Friday, August 2, 2013

Status Quo: Destruction contd. and a lot of dust.


So, my laptop is still not working, and as a result I cannot really write regularly - I also have to admit that I don't have any time to read any blogs at the moment, write or answer comments, but just so you know what I'm occupied with anyway, here's another little update about our ongoing apartment renovation for you!

The last weeks have been full of very exhausting and boring work, and after the initial tearing down of most stuff, the detail work left to be done took an disproportionally larger amount of time - much more than we expected, actually...

Plans for our new kitchen :3

We went to a friend of ours who works for an intereur design company or something like that, and asked him to help us plan our new kitchen. It didn't take us long to figure out what we want, as we already had very specific ideas on what we like and don't like. The details aren't 100% clear yet though and the deal is not yet made, but ideally we will place an order next week and hopefully get it in mid September.

But before we can have our nice new kitchen - we had to get rid of the fugly old PVC floor in that room and replace it with tiles!

So, underneath the PVC floor, a layer of old glue and coconut fiber (don't ask me what the hell that's doing there) revealed itself to us. It took us several days to scrub that stuff off the floor and prepare it for the new tiles -_-

When you see it...

My stepdad was so kind as to help us with the tiles. I've never done that myself so it was good to have him do it for us. We helped out of course, and I think that if every necessary, in the future we could do it by ourselves too!

Sandcastles in the saaaaand *sing*
Other people spend the summer building sand castles in the sand at some beautiful beach... we... we just.... oh well.

Other than that, we spent our time scraping off wallpaper glue and sanding paint residues from the walls in all rooms. There are tons of dust everywhere, it's impossible to clean it all up because it's so fine, and we aren't even finished yet.... I'm seriously already freaking out at the thought of cleaning the whole place before we move in D:

THIS is actually pretty weird. This image of what I'd call a hand grabbing a doll (?) revealed itself underneath a wallpaper in my former bedroom. Just what the hell is it doing there and who put it there? When I still lived in that place in the 90s we already had wallpaper so... who carved that into the wall? D:

So the last weeks we've been doing nothing but sanding, sanding, sanding. We used sand paper and a belt sander, and in some places also water to wash off paint. In one room, it's near impossible to get the paint off the walls, so we borrowed a heating gun, which helps to make the paint brittle. Still it's very tiresome work that progresses super slowly...

Don't be deluded guys, there's absolutely nothing glamorous about renovating. But I do have to say that my 'hat' looks rather fancy, doesn't it.

Nevertheless, we decided to paint the first room, even though the others aren't ready for painting yet. We were just to exhausted from sanding all the time, and wanted to finally see some results (and also get a first impression on how well the paint will cover small edges in the walls so we know how smooth we have to get them). It's actually pretty cool to see some progress after all. I am really looking forward to seeing those rooms painted white which have the new black floor tiles ♥

So, as you can probably guess there's still a lot of work to do. Sanding, mostly, then evening out the walls and painting. The ceilings are especially difficult as both me and my boyfriend are not very tall so it's rather exhausting. I prefer working with a small brush in the corners and on the edges of the room, it's more fun, haha. I'm also planning to do a wall "tattoo" in the living room, we'll see if I can really do it as I imagine it...

Alright then, that's it for now.
Currently, we're doing a lot of accounting and research work to figure out how much we can spend on our kitchen and furniture and where to get cheap kitchen equipment etc. We already decided on the new doors which should be delivered in about two weeks, and until then, all the painting and floors should be finished of course. So there's still a lot to do!

I was wondering, if everything's done and I move in, would you like me to do a short youtube video or something to walk you around our apartment? :) I thought it would be fun, and you could hear me talking a bit (English or German?). Let me know what you think about this idea!

Silly bonus pic - we found this at a local building center, and if it weren't kinda goofy we... who am I kidding, of course I was all like "WE NEED THIS!11" I mean, come on, it's holographic!!! XD


  1. "THIS is actually pretty weird." Yes, indeedy.

  2. Schaut nach viel Arbeit aus, aber ihr schafft das :)

    Der Klodeckel ist ja mal super und passt so unglaublich zu dir :D

  3. jaaaaaaa ein Video wär´ voll toll :3

    Ich find das unglaublich klasse wie viel Arbeit ihr in die Wohnung steckt, bei mir/uns war schon alles super renoviert, aber ich wäre auch sonst an sowas gescheitert xD

  4. Ja, unbedingt ein Video :D Und egal welche Sprache du machst, mach bitte mindestens einen Satz in der anderen! :D
    Ansonsten: noch viel "Spaß" mit dem Renovieren :'D

  5. Jaa ich hätte auch gerne ein Video wenns fertig ist :D
    Sprache ist mir eigentlich auch egal^^


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