Thursday, October 17, 2013

From Lolita to Love Metal: 50th Candy Day Frankfurt (in Vienna) and HIM concert

After the Innocent World Tea Party last Saturday, the week end was only half over, so what about the rest of it? Well, here's the story - from full frills to fangirling in less than 12h !

Well, among the many international visitors for the Tea Party were also some of the Candy Day Frankfurt circle members. Candy Day is a recurring meet up, just like our 'Gothic Lolita Treffen', GLT, in Vienna. So it happened that the 50th Candy Day meet up would take place on the Sunday after the Tea Party, at Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna. I didn't hesitate for long and decided to go, after all, I like to take every chance I get to wear Lolita in my free time :)

We met around 11:30 in front of the castle - I was almost late because I had problems finding a parking spot. I know it's madness to go to such a place by car but I had promised to give some people a ride, and I didn't want to go by public transport alone all dressed up! Yumi Fujihara, the designer from Innocent World, joined us for a short while before we split up in smaller groups, some going to do a castle tour, others going to visit the Gloriette or strolling in the park.

Group photo with Miss Fujihara! Click to enlarge ^_^
Photographer: Michael Erbe (MeFotografie)

In retrospect, I should probably have gone for fake lashes that day because I look a bit tired. But it was windy and my eyes were tearing all the time...
Photographer: Michael Erbe (MeFotografie)  

Awkward leg position is awkward, haha!
Photographer: Michael Erbe (MeFotografie)

I had decided to wear a Bittersweet outfit that day, because I recently got a blouse that, I thought, would match this dress quite well. I really love this JSK and while the idea for the print itself is not the most original, I like Bodyline's execution, like the polkadot pattern near the border, which I matched with my bag. I thought about wearing the clip-in ponytails from the day before again, but my scalp still hurt, haha, so I chose a style with my natural hair. Even though it happened again that people thought it's not all my real hair, hehe. 

Many photos were taken in the beautiful autumnal setting of the garden around the castle, and it made me regret my choice for a moment because I think a Classic outfit would have suited that background much better. But on the other hand, I was happy to have another opportunity to wear Lolita at all! After all, I haven't been active in Lolita fashion very long, and I don't have a big choice of clothes, so I just try to make the best of it :)

We were really lucky with the weather!

We later went to Café Residenz to have a late lunch and there I had the chance to chat a bit more with the girls at my table. I was a bit awkward at first, as I always do around strangers, also because the others seemed to know each other at least a little bit, but it got better with time. In the end I had a lot of fun at the meet up and enjoyed meeting new people :) For example, I met Camelie whom I've only known from Dunkelsüß and her blog before. I almost didn't recognize her, I'm just really really bad with faces ^^"

After the meet up, we had some more plans! A group of people went to a location at the outskirts of Vienna where Lolita KompleX were shooting a new music video. This was one of the reasons I went to Vienna by car in the first place. The video shooting was really interesting and a lot of fun - I'm curious to see the outcome and will of course share it with you!

After that I was so tired I actually considered for a millisecond to just go home and fall into my bed! But of course I couldn't do that, because I still had one important appointment that day: the HIM concert in Vienna!
So I went to the Gasometer where I met Jules and her boyfriend Kuroi Kaosu (who is even taller in real life than I had imagined, hahaha). After a short trip to the band merch stand we got a quite decent spot in front of the stage where we had a pretty good sight. The support act was Caspian. I hadn't heard of them before but I liked their music! Unfortunately there was apparently some problem with the vocalist's microphone, as we didn't hear him singing at all :'D But they're also pretty cool as an instrumental band, haha!

