Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Monthly Random: August

Hello there, visitors of my neglected little blog!
It's really bugging me a lot that I don't get to write anything more often, but at the moment, my whole life is totally crazy and very, very exhausting. But it's time for another "Monthy Random" as August is coming to an end and while I have no big stories to tell I can at least throw in some random pictures taken in the last weeks.

I only wore make up 4 or 5 times this month :'D I feel really bored with my face because of that D:

That internship I started is taking its toll (having insomnia, rashes, cold sores... my body has a very funny way to deal with stress...). I'm working 10h or more every day, while my boyfriend is finishing the apartment renovation. We ordered some furniture and also our kitchen (it ended up being waaay more expensive than we had planned, but YOLO! ... I guess....), and by now all the walls are painted so we're really close to the finishing line! However, for every few steps forward we seem to go one step back again - this time, it was the carpenter who was supposed to craft and deliver our new doors, who told us he  won't be able to deliver everything till the middle of September....

Future bedroom :D The walls are all white, finally! ♥ I love white walls!
(Also: there's actually a decent floor underneath that cardboard cover. Just in case you thought it's cement or something)

Celebrated shark week with style! I got this lovely T-shirt from friends who went to the US during their holidays ♥ I love it so much! Too bad I currently can't find it because this place is a big mess and that 9m² bedroom is bursting with all my clothes and stuff.... ;__; I hope I find it again when we move out!

Went to see "Man of Steel" with my boyfriend and wore some "theme" make-up :D Do you remember my last "super hero inspired"  make up look that I wore to the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises last year? :D
WITH CHRISTIAN BALE, THE TRUE DARK KNIGHT!!!11 for now and ever! of course.

As you can see on the first picture of this entry, I had some fun with Directions hair dye! More photos to follow soon in a separate entry :3

 Spent several hours compiling a gigantic excel file in an attempt to figure out a schedule for the next semester. And of course, all the interesting subjects overlap -__-

At work I sometimes have long waiting times where have literally nothing useful to do. It feels feel awkward to just browse the internet while sitting in the office, even though I guess nobody minds... I used the time to make the schedule, but soon I really didn't have anything useful to do, so I started updating my Wish List with some Lolita items (that I won't be able to afford anytime soon anyway, but I can dream! XD).
On a related topic:  There's actually some pretty big news I haven't told you yet! I was chosen as a model for the fashion show at the Innocent World Tea Party!
I am really excited about it, as I have never been part of a fashion show. I feel extremely honored to be chosen, as I am not a Lolita for very long and also because I didn't really expect anything when I sent my application. I am curious what I will get to wear and how the show will be managed. I also have the coord I wanted to wear more or less completed, I am just not sure if my plans will interfere with the fashion show and if I will have to maybe adapt the styling or something. This is all really exiting and new for me, but I will do my best to not make them regret their choice :)

Talking about challenges. I haven't done ANY sports in the last two months. I feel really bad about it, but I am just too exhausted from work to even move an inch at night when I get home. But on the other hand, I also eat less because I just have no time - so at least I don't gain any weight right now. I swore to myself to take up a pilates routine again once we are settled at our new home!

I've been looking really boring lately, doing mostly boring stuff, so there aren't many pictures to show this time either. Anyhow, in case you wanna know what I'm up to you can always follow my twitter (where I currently rant most of the time :'D sorry!).  One of my favorite things to rant about right now is the public transport that I have to take each day to get to work and back home. It's funny and sad at the same time to rely on these means of transportations. Funny because of the inherent, unwritten rules people in trains and buses follow in order to make as little contact with strangers as possible:
If there is a seat next to a person, but also free double seats, you shall not take the seat next to the person. But if you sit next to a person because there was no other free space, and a free double seat opens up, you shall not go over to that seat without an awkwardly mumbled excuse, as it would be considered rude to the person you sat next to.
You shall not accept the fact that the bus driver is doing his job. You shall comment on his route when you feel like it, and talk audibly in third person about his rudeness for not letting the lady with the gigantic wheeled shopping bag leave that said bag standing in the aisle so that nobody can pass through.
If you leave a bag on the free seat next to you and other people have to keep standing because of that, nobody will ask you to remove it, but you shall burn in the sulfurous fires of hell anyway.
You shall never smile. Unless that lady who is talking on the phone so loudly that the whole bus can hear it suddenly realizes that everyone is following her conversation on her child's ballet course, and starts to talk in this weird, pretended whisper voice that is still perfectly audible for everyone.
Last but not least: If there is rail replacement bus service, it will always be so fucking slow that the express train that started half an hour later will pass you before you reach your destination. Also, if the rail repair work is said to last till 23. Aug, don't expect it to be finished before 1. Sep. When school starts again and the rails are not finished, mayhem shall be unleashed when school kids overrun the rail replacement buses!

Ah, the joys of public transport. That reminds me, I have to get to bed, getting up early to catch the train tomorrow morning.

I wish you a good night an hope you had a nice August! What did you do these last weeks, anything special?


  1. Ich bin gespannt auf bessere Bilder von deinen neuen Haaren! :) und das Hai-Shirt ist toll, auch wenn ich nicht so auf Haie stehe, wie du :D
    Macht ihr die Wände eigentlich noch irgendwie bunt?
    Haha und das mir den Leuten in den Öffis ist so ein wenig wie Diffusion - schließlich setzt sich nie ein Molekül neben ein anderes, wenn noch ein Haufen Platz unbesetzt ist.. :D
    Naja, aber irgendwann wird es zu lästig, über die Öffis zu motzen, da kommt es nur noch hin und wieder vor ;D
    Oh, und das mit dem Stundenplan kommt mir bekannt vor - ich habe im nächsten Semester noch ein Haufen Wahlpflicht und Ergänzung offen - und es überschneidet sich einfach mal alles .__. also ich kann dich verstehen, ätzend sowas!

  2. Renovierungen nerven und es gibt nichts schlimmeres als alte tapete abkratzen mit einem spachtel. Aber wenn es dann nachher fertig ist, kann man stolz auf sich sein. Ich bin gespannt auf die Küche!
    Ich hab den August eigentlich nur gearbeitet :( außerdem hab ich eine Woche auf Haus und Tiere meiner Eltern aufgepasst. Komisch so alleine in der Heimat zu sein.

  3. Das Hai-T-Shirt find ich super. Das Make-up ist nicht so mein Fall.

  4. das muss unendlich nerven.. ich bin ja im moment einfach nur froh, dass ich mit dem Auto fahre, bei uns geht ja auch nichts mehr an Zügen ._.
    die bunten Strähnche sind total schön *-*


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