Sunday, September 29, 2013

Status Quo: Life's a mess

In my previous post I mentioned some difficulties that arose on my birthday.
Of course they concern our apartment renovation. Considering that we started in June and wanted to have all this finished by September, we pretty much failed. But it's not entirely our fault either.

Since we had really ugly and old doors in the apartment, we ordered new ones around the mid of July, with the promise that they'd be delivered in 2-4 weeks. We really hurried to finish the floors in the office room and tile the kitchen and hall way, because for the doors to be installed, the floor needs to be there before of course. As for the tiles, we had to wait for the doors for doing the "skirting board", the narrow line of tiles on the wall just above the floor, because we didn't know how much gap we needed to leave for the door frames. So we waited and waited. And there were problems with the supplier, then the carpenter was on vacation... and finally, last week, he called and announced that he is ready to come and install the doors.

We were supposed to get our new doors and have them installed on my birthday, the 24th, but when the carpenters turned up (two hours late...) they found out that not a single door frame fits as it is supposed to be. Their first suggestion was to tear down some of the walls to make them fix, haha. I seriously didn't know what to say anymore and was so glad that my stepdad was there to talk to the carpenter and make an arrangement. They took them back to their workshop to plane the wooden frames a bit to make them fit. Of course they had to tear out a piece of wall in one place nonetheless, but at least they didn't have to damage any wall tiles in the bathroom or something like that. They didn't finish on the first day, and returned on the second. That as when they realized that one of the door frames is missing!

I never thought I'd have a sofa covered in plastic, like some old lady or something, haha.

You know, we have 9 doors here. Two of them are frames only, so 9 door frames and 7 doors. You'd think it's not too hard to count to such numbers. Apparently it was, because thrice while carrying them around and once while planing the frames, they didn't notice this. NOT THAT I CARE.

So now we have an uninstalled door lying around.. Right now, our place is messy as ever, all the kitchen ware was delivered already and is standing around as well, we can barely move around.
(During our last trip to the scrapyard to get rid of all the packaging stuff and junk, my boyfriend also found a bucket full of screws and bits and decided to take it home to "just scan through it and see if anything is worth keeping". Now guess what is scattered all over our dining table since three days :) )

But that's not the only fun we had lately.
After we had our sofa installed in the living room (it's so huge that it actually came in three pieces) we found out that the bottom of the drawer part is broken, apparently damaged during transport. We went to the store and made a claim, but I haven't heard back from them yet, and don't know if this will be fixed or if we have to pay. It's definitely not our fault that it happened, so I hope they'll fix it!
We also had a heavy transport damage on one kitchen ware package. It's only the hood, so even if we don't get the replacement before we get the kitchen (maybe next week, but I refuse to get my hopes up) it's not too much of a problem. Except for the freaking huge package standing in the way, but I got used to that already.

We also bought a kind of drawer for our TV (which we don't have yet, though). While we sat on the floor assembling the thing, I said "Huh, that's funny, I could have sworn it had some glass parts somewhere." I juts thought, well, I must have imagined that. "Well... it does" my boyfriend replired, confusedly, and that was when we noticed that the glass was missing. We searched everywhere, but in the end figured that the whole bag of screws and dowels that we hadn't needed had been somehow accidentally exchanged for the glass or something. So my boyfriend went to the shop to claim the damage, and they said they'll get him the glass plates from another package in the warehouse. However, it turned out that ALL the packages that they had stored lacked the glass, so the whole batch was 'faulty'. Fun!
They promised they'll do everything to get the glass and call us as soon as they have it... I'm glad the parts are not something essential for assembly, it's not really visible, at least we were able to put it all together and it's not in the way.

So, every day I wake up and go to the living room and see all that cr*p lying around, and can't really do anything about it, because without door frame, the door can't be installed, without kitchen, the kitchen ware can't be installed, without this no that and so on... well basically every morning I get up I just feel like going back to bed and cry. I really hate this place at the moment, and I feel miserable about it because I should be happy and I am so blessed that I have this place to call my home. But I can't be happy, lately I just think I forgot how to be happy at all, at least for more than a mere 10 minutes.

University starts on Monday, I haven't got my accreditation yet, but fortunately a friend and former study colleague got hers so at least I know for sure now what courses I have to take, and I was able to make a schedule. I am also going to start a new job, apparently, but I don't know anything about it yet, other than that I am supposed to start sometime in October. Blaaaaah.

I really hope the job will be okay, and won't eat too much of my study time and free time. If I am lucky this means I can finish my Master's degree in two years. I only hope it won't put me into a direction of research where I get stuck, because it's again actually pretty different from what I actually intended to do. Huh.

So, this is the life at the moment. It's a mess, it's frustrating, it's junk and dust and dirt everywhere, it's broken fingernails and bleeding scratches and aching muscles from carrying. It's bad mood and bad feelings, it's unjustified fits that I throw at my boyfriend all the time. I feeling really sorry for him and all the other people around me who have to bear my temper at the moment. I just hope all of this is over before I am forsaken by everyone for being such a bitch.

I hope you're having a better time at the moment, and will keep you updated with the apartment renovation.


  1. so wie du das schreibst, kann ich es dir gerade total nachfühlen. Mir ging es im März genauso. Also als noch nicht alles fertig war. Kommst abends heim, hast gerade mal einen Schreibtischstuhl zum Draufsitzen, alles ist dreckig und unfertig und du möchtest einfach nur Heulen.... Tröste dich, es wird besser! Irgendwann bist du fertig damit und dann kannst du die Wohnung richtig genießen.

    P.S. Wir haben übrigens die gleiche (oder fast die gleiche?) Couch :D

    1. Echt? :D Aber vermutlich nicht von Ada (österreichische Marke), oder? ^^ Aber cool! Ich liebe sie!

      Also ich hoffe wir werden bald fertig :'D Wenn nun die Uni beginnt hab ich noch weniger Kraft für das alles...

  2. Ich hoffe für dich, dass der ganze Dreck irgendwann vorbei ist. Irgendwann hast du bestimmt ne total schöne Bude.

  3. Danke :) Wenn mal die blöde Tür fertig eingebaut ist und dann auch die Küchengeräte in der Küche ist auch endlich wieder Platz XD

  4. Hi^^

    Ich hab deinen Blog vor einiger Zeit gefunden und finde ihn ganz toll^.^

    Naja, ich denke der Stress mit dem Renovieren geht auch vorbei. Und dann kannst du dich so richtig in deinem zu Hause wohlfuehlen ;) Freu dich einfach darauf :))

    Liebe Gruesse,


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