Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A different kind of outfit post: Character customization in Pokémon X&Y

I've announced this over on my facebook page and some people seemed to like the idea - so here it finally is! An outfit post, not about real outfits though, but about the clothes I collected in the new Pokémon games :) I've done something similar before, way back in the time when I was still playing World of Warcraft ^^

Character customization is something I really enjoy a lot, so I was looking forward to this feature of the games very much. To me it's fun to create a character in a game that really represents myself, or maybe an aspect of my personality in RPGs. And in the new Pokémon games not only can you change your looks, it's also possible to collect a huge variety of clothes in different styles - from sporty to cute to elegant!

So imagine you were living in the Pokémon world in Kalos, and you'd turn on TV to find a series of commercials presenting the newest fashion trends for female trainers in the region....


Lasses of all generations, unite! Have you always envied those cute girls for their uniform like outfits? Envy no more because now you can wear such outfits to with three easy basic steps: blouse, skirt and OTKs or knee socks are a good choice! Complete your outfit with Mary-Jane shoes or bow shoes to get just that innocent school girl look that will deceive other trainers and make them think you're just a cute and weak little trainer...

This version of a uniform in red - unfortunately the skirt doesn't match the color of the blouse perfectly - looks almost like a dress!

 There's a large variety of items you can combine to achieve a school-uniform like outfit! Personally, I like these a lot because they kinda remind me of the 'Lass' trainer character from 3rd Gen!


This is just the outfit for any occasion! Going on a hunt for rare wild Pokémon, exploring caves or training in a remote area -  sturdy boots that will take you up any mountain path, comfy jeans and a parka that will allow you to move freely plus a cap to shade you from the sun - it's what Pokémon trainers been wearing for generations! When you mean serious business, just turn your cap around and it's time for a battle!

Warm & Cozy

A good choice of clothes if you're headed for cold regions like Anistar City or Snowbelle City. Looking cute and stylish while wading through the snow and catching some Ice type Pokémon? No problem with this lovely, pink colored coat-dress, warm white boots and hat! The scalloped hem of the skirt will make you appear like a pretty flower blooming in the snow!

~Sweet and Sugary~

Cuteness can be deceiving, so watch out for trainers dressed in such a pretty pastel pink combination of clothes! The dress with ruffles and a white bolero can suit any occasion. Don't be afraid you'll embarrass yourself while battling in that new, fancy restaurant - with this dress, you're dressed to impress!

This dress is probably the closest you can get to a Lolita-like style in game, from what I've found so far :)

Swirlix? Swirlix!

Fans of this adorable little Pokémon have the perfect chance to cosplay as their Pokémon partner with this adorable dress! Pass as a true Pokémon fan by battling in partner look!

Pastel / Fairy Kei

A Japanese street fashion trend that conquered the hearts of lovers of cuteness! Ruffles and pastel colors are the main theme. It's super easy to combine these shades into a really sweet outfit!

 So this outfit is the closest I could get to a 'Fairy Kei' inspired outfit. There are various pastel colored item in the game, and I'm especially fond of that lavender skirt! I didn't really like those ruffled shirts though, I have yet to hunt for other pastel colored tops.


Your dreams of becoming a princess are not too far away! With the right gown you might already look like one today. So while you fight your way up the ranks in the Battle Masion or Chateau, be sure to wear the proper garment so that when the day of your coronation has come you're dressed appropriately!

This dress really makes me wish there was a way to remove your hat. Seriously, any kind of I hat i could find looks stupid with that dress ;___; If at least there was a sparkly tiara or something like that XD

Bonus: Reminiscent of the Beginnings....

Do you remember your first day as a Pokémon trainer? That moment of excitement and happiness when you got your very first Pokémon? Re-live these experiences by dressing in the relaunched version of a look that never gets old!

Honestly, I like that colorway of the dress way better than the original you have at the beginning of the game! Maybe it's because the red of the skirt clashes so badly with the bag you have at the start? XD

I really like that star button! I'm searching for the black one at the moment and I think there's a silver one too!

~ End of our commercial break ~

Sooo as you can see I enjoy assembling different outfits waaaay too much :'D
I'm actually 'farming' money mainly for buying stuff at the moment, and I change my clothes depending on where I go most of the time XD
I suppose that if I was in the Pokémon world, I'd wear something like the Sporty outfit and maybe a uniform for a change from time to time. The other outfits are not really my style, though I like them a lot! I found it nice how in the previous games, when your character would enter in a Pokémon Contests he or she would wear a different attire, seemingly to impress the jury. Just like that I find myself really dressing according to what I want to do in game. Going to the beach to fish for some Water Pokémon? Hotpants, a short top, and of course a cap and sunglasses will be the outfit of choice! Walking through Lumiose City, battling in Restaurants or looking for challengers - I'd wear something more stylish for that, like a dress or uniform themed outfit.

I'm really having way too much fun with that feature alone, so it's hard to criticize it. Even so, what really annoys me more often than not is the fact that you can't remove your hat. It's possible to go without accessory and tights or socks, but a hat must always be chosen. I could understand it if it had to be for example either accessory or hat or both, which would allow you to wear flowers in your hair for example. I suppose they made it this way so that the player icons in the PSS differ from each other a bit more. Still, I dislike the fact that I'm forced to wear a hat, especially since there's such a lack of variety on that matter. I would have liked to have knitted hats or something like hairbands instead of two types of each hat that look more or less the same ô__o My second complaint would be about the colors. Some of them match really well, others are just impossible to combine without hurting my eyes. I'm really super picky about matching colors, so it just bugs me when 'black' stuff isn't really black and doesn't match with other black stuff etc.

But other than those two things, I just looooove that feature of the game. It's a lot of fun and I hope there are still some cool and fancy items hidden in the game for me to discover, like that funny Swirlix dress ^__^

Are there any special clothing items you have discovered so far that you really like?


  1. Ich trag das zweite Outfit, aber mit schwarzen Accesoires... :)
    Ich möchte mir noch die Trenchcoats aus Illumina zulegen!

    Hast du Lust Freundescodes für die Kontaktsafari zu tauschen? Durch mich gibts wohl immer Gift Pokis :D

    1. Der schwarze Trenchcoat hat mir auch gefallen! Laut Serebii.net gibts auch irgendwo noch ein schwarzes Kleid, vermutlich auch dort, aber ich habe es noch nie gesehen. Und die Stern-Accessories will ich mir auch noch zulegen in den anderen Farben!

      Ja, sehr gerne! Hier mein Code: 0189-9364-8418 Hmm, ich weiß gar nicht was für einen typ meine Safari hat :'D Ich hoffe einfach es ist was brauchbares für dich dabei XD

    2. Ein schwarzes Kleid hab ich aber ich weiss nicht mehr woher.
      Habe dich geadded. Hier mein Code 0877 1198 3594
      danke :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Das schwarze Kleid sah ich grad in Fractalia City. :)

  2. Ich interessier mich ja gar nicht für solche Spiele, aber die Outfits fand ich toll.


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