Friday, September 6, 2013

Status Quo: Reconstruction - harder than it seems.

Huh, I haven't been updating on this topic for a while now, mainly because I was too tired from work during the week and to busy with the renovation on the week ends... We finally managed to get the bigger rooms to an acceptable state so we could do some cleaning. My boyfriend's dad helped out a lot and together the two of them did all the electrical wiring for our new kitchen. We still have to paint kitchen and hallway now, but other than that, we're done with painting.

I look so ridiculously happy there. 

That's what the other side of the room had looked like two weeks ago, before my parents had come over for one week end to help with the painting.

Bedroom - before

Bedroom - now.
Unfortunately the room is rather tiny and the MALM bed from Ikea is just huge .__. I wanted to have a make up table there too but I fear it won't be possible. The room is really crammed already...

Slowly, veeeery slowly we are approaching something like "livable" conditions in this apartment. I am actually currently sitting in our new "office room", we already spent two nights here but we're still far from finished.
We have tons of cardboard and Styrofoam and plastic foils from packaging, some moving boxes that we haven't unpacked yet because we have no place to store the stuff, some rooms are still quite dusty because there's still work going on, and above all, we have no doors.
Well, we have one bathroom door, which is fortunate, because we threw away all the others in the hope that the carpenter would deliver the new freaking doors in time before the end of August but he didn't. So we only have one door. At least it's the most important one. Still, it's kind of a weird feeling to live entirely door-less right now.

We will spend the week end cleaning up what we can, carrying out all the trash and packaging stuff that's left (some is in the basement right now) and ordering some kitchen equipment. I was thinking about having a little Birthday party at the end of the month, to celebrate our "house warming" too, but I highly doubt we will have the kitchen ready by then. Well, we can eat cold... but I do hope we will have at least those damned doors by then! XD

My birthday is in three weeks and I think for the first time in almost a decade I'm really looking forward to it. My wishlist is also bigger than ever, haha! But first priority is the apartment now, and before I buy new clothes or anything, we still need some furniture, lamps etc. I really wish I could get a make-up table but it seems there will be no space for it :(

I really miss wearing make up at the moment - there is just neither time nor occasion to wear any!  With my job in the lab and the work at home, it's just useless. But I have to do a review and take some photos for it, and I really hope I can get both done this Sunday, because it's been lying around for too long now and I'm feeling more and more guilty ;__; Anyway, I hope I'll get to wear some make up then!

So much for that!
It will get better soon - I have to keep telling that to myself to actually believe it, I really do hope we will finish all this soon and finally be able to relax a bit before university starts in October!


  1. Ich finde es schön, wie du und dein Freund euch ein gemeinsames Leben iner Wohnung aufbaut. Bei mir wird es leider noch etwas dauern. :(

  2. Das wird langsam wirklich wohnlich und ich freu mich für dich :)

  3. Freut mich für euch dass ihr schon bald in eure eigene Wohnung ziehen werdet :) Bei uns dauert das etwas...

  4. huhu, schön, dass ihr voran kommt. unser Schlafzimmer ist leider auch recht klein. Schminktisch geht bei mir auch nicht, das Licht wäre eh zu doof im Schlafzimmer. Und hey, immerhin habt ihr noch die Badezimmertür :D Das ist doch die Hauptsache ;D

    1. Eigentlich ist es die WC-Tür :'D Ist bei uns nämlich vom Bad getrennt... ist ganz super wenn man unter der Dusche steht und plötzlich feststellt irgendwo ist noch ein Fenster gekippt, da zieht es nämlich komplett durch im Moment XD


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