Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No time to waste

Good news! Finally my laptop came back repaired and could write more form now on!

Could - if it weren't for my internship that started this week.
I am super busy there and it's rather exhausting. Today I worked for 10h, so I'm dead tired and already in bed (so glad my laptop is back!). Also it's currently super inconvenient to commute to my work place, as parking spots in Vienna are scarce and train tickets ridiculously expensive (also, there's repair work done on the train tracks till the end of the month so the schedules are all messed up. Still not as bad as in Mainz, though ^^"). I really have to consider taking the train despite the car being the cheaper option (ridiculous but true), as I can't be sure I'll find a parking spot near my work place. But it kinda hurts to pay so much to get to my unpaid work place ;____;

Anyway, I will try to write a proper entry this week end!
I have some stories to tell about our apartment (my poor boyfriend has to do most of the work that's left now that I'm working in Vienna), last Saturday was my brother's civil wedding, the churchly ceremony will be held on Friday. Tomorrow is a public holiday in Austria but I'll work to get Friday off instead. And on the week end we will have to paint the remaining walls and do some furniture shopping for our apartment. So the next days and probably weeks won't be any less busy than the time before, probably even more stressful. But maybe it will get better and I won't have to work 10h/day every day.

Uhhh I really wish I had some funny or cool picture to add here, but I just felt like dropping a few lines so that the blog won't be so empty :'D But I haven't sorted out and edited the photos from the wedding yet, and my instagram pics are better used in a 'Monthly Random' post, so here's a pic that describes rather accurately what I do every day when I get home from work:

Have a nice week and hopefully a less stressful time!


  1. Ich kenne das Gefühl ausm Bild. Als ich im Hochsommer aufm Friedhof gearbeitet hab, gings mir mit ner Dusche genauso.

  2. schön, dass alle Welt jetzt meine Stadt als DAS Beispiel schlechter Organisation kennt xD ich schäme mich ^^
    Macht dir denn deine Arbeit Spaß soweit?


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