Thursday, July 18, 2013

Plain and simple.

Hey guys!

I am really really lazy with updating, but the good news is my laptop has finally been sent to be repaired so I will hopefully have my own computer back in a few weeks, which will be very helpful of course. Right now my photos are spread out on my phone, my parents' computer and my boyfriend's as well as my hard drive, and I am just trying my best to keep all the data backed up on the latter so I don't lose anything...
Anyway, as there's not much I could tell you about my current life because apart from the renovation nothing exciting is happening, I can show you a OOTD from last week!

So, when I'm not covered in dust and working heavy machines, I enjoy the perfect summer weather we're currently having - I say perfect because it mostly stays below 25°C which is the optimum temperature for me to operate. I mean, feel at ease, haha. I am looking forward to living at our new apartment, I hope I'll be able to post some more outfit photos then :3

I bought these sandals a while ago, as I came to understand how practical it is to have flat summer shoes that are open but still okay for driving! I really love them and I'm wearing them quite often lately.

I am also greatly enjoying the fact that I have "permanent make up" now, and don't have to put on anything before I leave the house and still can look okay. I mean, I still don't have very beautiful eyebrows or thick lashes but it's better than the alien look I had before :'D

By the way, I applied to "MyStyleHit"'s blogger VIP program, but they rejected me... I guess it's the blog design and some of the content and the fact that I don't blog about what I wear frequently enough that disqualified me, but I thought I could give it a try anyway... oh well, it's still a pretty cool page and smaller than Lookbook or something like that, so it's a good platform even without the VIP program.

So, anyhow. Enough of the vanity stuff for now! While I sit here, dreaming about the new apartment and all the nice things I'll be able to do once I live there, tell me about your favorite outfits and shoes for summer! What's the weather like at your place?
Here it's still getting quite cold at night, which is good when you want a good night's sleep... but bad when you stay out late and forget something warm to put on ^^


  1. Du siehst auch ohne viel Make-up gut aus.

  2. Wow, hast du lange Haare! Und du siehst mal wieder richtig hübsch aus. :)
    ... und jetzt wo ich das Bild sehe, fällt mir auf, dass ich die gleichen Sandalen noch irgendwo im Schuhschrank stehen habe - die könnte ich bei dem Wetter eigentlich auch mal rauskramen! :D

  3. hübsch, deine Haare sind echt lang geworden <3

  4. Was? Die haben dich nicht genommen? o.o
    Das verstehe ich nicht D:
    Ich dachte gar nicht, dass die das so genau nehmen o.O

  5. Das Wetter ist echt schön, aber irgendwie glaub ich nicht, dass wir unbestraft davon kommen. Es ist schon zu lange gutes Wetter, das gibt es einfach nicht. Wenn nicht bald (also wenn ich mit den Klausuren durch bin) ein Tornado über Deutschland fegt und es meine ganzen Semesterferien durchregnet, dann weiß ich auch echt nicht weiter :D
    Und solche Sandalen will ich auch haben, ich muss dringend mal shoppen gehen XD ich latsch die ganze Zeit in Ballerinas rum und kann sie schon kaum mehr sehen ;D Aber keine Zeit :D
    Und ja, es ist immer noch komisch, dass sie dich abgelehnt haben, vor allem,. weil du sogar mehr Outfits auf dem Blog hast, als ich :D naja, muss man wohl nicht verstehen...schön, dass du trotzdem bleibst :D

  6. Hey,
    sehr schönes legeres Outfit!!! :)


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