Monday, October 7, 2013

Hop on the Pokémon Hype Train with me!

Well, as some of you might already know, Pokémon fans all around the world are impatiently awaiting Saturday, 13th October, when the new Pokémon games X and Y will be released. I haven't really talked about this before except for tweeting about how hyped I am for the games and constantly annoying my boyfriend in real life :'D WATCH OUT FOR SOME MINOR X & Y SPOILERS AHEAD!

But finally, on Saturday, he and I will get the new games, and when I get home from the Tea Party, I will probably play all night, haha!

But as with all Pokémon games so far, there will come a time when the 'hype' has subsided and the games get less and less interesting. With the previous games, Black and White, this point was reached fairly soon for me, as the end game content wasn't too appealing to me. Black and White 2 was a bit better, and from the moment I got my 3DS and was able to trade between my games, I was starting to get hooked up on collecting Pokémon on my Black cartridge once again.

Now as it seems from the so far leaked information, we won't get that many new Pokémon, but in the end, counting the mega evolutions in, and all the other changes they made to the game, the content provided is quite decent. Knowing myself I will probably obsess about the character customization, and I also like some of the features they added, like taking photos of your character at certain places, and the new methods for training.

But the questions is - what will come after that? I have some theories and ideas of my own - well, you might actually call it wishful thinking, so if there's something I can wish for Christmas already, I would say it's some new game being announced for 2014! And here are my best guesses.

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire remakes

Many people believe that judging from previous releases, a remake of Ruby and Sapphire will be next up on Nintendo's schedule. I can see the possibility here as they're simply the 'next in line'. What somewhat speaks against this is that Hoenn, compared to other (except the first) gens' standards, was a rather small area. So if we get a remake, one of the most interesting questions would be for example if they decide to add some other content, like a new area (like the Sevii islands in Firered & Leafgreen). Some people even speculated that X and Y might have Hoenn included, but honestly, I'd much rather get a separate remake with the R/S/E storyline, because damn, how I loved those games! While Crystal was my favorite game and I was obviously super excited about Heartgold and Soulsilver, Sapphire is definitely the second in line, and I replayed it many many times because I just loved the story and especially the many different locations of Hoenn so much! I would love to see the region come to live in the new graphical style, and I would be content if they just remade Hoenn to be a bit more vast and open, and maybe make diving in 3D a bit more interesting than it previously was!

A Pokémon console game (with MORPG elements)

There are various reasons I believe - at least to some extent - that such a game could come to life. First, knowing the Pokémon fan community for many years now, the games have always been a kind of 'driving force' for people to buy the newest handheld device from Nintendo. A Pokémon game for Wii U could help boost the sales of the console. At the same time, some of the functions introduced in X and Y, like character customization, would allow for a great MORPG in a Pokémon setting - that means, not just battling online but also walking around in areas where you can meet other trainers to challenge or trade. I can imagine for example a game in which the 'story' takes place in certain regions that can be accessed offline and single player, while at the same time offering to invite a friend over to experience the story together, like for example in Guild Wars 1. Bigger cities and other certain areas could serve as places for trading and interacting with other players.
I also like the idea of a game that allows you to take your team from X and Y and play through a different story (sort of like and 'end game' after you beat the Elite 4) with your already existing character and your Pokémon from the 3DS games. The game does not necessarily have to involve fighting wild Pokémon either, just like in Colosseum it would be enough to just battle your way through the story and just occasionally receive Pokémon one way or the other, and maybe be able to transfer them back to your X or Y game after playing through the story.
And last but not least, this idea could be combined with the first! A way to play through the story of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire as we experienced it back in the old GB Advance games with your team from X and Y could be like Ash in the anime, who travels to a new region to discover new Pokémon and find new adventure. On the other hand, for those without an X or Y game the option could be included to play through the 'regular' story we know from the original games (as son/daughter of the Gym leader etc). With Pokémon Bank, we basically also already have a method for 'synchronizing' or rather, collecting the Pokémon in a central place and transferring them from one game to the other.

In the far future, I can imagine that online gaming (or at least the possibility of it) could be the future of the Pokémon games in general. While I don't think they'll every actually run out of ideas for new Pokémon, I think a lot of people would be content to have a 'new' story to play through with their favorite team. I could imagine myself playing through a story-based game, with new content in the form of add-ons or patches or whatever being released once in a while, that add new story lines and new adventures.

Reasons that speak against the release of such a game a numerous, mainly I think in the end the effort of developing won't be worth it and they'll keep on releasing games with RPG character on their handhelds. Anyhow, I have another theory on a console based Pokémon game, which is....

Pokémon Snap II for Wii U

My first thought was that the controller would make the Wii U the perfect device for such a game. Just imagine it: you walk around the wilderness, and upon seeing a Pokémon, you have to use the screen of the controller like that of a digital camera. X and Y gives us a feature to take photos of your character at certain locations and even allows to adjust some settings, like the aperture, like with a real camera. How awesome would a Pokémon Snap game with such features be?
There could be, for example, and automatic mode to take quick photos, and a harder mode where you adjust the settings manually, to use on resting Pokémon or Pokémon you can sneak up to.
I like that idea so much that I really hope something like that will be developed in the future. I actually don't really care about the features in detail, I just really liked Pokémon Snap and would love to have another game like it! I would even consider buying a Wii U for it, hahaha! Which leads me back to the argument that, whatever it is, I really think there will be some kind of Pokémon game for the Wii U soon, simply to boost the sales numbers.

So what do you think?
What are your theories about upcoming Pokémon games? :3 What kind of game would you like to play in the future?


  1. Can't hop ... I never left. XP
    Ja ... ein MMORE wär schon geil ...
    Und ein neues Snap hätt ich auch voll gern! Das gehört zu den wenigen ganz alten Spielen, die ich noch wirklich oft spiele. <3

  2. Oh Gott, ich LIEBE Pokémon und zugegebenerweise bin ich neidisch, weil ich X/Y nicht spielen kann. Mal abgesehen davon, dass ich sowieso kein Geld habe, sehe ich es aber auch eigentlich kaum ein, mir nen 3DS zu kaufen. :< Ich LIEBE mienen NDSi, vor allem weils die Limitied Edition (?) ist, als Pokemon Weiß/Schwarz rauskam. Also so richtig schön edel in weiß mit gaz sanft-grauem Epic Bild drauf.
    Trotzdem muss ich sagen, dass X/Y soweit richtig mega gut aussieht und ich wirklich gespannt bin, was danach echt noch folgen soll. Über ein Rubin/Saphir/Smaragd-Remake würde ich mich jedenfalls tierisch freuen. :D

  3. Ich denke, ein Rubin/Saphir Remake ist nur logisch. :) Zumindest war es ja bisher immer so. Wenn man mal so drüber nachdenkt, hätte das eigentlcih schon nach S2/W2 kommen müssen. :D Allerdings glaube ich, dass jetzt erstmal eine Zusatzedition zu X/Y rauskommen wird, bevor es die Remakes zu Rubin/Saphir gibt.
    Ein Pokémon Snap Remake wäre auch grandios *-* (nur vielleicht für den 3DS, weil ich mir sicher nie eine Wii U kaufen werde *hust*). Das Spiel war klasse, nur leider viel viel zu kurz. Ich glaube, ich hatte das nach maximal 2 Tagen durch. ._.


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