Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First European Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna

Well hello there!
After a very busy and exciting week end I finally found the time to write a few words about Saturday's big event: the Innocent World Tea Party!

For the first time, and Innocent World Tea Party was organized in Europe, and thanks to the big effort of the team who organized everything it was a truly wonderful event. Never in my life have I seen so many beautifully dressed people gathered in one spot. So many lovely outfits, so many friendly people - for one day, Vienna was the center of the European Lolita community, and it felt great to be able to be a part of that!
The venue chosen was Hotel Stefanie in the 2nd district of Vienna. It's a very beautiful, imperial looking kind of hotel that provided just enough space to fit all those frills for one day :) We also had the pleasure to have Miss Yumi Fujihara, the designer of Innocent World, as a star guest. You can find a lot of photos of the Tea Party here on Lolita Fashion Austria's facebook. So many beautiful people! I still can't believe I was there somwhere too XD Unfortunately, I didn't take any good photos myself, but I got permission from Michael Erbe (MeFotografie)  to use some of the photos he took, thanks for that! The other photos were taken by Andreas Zuckerhut. Thanks!

I had the great honor (and am still very much surprised, to be honest) that I was chosen to be a model for the fashion show. I was very excited before the event as I had never modeled before, and when I went there around 11:00 for the rehearsal (still in casual clothes and without make up yet) I still thought that I had just gotten picked by some kind of mistake :'D But as soon as I got to see my outfit for the first time and we practiced the choreography, I relaxed a little bit. Everyone was really nice too so I enjoyed being part of the fashion show very much!

IW chose the clothes we got to wear in accordance to the photos we had sent in and I think they put a lot of effort into it. I was wondering what I'd get to wear and was hoping for a flower print or something more Gothic themed, mainly because I'm not too fond of wearing ivory, beige and brown because I think it doesn't suit me. How surprised I was when I got the notice that I would get to wear the "King of Spades and Queen of Hearts" Set! What made me especially happy were the compliments I got after the show, Several people told me that the outfit suited me very well and that it looked like it was 'made for me' - that really left me speechless, I was so happy!

Photographer: Michael Erbe (MeFotografie) 

There's also a video of the fashion show, where you can watch me fabulously fail at the single one task I had: walk slowly, goddammit!! XD

I really walked much too fast, haha, and in the end when we walked out together our walking order got mixed up because of the photo we had taken before, so I accidentally went too early and waaaah - but in the end, I hope nobody noticed it too much XD Also, I was incredibly unphotogenic that day, ugh! I don't know how I managed that but on most photos my eyes are half-closed and look incredibly derpy -_- But I guess that's just my fate. Forever a derp :'D
It was an amazing feeling to walk there, with so many people watching and taking photos. Maybe that's the reason I'm grinning like and idiot most of the time, haha! Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and thanks to Dagmar, who organized the fashion show and rehearsed the choreography with us (and lent me a pair of white bloomers, thanks again for that ♥) and Mimi, whom you can see in the back on the video, telling us when to go out, I'm inclined to say it was a great show and I hope the people watching felt the same!

Unfortunately, I didn't really talk to a lot of people that day, I don't even know why. Social awkwardness stroke again, I guess. But I also met some people whom I had previously met, at meet ups, or whom I came across online. Somebody asked me if I wasn't living in Finland any more, she recognized me from Dunkelsüß :) And several people just addressed me to tell me that they really liked the outfit that I had presented at the fashion show, which made me really happy.
I ended up spending most of the time with Medoly and Vanessa who were part of the fashion show too.

Medoly, me and Vanessa
Photographer: Michael Erbe (MeFotografie) 

Vanessa also won the cover art contest (you can see her winning picture somewhere below). She didn't even know about it because the winner was supposed to be announced during the event. But when we got our goodie bags while waiting backstage for the fashion show, of course she found her picture on the folder and was so happy and surprised! :D I think she deserved it very well, her picture really suited the atmosphere of the whole event and her style is so beautiful!

'Backstage' before the fashion show. You can see Medoly in the background :3

Another photo that Medoly took while we waited for the show ^_^

Unfortunately there are no other photos of my own Tea Patrty outfit. But I just hope I get a chance to wear it again in spring or so, because I actually like it a lot and I'm happy how it turned out :3

I also met Bibi and Kiruna, and spent some time at their table, resting my feet, but we didn't take any photos together, sadly. And I met Wollknoll from Dunkelsüß, she's just a sweet and pretty in real life as on the photos I know her from :3 And I saw a few other girls I knew from Dunkelsüß, but I didn't really have a chance to speak to them ._.

The program was very tight so there was no way to get bored during the event anyhow.
After the fashion show, there was an unplugged concert session of Lolita KompleX, followed by a Q&A session with Miss Fujihara. Her answers were very interesting to hear! She talked a lot about her inspirations, the design process and her opinion of Lolita fashion.

Nora, the translator, and Miss Fujihara at the Q&A
Photogapher: Andres Zuckerhut

The IW shopping stand before the event
Photogapher: Andres Zuckerhut

Lyze, her sister Lilith, Chichii (I think?) and Bibi :DD
Photogapher: Andres Zuckerhut

I had been thinking about buying something from one of the stands, but since I got there very late (before the show I would have had only 15min to check out the stands, so I didn't even bother to go, and that was after the VIP guests had already bought most of the stuff anyway, hahaha) I didn't find anything that interested me. I though about buying the blouse I had worn at the fashion show, but in the end I simply couldn't afford it. So I ended up only buying a ticket for the raffle, and won a little goodie bag in addition to the one every Tea Party guest got as a welcome gift.

