Sunday, September 29, 2013

Status Quo: Life's a mess

In my previous post I mentioned some difficulties that arose on my birthday.
Of course they concern our apartment renovation. Considering that we started in June and wanted to have all this finished by September, we pretty much failed. But it's not entirely our fault either.

Since we had really ugly and old doors in the apartment, we ordered new ones around the mid of July, with the promise that they'd be delivered in 2-4 weeks. We really hurried to finish the floors in the office room and tile the kitchen and hall way, because for the doors to be installed, the floor needs to be there before of course. As for the tiles, we had to wait for the doors for doing the "skirting board", the narrow line of tiles on the wall just above the floor, because we didn't know how much gap we needed to leave for the door frames. So we waited and waited. And there were problems with the supplier, then the carpenter was on vacation... and finally, last week, he called and announced that he is ready to come and install the doors.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Birthday stuff

Hello everyone!

First I'd like to thank all the sweet people who congratulated me on my birthday via twitter and facebook and so on, it really made my day! :) Because other than that, this year's Sep 24th stepped in row with the previous 7, which were all rather crappy and not very 'happy' birthdays. But I'm gonna post a separate entry on this, because this time I want to focus on the happy aspects, haha!

I actually wanted to celebrate my birthday with a big house warming party, but the apartment really isn't in a state where this could work out. But maybe on the week end after the Tea Party or at the end of October - a combined Halloween - Birthday- House Warming Party would be pretty cool, wouldn't it ? :D
Instead we went to my parents' place where my stepdad cooked for us and my step siblings were there too. My mum had made a cake - traditionally, like every ear, a chocolate cake. It was truly an awful sight with that many candles on, haha! I didn't even manage to blow them out all at once, and I am horrified of seeing even more candles next year! XD Wish I could be forever 16 or something like that.

I got some IKEA vouchers, just as I had wished for, and together with an old one I got several years ago before I moved out, I finally bought that make-up table I was wishing for!

The shelf is from IKEA as well. I think they both fit okay, though the room is really small, it's manageable. The mirror isn't mounted yet, because I have some very special plans with it, hehe.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tea Party Talk & Birthday Wishes

Hello everybody :D

Today's been my last 'real' day at work and I feel very relieved that I have at least one final week of holidays before university officially starts. One week to get all the moving done, unpack, clean etc. and then we can have a fresh start into the new semester! It also means I also decided that I should update more often, even if it's just a short entry, so here's a little talk about the next upcoming events!

By now you've probably already read on my blog about the upcoming Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna. To those of you who have absolutely no idea what this event could be, a quick explanation: it's a special Lolita-fashion meet up, usually hosted at a more fancy venue, where you have to pay for a ticket, but in return get to see for example a fashion show, have a raffle, and special VIP guests. In this case Yumi Fujiwara, the designer of the Lolita brand Innocent World will be the special guest.

Since I haven't been a Lolita for a very long time, I have to admit I do not own any clothes by IW. However, I really like their style, mostly the floral designs (I'm such a sucker for flowers, haha). One of my favorite prints is Violets inside Mansions. In general I find their prints every elegant and creative. They also have a stained glass print called Westminster. Their Royal Library series is inspired the Austrian National Library in Vienna. I think it's really cool that their first Tea Party outside of Japan will be held in Austria now!

While the brand's theme is more classic, my personal Lolita wardrobe doesn't really have much to offer in that area. I decided to try a crossover of Sweet, Gothic and Classic, and I hope it will turn out well :) I ordered some stuff from ebay and etsy and now I just hope everything will arrive in time and then I can throw it all together to check if it looks good enough, haha! I bought these items kinda as birthday gifts for myself. I've been spending a lot (really a LOT) of money on my apartment, especially the kitchen, and it's still not over yet, there are some more bills to pay, so I didn't dare spend a lot of money, but these are things that are, I think, within the boundaries of what I can spend. My wishlist is endless this year, I think I've never had so many wishes for my birthday, and I was never so sure that none of them will be fulfilled unless I buy it myself :'D Too bad I can't afford it all, but at least I wanted to have these small items, I'll show you as soon as they're here!

I've had tons of ideas on Lolita coords lately, and I hope for many meet ups and occasions in Winter where I'll be able to wear some of it. I just think autumn/winter is much better for Lolita fashion than summer, if I think about our last meet up and how hot it was... ugh.

Another amazing thing happened to me a while ago, I think I mentioned it before! When they announced the model contest for the Tea Party I wasn't too confident when I sent my application. I just thought I'd give it a try and  see what happens. And surprise, they liked my photos enough to chose me as one of the models for the fashion show!
Now I am super excited and nervous about it, I don't know what I'll get to wear yet but I don't really mind, I just hope it's no babydoll dress, because they make me look huge, haha. Other than that, even if it's a print or something I'd not normally wear by myself, for the fashions how I'd be very excited to try something new too.

Since I'll have to re-dress myself 2 times during the event, I decided that I'll probably wear a wig. Or actually two wigs. This will make it easier to change the style of my hair to fit the dress. I just hope I have time (and money) to go to the hair dresser before so I can get my hair layered and thinned. It has reached past my waist by now and is so fluffy and voluminous it's not easy to pack it all under a wig cap!

Will any of my readers be at the tea party too, I wonder?
If so, I'd love to meet you!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sponsored review: 1001 extensions + Rainbow hair dye! (ENG/GER)

Woah, what the hell is going on, where do these new GFC followers come from when all I do is post nothing or only shady cell phone photos of my apartment renovation? :'D Anyway - welcome everyone, after a long time I finally have time (and some pics) for a longer entry!

A while ago, I was approached by and asked if I would like to review their products. 1001 extensions sells Remy extensions (human hair), and offered me to send me a product of my choice. I gave it a thought, and came to the conclusion that, since my own hair is quite long already, and is also ridiculously thick because I didn't cut it in over a year, I wouldn't really need the extensions to make my hair appear longer or thicker. However, I came up with another idea, and proposed to my contact that I would get blonde extensions instead, and dye them in different colors!

Now that I solved the mystery of the last few photos showing me with colorful strands of hair, I finally had time to write the review and tell the story behind those pics :) The review is bilingual, as the shop is German - but I think if you are interested in ordering, you can find your way around even if you don't speak German.

Heute gibt es seit langem mal wieder einen biligualen Blogpost, weil ich ein Angebot von bekommen habe, ihren Shop bzw ihre Produkte zu reviewen :) Falls ihr euch gefragt habt, ob ich wirklich meine Haare teilweise gebleicht und bunt gefärbt habe, wie man es auf Fotos zuletzt sehen konnte - die Antwort lautet natürlich nein, denn es wäre mir viel zu viel Arbeit ein paar Strähnen so oft zu bleichen dass ich sie zB Türkis färben kann. Stattdessen habe ich 1001 extensions gefragt, ob ich weißblonde Extensions zum Färben verwenden kann, und das Review darüber schreiben!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Status Quo: Reconstruction - harder than it seems.

Huh, I haven't been updating on this topic for a while now, mainly because I was too tired from work during the week and to busy with the renovation on the week ends... We finally managed to get the bigger rooms to an acceptable state so we could do some cleaning. My boyfriend's dad helped out a lot and together the two of them did all the electrical wiring for our new kitchen. We still have to paint kitchen and hallway now, but other than that, we're done with painting.

I look so ridiculously happy there.