kleidung beneidet :D
    Nie wieder Mori Girl im Sommer xD

  8. Boah, die Bilder von Bibi und dir sind gigantisch! Du siehst einfach so so toll aus!
    Muss direkt noch mal hochscrollen! XD
    Ja, eindeutig!

  9. du warst voll hübsch und bitte dein make up war doch ur toll. hab eh dauernd auf deine augen gestarrt XDDD

    ich pack lolita im sommer auch nicht. sind mir zu viele schichten;-; kann aber leider eh nicht zum treffen kommen, weil ich wieder mal am we arbeite xD naja..wünsch dir viel spass.

    freu mich schon aufs nächste J-fashion treffen*-*

    btw die bibi is aber auch sehr kleinxD das foto sieht aba iwie süß aus XD


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