The time between the two bands was rather short, and I think I recognized the stage hand who did the sound check from Nova Rock :D So when HIM started playing, the set list was more or less the same as the one from Nova Rock except that they played "I will be the end of you" (my favorite songs from the new album ♥) instead of "Hearts at War" and that there was an encore of course. All in all the concert was rather short, they played roughly 1.5h, but it was a great experience overall. Ville's voice was a smooth and awesome as every, and I could listen to Linde's guitar play all day long anyway, so I enjoyed the instrumental parts too. Ville was joking a little bit in between the songs, and at one point the whole crowd sang 'Paljon onnea vaan' for a crew member called Antti :) 

The only thing about the concert that really really sucked was the girl who stood next to me. I don't know what was up with her, she was just looking really bored and pissed all the time. Everytime I moved just an inch, sang along or started to scream and shout, she would throw such a hateful and disgusted glare at me, I thought she'd kill me on the spot if she could. It was getting really annoying because after a while, people around me had moved in a way that I didn't really see anything on stage anymore, and that girl still had a perfect line of sight to the front. For a second I really considered just shoving her out of my way, when she started to complain "Oh my god, that's sooo lame!" etc. I was wondering if her boyfriend who was with her was the one who wanted to go to the concert and dragged her along, as he seemed a bit uneasy. But I still think her behavior was incredibly rude. I mean, come on, if your partner wants to see the band and asks you to come along, you really shouldn't call the band lame and make such a sour face all the time, imo. Then again, if you really don't care about it all, you should just move your ass out of the way for people who would like to dance and see to the stage. Sheesh. Also, I think it's just disrespectful towards the band and fans to cover your ears during the concert - not during the applause and screaming, which I'd understand, but during their actual songs. Well, anyway.

With BloodyJules and Kuroi Kaosu after the concert :D

But looking back, I enjoyed the concert a lot and I was glad I was there, though with the set list being almost the same as the last time I saw them, I guess it's more of a feeling of completion than excitement that I have. After all, I've been to all their concerts in Austria since 2006, so I would have felt kinda sad not to go. I just had to, you know. Support my favorite band and all that :)

So I came home quite late at night, after I took the wrong ramp at the highway and had to make a big detour through the city and when I came home I was more then dead. My legs and back hurt from all the standing and walking and dancing of the last two days, I was just really, really sore and tired, but also really happy.

With that, a super crammed but fun week end found its end.
The next week end, I think I'll hide under a rock or something. So much of the outside world is almost too much for a social awkward loner like me :'D But it was fun, and I hope to see all the lovely people who made this such a great week end again soon! ^__^


  1. Ich verstehe solche Mädels auch nicht. Entweder geht man hin und hält die Klappe oder man bleibt weg.

  2. Solche Wochenenden sind immer mal wieder ganz schön, aber ich kann gut verstehen, wenn man dann auch erstmal wieder Erholung braucht. Geht mir nämlich auch so. xD So turbulente Tage sind immer ganz toll aber danach brauch ich erstmal Bett, Abschottung und co. :D

    Was mit dem Mädel los war... naja. Wenn sie doch schon ahnt/weiß, dass sie es so absolut schrecklich findet, dann hätte sie ihrem Freund mehr damit geholfen, zu sagen, dass sie nicht mitgehen möchte. So wars für ihn doch auch nicht so toll? Und wenn sonst keiner mit ihm gegangen wäre und sie es für ihn tun wollte: Dann sollte sie sich freuen, dass er so viel Spaß hat und die Zähne zusammenbeißen. Also bitte, find ich unmöglich sowas.

    Das Essen sieht sooo lecker aus >__<!!! Bin voll neidisch gerade :D Und dass du toll im Lolita-Style aussiehst hab ich ja schon im vorherigen Post erwähnt :3

  3. Wäre das doofe Mädl beim HIM Konzert mal lieber daheim geblieben und hätte stattdessen mir die Karte gegeben D: (auch wenn es zu weit weg ist xD)

    1. Haha, ja! XD Gabs bei euch denn kein Konzert in der Nähe? :(

  4. wow, you are really beautiful. I'm not a lolita fan but you look amazing.
    bai, Shiki

  5. du scheinst ja genauso ein Glück mit deinen Nebenmännern (oder Nebenfrauen) bei Konzerten zu haben, wie ich xD
    Ich hasse sowas auch, aber davon darf man sich das Konzert nicht versauen lassen ^^

  6. Ich liebe diesen Post <3 So tolle Lolitabildchen von dir (das Kleid ist wunderschön :)) und jaaaa HIM eben ne? <3 Bei uns war das Konzert ebenfalls wundervoll <3


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