Saturday, September 28, 2013

Birthday stuff

Hello everyone!

First I'd like to thank all the sweet people who congratulated me on my birthday via twitter and facebook and so on, it really made my day! :) Because other than that, this year's Sep 24th stepped in row with the previous 7, which were all rather crappy and not very 'happy' birthdays. But I'm gonna post a separate entry on this, because this time I want to focus on the happy aspects, haha!

I actually wanted to celebrate my birthday with a big house warming party, but the apartment really isn't in a state where this could work out. But maybe on the week end after the Tea Party or at the end of October - a combined Halloween - Birthday- House Warming Party would be pretty cool, wouldn't it ? :D
Instead we went to my parents' place where my stepdad cooked for us and my step siblings were there too. My mum had made a cake - traditionally, like every ear, a chocolate cake. It was truly an awful sight with that many candles on, haha! I didn't even manage to blow them out all at once, and I am horrified of seeing even more candles next year! XD Wish I could be forever 16 or something like that.

I got some IKEA vouchers, just as I had wished for, and together with an old one I got several years ago before I moved out, I finally bought that make-up table I was wishing for!

The shelf is from IKEA as well. I think they both fit okay, though the room is really small, it's manageable. The mirror isn't mounted yet, because I have some very special plans with it, hehe.

Would you be interested in a post about my little make-up collection? :)

Another present from my mum is was a hardened glass cutting board. I really love it! There's nothing more disgusting than old wooden or plastic cutting boards that take on various smells! I'm looking forward to trying it out when we get our kitchen!

Aaand last but not least, this is the present my boyfriend gave me.

He etched the glass himself! We saw this tutorial on how to do it a while ago and meant to try it out to make some wedding presents for my brother and his wife, but we couldn't get the material, as this "etching paste" is not sold in the EU. My boyfriend ended up ordering some from ebay in secret and made these shark-themed glass & water jug! ♥

I also got some cash from my family, and basically just bought a lot of random stuff at IKEA with it XD
And I got some presents "from me to myself" actually before my birthday.

Finally found some clip-in ponytails that match my hair color, got new headphones and wristcuffs. They look pink on the photo because they're overexposed, but actually they're lavender :3 some other stuff that's still on it's way to me.

Two rather big wishes on my wish list remain, one is Pokémon X which will be released on Oct 12th, and probably my boyfriend will get Y so we can play together ^__^
The other is a ticket for the HIM concert in Vienna. I am still not sure if I'll go. On that day, there's another Lolita meet up in Vienna, and another event after that or even at the same time. If I really go there it will probably be very stressful to get to the concert too. On the other hand, I've been to every HIM gig in town in the last years, so I'd be sad to break this tradition :< It would be easier if I still lived in Vienna, but then again, maybe I'll just change from Lolita into a more concert-friendly outfit in my car or something, haha!

Well anyway. This was my birthday. It's really not the same as when I was a kid. But maybe when I really have a party in my place and can celebrate a little with my friends, it will make me feel better about it :) The last 'birthday party' I had was when I turned 18, and it was not really a party and rather a meet up at a pub, haha.

Do you usually celebrate your birthdays? With friends, family or both?


  1. Happy (belated) birthday! :)

    Your makeup table looks beautiful! And a makeup collection post? Yes please! :)

    1. Thanks! :D Will do it sometime soon, then! ^^

  2. ohhh alles alles Liebe und Gute nachträglich :)

  3. Du hast das Christina-Aguilera-Parfum, wie geil. Ich mag es auch.

    1. Mein Lieblingsparfum :D
      Ich mag nur total wenige, von den meisten bekomme ich Kopfschmerzen. Aber dieses, und 'Black Rose' von Avril Lavigne sind bisher die einzigen die ich nicht nur 'ertrage' sondern wirklich liebe ^_^

  4. Wär echt komisch, aber so n Riesenplüschtier in meiner Größe wär trotzdem irgendwie ziemlich cool, auch wenn ich natüüüüüüüürlich voll zu alt dafür wär und so...
    Cool, dass echt noch Leute meinen Kram lesen (:

    Und uhm... Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich! :D

  5. Deine Geschenke sind toll...IKEA Gutscheine passen ja perfekt und der Make-up Tisch sieht echt klasse aus!
    Auch die Kleinigkeiten sind hüüübsch :)
    Make-up collecton wär mal was feines :)


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