Everybody got a pair of Innocent World socks in their goodie bags, I thought that was very generous! I got a pair of black ones with a ribbon pattern on the sides, you can't see it on the photo though. The gift card from Cloudberry Lady and Imagine & Do color card I got from my raffle package. I think it's a curious coincidence that I got a "Finish" package, so to say :) There was a flyer for Hellocon 2014 in the bag as well, and it really made me think of going there. I missed the convention this year because it was just a few days after I left Finland. But I don't think I can afford to go next year anyway. Still, I like to dream about it ^_^

After the raffle, there was a little award ceremony for the contest winners, and then there was the special 'Best Outfit' contest, where the three winners were chosen by Miss Fujihara herself! I couldn't find any pictures of the winners, but I can tell you that they all looked beautiful! The girl who came in first place was close to tears when Miss Fujihara explained to her that she chose her to be the winner because her looks are exactly what she thinks of when she is designing clothes, like and embodiment of 'Innocent World'. What an amazing compliment!

There was also a group picture taken. Hard to believe, but somehow we managed to cram all the people on a photo! Can you spot me in the crowd? :)

Click to enlarge :D
Photographer: Michael Erbe (MeFotografie) 

The event passed as quickly as a dream. Like in trance I went around, looking at all the people, admiring their outfits, and enjoying to get a chance to look at dresses I had never seen in reality. This was really a great opportunity to get an impression on the fashion. I haven't been a Lolita for long, my wardrobe is small (any my budget is even smaller, lol) and while I do know what to expect of what brand in general, it's good to see some of the dresses in reality so you can tell if a certain shade of color or a pattern that you otherwise couldn't see up so close, is really your taste or not. Wollknoll for example wore a dress I had previously on my wish list but then removed again because I thought the colors weren't my taste after all. But now that I've seen it in reality I'm really intrigued by it again!

In the end, it was an amazing day and I am very happy that I could be part of this event.
I want to thank the team who organized it all, YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB! I really hop everyone enjoyed the Tea Party as much as I did and I hope to see many Lolitas visiting Vienna in the future again! :)


  1. Wooow, du sahst toll aus als Model!! Die Sachen passen wirklich gut zu dir.
    Ich waere gerne dagewesen (als Zuschauer), aber ging leider nicht. ;-;

  2. Du hast wirklich total elegant ausgesehen! Richtig hübsch :3

  3. Oh wow! Ihr habt alle so hübsche Kleider an *_* <3

  4. Du sahst toll aus :) Hat Spaß gemacht mit dir zu laufen.

  5. Mir gefielen die Fotos, die entstanden waren, als du auf die Show gewartet hast, am besten.

  6. Süß sahst du aus! Das Outfit für die Fashionshow war ganz toll <3

  7. Danke für das Kompliment ;__; Wenn du mal Hilfe brauchen solltest oder ich dir sonst irgendwie layout-technisch helfen kann bin ich jederzeit erreichbar ._. ♥
    Das Zentrier-Problem habe ich Gott sei Dank nun auch in den Griff bekommen! xD

    Hach du siehst soo unglaublich hübsch aus! Und ich finde es nicht so schlimm, dass du etwas schneller gelaufen bist. Man konnte ja trotzdem gut dein Outfit betrachten und hach, läufst du elegant. :3 Ich finde ja, dass das Braun wirklich super zu dir passt und auch die braunen Haare sehen toll an dir aus!
    Bei deinem eigenen Outfit: Sind das deine Haare oder ist das auch eine Perücke? O: Sieht jedenfalls mega toll aus. Du gibst wirklich ne bomben Lolita ab! :)

    1. Haha, das sieht wirklich ein wenig braun aus - aber ist eigentlich schwarz ^^ Sind meine eigenen haare + gelockte Clip ins :3 Sowohl bei dem eigenen als auch beim Fashion Show Outfit ^^
      Danke dir ♥

  8. Oh, so ein schöner Bericht! :D Dankeschön für das liebe Feedback - und bitte, gerne - für die Bloomers und sonst auch alles! <3 Ihr wart wirklich eine tolle Truppe - uns war absolut klar, warum IW euch ausgesucht hat, und das Trump Set war wirklich wunderschön an dir! :))
    (und wegen des Gehens - keine Sorge ;D Mussten die Leute halt ein bisschen schneller schauen, wir haben ja mit Absicht SO langsam vorgegeben, dass auch noch ein bisschen schneller funktioniert - mit ein bisschen Nervosität werden alle immer schneller ;D)

  9. aw du sahst toll aus :)

  10. Du sahst wirklich toll aus und gar nicht so derpy...und du bist auch toll gelaufen :)

  11. Incredible. So much amazingness. *.*
    I like your own outfit better than the one you wore at the show, but you made the most elegant curtsey of them all at the end. :) Nonetheless, from what I saw, nothing beats Miss Fujihara's bookshelf skirt. Love it just as much as the little entrance/exit choreography. ^^
    Dagmar's British-German accent made me smile right from the start. ^^
    Most awkward thing: the music made me think of "A Clockwork Orange" the whole time. XD

    I know that Lolita fashion doesn't quite apply to men, but why is it that there's only one guy, who seems to be attending just because it's his job as a photographer? Is there a girls only-rule?
    When I see all this I feel so terribly tempted to suit up, buy a bowler hat and a pocket watch, and take a stroll on the catwalk myself. :D

    1. As a matter of fact, the print of her dress was inspired by the National Library in Vienna :)
      There were few guys, but some! One even dressed in Lolita (a "brolita" :D)" There's definitely no such rule, I just think that there are few male people interested in such an event or in that kind of fashion, at least here in Austria :3
      There's a (somewhat vaguely defined) Lolita "substyle" called Aristocrat which is also very suitable for men, it's a kind of "Dandy" look and matches your idea (bowler hat and pocket watch) pretty well :D If you like the fashion and enjoy dressing up you should definitely consider coming to a meet up one day ^__^


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