Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monthly Random: July

Wow! I can't believe the month's already over!

Wasn't it just yesterday that I went to my graduation ceremony? Didn't we just move out from our apartment in Vienna a few days ago? Where the hell has all the time gone?!

Time for another monthly random, this time there's quite a bunch of pictures in queue, since I didn't really have time to write any blogpost... but more interesting stuff is coming up, I promise ;D

At the beginning of the month, my laptop broke :(

Bought a Harvest Moon game after a looong time again (the last one I had was for GameCube :) )

Made a red currant cake with red currant from our own garden! 

Had some delicious food with my family to celebrate my graduation, omnomnom 

Produced several m³ of dust, dirt and garbage

Did some cat cuddling

Bought floor tiles for our apartment ♥ 

Did some more cat cuddling...

...aaaand some more cat cuddling X3

Found out that they sell Hummus in Austrian super markets *__* I last ate that stuff in 2007 when I was in the US XD 

Went to do house- and cat-sitting at friends' place and accidentally the cat.

Highfive!  XD

Watched tons of movies... Cloud Atlas (oh god I loved it), Legend of the Guardians, Total Recall (the remake), 2001: A Space Odyssey,  The Hunger Games...

And also went to see Pacific Rim on premiere day and wore a green look complete with DIY knitted hat and matching extensions, hehe

Went window shopping for kitchen equipment! This oven was my absolute favorite because its door opens sideways... but I found one that's even better than that...

Discovered a fucking amazing graffiti in Vienna.

Had to give in to OCD in a Forever 21 store

This is the other cat we're cat-sitting at the moment ♥

Started to play Fallput 3 (on my boyfriends computer of course...)

And most importantly: I signed the contract for the apartment, to officially make me the owner.

So, as I mentioned before my laptop is out of order and I sent it to the company to have it repaired... turns out the warranty is not valid anymore because of a stupid little dent in the casing! I was pretty mad when I read it in a letter they sent, at least the repair won't be too expensive but still, it's not like I didn't handle the laptop with care or the dent has anything to do with the screen error. I think it happened at some point while I was in Finland, I always carried my laptop in a backpack to work with me, and one day at the bus stop I put the backpack down because my back hurt so much. I think I put it down on a sharp rock or something like that, but I didn't drop it nor did I reckon the casing would give in so easily :(

Anyway - the laptop will hopefully be back soon and fully functional again.

There's more news, actually! On 12th August I'll start an internship at the University of Vienna and will work there till the end of September. This basically means two things - first, I finally got a job completely on my own, relying only on my skills and not on contacts! Secondly, we have to finish most work with the renovation until then, or my boyfriend would have to do everything that's still left mostly alone. Luckily, it seems like we will be able to finish most of the hard work, and the minor tasks could be done on week ends too. I just hope nothing more will go wrong and we will finish soon!
Oh, and thirdly it unfortunately also means that I won't really be able to enjoy my holidays very much anymore :( But on the other hand, it's probably good to have an internship again with fixed working hours, so I can get back on track for autumn. I've been off the hook since June, since my exam, and having 4 months of holidays would have been way too long anyway.

Also, I might be able to get a job starting in October. I don't know the details yet and most likely I also won't get paid but it will help me a lot with my career and studies - as long as I finally get the formal acceptance of the University of Vienna, which can still take up to 9 weeks from now on... Even then it could happen that they reject me - though it's unlikely as I already got informally affirmed that I can study there. Still, there's a lot of confusion to be expected from all that...
So much for "sweet student life", it's not like I'm not gonna be busy in the upcoming months :'D

Alright guys, I hope your July was okay and you are doing fine!
See you ♥


  1. Die Bilder von dir sehen echt gut aus, das Graffiti auch. Und ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg beim Praktikum.

  2. So viele süße KATZEN! Aaaah *flauuusch* *gg*

  3. Leckeres nomms und Katzen *_*
    Auch Glückwunsch zu den ganzen Jobs/Praktika, die du egatterst :) Worum gehts da, was musst du machen?

    1. Danke! Im Praktikum werd ich mit transgenen Seeanemonen arbeiten ( das klingt irgendwie freaky XD) und bei dem Job danach hab ich noch keine genauen Infos :D

  4. Du siehst in pinken/rosa Lippen so süß aus :D
    Und: Awwwww~ Cat Content xD


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